Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/26
  • Offline : 26/26
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 4

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to get all 26 achievements in Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Director’s Cut).

Achievement Guide
Ret-2-Go! Ret-2-Go!
Beat the ambush

The first achievement you’ll get. When you first start a new game, you’ll have to fight a wave of enemies attacking your lighthouse. Simply defeat them by using your hair whip attack and the achievement is yours.

Play Dead! Play Dead!
Kill the puppy

When you return the puppy to the chef (you’ll eventually have to give it to her) and after the chef gives you the Tasty Meal, crouch down next to the dog and whip it with your hair. It’ll fly in the air as well as leave some gems and give you the achievement.

Heart of Stone! Heart of Stone!
Puppy denied

When you reach the forest, you’ll have to find a zombie named Rottytops (she’s to the very right of the first plane when you enter the forest). Talk to her and she’ll give you a puppy. Now keep going farther back into the forest and you’ll eventually find the first dungeon. Head right of it, and you’ll find another area of the forest. Keep jumping back and you’ll find a house which you can enter.

Talk to the lady inside and she’ll notice that you have her puppy. When she asks if she can have it back, choose no, and you’ll get the achievement.

Very misleading achievement. You may be thinking that you need to get a fast time on the Battle Tower (since it has a timer and some may consider it the 2nd lab), but you actually have to beat the Hypno Baron’s dungeon [apparently] within a certain amount of time (the Hypno Baron’s dungeon is where the 3rd seal is on the shore). I don’t know the exact amount of time that you have to beat it, but I slacked off a bit and still got it on my first try.

Old Moneybags! Old Moneybags!
Max out the gem counter

You need to have 999 gems to get this achievement. I suggest going through your journey as normal without spending too much gems at the shop. Look for chests and pots in caves or dungeons (the Hypno Baron’s dungeon has lots of gems).

Got the Touch, Got the Power! Got the Touch, Got the Power!
Own all magic and book upgrades

All of the magic and book upgrades are purchased in the Scuttle Town shop. You can purchase a few for just gems, but most will also require magic jam. If you want all of the upgrades, you will need all 17 magic jams and about 2055 gems.

You Are Here! You Are Here!
Get the map

After you first fight Risky, you can head into Scuttle Town and purchase a map at the store for 20 gems (if you’re low on gems, you can just go on the outskirts of the town and fight a few enemies). The store is in the middle layer of Scuttle Town to the right with a reddish covering above it. If the achievement doesn’t unlock when you buy it, open up your inventory and look at the map, and it should unlock.

Be the Hero! Be the Hero!
Seen ending 1

Beat the game without collecting everything and with a total playtime over 4 hours.

Completionist! Completionist!
Seen ending 2

Beat the game with everything collected and with a total playtime over 4 hours.

Speedy and Greedy! Speedy and Greedy!
Seen ending 3

Beat the game with everything collected and with a total playtime under 4 hours.

Speed Runner! Speed Runner!
Seen ending 4

Beat the game with a total playtime under 2 hours. It does not matter if you have everything or not.

Mighty Shantae Champ! Mighty Shantae Champ!
Seen ALL endings

There are four endings in Risky’s Revenge (which to be honest aren’t that different aside from the ending images). You’ll get the Mighty Shantae Champ achievement for getting all of them. Here’s how to get each individual ending:

Cross Your Heart! Cross Your Heart!
Beat the game with no Heart Holders

There are 3 heart holders in the game. Their locations (also pictured below):

  • In a chest on top of a pillar near the start of Lilac Fields
  • In a chest in a cave in the forest where everything is dark
  • In a chest in an underwater cavern near the lighthouse

Simply avoid opening these chests and finish the game. The only real difficult parts without extra hearts are the Battle Tower and the final boss battle. I suggest bringing tons of potions wherever you go if you’re trying to get this achievement.

Romper Stomper! Romper Stomper!
Kill 100 enemies via stomp

Same thing as the Move Over Zeus achievement. While the Pumpkin Fields is a great place to rack up kills, you should also use stomps on your journey since it’s very powerful (if you use it enough, you might not even have to use the Pumpkin Field trick).

Yakkety Yak! Yakkety Yak!
Talk to all NPCs in town

You’ll be able to talk to everyone at the start of the game. Go from left to right in each plane and it should take you about a minute. They’re very easy to find and get to, except for one girl on a roof on the back plane (you need to go on the plane behind that one and jump to it using one of the panels).

Pikeball Power! Pikeball Power!
Keep Pikeball active for 2 min

You can purchase a pikeball for 50 gems at the store. I suggest you also purchase the Magic Fill item for 150 gems+1 magic jam before attempting this achievement so that your magic can refill. Activate your pikeball and find a place with mini magic vials so you can grab them while your magic meter depletes (or you could find an area with a bunch of enemies and hope that they leave some magic). If you drink a magic vial from the store, your pikeball will stop. If you have the Magic Fill book, you should only need one or two mini vials to last two minutes.

