Slime Rancher Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online : 0/43
  • Offline : 43/43
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : Unknown
  • Num Playthroughs : Unknown
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Before we get into the achievements, I’ll quickly cover the gist of the map. That way, you can associate location by these places. Before we start, there are two places. The Range, and the Ranch. The Ranch is your home where you build your farm. The Range is essentially anywhere else.

What denotes the division?
These poles. When these poles end, that’s the change from ranch and range.

The Ranch

The Ranch

Home Sweet Home. The Ranch contains:

  • 8 building blocks: allows you to build various buildings to grow your ranch and make newbucks
  • House: allows you to read mail and sleep (always sleeps to next day 06:00.
  • Plort Market: allows you to sell plorts
  • Quest Module: allows you to turn in items to receive items; new quests given everyday at 12:00
  • Vacpack Module: allows you to upgrade your vacpack in exchange for newbucks

The Overgrowth

  • Builder Slots: 4
  • Fruits: Pogofruit
  • Vegetables: Carrots
  • Slimes: N/A
  • Meat: Hen Hen
  • Gordo: None (There is one near, but that’s the Dry Reef)

The Grotto

  • Builder Slots: 5
  • Fruits: N/A
  • Vegetables: N/A
  • Slimes: N/A
  • Meat: N/A
  • Gordo: None

The Lab
Coming Soon!

The Range

The Dry Reef
This is your first “range” location.

  • Fruits: Pogofruit, Cuberry
  • Vegetable: Carrots, Heart Beet
  • Slimes: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Phosphor (Night)
  • Meat: Hen Hen, Stone Hen, Roostro
  • Gordo: Pink Gordo, Phosphor Gordo, Tabby Gordo, Tabby Gordo

The Moss Blanket
Near the Slime Sea and the first Tabby Gordo, lies a wooden bridge leading to a Slime Gate. Requires a Slime Key to enter.

  • Fruits: Pogofruit, Cuberry, Mint Mango
  • Vegetable: Carrots
  • Slimes: Pink, Tabby, Phosphor (Night), Gold, Boom, Puddle, Hunter
  • Meat: Hen Hen, Stone Hen, Briar Hen, Roostro
  • Gordo: Honey Gordo

The Indigo Quarry
From the Dry Reef near the Rock Slimes is a small cave inhabited by feral slimes. At the end of the cave lies a slime gate. Requires a Slime Key to enter.

  • Fruits: Pogofruit
  • Vegetables: Carrots, Heart Beet, Oca Oca
  • Slimes: Pink, Rock, Puddle, Rad, Boom
  • Meat: Stone Hen, Roostro
  • Gordo: Rock Gordo, Rock Gordo, Rad Gordo
Pink Slime
Diet: The Dry Reef, The Moss Blanket
Favorite: None
Location: Everywhere

Rock Slime
Diet: Vegetables
Favorite: Heart Beet
Location: The Dry Reef

Phosphor Slime
Diet: Fruits
Favorite: Cuberry
Location: The Dry Reef (Night), The Moss Blanket (Night)

Tabby Slime
Diet: Meat
Favorite: Stony Hen
Location: The Dry Reef

Rad Slime
Diet: Vegetables
Favorite: Oca Oca
Location: The Indigo Quarry

Boom Slime
Diet: Meat
Favorite: Briar Hen
Location: The Moss Blanket, The Indigo Quarry

Honey Slime
Diet: Fruits
Favorite: Mint Mango
Location: The Moss Blanket

Puddle Slime
Diet: Water
Favorite: N/A
Location: The Moss Blanket, The Indigo Quarry

Gold Slime
Diet: N/A
Favorite: N/A
Location: Rare Spawn Rate

Lucky Slime
Diet: N/A
Favorite: N/A
Location: Rare Spawn Rate

Hunter Slime
Diet: Meat
Favorite: Roostro
Location: Moss Blanket

Largo Slime
Largo Slimes are combinations of ANY two or more types of slimes. You need a slime of one type, and a plort of another type. Combining a Pink Slime with a Rock Plort will create a Pink Rock Largo. Vice Versa, a Rock Slime consuming a Pink Plort will create the same thing. Be careful when mixing though, certain combinations will create The Tarr (see below).

