Stardew Valley Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/40
  • Offline : 40/40
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : Unknown
  • Num Playthroughs : Unknown

This will be a work in progress as there are SEVERAL things to include. This is published due to a few requests of unique information.

Also, many images are taken from so their work is most definitely appreciated.

Many thanks to the modding community over at ChuckleFish for pushing out a script to extract various files for information. 

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough
Permanent Choices
Pelican Town’s Community Center
There are two options regarding the community center, each of which is tied directly to two mutually exclusive achievements. Both of which are missable (the only), should you make some ill-timed choices.

Good Route: Local Legend Achievement

In the opening days, when you visit the town, you’ll get a cutscene at the run-down community center next to Mayor Lewis. This is where you begin activating the good route. You will also get a quest called “Rat Problem” which points your attention towards the Community Center. Keep reading, before you do any bundles.

Evil Route: Joja Co. Member of the Year Achievement

In order to start the evil route, you must purchase the Joja Membership for 5,000g. YOU WILL PERMANENTLY MISS OUT ON THE GOOD ROUTE if you buy the membership as the community center is immediately replaced by a Joja warehouse. If you complete a Community Center bundle, then buy a Joja Membership, you will miss out on BOTH achievements. You must have NO bundles completed.

Best Way: It takes quite a lot of time to build up this money, so using the same save once you hit reach a money point is most likely the best move. But you will have to backup your save as you can only obtain one community upgrade a day. If you can store that much money, you can buy all the Joja upgrades and earn the achievement, you can revert back to the old save.

  • If you want to do the Joja route, make sure not to do any of the community bundles.
  • If you want to do the Local Legend route, make sure to not buy the Joja Membership
  • Do not finish a bundle, then start Joja route

There are 5 different skills overall: Farming, Foraging, Mining, Fishing, and Combat. Each skill has two different professions that are made available at level 5. You can ONLY pick one of them. Then each profession has two specializations that is given at level 10. Again, you can ONLY pick one.

See Master of the Five Ways for more details on skills

My Preference
Farming: Tiller -> Artisan (for Legend achievement)
Foraging: Gatherer -> Tracker (for Complete Collection achievement)
Mining: Geologist -> Excavator (for Complete Collection achievement)
Fishing: Fisher -> Pirate (for Complete Collection achievement)
Combat: Fighter -> Brute (Playstyle)

The Farm Cave
When you reach 25,000g earned, Demetrius will show up at your door proposing using your cave for one of two things: Mushrooms or Bats.

Grows all the mushrooms in your cave at random in 6 given mushroom plots

Fruitbats randomly leave fruits (regardless of season) in the cave.

Which to pick?
If your only goal is to simply complete the Community Center bundles, then I’d pick the fruitbats because planting saps could prove expensive and only grows during specific seasons. But the yields on trees are much better than mushrooms.

If you’re going for the perfect setup, I’d pick mushrooms. Fruit trees bare 1 fruit every day as long as you’re in season, and you don’t have to regrow these trees. Mushrooms on the other hand, are grown primarily in the cave, and the secret woods.


Q: Where is Robin’s Lost Axe?
A: Forest, directly south of Leah’s House across the river. Follow the cliff on the right.

Q: Where are the Mayor’s Shorts?
A: Marnie’s Bedroom; will need 2 hearts to enter her room.

Q: Where is Linus’ berry basket?
A: Go to the Bus Stop, head to the left using the road to find his berry basket on the next map. (Lower level of the Backwoods)

Q: Why did my crops die?
A: Crops are a season thing, so when a season dies, all crops that cannot survive in the new season will wither away. Realistic or not, that is the mechanics of the game.

Q: An earthquake happened. What is it?
A: First off, the earthquake did not kill your crops. Secondly, it unlocks a new area. Check the area just north of the Carpenter’s Shop (Robin/Demetrius/Maru/Sebastian).

Q: What does the train do?
A: From time to time, a train may drop resources while it passes through Pelican Town.

Q: What is the Witch Event?
A: This requires a Chicken Coop, not sure what size, but it always occurred on my Deluxe Coop. A witch will visit overnight while you sleep giving you a cutscene. This will GUARANTEE a Void Egg in your coop that you can hatch and harvest more void eggs. Other than the Full Shipment achievement, no real advantages here.

Q: I was sleeping and an explosion happened overnight. What is it?
A: This is a meteorite hitting your farm. Search around for a round purple meteorite that yields Iridium Ore. Requires a Gold Pickaxe to mine. Does not disappear if you don’t mine it. It also has specific spawning points, so if a building is occupying a meteor spot, the meteor will not fall there.

Achievement Guide
Greenhorn Greenhorn
Earn 15,000g

See “Legend” for more information.

Cowpoke Cowpoke
Earn 50,000g

See “Legend” for more information.

Homesteader Homesteader
Earn 250,000g

See “Legend” for more information.

Millionaire Millionaire
Earn 1,000,000g

See “Legend” for more information.

Hidden Achievement
Legend Legend
Earn 10,000,000g

The fastest method I went with was setting up the greenhouse for 116 ancient fruits, and make sure they all produce on the same day no matter what. That way you save a BUNCH of time. Also, probably save this for the last thing to do, because you’re about to ruin quite a few things if you’re rushing this. Note: Relationship has been updated so anyone with max relationship will no longer lose hearts.

If you cannot find an additional Ancient Seed relic, you may try to use the seed maker and produce one that way.

Next, make sure to have the Artisan perk where artisan goods are worth 50% more. Finally, you’ll also need 116 kegs so you can simultaneously transfer the fruit into wine.

Ancient Fruit is the highest valued fruit at 750 gold. Cranberries and blueberries would have to output roughly 5-7 fruits per tile in order to match this base price which won’t happen. You could argue, less days, but you’ll see why in a bit.

The base value of wine takes the base value of the fruit, then multiplies it by 3. So at 750 gold, an Ancient Fruit Wine is worth 2,250g each. With the Artisan specialization, that increases from 3x to 4.5x which is 3,375g per wine. Then with 116 wine, you end up with 391,500g per batch. The quality of the fruit is ignored when it comes to wine.

Now for the time saving portion: Ancient fruit initially takes 28 days to grow, then reproduces within 7 days after the first fruit. Then wine takes 6 days to produce. This means every 7th day, you pick up all the fruit in the greenhouse, then pick up all the wine while placing new ancient fruit into the kegs. There’s no reason to pick-up the wine when it finishes as you have nothing new to put in.

You can simply sleep for 7 days in a row, then get the new batch, rinse and repeat.

You will skip a MASSIVE amount of days if you do this which means there will be some issues:

  • Relationships no longer decay once they reach 10-hearts.
  • Weeds on your farm will grow out of control and may break (R.I.P. Crystalarium)
  • Fences will break down

So you can manage those if you want, or not. Completely up to you. There is another thing that works well with this time skip; however. You can watch the TV for Cooking Recipes every Wednesday and Sunday.

