Retro City Rampage DX Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : 1-5 Hours
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online : 0/20
  • Offline : 20/20
  • Missable : Death Cam, No Death
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

A guide to getting all of the achievements in Retro City Rampage. Includes a map with all of the loot locations as well as a guide on the main 14 sprees.

Achievement Guide
Broken Chain Broken Chain
Reach a 99X chain multiplier

Much easier than it sounds. Keep raising your wanted level (best way is to run over people) until soldiers and tanks appear. Steal a tank, hold the attack button (shift by default), and shoot every moving thing that you see. Keep firing and you’ll get the achievement in about two minutes (remember not to let go of the fire button).

Eco-friendly Fire Eco-friendly Fire
Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast

There are tons of people walking around the streets. Just try and shoot a crowd of them with one blast. The best way to do this is in a mission, especially Death Cam VHS. Throughout the mission, many enemies with shotguns will appear, which can be easily killed. There are also a lot of people that only use their fists (especially in the third to last room), which makes this achievement even easier to get.

8-Blow 8-Blow
Blow up 8 vehicles in 8 seconds

Grab a rocket launcher or a tank and start destroying every vehicle you see. An easy way to do this is in the mission Good Gosh, Doc Choc!, when you go into a dream sequence and can destroy whatever you want with a rocket launcher, and then a tank (also you’re invincible). Unlocking sweatbomber and/or Mrs. Bates is another great way to do this, since you can use your sweat jump to destory vehicles (and again, you’re invincible).

Rocky Road Tire Crunch Rocky Road Tire Crunch
Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping

This is much harder than it sounds. You may be thinking that all you need to do is drive your car into anything, but in order for this achievement to unlock, you can not turn or hit any other objects aside from people (mailboxes or other vehicles for example).

The easiest way to do this is to get a fast car (such as the Lynx) with nitro (which you can buy at any car shop), and find a long road with sidewalks. The first thing you want to do is drive along the sidewalk while trying to hit all of the mailboxes and other non-people objects you can hit. Once you get to the end of your route, turn around, and just plow everything in your way by going straight and using nitro. The fact that your fast speed gives people little time to move out of the way should make this achievement easy to get.

Another good way of doing this is by doing the mission Doc Choc’s Magic Clocks where you meet your futureself and you have to run over people.

Pixel Me Rollin' Pixel Me Rollin’
Drive 65,536 pixels

Each tiny dot you see on the screen counts as a pixel, so whenever your vehicle moves the tiniest amount of movement, it will count as one pixel. You’ll most likely get this achievement by the time you beat the game, but the quickest way to get this achievement is through the mission Doc Choc’s Magic Clocks where you drive at max speed to run over civilians.

Bike Bounce Bike Bounce
Knock someone off their bike to ricochet another off theirs

Getting this achievement usually depends on luck. Try and find two people riding bikes/motorbikes that are right next to each other (like in the picture) and ram into the one from behind. If you hit them at the right speed, they’ll fly and hit the other biker. When ramming the biker from behind, be careful of your speed, because you could go too fast and hit the other biker with your car. If you’re having trouble finding people with bikes, try and attract small police attention and a cop on a motorbike should follow you. Let him chase you, try to find another biker, and hit the cop at the right angle to get the achievement.

Three Flings Three Flings
Knockdown three pedestrians with a single fling using the BioClaw

After you complete one of the later story missions, you’ll unlock the Bioclaw. If you lose it, you can either start up free roam, buy one at the weapon shop, buy the BioniSuit, or take one from a soldier when at max wanted level. Find a crowd of people and use your Bioclaw on someone while facing the opposite direction. This is because when you fling someone, they’ll fly behind you. A good place to do this is in a cramped area such as an alleyway or the park area at the western area of the map.

8-bit Overflow 8-bit Overflow
Kill 256 civilians within a single life

Very easy. Just grab a fast car such as the Lynx and drive along the sidewalk and you’ll get this in about two minutes.

Dance Player, Dance! Dance Player, Dance!
Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage

One of the more difficult achievements, but this can easily be done by running around the herbal shop near the stadium (or by using the Grim Cloak) .

