Starbound Achievement Guide

  • Author : Llefty
  • Time To Complete : 15 – 20 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4
  • Online : 0/51
  • Offline : 51/51
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

This guide is intended to serve as a quick reference for completion of achievements in Starbound. I originally wrote this guide for the unstable version of the game, but I have created this revised version (without a table) to make it more clean and better organised.

If you see any incorrect statements (such as outdated information about unobtainable achievements/things I’m unaware of), please correct me in the comments. I will be happy to update the guide whenever I get the chance.

Achievement Guide
Hidden Achievement
Amateur Bard Amateur Bard
Collect your first musical instrument! Keep playing, even when everyone begs you to stop.

Find an instrument in a chest.

Hidden Achievement
Perfectly Generic Achievement Perfectly Generic Achievement
Obtain the mythical perfectly generic item.

The “Perfectly Generic Item” is a filler item that can be bought at the outpost or through adding an invalid item to your inventory.

Hidden Achievement
You're aMAZEing! You’re aMAZEing!
Complete Mazebound. You only need to beat it 300,000 times to win a slide whistle.

Go to the Beakeasy bar (underground area in the Outpost) and win the arcade game (unlocked upon beating the Avian quest). The achievement unlocks as soon as you pick up the winning ticket, and there is no slide whistle for beating it 300,000 times.

Map created by forum user Varixai:[]

Hidden Achievement
Bug Tracker Bug Tracker
Capture your first bug with a bug net. Esther would be proud.

Craft a bug net and catch a bug.

Hidden Achievement
Just like mum used to make! Just like mum used to make!
Practice your chef skills. Try not to harm anyone.

Cook one item.

Hidden Achievement
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
Attract your first colonist. Make sure you treat them right.

Obtain a colony deed from Frogg’s Furnishings in the Outpost, and build a house with a light source/door.

Hidden Achievement
First Mate First Mate
Recruit your first crew member. Captain!

NPCs can be recruited as crew members in several ways. If you find a settlement of NPCs on a planet, you can sometimes complete quests for them. If you complete enough of these quests, they will ask to join your crew. Occasionally, colony tenants will also ask to join your crew provided you’ve completed enough quests for them. You can also recruit penguin crew members by using a Dubloon at the Beakeasy.

Hidden Achievement
Alien Archaeologist Alien Archaeologist
Restore a complete fossil. Make wild assumptions about what it used to be.

Using a fossil brush (preferably the Master Brush) successfully unearth one fossil and put it in a display case.

Hidden Achievement
Monster Whisperer Monster Whisperer
Capture a monster. How does it fit in that tiny ball?

Throw a capture pod at a weakened monster.

Hidden Achievement
Traveling in Style Traveling in Style
Obtain a cool vehicle. Pop some sweet wheelies.

Buy a vehicle controller from the merchant at the Outpost.

Hidden Achievement
Book Club Book Club
Find a Codex. On Earth it’s rude to read other people’s diaries.

This is extremely simple. Just find a codex in a chest and read it.

Hidden Achievement
Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
Augment your EPP. Now it’s an AEPP.

The easiest way to get this is through completion of quests, but you can find them in chests as well.

Hidden Achievement
Adventurer Eventuality Adventurer Eventuality
Complete a quest! Joke’s on you, there isn’t any XP in this game.

As mentioned previously, this achievement is unlockable by completing literally any quest in the game. You can get it automatically by ticking the “skip introductory mission” box in character creation.

Hidden Achievement
The Resilient The Resilient
Return Lana Blake to the outpost.

Complete the Apex artifact mission and speak to Esther at the Ark.

Hidden Achievement
The Devout The Devout
Return Tonauac to the outpost.

Complete the Avian artifact mission and speak to Esther at the Ark.

Hidden Achievement
The Wise The Wise
Return Koichi to the outpost.

Complete the Hylotl artifact mission and speak to Esther at the Ark.

Hidden Achievement
The Brave The Brave
Return Nuru to the outpost.

Complete the Floran artifact mission and speak to Esther at the Ark

Hidden Achievement
The Loyal The Loyal
Return the Baron to the outpos

Complete the Glitch artifact mission and speak to Esther at the Ark.

Hidden Achievement
The Protector The Protector
Defeat the Ruin.