A Complete Collection A Complete Collection
Complete the museum collection.
Note: There are more slots in the museum than there are artifacts, so do not worry about that.

There are 53 Minerals, and 42 Artifacts in the game to find. Minerals are either found as nodes in the Mines, Skull Cavern, or at the Quarry.

Artifacts can be obtained through using a hoe on the ground specifically on top of worms. The area you’re at will determine what you get. Then the rest are item drops via monsters.

  Mineral Location
Emerald Mines | Panning
Aquamarine Mines | Panning | Fishing
Ruby Mines | Panning
Amethyst Mines | Panning
Topaz Mines | Panning
Jade Mines | Panning
Diamond Mines | Panning
Prismatic Shard Iridium Node | Mystic Stone | Omni
Quartz Mines
Fire Quartz Mines
Frozen Tear Mines
Earth Crystal Mines
Alamite Geode | Omni
Bixite Magma | Omni
Baryte Magma | Omni
Aerinite Frozen | Omni
Calcite Geode | Omni
Dolomite Magma | Omni
Esperite Frozen | Omni
Fluorapatite Frozen | Omni
Geminite Frozen | Omni
Helvite Magma | Omni
Jamborite Geode | Omni
Jagoite Geode | Omni
Kyanite Frozen | Omni
Lunarite Frozen | Omni
Malachite Geode | Omni
Neptunite Magma | Omni
Lemon Stone Magma | Omni
Nekoite Geode | Omni
Orpiment Geode | Omni
Petrified Slime Geode | Omni
Thunder Egg Geode | Omni
Pyrite Frozen | Omni
Ocean Stone Frozen | Omni
Ghost Crystal Frozen | Omni
Tigerseye Magma | Omni
Jasper Magma | Omni
Opal Frozen | Omni
Fire Opal Magma | Omni
Celestine Geode | Omni
Marble Frozen | Omni
Sandstone Geode | Omni
Granite Geode | Omni
Basalt Magma | Omni
Limestone Geode | Omni
Soapstone Frozen | Omni
Hematite Frozen | Omni
Mudstone Geode | Omni
Obsidian Magma | Omni
Slate Geode | Omni
Fairy Stone Frozen | Omni
Star Shards Magma | Omni
Complete Collection – Museum | Artifacts

Now, digging for artifacts will most likely result in the most difficult of challenges. This is why in the first section, I highly recommend using the Tracker specialization for Forager. This specialization will throw arrows on the edge of your map that points towards ANYTHING that is forageable. That includes random fruits laying out, or worms on the ground. It’s much more efficient to simply clear out all the forageable markers, then move to the next area.
Foraging: Gatherer –> Tracker

Note: The reason why the wiki wants to list Farm for both the Rusty Spur and the Chicken Statue was due to the game files listing the area as ‘Farm’, but the farm does not spawn any worms unfortunately and thus must be obtained through fishing chests. There’s a hunch that several artifacts are obtained through fishing chests, meaning the ‘Treasure Hunter’ bobble will yield wonders.

  Artifact Location
Dwarf Scroll I Mines: All Monster Drops
Dwarf Scroll II Mines: Frost Bats | Dust Sprite | Secret Wood: Blue Slimes
Dwarf Scroll III Mines: Floor 40+ | Lava Bats | Skull Cavern
Dwarf Scroll IV Mines: All Monster Drops | Lava Caverns: Dirt
Chipped Amphora Town
Arrowhead Mountain | Forest | Bus Stop
Ancient Doll Mountain | Forest | Bus Stop | Town | Fishing Chest
Elvish Jewelry Forest | Fishing Chest [River]
Chewing Stick Mountain | Forest | Town | Fishing Chest
Ornamental Fan Beach | Forest | Town | Fishing Chest [River]
Dinosaur Egg Mine | Mountain | Fishing Chest [Ocean/River]
Rare Disc Mines | Fishing Chest [Ocean/River]
Ancient Sword Forest | Mountain | Fishing Chest [Ocean/River]
Rusty Spoon Town | Fishing Chest [River]
Rusty Spur Fishing Chest [Ocean/River]
Rusty Cog Mines: Dirt | Mountain | Fishing Chest [Ocean/River]
Chicken Statue Fishing Chest [River]
Ancient Seed Seed Maker | Forest | Mountain | Fishing Chest [River]
Prehistoric Tool Bus Stop | Mountain | Forest | Fishing Chest
Dried Starfish Beach | Fishing Chest [River]
Anchor Beach | Fishing Chest [Ocean]
Glass Shards Beach | Fishing Chest [Ocean]
Bone Flute Mines | Mountian | Forest | Town | Fishing Chest [River]
Prehistoric Handaxe Mountain | Forest | Bus Stop
Dwarvish Helm Mines | Omni Geode
Dwarvish Gadget Mines | Omni Geode
Ancient Drum Mines | Bus Stop | Forest | Town | Omni Geode
Golden Mask Desert
Golden Relic Desert
Strange Doll Everywhere | Skull Cavern Hoeing
Strange Doll Everywhere | Skull Cavern Hoeing
Prehistoric Scapula Town | Forest
Prehistoric Tibia Forest | Railroad
Prehistoric Skull Mountain
Skeletal Hand Beach | Backwoods
Prehistoric Rib Town
Prehistoric Vertebrae Bus Stop
Skeletal Tail Mines | Fishing Chest
Nautilus Fossil Beach | Fishing Chest [Ocean/River]
Amphibian Fossil Forest | Mountain | Fishing Chest [Ocean]
Palm Fossil Forest | Beach | Desert
Trilobite Forest | Beach | Mountain

A New Friend A New Friend
Reach a 5-heart friend level with someone.

See “The Beloved Farmer” for more information.

Best Friends Best Friends
Reach a 10-heart friend level with someone.

See “The Beloved Farmer” for more information.

The Beloved Farmer The Beloved Farmer
Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people.

Relationships are associated with hearts. Each person has an event at every multiple of 2 hearts for a total of 5 events.
2 Hearts | 4 Hearts | 6 Hearts | 8 Hearts | 10 Hearts

Now, gifting is the most reliable method of improving your relationship with someone. So, you need to gift items that they either love or like.
1) Gifting them on their birthday gives them a big boost.
2) Gifting the right items during the Festival of Winter Star gives a big boost.
3) Completing help requests and mail quests is a big boost.

Things you should know about relationships:
1) Choices you make during these ‘events’ may have an effect on your relationship
2) Single friends cannot pass 8 hearts unless you give them a Bouquet
3) For Marriage, see Marriage section.
4) Completing the Community Center is a big boost.

Relationship Listing – Credit for creating this list goes to Vechh from /r/StardewValley

Cliques Cliques
Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people.

See “The Beloved Farmer” for more information.

Networking Networking
Reach a 5-heart friend level with 10 people.

