Shake Your Money Simulator 2016 Achievement Guide

  • Author : Easy Target
  • Time To Complete : 1.5-2 hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online : 0/10
  • Offline : 10/10
  • Missable : 0
  • Glitched : 0
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Achievement Guide

Awarded for score > 1000. To get so many points, you should collect score multipliers, avoid worms, safes, bullets (it removes your score multiplier) and other dangerous things (they stun you).

Awarded for 500 < score < 1000.

Awarded for 100 < score < 500.

Default Default
Complete all levels as a main character

There are 6 (?) levels overall. Complete them with first character in the game.

Bage Bage
Complete all levels as a Bage Wenell

See “Ducky

Psycho Psycho
Complete all levels as a Psycho

See “Ducky

Shakeman Shakeman
Complete all levels as a Shakeman

See “Ducky

B.O.M.J. B.O.M.J.
Complete all levels as a B.O.M.J.

See “Ducky

Ducky Ducky
Complete all levels as a Ducky

After beating the game you start from the last level when you click “Play” button in main menu. Pick every character and complete last level. After relaunch the game you will start from the first level, so i reccomend to do this bunch of achievements in 1 sitting.

List of chars:

Name Image
Bage Wenell


Champion Champion
Get 10 gold, silver and bronze trophies

You can watch your count of trophies in the main menu.

Currently, this achievement is broken. Fixed 08.06.16 If you have 10+ each trophy and still no achievement -> play 1 more level.