Once the final artifact has been placed into the Ark ruins, a gate will open up through which you can beat the game’s final boss. However, this boss is extremely difficult without the right gear, and its attacks do a lot of damage, so you must make sure you have a lot of nanowrap bandages, strong armor (preferably accelerator armor) and ranged weapons – as melee is mostly useless in this fight. Once you defeat the boss, return to the Ark and talk to Esther again.

Hidden Achievement
The Hopeful The Hopeful
Fix your ship.

This achievement is unlocked upon completion of the Erchius Mining Facility mission.

Hidden Achievement
Congratulations on Your Graduation! Congratulations on Your Graduation!
Survive the Protectorate. It could have been worse.

Complete the initial mission by escaping Earth, or check the “skip introductory mission” box in character creation and you’ll get it automatically.

Hidden Achievement
The Wanderer The Wanderer
Meet Esther.

This achievement is unlocked upon meeting Esther Bright at the Ark ruins for the first time.

Hidden Achievement
King Barbarian King Barbarian
Become champion of the arena. Crush your foes like an orange sorbet.

Complete all of Nuru’s arena side-quests after she comes to the Outpost.

Hidden Achievement
A Motley Crew A Motley Crew
Recruit one crew member from every race. It’s like a teeny tiny protectorate.

For this achievement, you need Apex, Floran, Glitch, Avian, Hylotl, and human crew members (which are all fairly easy to get if you build a large colony or visit a lot of cities). However, you also need a Novakid. Novakids are pretty difficult to get, because they only spawn as tenants in houses with saloon-themed furniture.

Hidden Achievement
Cosmic Curator Cosmic Curator
Complete the Cosmic Museum’s cosmic collection.

Once you have returned Koichi to the Outpost (after the Hylotl quest), complete all of his sidequests.

Hidden Achievement
Too Heavy to Kick Too Heavy to Kick
Destroy a robot chicken. Don’t try to eat it.

Robot chickens are often found in Glitch villages.

Hidden Achievement
Not in Front of the Children! Not in Front of the Children!
Defeat Mother Poptop. Every Poptop you meet from here on out is a lonely orphan.

Kill a Mother Poptop. They can be found in various dungeons.

Hidden Achievement
Ending Prohibition Ending Prohibition
Defeat the dastardly Dreadwing. Bring joy to penguins everywhere.

Defeat Dreadwing via the quest given to you by the owner of the Beakeasy bar.

Hidden Achievement
Shock and Awe Shock and Awe
Defeat the Shockhopper MK I. Notice it rarely hops.

Defeat the Shockhopper MK I via the penguin weapon shop owner’s quest.

Hidden Achievement
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand
Complete 10 quests for your colonists. Feel like an asset to the community!

Fairly self-explanatory. As a way to speed things up, build one large colony with many inhabitants.

Hidden Achievement
A Cheeky Chore A Cheeky Chore
Complete 25 quests for your colonists. These guys sure do ask a lot of you don’t they…

Fairly self-explanatory. As a way to speed things up, build one large colony with many inhabitants.

Hidden Achievement
A Tireless Task A Tireless Task
Complete 50 quests for your colonists. When did this become your full time job?

For this one, you will need a colony with a LOT of inhabitants in order to complete it in a timely manner. I used one with ~30 inhabitants and it still took me several hours.

Hidden Achievement
Villain Villain
Incapacitate an innocent bystander. You monster.

Kill an NPC (only works with some; e.g. the ones found in shadow biomes).

Hidden Achievement
Not a Llama Not a Llama
Obtain a complete alpaca costume. Use it only for good!

Collect all three pieces of the “Alien Alpaca” costume set. This set can be found in stone chests on snow planets.

Hidden Achievement
From the Ashes From the Ashes
Build a large colony. Well done Protector!

Build a colony with a total of 10 inhabitants

Hidden Achievement
Cramped Colony Cramped Colony
Build 5 homes in a very small space. This isn’t a healthy way for anyone to live.

The easiest way to do this is to build 5 adjacent rooms, each 2 blocks wide and 7 blocks tall, with doors connecting them. Then just place torches and colony deeds inside and you’re done.

Hidden Achievement
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge
Kill 100 small flying monsters. They had it coming.

This can take a long time, but if you kill every one you see you’ll unlock it eventually.

Hidden Achievement
Nox's Apprentice Nox’s Apprentice
Kill another player. Unity is overrated anyway.

Kill another person in multiplayer. For this to be accomplished, both players must first type /pvp to enable combat. However, you can also get the achievement by killing someone with fireworks, which you don’t need to type /pvp to damage someone with.