See “The Beloved Farmer” for more information.

Popular Popular
Reach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people.

See “The Beloved Farmer” for more information.

Cook Cook
Cook 10 different recipes.

See “Gourmet Chef” for more information.

Sous Chef Sous Chef
Cook 25 different recipes.

See “Gourmet Chef” for more information.

Gourmet Chef Gourmet Chef
Cook every recipe.

There are a total of 71 applicable recipes. If you check the cooking tab, there are two more listed after the Crab Cakes which are actually craft items with a cooking label: Oil of Garlic and Life Elixir. These are not required for the Gourmet Chef achievement, and can’t be revealed.

You NEED all 71 recipes for this to work. You are allowed to cook regardless of having the recipe, but this achievement REQUIRES it.
1. Every Wednesday and Sunday, a cooking show called ‘The Queen of Sauces’ comes on and you can learn 1 of 32 recipes. On Wednesdays, you will get a random re-run of something you’ve already watched. On Sunday, you will get a SPECIFIC recipe depending on the day and year.
2. For the majority of the rest, you can get them by increasing your relationship with specific villagers. Most of the requirements are either 3 or 7 hearts to unlock the recipe via mail. The number next to the name will designate how many hearts you need.
3. Finally, the Stardrop Saloon, Gus’ store, sells a few recipes.


Hot Fix: If you are missing Evelyn’s Cookie Recipe, then read the following so you can re-see Evelyn’s cutscene and relearn the recipe
Navigate to your save files at: %appdata%/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves/<your_save> then open both files in here. One has the same name as your folder, the other is named SaveGameInfo. Open these using a text editor, notepad works. Now search for ‘eventsSeen’ using CTRL+F and then go to the right until you find ‘<int>19</int>’. Delete this in both saves, save and reboot the game.

Name Image Ingredients Recipe Source
Fried Egg 1x Egg Default
Omelet 1x Egg, 1x Milk The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Spring 28]
Salad 1x Leek, 1x Dandelion, 1x Vinegar Emily [3]
Cheese Cauliflower 1x Cauliflower, 1x Cheese Pam [3]
Baked Fish 1x Sunfish, 1x Bream, 1x Wheat Flour The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Summer 7]
Parsnip Soup 1x Parsnip, 1x Milk, 1x Vinegar Caroline [3]
Vegetable Stew 1x Tomato, 1x Beet Caroline [7]
Complete Breakfast 1x Fried Egg, 1x Milk, 1x Hashbrowns, 1x Pancakes The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Spring 21]
Fried Calamari 1x Squid, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Oil Jodi [3]
Strange Bun 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Periwinkle, 1x Oak Resin Shane [3]
Lucky Lunch 1x Sea Cucumber, 1x Tortilla, 1x Blue Jazz The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Spring 28]
Fried Mushroom 1x Common Mushroom, 1x Morel, 1x Oil Demetrius [3]
Pizza 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Tomato, 1x Cheese The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Spring 7]
Bean Hotpot 2x Green Bean Clint [7]
Glazed Yams 1x Yam, 1x Sugar The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Fall 21]
Carp Surprise 4x Carp The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Summer 7]
Hashbrowns 1x Potato, 1x Oil The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Spring 14]
Pancakes 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Egg The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Summer 14]
Salmon Dinner 1x Salmon, 1x Amaranth, 1x Kale Gus [3]
Fish Taco 1x Tuna, 1x Tortilla, 1x Red Cabbage, 1x Mayonnaise Linus [7]
Crispy Bass 1x Largemouth Bass, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Oil Kent [3]
Pepper Poppers 1x Hot Pepper, 1x Cheese Shane [3]
Bread 1x Wheat Flour The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Summer 28]
Tom Kha Soup 1x Coconut, 1x Shrimp, 1x Common Mushroom Sandy [7]
Trout Soup 1x Rainbow Trout, 1x Green Algae The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Fall 14]
Chocolate Cake 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar, 1x Egg The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Winter 14]
Pink Cake 1x Melon, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar, 1x Egg The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Summer 21]
Rhubarb Pie 1x Rhubarb, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar Marnie [7]
Cookie 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar, 1x Egg Evelyn’s 4 Heart Event* | Compliment her cookies
Spaghetti 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Tomato Lewis [3]
Gourmet Chef – Part 2
Name Image Ingredients Recipe Source
Fried Eel 1x Eel, 1x Oil George [3]
Spicy Eel 1x Eel, 1x Hot Pepper George [7]
Sashimi 1x Fish Linus [3]
Maki Roll 1x Fish, 1x Seaweed, 1x Rice The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Summer 21]
Tortilla 1x Corn The Stardrop Saloon | The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Fall 7]
Red Plate 1x Red Cabbage, 1x Radish Emily [7]
Eggplant Parmesan 1x Eggplant, 1x Tomato Lewis [7]
Rice Pudding 1x Milk, 1x Sugar, 1x Rice Evelyn [7]
Ice Cream 1x Milk, 1x Sugar Jodi [7]
Blueberry Tart 1x Blueberry, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar, 1x Egg Pierre [3]
Autumn’s Bounty 1x Yam, 1x Pumpkin Demetrius [7]
Pumpkin Soup 1x Pumpkin, 1x Milk Robin [7]
Super Meal 1x Artichoke, 1x Bok Choy, 1x Cranberry Kent [7]
Cranberry Sauce 1x Cranberry, 1x Sugar Gus [7]
Stuffing 1x Bread, 1x Cranberry, 1x Hazelnut Pam [7]
Farmer’s Lunch 1x Omelet, 1x Parsnip Level 3 Farming
Survival Burger 1x Bread, 1x Cave Carrot, 1x Eggplant Level 2 Foraging
Dish O’ The Sea 2x Sardines, 1x Hashbrowns Level 3 Fishing
Miner’s Treat 2x Cave Carrot, 1x Sugar, 1x Milk Level 3 Mining
Roots Platter 1x Cave Carrot, 1x Winter Root Level 3 Combat
Algae Soup 4x Green Algae Clint [3]
Pale Broth 2x White Algae Marnie [3]
Plum Pudding 2x Wild Plum, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Winter 7]
Artichoke Dip 1x Artichoke, 1x Milk The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Fall 28]
Stir Fry 1x Cave Carrot, 1x Common Mushroom, 1x Kale, 1x Oil The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Spring 7]
Roasted Hazelnuts 3x Hazelnut The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Summer 28]
Pumpkin Pie 1x Pumpkin, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Milk, 1x Sugar The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Winter 21]
Radish Salad 1x Oil, 1x Vinegar, 1x Radish The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Spring 21]
Fruit Salad 1x Blueberry, 1x Melon, 1x Apricot The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Fall 7]
Blackberry Cobbler 1x Blackberry, 1x Sugar, 1x Wheat Flour The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Fall 14]
Cranberry Candy 1x Cranberry, 1x Apple, 1x Sugar The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Winter 28]
Bruschetta 1x Bread, 1x Oil, 1x Tomato The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Winter 21]
Coleslaw 1x Red Cabbage, 1x Vinegar, 1x Mayonnaise The Queen of Sauces [Odd Year: Spring 14]
Fiddlehead Risotto 1x Oil, 1x Fiddlehead Fern, 1x Garlic The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Fall 28]
Poppyseed Muffin 1x Poppy, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Sugar The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Winter 7]
Chowder 1x Clam, 1x Milk Willy [3]
Lobster Bisque 1x Lobster, 1x Milk Willy [9] | The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Winter 14]
Escargot 1x Snail, 1x Garlic Willy [5]
Fish Stew 1x Crayfish, 1x Mussel, 1x Periwinkle, 1x Tomato Willy [7]
Maple Bar 1x Maple Syrup, 1x Sugar, 1x Wheat Flour The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Summer 14]
Crab Cakes 1x Crab, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Egg, 1x Oil The Queen of Sauces [Even Year: Fall 21]