Diet: What exactly does a largo eat? It depends what kind of slimes you combined. Any slime combined with a Pink Slime/Plort will be able to eat anything due to the pink’s diet. However, if you were to combine say a Honey Slime and a Rock Slime, it would not be able to eat everything. Honey Slimes eat fruits and Rock Slimes eat vegetables. A Honey Rock Largo will eat both fruits and vegetables.

Favorites: A largo will inherit the favorites of the slimes in which it is made of. Using the previous example of the Pink Rock Largo, a Pink Slime has no favorites while the Rock Slime loves Heart Beets. Therefore, the only favorite a Pink Rock Largo has is Heart Beet. The other previous example was the Honey Rock Largo. This largo has two favorites: Mint Mango AND Heart Beet. Feeding either of the two will net double plorts.

The Tarr
The Tarr is a toxic type of slime that absorbs and replicates itself with a goal to destroy all slimes and food sources in the area. The only things the Tarr cannot eat are: Gold Slimes, Lucky Slimes, and Gordo Slimes

The Tarr is created when you combine more than two types of slimes. Example: A Pink Rock Slime taking in a Boom Plort.

The Tarr can be destroyed in three ways.
1) Throw it into an Incinerator
2) Throw it into the ocean/sea (river/lake/pond does not count)
3) With the Water Tank upgrade, shoot water at it.
4) Wait it out (it’ll replicate making this pointless)

The Tarr has a set time limit of how long it will survive. The first splash of water will prevent it from duplicating itself. Every subsequent splash of water will lower its timer.

If the Tarr infiltrates your ranch, if you cannot stop it, then all your slimes will disappear. Having corrals with high wall is ineffective as the Tarr can jump several meters into the air. The air net will only delay their attack and is not a sure way to prevent them from entering.

If you sleep when there is a Tarr infestation in your ranch, when you wake up all of your slimes will be gone as well as the Tarr.
Gordo Slimes
Gordo Slimes, gordo is spanish for fat, are giant slimes that provide one of two things.

1) A Slime Key
2) A Teleporter

You can tell which one you’re gonna get simply by looking under the gordo. If you see the blue teleporter under it, then that’s what the gordo unlocks. Otherwise, it gives you a Slime Key.

The objective of a gordo is to overfeed it to the point that it explodes. Each gordo has a specific number of items you have to feed until it explodes. If you feed its favorite, it counts as two items fed as opposed to one. Note: The gordos follow the eating patterns of their regular types.

I won’t list what they eat. Look at a gordo in game and it’ll tell you their diet. Else, check the slime section.

Pink Gordo
Location: In the Dry Reef, once you see the first set of wooden fence on the left, look over the cliff side and you’ll see a small mossy island connected to a wooden bridge. You should spot the Pink Gordo.
Feed Count: 50

Phosphor Gordo
Location: In the Dry Reef, go to the three way split where you can either head towards the ranch, the indigo quarry, then the moss blanket. Take the path towards the Moss Blanket and you will go through tunnel. As soon as you exit the tunnel, there should be an opening on the cliff to the left. Go to it and drop down. Do not follow the path, turn around and go into the cliff to find the Phosphor Gordo.
Feed Count: 70

Tabby Gordo
Location: After purchasing the Overgrowth Ranch Expansion, or flying over it with a Jetpack, follow the one way path. The Tabby Gordo will be on your left across some tiny islands.
Feed Count: 50

Tabby Gordo
Location: On the way to the Moss Blanket, go to the point right before the Slime Sea and where you start walking on a wooden bridge. Look backwards and you’ll see the Tabby Gordo.
Feed Count: 50

Honey Gordo
Location: In the Moss Blanket, after dropping down the large tube near the entrance you’ll find a lake. This is the first room. Head left to the next room and you should see a grey rock wall (very flat). The Honey Gordo is on top of this wall.
Feed Count: 75

Rock Gordo
Location: In the Indigo Quarry, follow the path until you get to a large open cave. The Rock Gordo will be on your right.
Feed Count: 75

Rock Gordo
Location: After the first Rock Gordo, continue going through the linear path. You’ll be outside. You’ll take a left and over a lake with puddle slimes. You’ll cross some wooden bridges and onto a somewhat round island. Instead of taking a left, go straight and you’ll find another wooden bridge leading to the second Rock Gordo.
Feed Count: 75

Rad Gordo
Location: From the second Rock Gordo, continue going towards the end of the area. You’ll cross a crosswalk with feral rad slimes then eventually make your way to a lake. Stop. Take the path to the left and there’s a cave in front of you, enter the cave to find the Rad Gordo.
Feed Count: 75

The corral is a place to keep live slimes for 250 Newbucks.