Hidden Achievement
Destroyer of Worlds Destroyer of Worlds
Move a planet’s worth of blocks. If you weren’t using a Matter Manipulator you’d be ripped.

This achievement requires you to break and obtain at least 10,000,000 blocks. This is insanely grindy, and there aren’t many easy ways to get it, especially if you’re not using admin commands. However, below I have listed several methods by which you might be able to obtain it.

Method 1 (credit to DarkNoddy!):
One extremely efficient way to get the achievement is to fill your inventory with 1k block stacks (40k total) and suicide repeatedly in a pit of lava at beam point on a planet’s surface. You pick up the blocks again as soon as you fall in the lava, so all you have to do is beam down repeatedly and you should be able to get the achievement within an hour. To make things a little quicker, you can skip the beam-down animation by typing /suicide.
Here’s a helpful picture demonstration of this method.[]

Method 2 (credit to falconpunch444!):
See this guide.

Method 3:
A far slower and less efficient way to get the achievement is to type “/spawnitem superfishaxe” (a special unobtainable tool) to mine blocks more quickly. I don’t really see why you’d do this considering how incredibly slow it’d be compared to the other methods, but it’s an option if you want it.

Hidden Achievement
Protected Protector Protected Protector
Obtain an entire set of armour. Now use dye to make your armour fabulous.

Get any set of armor (no dye required). This does not work with cosmetic armor.

Hidden Achievement
Feathered Friend Feathered Friend
Recruit a penguin mercenary from the Beakeasy.

Buy a Dubloon at the Beakeasy (3 diamonds) and recruit a penguin.

Hidden Achievement
Bug Free Bug Free
Catch 42 unique bugs. Give them all funny names.

For this one, you need to catch every bug in the game. Different bug types live on different planet types, so be patient and make sure to look for bugs on ALL planet types.

Hidden Achievement
Culinary Century Culinary Century
Prepare at least 100 unique dishes. Bonus points if they’re edible.

This is a tough one if you don’t have tons of ingredients lying around, so I recommend already having a large farm built before even attempting this.

Hidden Achievement
Them Bones Them Bones
Unearth 55 unique fossils. Try not to pay attention to the ones that are alarmingly humanoid.

This is very, very time consuming, but with patience and many master brushes you can do it. Biomes with tar seem to have far more fossils than others, so look out for them if you’re going for this achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Mint Condition Mint Condition
Collect at least 50 unique action figures. Insist to your friends they’re actually called statuettes.

Action figures are a 1/1000 drop from their respective monster, so this is insanely grindy and pretty much impossible to get without spawning them in with a command. This will probably be reworked/better balanced in a future patch.

Hidden Achievement
Armour Aficionado Armour Aficionado
Collect 210 unique pieces of armour. See how many you can wear at the same time. (Spoiler, it’s 3).

For this achievement, you must obtain every piece of armor in the game. It is unknown if this includes non-racial armor.

Hidden Achievement
Well Read Well Read
Find 100 unique codex items. Study them all, prepare for a pop quiz.

There are a total of 116 codices in the game, so this will take a lot of exploration and completion of missions. However, it is doable once you’ve reached the endgame

Hidden Achievement
Starbound Valley Starbound Valley
Harvest 30 unique crops. Start thinking about who you’d like to romance and that barn extension.

Fairly easy once you have explored many planets and have a decent farm going. Ironically, despite this being one of the easier achievements, it was actually the last one I ever unlocked in the unstable version of the game.

Hidden Achievement
The Simple Life The Simple Life
Harvest a crop. See what happens when you eat it.

Harvest any crop. Easily unlocked just by randomly collecting plants from a planet.

Hidden Achievement
Captain of the Year Captain of the Year
Recruit at least 12 crew members. Consider starting a pension plan.

For this, you will need your ship’s size fully upgraded. To get crew members, complete lots of quests for village NPCs and/or hire mercs from the Beakeasy.

Hidden Achievement
All Walks of Life All Walks of Life
Attract 10 unique tenants. Marvel at their collective peculiarity.

Obtained by attracting 10 different tenants to your colony. However, only tenants attracted using the Frög Furnishings and biome-exclusive furniture sets will count. For a full list of tenants that count for the achievement, visit this[] wiki page and look under “Themed Furniture Tenants” and “Mini-biome tenants”.

Note: since Frög Furnishings only changes what furniture sets it sells every 24 hours, you can change your computer’s clock and make it change instantly to speed things up.