Note: If you already cooked all items before finding all recipes, find all the recipes, then cook any item to force a check.
Moving Up Moving Up
Upgrade your house.

All house upgrades are done by Robin whose upgrades are available at her shop. You MUST bring the materials required to upgrade with you to her shop.

Costs: 10,000g
Material: 450 Wood

Additions: Upgrade creates a bedroom, adds a kitchen to allow you to cook, and a refrigerator that doubles as a chest. Cooking items will use items from the refrigerator automatically.

Living Large Living Large
Upgrade your house to the maximum size.

Costs: 50,000g
Material: 150 Hardwood

Additions: Adds two new rooms: an empty room, and a baby room for any potential future kids. Kitchen is also longer.

D.I.Y. D.I.Y.
Craft 15 different items.

See “Craft Master” for more information.

Artisan Artisan
Craft 30 different items.

See “Craft Master” for more information.

Craft Master Craft Master
Craft every item.
There are currently 93 different items you can craft. Recipes can be purchased, or earned through leveling up your skills.
  • There are 2 Festive Recipe: Jack O’ Lantern as the Spirit’s Eve Festival and the Tub ‘O Flower at the Flower Dance Festival.
  • Repeatedly re-open Robin’s shop after you buy all her recipes to unlock all the Brazier recipes
  • The Dwarf sells the Weathered Floor recipe
  • Krobus sells the Crystal Floor and Wicked Statue recipes

  Item Ingredients Recipe
Wood Fence 2x Wood Default
Stone Fence 2x Stone Lv 2 Farming
Iron Fence 1x Iron Bar Lv 4 Farming
Hardwood Fence 1x Hardwood Lv 6 Farming
Gate 10x Wood Default
Chest 50x Wood Default
Torch 1x Wood, 2x Sap Default
Scarecrow 50x Wood, 1x Coal, 20x Fiber Lv 1 Farming
Bee House 40x Wood, 8x Coal, 1x Iron Bar Lv 3 Farming
Keg 30x Wood, 1x Clay, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar Lv 8 Farming
Furnace 20x Copper Ore, 25x Stone Clint post-mine entrance
Cheese Press 45x Wood, 45x Stone, 10x Hardwood, 1x Copper Bar Lv 6 Farming
Mayonnaise Machine 15x Wood, 15x Stone, 1x Earth Crystal, 1x Copper Bar Lv 2 Farming
Seed Maker 25x Wood, 10x Coal, 1x Gold Bar Lv 9 Farming
Loom 60x Wood, 30x Fiber, 1x Pine Tar Lv 7 Farming
Oil Maker 50x Slime, 20x Hardwood, 1x Gold Bar Lv 8 Farming
Recycling Machine 25x Wood, 25x Stone, 1x Iron Bar Lv 4 Fishing
Worm Bin 25x Hardwood, 1x Gold Bar, 1x Iron Bar, 50x Fiber Lv 8 Fishing
Preserves Jar 50x Wood, 40x Stone, 8x Coal Lv 4 Farming
Charcoal Kiln 20x Wood, 1x Gold Bar Lv 4 Foraging
Tapper 40x Wood, 2x Copper Bar Lv 3 Foraging
Lightning Rod 1x Iron Bar, 1x Refined Quartz, 5x Bat Wing Lv 6 Foraging
Slime Incubator 2x Iridium Bar, 100x Slime Lv 8 Combat
Slime Egg-Press 25x Coal, 1x Fire Quartz, 1x Battery Pack Lv 6 Combat
Crystalarium 99x Stone, 5x Gold Bar, 2x Iridium Bar, 1x Battery Pack Lv 9 Mining
Sprinkler 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar Lv 3 Farming
Quality Sprinkler 1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Bar, 1x Refined Quartz Lv 6 Farming
Iridium Sprinkler 1x Gold Bar, 1x Iridium Bar, 1x Battery Pack Lv 9 Farming
Staircase 99x Stone Lv 2 Mining
Flute Block 10x Wood, 2x Copper Ore, 20x Fiber Robin 6-Heart Event
Craft Master – Part 2
  Item Ingredients Recipe
Drum Block 10x Stone, 2x Copper Ore, 20x Fiber Robin 6-heart Event
Basic Fertilizer 2x Sap Lv 1 Farming
Quality Fertilizer 2x Sap, 1x Fish Lv 9 Farming
Basic Retaining Soil 2x Stone Lv 4 Farming
Quality Retaining Soil 3x Stone, 1x Clay Lv 7 Farming
Speed-Gro 1x Pine Tar, 1x Clam Lv 3 Farming
Deluxe Speed-Gro 1x Oak Resin, 1x Coral Lv 8 Farming
Cherry Bomb 4x Copper Ore, 1x Coal Lv 1 Mining
Bomb 4x Iron Ore, 1x Coal Lv 6 Mining
Mega Bomb 4x Gold Ore, 1x Solar Essence, 1x Void Essence Lv 8 Mining
Explosive Ammo 1x Iron Bar, 2x Coal Lv 8 Combat
Transmute (Fe) 3x Copper Bar Lv 4 Mining
Transmute (Au) 2x Iron Bar Lv 7 Mining
Ancient Seeds 1x Ancient Seed (Artifact) Donate Ancient Seed to Museum
Wild Seeds (Sp) 1x Wild Horseradish, 1x Daffodil, 1x Leek, 1x Dandelion Lv 1 Foraging
Wild Seeds (Su) 1x Spice Berry, 1x Grape, 1x Sweet Pea Lv 4 Foraging
Wild Seeds (Fa) 1x Common Mushroom, 1x Wild Plum, 1x Hazelnut, 1x Blackberry Lv 6 Foraging
Wild Seeds (Wi) 1x Winter Root, 1x Crystal Fruit, 1x Snow Yam, 1x Crocus Lv 7 Foraging
“Warp Totem: Farm” 1x Hardwood, 1x Honey, 20x Fiber Lv 8 Foraging
“Warp Totem: Mountain” 1x Hardwood, 1x Iron Bar, 25x Stone Lv 7 Foraging
“Warp Totem: Beach” 1x Hardwood, 2x Coral, 10x Fiber Lv 6 Foraging
Rain Totem 1x Hardwood, 1x Truffle Oil, 1x Pine Tar Lv 9 Foraging
Field Snack 1x Acorn, 1x Maple Seed, 1x Pine cone Lv 1 Foraging
Jack-O-Lantern 1x Pumpkin, 1x Torch Purchase during Spirit’s Eve Festival [750g]
Wood Floor 1x Wood Purchase from Robin [500g]
Straw Floor 1x Wood, 1x Fiber Purchase from Robin [1000g]
Weathered Floor 1x Wood Purchase from Dwarf [500g]
Crystal Floor 1x Refined Quartz Purchase from Krobus [600g]
Stone Floor 1x Stone Purchase from Robin [500g]
Wood Path 1x Wood Default
Gravel Path 1x Stone Default
Cobblestone Path 1x Stone Default
Stepping Stone Path 1x Stone Purchase from Robin [500g]
Crystal Path 1x Refined Quartz Purchase from Robin [1000g]
Wild Bait 10x Fiber, 5x Bug Meat, 5x Slime Linus Friendship Event
Bait 1x Bug Meat Lv 2 Fishing
Spinner 2x Iron Bar Lv 6 Fishing
Magnet 1x Iron Bar Lv 9 Fishing
Trap Bobber 1x Copper Bar, 10x Sap Lv 6 Fishing
Cork Bobber 10x Wood, 5x Hardwood, 10x Slime Lv 7 Fishing
Craft Master – Part 3
  Item Ingredients Recipe
Dressed Spinner 2x Iron Bar, 1x Cloth Lv 8 Fishing
Treasure Hunter 2x Gold Bar Lv 7 Fishing
Barbed Hook 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Bar Lv 8 Fishing
Oil of Garlic 10x Garlic, 1x Oil Lv 6 Combat
Life Elixir 1x Red Mushroom, 1x Purple Mushroom, 1x Morel, 1x Chanterelle Lv 2 Combat
Crab Pot 40x Wood, 3x Iron Bar Lv 3 Fishing
Iridium Band 5x Iridium Bar, 50x Solar Essence, 50x Void Essence Lv 9 Combat
Ring of Yoba 5x Gold Bar, 5x Iron Bar, 1x Diamond Lv 7 Combat
Sturdy Ring 10x Copper Bar, 5x Refined Quartz, 10x Earth Crystal Lv 1 Combat
Warrior Ring 10x Iron Bar, 25x Coal, 10x Frozen Tear Lv 4 Combat
Tub ‘O Flower 15x Wood, 1x Tulip Bulb Seed, 1x Jazz Seed, 1x Poppy Seed, 1x Spangle Seed Purchase at Flower Dance Festival [2000g]
Wooden Brazier 10x Wood, 1x Coal, 5x Fiber Purchase from Robin [250g]
Wicked Statue 25x Stone, 5x Coal Purchase from Krobus [1000g]
Stone Brazier 10x Stone, 1x Coal, 5x Fiber Purchase from Robin [400g]
Gold Brazier 1x Gold Bar, 1x Coal, 5x Fiber Purchase from Robin [1000g]
Campfire 10x Stone, 10x Wood, 10x Fiber Default
Stump Brazier 5x Hardwood, 1x Coal Purchase from Robin [800g]
Carved Brazier 10x Hardwood, 1x Coal Purchase from Robin [2000g]
Skull Brazier 10x Hardwood, 1x Solar Essence, 1x Coal Purchase from Robin [3000g]
Barrel Brazier 50x Wood, 1x Solar Essence, 1x Coal Purchase from Robin [800g]
Marble Brazier 1x Marble, 1x Aquamarine, 100x Stone Purchase from Robin [5000g]
Wood Lamp-post 50x Wood, 1x Battery Pack Purchase from Robin [500g]
Iron Lamp-post 1x Iron Bar, 1x Battery Pack Purchase from Robin [1000g]