  • High Wall | 350 Newbucks | Doubles the height of the corral wall
  • Music Box | 350 Newbucks | Reduces slime agitation
  • Air Net | 425 Newbucks | Creates a net on the top of the corral to prevent slimes from jumping out; net takes damage and can break (respawns after time)
  • Solar Shield | 425 Newbucks | Protects light sensitive slimes
  • Plort Collector | 500 Newbucks | Automatically collects plort inside the corral; up to two types and up to 100 of each type
  • Auto-Feeder | 500 Newbucks | Automatically dispenses food into the corral; must have food stored

The garden is a place to grow fruits and vegetables for 250 Newbucks.

  • Nutrient Soil | 350 Newbucks | Increases yield for crops (20 for Pogofruits/Carrots, 15 for the rest)
  • Sprinkler | 500 Newbucks | Grows crops twice as fast
  • Scareslime | 425 Newbucks | Scares away slimes from eating your crops

The coop is a place to keep hen and roostros for 250 Newbucks.

  • High Wall | 350 Newbucks | Doubles the height of the coop wall
  • Spring Grass | 425 Newbucks | Hens produce eggs twice as fast
  • Vitamizer | 500 Newbucks | Hens and chicks grow twice as fast

The silo is a place to store items for 450 Newbucks. Each slot holds 100 of a single item.

  • Additional Storage I | 500 Newbucks | Adds 1 storage slot
  • Additional Storage II | 575 Newbucks | Adds 1 storage slot
  • Additional Storage III | 650 Newbucks | Adds 1 storage slot

The pond is a place to keep puddle slimes, or collect water, for 400 Newbucks.

No upgrades.

The incinerator is a place to destroy anything you can throw at it for 400 Newbucks.

No upgrades.

Achievement Guide
Plort Peddler Plort Peddler
Sell 100 plorts at the Plort Market

Self explanatory. See “Plort Tycoon” for more information, if needed.

Transplorter Transplorter
Sell 500 plorts at the Plort Market

Self explanatory. See “Plort Tycoon” for more information, if needed.

Plort Authority Plort Authority
Sell 1,000 plorts at the Plort Market

Self explanatory. See “Plort Tycoon” for more information, if needed.

Plort Powerhouse Plort Powerhouse
Sell 2,500 plorts at the Plort Market

Self explanatory. See “Plort Tycoon” for more information, if needed.

Plort Tycoon Plort Tycoon
Sell 5,000 plorts at the Plort Market

This section consists of all the tiered achievements related to the Plort Market. These are self-explanatory, so I won’t get into them. As for the newbucks farm, you’ll most likely be doing it in Adventure mode, and prices fluctuate so picking a specific build is pointless.

Buck Buck Bagu- Buck Buck Bagu-
Feed 100 chickens to slimes on the Ranch

The fastest way to do this is to have pink largo slimes then build a coop and stash some roostros and hens. Then everytime you get duplicate hens or elder hens, feed them to the pink largos. Repeat until you get 100.

Fruit Cocktail Fruit Cocktail
Have 3 different fruit trees on the Ranch at the same time

Currently there are only three fruits in the game, so you’ll need to at least have access to the Moss Blanket. The three fruits are: Pogofruit, Cuberry, and Mint Mango. All three can be found inside the Moss Blanket. Once you have all three, simply build three gardens and toss one of each fruit into the garden dispenser.

Salad Bar Salad Bar
Have 3 different veggie gardens on the Ranch at the same time

Similarly to the fruit verison of this achievement, there are currently three vegetables in the game: Carrots, Heart Beets, and Oca Oca. You can find all three inside of the Indigo Quarry. After that, simply build three gardens and throw one of each into the garden dispenser.

Fortunate Fortunate
Earn over 5,000 newbucks

Fairly Simple, See “Plort Tycoon” for more information if needed.

Well-Off Rancher Well-Off Rancher
Earn over 25,000 newbucks

Fairly Simple, See “Plort Tycoon” for more information if needed.