Keep running over people to raise your threat level to the max (you’ll know that it’s max when your wanted meter starts blinking). Once it’s to the max, head to the area shown and keep running around the herbal shop. This is one of the best areas to get the achievement because:

  • The cops will have to walk around the store, which makes it harder for them to hit you
  • The barriers force the cops to jump over them (which gives you about a half second to get away from them
  • There’s a vending machine near it so if you get hit, you can get health and start over

Of course there are other areas that you can do this (such as the stadium to the right), but this is one of the easiest.

To make this achievement even easier to get, you can purchase the Grim Cloak powerup at any powerup store (after you complete the side mission Baby’s Ghost Daddy, note that you need to be playing story mode to be able to use it). It not only lets you run faster, but makes you invincible to everything (except Bioclaw attacks which will make you lose it if you get hit by a lot of them). Thanks to steam user for this tip.


Daily Grind Daily Grind
Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls

Easy but time consuming. There are three types of loot available. Loot Bags which you just collect, Payphones that you get by finding payphones and observing them, and Invisible Walls which you get by walking into areas that are really just part of the background. Here are all of their locations:

Payphone Locations

1: To the left of the map past the houses
2: Just outside of the Taco Chime building
3: Outside of the Zack’s Burger building
4: Outside of Modified Meat Ingredients Inc.
5: In an alley near PJ’s Phresh Grill
6: Outside of the Parking Garage
7: Near Aikido and Buffet
8: Outside of Vanilla Ice Cream
9: Outside of Flesh Prints
10: Outside of Yippie Kiyay Mother Baker’s Hard Pies
11: Near the Power-up Shop
12: Near Excon Fuels & Lubes
13: Outside of Taco del Nacho
14: Outside of Urban Gouge Fine Foods
15: Outside of the Go-go Busters HQ
16: Outside of Skate & Buy
17: Outside of an unnamed building
18: Outside of the Milky Bar
19: Outside of Bip & Jed’s Tubular T-Shirts on the beach area
20: Outside of Taxicab Concession
21: In the parking lot near Moe’s Buy & Sell Motors
22: Outside of S&M’s Ubermarket
23: Outside of X.T. Pho Noodles
24: Outside of Dr. Toadstool’s Herbal Remedies
25: Outside of Beers
26: Outside of Mr. Destructoid Robot Factory
27: Outside of Wonder Hats
28: In the Harbor Zone at the northeast of the map
29: In the Subway Station
30: Outside of Vanilla Ice Cream
31: Near the Oki Doki Zone near the vending machines
32: Near the restrooms

Loot Bag Locations

1: Enter the pipe to enter Mojang Land and you’ll find the bag sitting around
2: Inside one of the houses (have to enter through the back way)
3: At the western area of the Golf Course near a wall
4: Southeast area of Biff Manor’s mansion
5: In an alley near Bugeye Louie’s
6: On a dock north of Soybean Green
7: Near Graves and Goblets
8: Near the Love Long Time Retirement Home in a fenced area
9: In an alley behind PJ’s Phresh Grill
10: In an alley near Guybrush Paints
11: Behind the Generic Hospital building
12: This one is a bit tricky to get. It’s behind some trees and the only way to get it is by carefully going over the fence. Purchase the flying power-up and carefully move over the fence (if you go too far, you’ll fall into the water.
13: Behind the Art Gallery
14: Behind Subpar
15: Near the Subpar area (bag #14), there is a manhole. Fall down it and follow the path and you’ll eventually be on a damn. Jump of on a certain area and you’ll be in an underwater level. Head to the bottom left to find the lootbag.
16: Near Reeel Cheeesear’s Pizza
17: Near an unnamed building
18: Inside of the Granville Zone Construction Site
19: Outside of the Guru Temple
20: In an alley near the Action Series Barbershop
21: In the parking lot near Moe’s Buy & Sell Motors
22: Near the cave where you get the sword and shield
23: To the right of the stadium
24: Near the Computer Products building in the trailer park area
25: In the container yard maze
26: In the Junkyard
27: In the Subway
28: In the container yard in Intro City
29: On the beach area in Intro City
30: At the end of the Oki-Doki section
31: In the mission Graves ‘N Corpsecraft, you’ll have to toss corpses to get across to the castle. When you get across, hop and slide on the skulls to the left to get the loot bag.
32: In the mission Toxic Sewer Soup Mutants, you’ll eventually have to go through an underwater section. The lootbag is right near the start of the area.