All items used in crafting are required in the Full-Shipment. See Full Shipment section for the specific item and how to get it. Except for the Ancient Seed, see Complete Collection section.
Fisherman Fisherman
Catch 10 different fish.

See “Master Angler” for more information.

Ol' Mariner Ol’ Mariner
Catch 24 different fish.

See “Master Angler” for more information.

Master Angler Master Angler
Catch every fish.

  Fish Season Location Weather Time Type
Pufferfish Summer Ocean Sunny Afternoon Fishing
Anchovy Spring/Fall Ocean Any Any Fishing
Tuna Summer/Winter Ocean Any Morning/Afternoon Fishing
Sardine Spring/Fall/Winter Ocean Any Any Fishing
Bream All River Any Any Fishing
Largemouth Bass Any Lake Any Any Fishing
Smallmouth Bass Spring/Fall Lake, Forest Any Any Fishing
Rainbow Trout Summer River, Lake Sunny Morning/Day Fishing
Salmon Fall River Any Any Fishing
Walleye Fall River, Lake, Forest Rain Any Fishing
Perch Winter Lake, River Any Any Fishing
Carp All Freshwater, Sewers Any Any Fishing
Catfish Spring/Fall River, Forest, Secret Woods (Summer) Rain Any Fishing
Pike Summer/Winter Lake, River Any Any Fishing
Sunfish Spring/Summer River Sunny Morning/Day Fishing
Red Mullet Summer/Winter Ocean Any Morning/Day Fishing
Herring Spring/Winter Ocean Any Any Fishing
Eel Spring/Fall Ocean Rain Night Fishing
Octopus Summer Ocean Any Morning/Noon Fishing
Red Snapper Summer/Fall Ocean Rain Morning/Day Fishing
Squid Winter Ocean Any Night Fishing
Seaweed Any Ocean Any Any Fishing
Green Algae Any Mines/River Any Any Fishing
Sea Cucumber Fall/Winter Ocean Any Morning/Day Fishing
Super Cucumber Summer/Fall/Winter Ocean Any Night Fishing
Ghostfish All Mines: 20F, 60F, 100F Any Any Fishing
White Algae Any Mines/Sewer Any Any Fishing
Stonefish Any Mines 20F Any Any Fishing
Crimsonfish Summer Ocean (See below) Any Any Fishing
Angler Fall River (See below) Any Any Fishing
Master Angler – Fishing – Part 2
  Fish Season Location Weather Time Type
Ice Pip Any Mines 60F Any Any Fishing
Lava Eel Any Mines 100F Any Any Fishing
Legend Any Lake (See below) Rain Morning/Day Fishing
Sandfish Any Desert Any Morning/Day/Night Fishing
Scorpion Any Desert Any Morning/Day/Night Fishing
Mutant Carp Any Sewers Any Any Fishing
Sturgeon Summer/Winter Lake Any Morning/Day Fishing
Tiger Trout Fall/Winter River Any Morning/Day Fishing
Bullhead All Lake Any Any Fishing
Tilapia Summer/Fall Ocean Any Morning/Noon Fishing
Chub All Lake, River Any Any Fishing
Dorado Summer River Any Morning/Day Fishing
Albacore Fall/Winter Ocean Any Morning/Night Fishing
Shad Spring/Summer/Fall River Rain Morning/Day/Night Fishing
Lingcod Winter River, Lake Any Any Fishing
Halibut Spring/Summer/Winter Ocean Any Morning/Night Fishing
Lobster N/A Ocean N/A N/A Trapping
Crayfish N/A River/Lake N/A N/A Trapping
Crab N/A Ocean N/A N/A Trapping
Cockle N/A Ocean N/A N/A Trapping
Mussel N/A Ocean N/A N/A Trapping
Shrimp N/A Ocean N/A N/A Trapping
Snail N/A River/Lake N/A N/A Trapping
Periwinkle N/A River/Lake N/A N/A Trapping
Oyster N/A Ocean N/A N/A Trapping
Woodskip All Secret Woods (See below) Any Any Fishing
Glacierfish* Winter Cindersap Forest (See below) Any Morning/Day Fishing