Upper Crust Upper Crust
Earn over 100,000 newbucks

Fairly Simple, See “Plort Tycoon” for more information if needed.

A Quick Newbuck A Quick Newbuck
Earn 5,000 newbucks in a single day

Simply save all your plorts (keeping them in the plort collectors or silos) until you know you’ll sell over 5000 in one day, then sell them.

Up All Night Up All Night
Stay awake from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day

Self-explanatory. Avoid going to sleep, avoid falling into the ocean, and avoid losing all your health. Then make sure you go from 6AM to next day’s 6AM. Achievement should unlock immediately.

Not My Morning Not My Morning
Be knocked out before 10 AM

If you’re at your ranch, wait until it’s at least 6AM (06:00). You’ll also want to sell/dispose of any items first. Once you’re clean of items, simply jump off into the water between 06:00 and 10:00.

While You Were Away While You Were Away
Return to the Ranch after more than 24 hours

Find a nice place outside of the ranch to idle. To be safe, I’d start counting when you find a good spot. I stood on the plateau above the Pink Gordo (using Jetpack). The achievement unlocks when you return to the ranch. I do not know what happens if you return through injury.

Catch! Catch!
Shoot food into an airborne slime’s mouth

Suck up a slime and its respective food. Simply shoot the slime into the air, then shoot the food at it. If the food hits him, he’ll most likely eat it on collision. Slimes also tend to jump a lot, so shooting food at them while jumping shouldn’t be hard. If you have trouble with accuracy, try using pink phoshpor largos.

Omnivorous Omnivorous
Feed pink slimes on the Ranch 10 different types of food

Simply feed ten different items to pink slimes: Pogofruit, Cuberry, Mint Mango, Carrots, Heart Beet, Oca Oca, Hen Hen, Stone Hen, Briar Hen, Rostroo.

Tasty! Tasty!
Feed 50 slimes on the Ranch their favorite food

See slimes to see what their favorite food is.

Mine, All Mine Mine, All Mine
Discovered the Quarry

Unlocked right after “Open Says Me”. Complete this and then walk inside.

On the Other Side On the Other Side
Discovered the Moss Blanket
Smoke, Fire, and Mirrors Smoke, Fire, and Mirrors
Discovered the Glass Desert
Jelly Belly Burst Jelly Belly Burst
Burst a gordo slime

The first step is finding a Gordo Slime. Then feed it until it implodes. See Gordo Slimes.

Open Says Me Open Says Me
Open a slime gate

In continuation to the previous achievement, find a Gordo Slime that does not have a teleporter under it. These Gordo Slimes will always drop a Slime Key that can be used to open a Slime Gate. The two slime gates you NEED to open are at the Slime Sea to access the Moss Blanket. The other is the slime gate in the cave nearby the Pink Gordo that leads to the Indigo Quarry.

Carousel Carousel
Incinerate an elder chicken

First build a coop. Throw a Roostro and a Hen inside. Wait until the Hen becomes an Elder Hen and can no longer produce eggs. Now build an Incinerator. Throw the Elder Hen at the incinerator.

You... Monster! You… Monster!
Send an adorable chick to a fiery end, the same place you’re now destined to go

Similar to the above, but obtain a chickadoo. You can either get one through the coop, or find one in the Dry Reef. They’re fairly common.

Burstin' at the Seams Burstin’ at the Seams
Completely fill a fully-upgraded silo

Build a silo. Upgrade it to the max so it has 4 slots. Then throw 100 of 4 items at each spot. I recommend plorts as they’re easily to get.

Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
Have a maximally upgraded corral, coop, and silo on the Ranch


Hasty Exchange Hasty Exchange
Fulfill a Range Exchange request between Noon and 2 PM

Everyday at 12:00, the Range Exchange gets a new request for you to complete. Complete it before 14:00 and the achievement is yours. It’s recommended that you store some items. This may take a few tries until it gives you something that you either already have, or can easily get quickly.

Free Rangin' Free Rangin’
Collect 50 plorts on the Range in a single day

Go to the range, collect food, feed everything you see (pink slimes). Collect the plorts. Rinse, repeat until you get 50 in a day.