Invisible Walls

1: Head to the South of the parking lot area near the bank
2: Head to the car tunnel to the southwest of the island
3: In the Biff Manor (which you’ll have access to in the mission Biff Quest), try and go up the steps
4-6: Three Invisible Walls are found in the High School. One is by going up the stairs, another is by trying to go to the left, and the last one is by going to the right near the lockers (locations pictured).
7: Head to the southern area inside of Zack’s Burger
8: In the mission Death Cam VHS, head to the south of the first room

The Cosplayer The Cosplayer
Play Free Roaming Mode as one of the guest stars

There are many different guest characters that you can unlock, but the quickest and easiest to get is Minecraft’s Steve.

Start story mode or free roam, and head to the western area of the map to find a warp pipe. Jump into it, and you’ll enter Mojang Land. A small cutscene will play and when it’s finished, you’ll get a message saying that you’ve unlocked Steve from Minecraft. Now just start free roam and choose him as your character and the achievement will pop up.

Alternatively, you could also play through story mode to unlock a few characters (such as Mr. Destructoid) or beat some of the arcade games (Super Meat boy and Commander Video).

Big Money! Big Money!
Match all cards in a single round of the casino game at the Spades To Steal Casino

Head to any of the casinos and start playing the card flipping game. To get this achievement, you just need to match the cards in a single round. So if you get two wrong in one game and then get them all in the same round, you’ll get the achievement. Card locations are always set. This means that all rounds have patterns to them (basically one card will always be located next to another depending on the overall locations).

Check out this great guide by steam user ynaq that shows all of the possible card patterns:

You Broke The Law! You Broke The Law!
Raise your threat level by committing a crime that attracts police attention

Impossible to miss. Just do a crime in front of a police officer (such as stealing a car or firing a weapon) and you’ll get the achievement (you can easily get this in the first level).

Killabunga! Killabunga!
Kill four green sewer dwellers

In the mission The Imperfect Escape (the second part of the very first level), you’ll have to go rob a convenience store after your previous heist failed. While on your way to the store, four turtles will jump out of the sewers and try to kill you. Kill them to get the achievement.

Feeling Groggy Feeling Groggy
Get “sick” on “milk”

At any point of the game, head to any of the “milk” bars (locations pictured) and buy some milk. You’ll get sick which will cause the screen to move in a wavy fashion, and you’ll get the achievement.

Another place to get sick is at the Paramour ho resort during the mission Go-go bustin’ nuts by talking to the man to the right.


Master of Your Domain Master of Your Domain
Dethrone GLC’s high score

To get this achievement, you need to have a score of about 800,000 (your score is on the top middle of the screen while playing). The best way to do this is by playing story mode and going on killing sprees or by doing missions (since it resets during free roam).

Death Cam, No Death Death Cam, No Death
Beat Death Cam VHS without dying

This is probably the most difficult achievement in the entire game. Death Cam VHS is one of the final story levels, where you’re forced to fight multiple waves of enemies in square rooms to get to the next room. The actual level isn’t too hard, but beating it without dying will take lots of practice. If you die at any point of the level, you’ll have to quit and restart the level from the start for the achievement to be unlocked. Also because of the previous mission, you will have no weapons at the start of the level. Note that if you beat it and died, you can replay the mission anytime via the replay stage option on the main menu.

Screen 1: Multiple enemies will try and kill you with melee attacks. For all of them, just head stomp on them. Eventually you’ll have to fire at two skulls so that the door can open, and two enemies (one with a pistol and one with just their fists) will keep spawning. Keep killing the guy with the pistol, so that you’ll have a lot of pistol ammo. When you have enough (try getting about 80-90 bullets), shoot the skulls and enter the next room.

Screen 2: After getting past the skulls, you’ll have to fight melee enemies again (just stomp on them like before). But near the end of this section, you’ll have to fight ninjas which are better at hitting you. Use your pistol that you got from the first section to take them out.

Screen 3: There will be four exploding barrels, which I highly recommend to take out since they can hurt you by accident and cause massive damage. Also be careful of the grenades that’ll be thrown at you after you kill a wave of enemies in the room! When you beat a group of enemies, go to the bottom half of the screen to avoid them. Aside from that, same strategy as before, except now you’ll have to fight people with shotguns. When they come out, just stomp them, but be sure to collect their guns (they’ll be useful later).