Mutant Fish – Just fish about anywhere in the Sewer and you’ll be set.

Angler – Using the spot I’m standing on, fish towards the north using max power on an Iridium Rod

Glacierfish – In Cindersap Forest, go towards the south end and onto the island tip. Cast as far south as possible

Legend – Cast as far right as possible. This is the spot where Sebastian smokes at the Lake near the mines.

Crimsonfish – Technically anywhere on the eastern pier at the beach works.

Mother Catch Mother Catch
Catch 100 fish.

See “Master Angler” for more information.

Treasure Trove Treasure Trove
Donate 40 different items to the museum.

See “A Complete Collection” for more information.

Gofer Gofer
Complete 10 ‘Help Wanted’ requests.

See “A Big Help” fore more information

A Big Help A Big Help
Complete 40 ‘Help Wanted’ requests.

If you go to Pierre’s Shop, there are two things in front of his store.
1) A Calendar showing all birthdays of people you know, and festival dates
2) Help Request

Each help request is only available on that particular day, and the delivery time only spans 2 days. So you get the current day, and the next day to complete the delivery until it disappears.

Complete 40 of these to get the achievement. As far as I know, there are no counters that you can check naturally to figure out your progress.

Tip: For Clint’s copper ores, and Willy’s fish requests, it requires you to ACQUIRE new items as opposed to ‘giving’ them the items. So those items must be obtained after accepting their request.

Polyculture Polyculture
Ship 15 of each crop.
  Crop Notes
Green Bean
Strawberry Seeds sold at Egg Hunt Festival | Spring 13
Rhubarb Seeds sold at the Oasis in the Desert
Garlic Available in stores starting on Year 2


  Crop Notes
Hot Pepper
Corn Also grows in Fall
Starfruit Seeds available from the Oasis in the Desert
Red Cabbage Available in stores starting on Year 2.


  Crop Notes
Corn Also grows in Summer
Bok Choy
Artichoke Available in stores starting on Year 2.
Beet Seeds available from the Oasis in the Desert
Monoculture Monoculture
Ship 300 of one crop.

If you’re going for this achievement early on in the game, I’d recommend doing this with Blueberries in the Summer, or Cranberries in the Fall as you do not have to replant seeds (like Potatoes) and they yield multiple counts per harvest.

You can do this with any crop, to see which qualify, simply check Polyculture.

Full Shipment Full Shipment
Ship every item.
Prairie King Prairie King
Beat ‘Journey Of The Prairie King’.

See “Fector’s Challenge” for more information.

The Bottom The Bottom
Reach the lowest level of the mines.

There are a total of 120 floors to the mines. This achievement unlocks upon reaching Floor 120.
I won’t mention much about enemies, that’ll be located in ‘Protector of the Valley’. This is more about going through the entire mines.

In the mines, there is a checkpoint every 5th floor of the mines due to access to the elevator. Every 10th level, you get a safe zone, and on all 10th floor except for 30, a chest with an item.

If you die in the mines, then you’ll also lose some progress with the elevator.

Floor Chest
10 Leather Boots
20 Steel Smallsword
40 Slingshot
50 Tundra Boots
60 Crystal Dagger
70 Master Slingshot
80 Firewalker Boots
90 Obsidian Edge
100 Stardrop
110 Space Boots
120 Skull Key

The objective of each floor is to simply find the ladder. The can be pre-spawned (rarely, but floor 58 generally has the same ladder over to the far right), hidden under a rock, or appear after killing an enemy.

There is also a chance for an infested cave encounter where you will only see enemies, and no rocks, ores, or nodes. A ladder will spawn under the ladder you came from once you defeat all enemies in the cave (one can still spawn from killing an enemy).

Three Tips

  1. You can craft a staircase using 99 stones that lets you place down a staircase. Stone is purchaseable from Robin at 20g each, or simply mine the giant rocks in the mines for 10 stones each. Good to speed run through the mines, or used sparingly if you’re running low on time and you want to reach the next checkpoint.
  2. Using bombs to clear out large amounts of rocks to quickly find the staircase.
  3. If you’re low on energy and have no energy replenishing items, you should aim towards killing enemies first because the sword does not consume energy.
Local Legend Local Legend
Restore the Pelican Town Community Center.

A quick rundown on how to interpret the following tables. For each bundle, there are a certain number of ‘Slots’ that you can use. For most of the bundles, the number of items it requests is the same, meaning you need ALL of them. However for others, there are more items available than slots, meaning you can pick the ones you want.

Crafts Room

Collection Reward: Bridge Repair – Quarry [Mountain]

Bundle Slots Items Reward
Spring Foraging 4 Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion 30x Spring Seeds
Summer Foraging 3 Spice Berry, Grape, Sweet Pea 30x Summer Seeds
Fall Foraging 4 Common Mushroom, Wild Plum, Hazelnut, Blackberry 30x Fall Seeds
Winter Foraging 4 Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, Crocus 30x Winter Seeds
Exotic Foraging 5 Coconut, Cactus Fruit, Cave Carrot, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, Pine Tar, Morel 5x Autumn’s Bounty
Construction 4 99x Wood, 99x Wood, 99x Stone, 10x Hardwood 1x Charcoal Kiln



