Sepia Tears Achievement Guide

  • Author : j.w.yergan
  • Time To Complete : 5-10 Hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online : 0/5
  • Offline : 5/5
  • Missable : UnknownConfess/Don’t Confess
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1 With saves

Hello everyone.

Saw there wasn’t a guide up here for this game. The achievements aren’t too difficult, but it was a rather well written Visual Novel, so I thought a guide would be fun to put together.

Sepia Tears is really a beautiful VN. I was particularly drawn to how well the characters flow and how well the dialogue really impacted the unfolding story. The relationships of the characters feel familiar, the situations relatable, honest. It’s an excellent narrative that needed to be told. I hope it was as good a read for you as it was for me. I should also mention the character artwork is actually really awesome here too, don’t forget to check out the gallery for nice backgrounds/wallpapers, plus really spectacular conceptual artwork.

There are 5 achievements in total as mentioned above in the description, I’ll make them as clear as possible without spoiling too much of the dialogue that surrounds the majority of the game, but, of course, we’re dealing with dialogue, choice, and story achievements, so there will be unavoidable spoilers. So please, be warned.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough
Progression Choice
I originally didn’t think this section was necessary, but after a question of “good” and “bad” ends, I realized that this section may be important. The choices aside from this that you make in the game will not affect the outcome. They may change dialogue that follows, and even the location where said dialogue takes place, but there’s no ultimate consequences in the end. This choice, however, is different.

On Day 5 at school with Rin and Lukas, you’ll have a conversation that will end with a choice of whether to genuflect or not. Genuflection is often attributed to religion (patron to clergy), military (knights to kings, soldiers to generals), and most notibly proposals to a hopeful bride or groom. It is when the subject lowers their body, bending one knee only, as a form of etiquette (respect or allegience).
If you choose Genuflect, Lukas will show respect to Rin, the story will go on without incident.
If you choose Do Not Genuflect, Lukas will be violently killed by Rin (off screen, but I’m sure it was quite the spectacle) and you will get a screen that says “BAD END”.

But you won’t fail, or have to reload earlier, you’ll be able to try again. Choose wiser this time.
Thank you for checking out the short guide for Sepia Tears. I hope it was helpful for everyone out there. I hope you enjoyed the game just as much as I did.

Thanks to the developer “Scarlet String Studios” for a real Visual Novel treat, especially up on Steam for free play.

Thanks again for stopping by, thumbs, favorites, follows are always appreciated; also if anything is out of place, wrongly worded, or plain vague/confusing please let me know! You can also check out all the rest of the guides I have through my profile and I hope to continue making more!

Game On.

Achievement Guide
Confess Confess
Put your heart on the line.

The “Confess” and “Don’t Confess” Achievements will either require a second playthrough of the game or you’ll need to save somewhere before the option appears.

These are on Day 6 while you’re talking with Lillian in the park and tell her something desperately important, or not.

I’d like there to be more in section, but this is one of the most, character-wise and narrative-wise, important scenes in the whole game, so I know it’s short and lackluster, but there is reason for it.

Don't Confess Don’t Confess
Some things are better left unsaid.

This is the alternative to “Confess”. See this achievement description for more.

Take a Peek Take a Peek
Got caught in the act.

The “Take a Peek” Achievement comes first in the game and is a choice achievement.

During Day 2, when you’re visiting Lukas with with Rin, you’ll see his computer and eventually be promted to look or not.

Choose the first option to get the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
First of January First of January
Read through Myra’s Diary

The “First of January” Achievement is attained by reading through Myra’s Diary located on the title screen after you’ve finished the main story.

The whole main menu will actually change once you’ve finished the 7 Days, but the additional story is in a different place and color, clearly impossible to miss. You should get the achievement right after you complete this single-day story.

Stand Up Stand Up
You’re a persistent one.

The “Stand Up” Achievement comes on Final Day (7), regardless of how your confession, or not, went with Lillian. After finding her note on Day 6, you’ll spend the whole of Day 7 with Myra. Eventually you’ll go ice skating and after an exchange, Myra will run away. You’ll need to give chase, but it’s important how you do so.

The first decision will be where to check for her.
Choosing Rooftop, will prompt a sequence that will make you feel like you’ve failed her and yourself and you’ll feel doubt and denial; eventually prompting you to make another choice:
Choose Stand Up.
You’ll then run through the sequences again and you should choose The Hill this time.
Bringing you to her and bringing your story to a close.

If you choose Fall instead, it does not give you another “BAD END” screen. It loops you back to your first choice of where to start looking for Myra.