Screen 4: Now most of the enemies on the fourth screen will start using pistols. Use your pistol from before to take them out, and collect their pistols.

Screen 5: Enemies will now start using machine guns. Kill them with your pistol and collect their guns. When the shotgun enemies come out, do not jump on them to kill them. Because unlike before, they won’t die in one hit, which means as soon as you finish jumping on them, they’ll shoot you. Remember to collect their weapons (both the machine guns and the shotguns).

Screen 6: After a small cutscene, you’ll see turrets and a few enemies. The first thing you should do is take out the small turrets. Then just take out the enemies with guns with your machine gun. After a while, a bunch of enemies will try and kill you with their fists. Use your shotgun to easily take care of them (after you kill them, two enemies with machine guns will come out, so just kill them with either the pistol or your shotgun).

Screen 7: This is where things start to get a bit hard. You”ll fight some enemies as normal, but now enemies with rocket launchers will start spawning. Take them out with either your pistol or machine gun, and collect their rockets. Eventually a yellow rocket enemy will come that’s a bit stronger than the others. Fire rockets at him and he’ll eventually die (remember to get his rockets).

Screen 8: Now for the final and most difficult screen. There are areas where you can get caught on fire, such as a few torches and the flamethrower enemies. If you get caught on fire, use the fire hydrant in the top-left corner to put yourself out. Enemies will come from the left and right: use your rockets to take care of them. Then a flamethrower enemy will come. Again, use your rockets on him, and do the same for the other two that will come through the left and the right. Now the center and left/right sides of the screen will go in flames. Use your rocket launcher to kill the shotgun enemy that will come from the top, and do the same with the rocket launcher goons that will come from the top and bottom. Be careful of the random grenades that are tossed when you kill a small round of enemies (when they’re about to be thrown from the top door, go to the bottom half). Now for the final part, you’ll have to fight two yellow rocket launcher goons. Spam them with rockets, and be careful of touching the flames or getting hit by their rockets. When you beat them, head up and you’ll be done the level.

Now that you’ve gotten the achievement, give yourself a pat on the back, and get something good to eat: you deserve it.

Tool Time Tool Time
Collect all time machine parts

You’ll unlock this just by going through the story. There are a total of 7 objects that you need to collect (though technically, you’ll have to find 9). Keep in mind that you just have to collect the pieces and not beat the game. The last one that you should find should be the one you find during the Go-go Buster mission (or around that time).

Super Turbo Beat Down Super Turbo Beat Down
Beat Super Stomp Shenanigans in Turbo Mode

When you beat the main story of the game, you’ll unlock turbo mode, which is essentially a faster moving version of the game. To get this achievement, you need to replay the mission Super Stomp Shenanigans (the mission where you fight Dr. Von Buttnik in his lair) with this mode turned on (you just need to beat it, not beat it without dying like Death Cam VHS). You’ll start the mission by having to use your super stomp to kill whichever goon has the key. When you kill them, open the door and you’ll have to fight Buttnik.

He’ll send out two goons, and then move around the screen trying to hit you with his wrecking ball. Kill his goons with your machine gun, and jump over his ball. Keep doing this and you’ll beat the level.

A Winner Is You! A Winner Is You!
Get gold medal scores in all sprees

In many ways, this achievement is much harder to get than Death Cam, No Death, mainly because you’ll need luck on your side. To get this achievement, you need to get gold medals in all of the main 14 sprees. The secondary sprees do not count for this achievement. For the most part, the sprees are rather easy, but a majority of them depend on luck of where civilians will spawn. Here is how to unlock all of them, along with a few tips.

Armed and Invincible

How to unlock: Unlocked by default
Main objective: Rack up points
Tips: Out of all of the weapons that you have, your rocket launcher is easily the best choice. Fire at cars and at groups of people if there are no vehicles in site.

Toast of the Town

How to unlock: Unlocked by default
Main objective: Light people on fire
Tips: As soon as you start, head north and touch all of the people you find in the alleyway. Then go to the other alleyway just north of that alleyway, and do the same. Keep going in alleyways (you can also go back to the one you were just at) for the best results, mainly because people will have trouble running since they’re cramped in there. Make sure that you’re near a fire hydrant when the times almost up so you can extinguish yourself.

Speed Kills! Shoe up!