Collection Reward: Greenhouse – Farm

Bundle Slots Items Reward
Spring Crops 4 Parsnip, Green Bean, Cauliflower, Potato 20x Speed-Gro
Summer Crops 4 Tomato, Hot Pepper, Blueberry, Melon 1x Quality Sprinkler
Fall Crops 4 Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Yam 1x Bee House
Quality Crops 3 5x [Gold] Parsnip, 5x [Gold] Melon, 5x [Gold] Pumpkin, 5x [Gold] Corn 1x Preserves Jar
Animal 5 Large Milk, Large Brown Egg, Large White Egg, Large Goat Milk, Wool, Duck Egg 1x Cheese Press
Artisan 6 Truffle Oil, Cloth, Goat Cheese, Cheese, Honey, Jelly, Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, Cherry 1x Keg


Fish Tank

Collection Reward: Glittering Boulder – Panning

Bundle Slots Items Reward
River Fish 4 Sunfish, Catfish, Shad, Tiger Trout 30x Bait
Lake Fish 4 Largemouth Bass, Carp, Bullhead, Sturgeon 1x Dressed Spinner
Ocean Fish 4 Sardine, Tuna, Red Snapper, Tilapia 5x Warp Totem: Beach
Night Fishing 3 Walleye, Bream, Eel 1x Small Glow Ring
Crab Pot 5 Lobster, Crayfish, Crab, Cockle, Mussel, Shrimp, Snail, Periwinkle, Oyster, Clam 3x Crab Pot
Specialty Fish 4 Pufferfish, Ghostfish, Sandfish, Woodskip 5x Dish ‘O The Sea


Boiler Room

Collection Reward: Mine Cart – Bus Stop/Town/Mines/Quarry

Bundle Slots Items Reward
Blacksmith 3 Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar 1x Furnace
Geologist’s 4 Quartz, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, Fire Quartz 5x Omni Geode
Adventurer’s 2 99x Slime, 10x Bat Wing, Solar Essence, Void Essence 1x Small Magnet Ring



Collection Reward: Bus Repair

Bundle Slots Items Reward
2,500 1 2,500g 3x Chocolate Cake
5,000 1 5,000g 30x Quality Fertilizer
10,000 1 10,000g 1x Lightning Rod
25,000 1 25,000g 1x Crystalarium



Collection Reward: Friendship – Boost Relationship with Townspeople

Bundle Slots Items Reward
Chef’s 6 Maple Syrup, Fiddlehead Fern, Truffle, Poppy, Maki Roll, Fried Egg 3x Pink Cake
Dye 6 Red Mushroom, Sea Urchin, Sunflower, Duck Feather, Aquamarine, Red Cabbage 1x Seed Maker
Field Research 4 Purple Mushroom, Nautilus Shell, Chub, Frozen Geode 1x Recycling Machine
Fodder 3 10x Wheat, 10x Hay, 3x Apple 1x Heater
Enchanter’s 4 Oak Resin, Wine [Any], Rabbit’s Foot, Pomegranate 5x Gold Bar

There is a STRONG chance that you will miss this achievement due to conflicting cutscenes attempting to occur on the SAME day. This chance is strong BECAUSE completing the community center will boost the relationships of nearly everyone in town thus making you hit relationship checkpoints that may or may not trigger upon entering town and overwriting the community center cutscene.

Hot Fix: If your game was bugged by having the event appear during a festival, or another cutscene and not having the cutscene appear for the achievement do below. This bug shouldn’t happen anymore with a recent update.
Navigate to your save files at: %appdata%/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves/<your_save> then open both files in here. One has the same name as your folder, the other is named SaveGameInfo. Open these using a text editor, notepad works. Now search for ‘eventsSeen’ using CTRL+F and then go to the right until you find ‘<int>191393</int>’. Delete this in both saves, save and reboot the game.

Joja Co. Member Of The Year Joja Co. Member Of The Year
Become a Joja Co. member and purchase all the community development perks.

To become a Joja Co. Member, head to the Joja Mart and talk to Morris on the right. You can buy a membership for 5,000g. After that, talking to him again will let you view the Joja Development Form shown below.

Each entry mirrors a complete task in the Community Center, so in order to buy a development, you cannot finish any of them inside of the Community Center before doing this.

Simply buy each of them for 135,000g total and go to town after they’re all built and you’ll find a cutscene and the achievement.

Mystery Of The Stardrops Mystery Of The Stardrops
Find every stardrop.
Num How-To
1 Reach Floor 100 of the Mines – Stored in a chest
2 Give Mr. Cannoli Statue in the Secret Woods a Sweet Gem Berry – Rare Seed via Traveling Cart
3 Buy one from Krobus in the Sewers for 20,000g. Access to the sewers via Gunther by donating 60 items
4 Given by your spouse when you reach 13/12 heart relationship (This value is only shown when talking to them from time to time)
5 Sent in the mail via Willy after completing Master Angler Achievement
6 Bought for 2000 Tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair – The only tip I can give is that winning 1st place in the Grange Display gives you 1000 tokens.
7 Complete the Museum Collection – See Museum Collection
Hidden Achievement
Fector's Challenge Fector’s Challenge
Beat ‘Journey Of The Prairie King’ without dying.

If you visit The Stardrop Saloon, aka the bar, where Gus works, there is an arcade machine to the right. Well two of them. The left one is ‘Journey of the Prairie King’ and the right one is ‘Jumino Kart’ which can only be played using the Skull Key.

Anywho, in Journey of the Prairie King, there a total of 12 levels, including 3 boss levels which can be separated into 3 areas as well. To me, all the areas are pretty much the same, with slight differences so there isn’t much for use for strategy except for one of the early levels that creates a box in the middle. You can sit inside the box in the corner and then have them come in 1-2 at a time making it really easy to beat.


  • Each enemy has a specific number of health, so it takes a specific number of hits to kill a specific enemy depending on your bullet damage which can be upgraded
  • If you get touched, you die.
  • At the top of the screen, there is a bar. This is the amount of time you have to survive to prevent more enemies from spawning.
  • Beat each level by clearing out all the enemies after time expires.
  • Note: Boss levels will ALWAYS drop a life. Pick this up BEFORE you pick-up the item that the boss dropped.

At the end of every 2nd level, you’ll see a guy come onto the map from the top of the map and go to the middle. He will let you buy an upgrade using coins from the game. Upgrades are listed from left to right. Each has 3 tiers.

  • Boots: Increases movement speed
  • Gun: Increases firing rate
  • Ammo Box: Increases bullet damage (2x)

Whenever you kill an enemy, they have a chance to drop a power-up. One power-up can be saved in a slot at the top left and can be activated whenever you wish. If you pick up a power-up while the slot is occupied, that newly acquired power-up will be activated immediately.