Hat Trick Hat Trick
Obtain at least 3 gold plorts from a single gold slime

Step 1: Unlock the Indigo Quarry
Step 2: Gather 75 vegetables, and 25+ fruits.
Step 3: Backup Save
Step 4: Burst the Second Rock Gordo
Step 5: Shoot fruits at the three gold slimes and cross your fingers
Step 6: If 5 failed, replace your save before you attempted and try again.

That Only Works in Comic Books That Only Works in Comic Books
Stand inside a rad aura for at least 15 seconds

After unlocking the Indigo Quarry, find a rad slime and stand in his aura. Leave after 15 seconds (you will be close to dying). Achievement triggers once you leave, will not trigger after 15 seconds in the aura. May require health upgrade.

Once Bitten, Twice... Bitten Once Bitten, Twice… Bitten
Hold onto a tarr for 15 seconds

Find/create a Tarr. Hold for 15 seconds. If you have 100 health, you’ll barely live, but you’ll have to throw him when you’re down to 20 health. To create a tar, combine three slimes.

Boop! Boop!
Let a tabby slime headbutt you right on the nose

The nature of a tabby slime is to hug you so if you stand near one, it will happen eventually. Or have a huge pit of tabby slime and walk in. Virtually impossible to not get booped.

Fireworks Fireworks
Shoot a boom slime largo into the air that explodes before landing

This may happen accidentally, but you can either do this normally or accidentally. The accidental method is being on the range, particularly deep into the Moss Blanket and having tons of Boom Slime Largos. Simply throw them into the air until you get it. Unnaturally, simply hold one until it’s about to blow, then toss it.

Controlling the Chaos Controlling the Chaos
Constrain more than 15 slimes in your vac stream at once while on the range

Get at least 20 pink slimes. Head to a dead end on the range. Any cave works, throw all your slimes at the wall, then right click while strafing one way and counter aiming the other way. This should get all the pink slimes into your stream. If you’re having trouble, try having an inventory with 3 different items, then pink slime to fill up your inventory. THrow all your pink slimes at one spot, then pick up a 4th item then vac the slimes (since you’re full, you can’t actually pick them up).

Six Pack Six Pack
Have at least 6 different types of slimes in the same corral

Fairly simple, largos are combinations of two different slimes. Simply get a corral, and start making largos. Do not try making largos INSIDE of the corral. That’s a good way to create Tarrs. Instead, create largos next to the corral, then drop them inside.

Risky Business Risky Business
Have at least 3 different types of largos in the same corral

See “Six Pack” for more information.

Pool Party Pool Party
Fill a pond on the Ranch with at least 5 different types of slimes

Buy a pool, throw 5 slimes in.

Diversification Diversification
Have at least 10 types of largos on the Ranch

Self-explanatory. Create 10 different largo combinations and have them all on the ranch.
Pink + Rock, Pink + Tabby, Pink + Honey, Pink + Boom, Rock + Tabby, Rock + Honey, Rock + Boom, Tabby + Honey, Tabby + Boom, Honey + Boom (etc)

Ball Pit Ball Pit
Jump into a corral containing at least 40 slimes


5-Day Challenger 5-Day Challenger
Reach at least 10,000 newbucks at the end of a 5-Day Rush

See “5-Day Portmaster” for more information.

5-Day Champion 5-Day Champion
Reach at least 25,000 newbucks at the end of a 5-Day Rush

See “5-Day Portmaster” for more information.

5-Day Plortmaster 5-Day Plortmaster
Reach at least 50,000 newbucks at the end of a 5-Day Rush

Achievement Mechanics

  • Must be playing in 5 Day Rush mode.
  • Must complete the challenge with the specified amount of newbucks in hand. This achievement requires you to have the amount of newbucks available at the end of the challenge, and not generate a total of 50,000 Newbucks. You need to earn 50,000 as well as any amount you spend.
  • On the above screenshot, the total plorts is well over 50,000 Newbucks; however, the Total which is also equal to my available spending is the only value that counts. You need that value to exceed 50,000 at Noon (12:00) of Day 6. As a result, only the Challenger achievement was earned this run.
  • The challenge starts on Day 1 – 09:00. The challenge ends on Day 6 – 12:00.
  • The starting newbucks is 500.
  • The Plort Market does not fluctuate in this mode. Below is a set price listing:

Setup 1: Basic

  • The recommended strategy is to avoid buying any expansion pieces as they’re roughly 1500-2000 newbucks. Then build three more corrals for a total of 4 corrals as well as 4 gardens, one to support each corral. You’ll want at least 3 Mint Mango Gardens, then if you wan ta 4th, you can. Else, either do Carrots or Pogofruit as these yield 20 objects per yield when maxed where as everything else yields just 15 due to favoritism.
  • In each corral, you’ll want Pink Honey Largo: Pink Slime + Honey Slime as Honey Plorts net 45 newbucks a piece and combined with the Pink, they essentially eat anything.
  • For your gardens, you’ll want to pick up Mint Mangos as they are a Honey Slime’s favorite thus making them drop double the amount of plorts. If it’s a Pink Honey Largo, it’ll drop two Pink Plorts and two Honey Plorts. If it’s just a Honey Slime, then two Honey Plorts will drop.
  • It is optional to bring in Boom Slimes; however, you will have to deal with their explosions and it may be a bit riskier; however, it definitely has a higher yield.
  • Feeding a Pink Honey Largo will net you 1x Honey Plort, and 1x Pink Plort. If you feed it a Mint Mango, then you get 2x of both. That’s 55-110 Newbucks per yield.

Setup 2: Advanced

  • This setup will still revolve around the 4 corrals and 4 harvest farms; however, instead of relying on Pink Honey Largos, it will use a Honey Rad Largo which combines a Honey Slime and a Rad Slime. Do note that you WILL take damage if you stay radiated for too long.
  • There is a slight risk in this as you now have to open two slime gates, or use the jetpack to avoid opening the Moss Blanket slime gate and then use the Slime Key given from the Pink Gordo on the Indigo Quarry slime gate.
  • All upgrades remain the same as the basic setup.
  • The main change is that you’ll have limited objects to feed the slimes with; however, the slime output is much higher due to the market not fluctuating.
  • Now, the diet of a Honey Slime is fruits, and the diet of a Rad Slime is vegetables, so the Honey Rad Largo will eat both fruits and vegetables. A Honey Slime’s favorite is Mint Mango and a Rad Slime’s favorite is Oca Oca found in their respective dwellings.


  • On the first day, you’ll want to rush to the Moss Blanket. Either do this by using the jetpack to jump over the gate, or quickly feed the Pink Gordo for the first Slime Key. Obtaining Honey Slimes, and Honey Plorts to start your farm is very important. While you’re there, pick up Mint Mangos as well. You can feed some to the slimes now, but make sure you get the Garden up and running as soon as possible.
  • You’ll have some downtime while the Mint Mango grows so gather the following things: Plorts to sell, Food to feed. If you find yourself doing nothing, you’re losing time. Make sure you’re always doing something to gain newbucks. Pogofruits/Carrots are common in the Dry Reef. When you’re in the Moss Blanket, pick up Boom Plorts and Mint Mangoes. You’re more likely to find Boom Plorts over Honey Plorts.
  • In terms of upgrades, you’ll want to get the Garden’s Sprinkler first as well as the Corral’s High Walls. After that, shoot for the Air Net and Nutrient Soil. Do this to all gardens, corrals can wait as long as you have one with the high wall.
  • Next step is expansion and automation. I do NOT recommend the Auto-Feeder as it goes at an extremely slow rate. You’re better off throwing excess amounts of pogofruits and carrots at the dry reef next to the ranch.
  • Note: A garden only lasts for 72 hours which is 3 days. Meaning during Day 4, your gardens will disappear. Make sure you cancel it (costs 10 newbucks) then start another harvest. Note: Starting new harvests are actually faster than waiting for a cycle.
  • You’ll want full gardens and all four corrals by the end of Day 3. Do not buy the Scareslime upgrade on gardens. You do not need the Solar Screens for the Corrals. I personally don’t like the Auto Feeder as they feed at an extremely slow rate and are fairly inefficient when you overcrowd your corrals.
  • If you do end up buying an upgrade, only upgrade the vacpack for more storage. I wouldn’t go all the way up to 50 though. It forces you to try to fill it and you’ll waste time.
  • Spend most of the remaining days simply gathering food and throwing them into corrals. The Plort Collector will most likely drag a lot of your food to the corner, so make sure you get some of that and redistribute it.

Side Note: It is not possible to access the overgrowth using a Jetpack. The ceiling and all entrances are blocked off.