Rituals Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online : 0/7
  • Offline : 7/7
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Achievement Guide
Paranoia Paranoia
You discovered a secret surveillance room.

1. After learning how to move, simply go over to the door and open it.
2. In front of you is the bathrooms, open the woman’s bathroom then go inside one of the stalls. You can see there is a magazine if you see under the doors. Click it to view it for the first of three magazines.
3. Go outside, then go down the hallway passed the conference room on the right until you reach a door, a desk to the right, and a glass door to the left. Open the wooden door and head inside.
4. Go to the desk and open it to find a key. Head back out to the 4 directional area. Go up the stairs and use the key on the lock for Paranoia.
5. Once that’s done, go back to the glass door, open it and open the elevator and get in.

Enlightenment Enlightenment
You read all the magazines!
Level 5: Catwalk Room
After escaping the jungle, you’ll wake up at the bottom of the vents.

1. Head out and take your right and you’ll notice a panel. Click it to open it and head inside.
2. There are 3 levers and a dial. Left lever needs to be down. The middle lever needs to be in the middle. The right lever needs to be pointed up. Finally the dial must be pointed to the left (two clicks).
3. Head back out and go across the catwalk. Before entering the door, there is the third and final magazine that you must view.
4. Head into the doorway now.
Earth's suicide Earth’s suicide
You either misread Gaia’s messages or wanted to end the human race. The Earth is no more.

Alternate ending achievement for “Healing Rain

Healing rain Healing rain
You saved the planet, let the silence be your reward.

After descending into the grave, you’ll find yourself in a control room with two buttons. There are two mutually exclusive achievements. You can either turn the bar all the way to the left with (-) or to the right with (+).

You can only do one or the other. Even if you finish the game one way and hit continue where it starts at this level, you will not get the achievement for the other ending.

Flower power Flower power
You’re a master locksmith.
Level 6: White Graveyard
After some blinding whiteness, you’ll enter a graveyard.

1. Head straight until you hit the three way crossroad. Turn to your left and click the heavy vase twice until it tips over and drops a key. Take the left and pickup the key. DO NOT USE THE KEY ON THE LOCK YET.
2. Continue down that path and on your right will be three pillar graves. Take the broom leaning against one of the graves. Go back and continue along the path. This will take you to the other side.
3. On your right will be a grave with a blue flower. Take the flower. Then continue along the path until you arrive at the locked grave again.
4. Use the flower on the grave to get Flower power.
5. Now use the key on the lock to open the lock and open the gates. Head up the steps and use the broom on the leaves. Pick up the dry leaves. Pick up the dead roses as well.
6. Go straight and to the left to light the dead roses on fire. Light up all the other scones. On the scone that has no wick, place the dry leaves on it and then light it on fire.
7. Back up then place the blue flowers in the vase to open up the grave. Go inside.
Gluttony Gluttony
You fed the crocodile more than three times.
Level 4: Jungle
After falling off the ladder in the vents, you magically wake up in the jungle.

1. Take the left path ignoring the first plant on the left and right. At the second juncture where the village is to the right, take a left and click on the small plant to reveal a pyramid shaped orange fruit. Pick that fruit then head into the village.
2. At the first crossroad, take the left and pick up the paddle on the ground in the hut. Head back and continue along the village passed the cauldron.
3. Take the route passed the big hut and to the straw dummies and take the knife out. Go back to the cauldron and use the knife or paddle to remove the meat.
4. Head out of the village and take the right to the purple hexagonal plant. Use the knife to remove the plant.
5. Go back to the beginning and feed the crocodile with meat. Go between the cauldron and the crocodile and feed him plain meat 4x to unlock Gluttony. The poisoned meat CANNOT be the 4th meat.
6. After you’ve earned Gluttony, head back to the village and instead of going to the cauldron, take the right into the hut. There will be a pestle and mortar (grinder is its name in the game). Throw in the pyramid shaped orange plant and the pentagonal purple plant then click the grinder to make some poison substance.
7. Take the substance to the cauldron and throw it in. Then pull out the now poisoned meat and give it to the crocodile. This will put the crocodile to sleep. Go ahead and get on the canoe in the water.
8. Drag the paddle onto the boat then click it to set off into the river as the volcano erupts. Row yourself until you reach the end of the level.
Brute force Brute force
The lift’s not there.

After getting into the elevator, you’ll go down and it’ll put you out of a tree trunk. You cannot open the elevator as it is shut tight.

1. Pick the acorn at the top left of your screen.
2. Go down the route until you can go left. Take the left.
3. Head to the shack, take the lamp on the side of the house. Go inside and get the bucket from under the table.
4. Go back to the route then go back one arrow and into the cave. Take the left and go to the end of this route to find the shovel. Take it.
5. Return to the lift and drag the shovel to the elevator door to open it to reveal that the lift is not there for Brute Force.

6. Now head back to the cave and take the right now and then straight. Take one right. Then turn to your left. (If you didn’t move your screen when going right, it’ll be a straight this time). Then take the right to find a water pump. Place the bucket on the drainage then hit the pump to fill the bucket. Take the bucket. Backtrack your way to the main route.
7. Head up to the illuminated trees. There will be three signs carved into the ground. Go to the one closest to the book. Use the shovel to dig a hole, then plant an acorn and bury it. Then pour water onto it to make it grow.
8. A tree grows and the trunk contains an elevator lift buttons. Hit it to call the elevator. Return to the elevator and get on.