  • Coin: Comes in 1x or 5x, is a form of currency to purchase upgrades
  • Tombstone: Has a yoba sigil on it, turns you into a zombie where touching enemies will now kill them.
  • Extra Life: +1 Player Life, looks like the player’s head
  • Skull Bomb: Clears out the entire map of enemies
  • Coffee: Increases movement speed
  • Wheel: Shoots a bullet in all 8 directions simultaneously
  • Shotgun: Shoots 3 bullets instead of 1 in a cone shape
  • Machine Gun: Significantly increases firing rate
  • Red Box: Teleports your character to a random part of the map and stops enemies from chasing you
  • Star: Coffee + Shotgun + Machine Gun


  • Drop rates are affected by the luck of the day. Check your TV Fortune Teller luck to see if today is a good day. As you may have guessed, eating various foods that boosts Luck also affects the drop rate for items (Namely: Lucky Lunch for +3 Luck)
  • If an item drop is near a spawn, make sure you’re shooting at the spawn in case something spawns as you get near it.
  • Coins are the most important item-drop. Make sure you get them all.
  • In terms of upgrades, the ammo box is by far the best upgrade giving you 2x damage each time you buy it. I would ignore the other two upgrades and make sure to save up enough coins for the damage. Less shots to kill = less enemies on the map to dodge/manage.
  • Chaining power-ups is a powerful tactic especially if you’re falling behind in the killing ratio. Using firing rate bonuses along with multi shot
  • Occasionally, you will see a red fat dragon appear on the map flying in either a horizontal or vertical direction. This dragon will attract the attention of ALL enemies while it’s on the map. Take advantage of this.

The rest is up to you. Journey far Prairie King.

Full House Full House
Get married and have two kids.

Step 1: Pick a Marriage Candidate
Gender does not matter here. Don’t argue with it, freedom of choice is beautiful. All marriage candidates have the (single) tag under their name in the relationship tab.

Step 2: Upgrade Your House
You cannot propose, until you get the first upgrade to your house. So make sure to do that.
Cost: 10,000g
Resources: 450 wood

Step 3: Repair the Bridge at the Beach
In order to do Step 5, you need to do this step. Costs 300 wood to repair.

Step 4: Reach 8-Hearts in Relationship
Once you get a single member to 8 hearts, you must buy a Bouquet from Pierre and then give it to the marriage candidate. Otherwise, you will never cross the 8-heart threshold. This gift will not count against your weekly gifting.

Step 5: Reach 10-Hearts in Relationship
Now that you’ve got to 10 hearts, you need to wait for a rainy day during a non-winter season. Snow during winter doesn’t count as ‘rain’. When it’s raining, simply go to the beach and cross over to the eastern side and there will be a man there. Buy a Mermaid Pendant off of him for 5,000g.

I’ll put a note here to be safe: there have been several bugs regarding mermaid pendants breaking and you can fix it via save file editing. The developer has made a hotfix allowing you to repurchase the mermaid pendant should something go wrong, but if you want to be careful, then back-up a save prior to giving to your future Significant Other (S.O.)

Step 6: Full House
In your post-wedding life, you will need room to have kids and that comes automatically when you get the second and final upgrade to your farmhouse. Hardwood is easily farmed everyday at the secret woods. Head south from your farm, go far west corner. Chop the fallen branch using a Steel Axe (or above), then go left.
Cost: 50,000g
Resources: 150 Hardwood

Step 7: 13/12 Hearts – Stardrop Occurrence
Once you’re married, and got your house fully upgraded, all you need now is to increase your relationship to 13/12 hearts. The maximum hearts is 12 on the relationship menu, but in order to have babies you need to reach 13, which is why it’s referred to as 13/12. Confusing, yes. From time to time when talking to people, you will see the relationship values next to their portraits. If you see 13/12, then you simply need to wait one day when you sleep.
These prompts occur on different nights and span over a couple of seasons, so if you’re waiting for it to happen, don’t. Just let it happen, and keep your SO happy. If your relationship is heterosexual, then you’ll have a baby naturally. If your relationship is homosexual, then the adoption route is used.

Repeat Step 7 twice for your second child. I believe it’s always one girl, and one boy.

Singular Talent Singular Talent
Reach level 10 in a skill.

See “Master Of The Five Ways” for more information.

Master Of The Five Ways Master Of The Five Ways
Reach level 10 in every skill.

Experience is gained upon performing an action related to the skill you’re leveling up. Level ups only occur when you go to sleep. It’s even possible to earn multiple level-ups for the same skill, especially in farming.

  • Farming: Harvesting crops (per crop)
  • Foraging: Chopping trees, foraging fruits and wild vegatables
  • Fishing: Fishing and Trapping
  • Mining: Mining rocks, ores, and gems
  • Combat: Eliminating enemies

Professions are permanent skill choices available at Level 5 and Level 10. Your level 5 profession WILL affect what skills show up at Level 10. So plan ahead.

Skill Profession (Lvl 5) Specialization (Lvl 10)
Farming Rancher: Animal Products sell for 10% More Coopmaster: Befriend Coop animals quicker, Incubation time cut in half
    Shepherd: Befriend barn animals quicker, Sheep produce wool faster
  Tiller: Crops sell for 10% more Artisan: Artisan Goods sell for 50% more
    Agriculturist: Crops grow 10% faster
Foraging Forester: Wood sells for 50% more Lumberjack: Trees occasionally drop hardwood.
    Tapper: Syrup sells for 25% more
  Gatherer: Chance to double harvest foraged items Botanist: Foraged items are always gold quality
    Tracker: Location of foragable items are revealed
Fishing Fisher: Fish sell for 25% more Angler: Fisher sell for 50% more
    Pirate: Chance to find treasure doubled
  Trapper: Resources required to craft crab pots reduced Mariner: Crab pots never catch trash
    Luremaster: Crab pots no longer need to be baited
Mining Miner: +1 ore per vein Blacksmith: Metal bars sell for 25% more
    Prospector: Coal find doubled
  Geologist: Chance for double gems from a node Excavator: Geode find doubled
    Gemologist: Gems sell for 30% more
Combat Fighter: +10% damage, +15 HP Brute: +15 damage
    Defender: +25 HP
  Scout: Crit Chance +50% (2% to 3%) Acrobat: Special attack cooldown reduced to half
    Desperado: Critical hits are deadly (I assume OHKO)


Experience Table

While you can’t really check what your experience is at, with this you can at least estimate where you are in your level.

Level Experience
1 99
2 379
3 769
4 1299
5 2149
6 3299
7 4799
8 6899
9 9999
10 14999
Protector Of The Valley Protector Of The Valley
Complete all of the Adventure Guild Monster Slayer goals.

After joining the Adventurer’s guild, if you examine the bulletin board one til to the left of the fireplace, you’ll find all the goals you need to complete for this achievement. For each goal you complete, Gil to the right will reward you with something.

All enemies can be found inside the mines are various levels.

  Monster Count Location
Slime 1000 All mine floors | Secret Woods
Void Spirits 150 Floor 81+
Bats 200 All mine floors; for any old players, lava bats count now
Skeletons 50 Floor 71-79
Cave Insects 150 Floor 1-29 | Bug and Cave Flies count
Duggies 30 Floor 1-29
Dust Sprites 500 Floor 41-79