How to unlock: Unlocked by default
Main objective: Run over people to rack up points
Tips: One of the easiest sprees. Find a long sidewalk and just run across it and back. If you can find the right sidewalk, you’ll easily pass the gold medal mark.

Rocket Launch Time!

How to unlock: Unlocked by default
Main objective: Stay in the air by rocket launching yourself
Tips: Find groups of vehicles or people and fire at them at point-blank range. Try and use your movement keys to move in whichever direction you want (try and aim towards other vehicles or people). Not too hard, though it usually depends on where the vehicles spawn when you finish landing.

Reapin’ it Real!

How to unlock: Complete the side mission Baby’s Ghost Daddy
Main objective: Kill civilians with your scythe
Tips: As soon as you start, head north and you should find a lot of people. Just slash them with your scythe. Keep in mind that you are invincible, you can’t get hurt or stunned by anything, and you can walk through vehicles. When you first swing your scythe, quickly jump so that your animation will finish (this will save about a few seconds).

Nice N’ Clawed!

How to unlock: Complete the Contraband Commando missions
Main objective: Fling people into the water
Tips: One of the most frustrating sprees due to the fact that civilians may or may not spawn where you want them to. Head to the left and you should find a bunch of people. Look at them by looking up or down and press shift as much as you can to fling as many people into the water. Then just head to the right and do the same. Where you face them is important, so try and face them by looking up or down or your flings may go wrong.

Drop ’em like Flies!

How to unlock: Complete the mission Starstruck Airstruck
Main objective: Stomp on people
Tips: This spree requires timing and patience. Find people walking and press shift above them at the right time. Do not keep randomly pressing shift in order to hit people, since all it will do is slow down your progress.

Tipsy Toadstool Trippin’

How to unlock: Get sick on milk by drinking at the Paramour ho resort during the mission Go-go bustin’ nuts (see the Feeling Groggy achievement)
Main objective: Kill people with your bat
Tips: The first thing you’ll want to do is head south on the sidewalk so you can find a bunch of people walking. Do your best to kill all of them, but most of them will flee when you first swing your bat. After you deal with them, either take out more people on the sidewalk or try and kill people in the alleyways.

Hawaii D.U.I.

How to unlock: Get sick on grog2go (found in certain vending machines)
Main objective: Run over civilians to rack up points
Tips: You’ll start the mission in a slow, heavy car. Drive on the sidewalk to the left while running over a few civilians until you find a fast car on the street (preferably a Lynx). Now just use your much faster car to run over civlians down the path to the south. When you reach the end of the road, just go back up and more civilians will spawn.

Masked Massacre

How to unlock: Complete all of the Biffman missions
Main objective: Kill civilians to rack up points (and frame Biffman)
Tips: Very easy. Pretty much the same thing as Hawaii D.U.I., except this time you’ll want to stay in your vehicle since it has nitro. Find a long sidewalk and use your nitro boost to mow down every person in site. If all goes well, you’ll easily pass the gold medal mark.

Tank it 2 the Max!

How to unlock: Unlocked by default
Main objective: Cause damage to rack up points
Tips: Not much to say. Just hold down shift while in your tank to rack up points while shooting at every single thing that moves (though try and mainly aim for the vehicles).

Flatten 50 in 50

How to unlock: Unlocked by default
Main objective: Flatten 50 people within 50 seconds
Tips: This is one of the challenges where you’ll need luck on your side. The main problem with this challenge is that civilians may or may not spawn where you want them to be: leaving you with a few more people to flatten just as the time rolls. Head north and run over as many civilians as you can, then head to the left sidewalk and go into the alleyway to run over even more people.

Sweat Their Rides

How to unlock: Complete all of the Sweatbomber missions
Main objective: Destroy vehicles
Tips: One of the more easier sprees. Just run to groups of vehicles and use your sweatbomb jump to destory them. If a cop tries to get you while in a vehicle, double (or triple) jump over them to avoid getting stunned (you’re invincible, though you can still get stunned).

Rocketproof Rampage

How to unlock: Complete the Dark Bank Heist missions
Main objective: Cause damage with your rocket launcher
Tips: Same thing as Armed and Invincible, except you can only use your rocket launcher, and the faster you run, the faster your rocket will go. Exit the trailer park area as soon as you start the mission and head to the streets. Run and then fire at a vehicle. Then just repeat, and fire at the occasional group of people.