Move Over Zeus! Move Over Zeus!
Kill 50 enemies with lightning

You can purchase the standard Storm Puff item in the Scuttle Town shop for 50 gems (as well as the upgrades if you have more gems and some magic jam). Aside from the Storm Puff, I also recommend buying either magic vials or the Magic Fill item so that you can get some magic power. The Storm Puff item is a bit slow and it might take a while to get this achievement, however there’s an easy way to do this.

Go to the Pumpkin Fields and you’ll find some pillars with some enemies walking on them. Lots of enemies spawn here, so try and create a cloud above a bunch of them. If done right, you should be able to kill at least 5 enemies. When they’re dead, walk to the right a bit and go back so that they’ll spawn again. Do this for about 2 minutes and you’ll have the achievement.

Late Night Gamer! Late Night Gamer!
Kill a Druid at midnight

Druids are the wizard-like creatures with robes that cast spells on you. They can be found in the Hypno Baron’s dungeon, but will also spawn at places such as the mayor’s Seaside Resort later on. Either wait until it’s 12:00 a.m. in real life to kill one or you could try changing your steam date.

Tinkercide Tinkercide
Destroy all Tinkerbats in the Sunken Cavern.

The Sunken Cavern is a shooting area where you control Shantae and fight off several types of enemies, and is located in the same underwater path you follow to face of Risky. Tinkerbats are the small pirate enemies that will attack you with spears. Go to the left of the screen and keep moving up and down while firing and you should get just about all of them. If you miss one, you can restart by going back to the area of water you were at before (or reload a save). I somehow got this achievement after destroying the first half of tinkerbats (not sure if it’ll unlock if you do the same).

Potions Smotions Potions Smotions
Beat the genie clone without using potions

The genie clone is the final boss of the game and she can be quite difficult. I suggest you find all of the heart containers and get both the Mega Pike Ball and the Super Silky Creme to make this fight easier. Before you fight her, you’ll have to fight Risky in her ship. Her ship will be destroyed when you hit the 4th explosive barrel so drink a potion before that so you’ll have full health.

Now you’ll have to fight the genie. Here are her main attacks:

  • Monkey Bullet: She’ll do the monkey dance, turn into a monkey, and shoot to the opposite walls. You can try hitting her as she moves up and down, but when she stops moving, get out of her path
  • Elephant Charge+Stomp: She’ll do the elephant dance and charge at you. Then she’ll keep stomping from left to right in the air. At first, she’ll only stomp halfway across the screen, but when you hit her enough she’ll stomp all the way
  • Mermaid Bubble: She’ll do the mermaid dance and go into the air and shoot bubbles. At first they’re easy to dodge, but when you hit her enough she’ll do more at a faster speed. You can either try dodging them or hide under her (although she’ll fall on you and you’ll lose a bit of health)
  • Running: She’ll run from left to right and will occasionally jump. Simply avoid her when she does this

Follow these tips and you should be able to defeat her without drinking a potion.

Electric Squid! Electric Squid!
Beat Boss 1 with only electricity

The first boss (the Squid Baron) is at the end of the dungeon in the forest. Make sure you have the Storm Puff or any of it’s upgrades with you. When the Squid Baron goes to the side and spawns mini squids, use as many Storm Puffs as you can and it should deal a lot of damage. If done right, you can beat him in less than a minute with this.

Elephant Obliteration! Elephant Obliteration!
Stomp more than 6 blocks in a row

You’ll find the Elephant Stomp in a small cave to the right of the Battle Tower in the desert (where you get the 2nd seal). You need to destroy a rock with the elephant charge to get inside the room with it.

When you get the Elephant Stomp, use it on the blocks next to you to get the achievement.

Fire Breath! Fire Breath!
Stomp a dragon head

You’ll find some dragonheads throughout the game, although the best place to stomp some is in the Hypno Baron’s dungeon, since there are about three that can be stomped.

You’ll also have to stomp one to get to Risky’s lair, so this achievement is unmissable.

And Stay Down! And Stay Down!
Kill the same skeleton 6 times

You’ll first find skeletons in the Hypno Baron’s dungeon (the one on the shore), but afterwards they’ll spawn in places such as the forest. Hit it with your hair a few times and it’ll die, and eventually come back to life. It only takes one hit to kill it if you’ve killed it before, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Enough For Everyone! Enough For Everyone!
Max out potions

Slightly misleading description, because you also need to max out magic vials, not just potions. You can hold 9 potions and 9 magic vials, and they can only be bought at the shop in Scuttle Town. Each individual potion costs 10 gems and each magic vial costs 15 gems, though you can purchase three at a time for a slighlty discounted price (25 gems for 3 potions and 40 gems for 3 magic vials). If you purchase them via the discounted three packs, it will cost you 195 gems.

Bonfire! Bonfire!
Burn a vine pot

Vine Pots can be found in the first dungeon. Purchase the fireball item from the shop in Scuttle Town (for 30 gems) and fire it at the plant to watch it burn.