Regeria Hope Episode 1 Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online : 0/8
  • Offline : 8/8
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : Unknown
  • Num Playthroughs : Unknown
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Game break down. There will be parts where you skip and it loops. The text will be white and outlined by a specific color based on the witness on the stand. These are testimonies.

Game Setup

Option 1) Pick any of the three choices. This is what your character will shout during the game.
Option 2) Keep It! (Confirms your Option 1)

Achievement Guide
Regeria Will Remember That... Regeria Will Remember That…
Make your first game changing choice.

Option 3) Game Animations – Yes
Option 4) High Res Pictures – Yes

If you don’t pick yes and yes, it’ll ask you to restart the game.

Hidden Achievement
Shouting Student Shouting Student
Complete the tutorial

Tutorial – Testimony #0: Pharrell (Green)
Click on Case Files. Click on Wine Glass. Click Present.

Guy in green has text, click next/back until he says “The bottle of wine was poisoned”
Click on Case Files. Click on Wine Bottle. Click Present.

Hidden Achievement
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.
Complete your first testimony rebuttal.

DO NOT SKIP AFTER THIS. Click slowly one by one. You’ll be allowed to interrupt Artemis (the prosecutor).

Hidden Achievement
Shouting Shield Shouting Shield
Complete your first testimony defense.

Skip ahead and you’ll earn an achievement for changing up Brock’s testimony to accidentally admitting to the murder.

Hidden Achievement
Loyal Lawyer Loyal Lawyer
Complete the first case with a non guilty verdict

Load the only save we made.

I’ll throw the trial, if the price is right.
Sure thing. I know how to get a witness talking!
Testimony #03: Waiter ‘Mr. Hemming Changer’ (Lavender)
Waiter says: All I did was take the wine up to the victim.
Case Files -> Case Write Up -> Present
Repeat until you fail the testimony by lowering your morale to 0.
End of Testimony

Hidden Achievement
Avaricious Attorney Avaricious Attorney
Throw the first case.
Hidden Achievement
Gobble Gobble! Gobble Gobble!
Found the turkey jurrita post.

You’ll end up with a picture with the waiter.

Click on the waiter.

Save #1: Make sure you save in the [1] tab at the top. Saving in the autosave and checkpoints will make you lose your saves.

Get out of here! I’m here to prove my client is innocent!
Sure thing, I know how to get a witness talking!

Testimony #3: Waiter ‘Mr. Hemming Changer’ (Lavender)
Waiter says: “The husband could have put it in there before I took the wine up”
Interrupt the waiter. You get a story update.

Waiter says: “He must have come in with his jacket on around 8:30pm, put the poison in the wine, and left.”
Case Files -> Check-in Stub -> Present

Waiter says: “No one I know has even met this woman.”
Case Files -> Crumped Photo -> Present

Waiter says: “Ok fine. My twin sister, Jordan Deed, knows her, but why does this affect the case?”
Case Files -> Victoria’s Will -> Present

Skip. You’ll resume in the testimony.
Spam interrupt. A lot. After it loops one or two times, the case heads into another yelling match between Artemis and Regeria.
Skip. Shaw returns and gives you some items.

Attack with evidence and put Hemming away!
Testimony #3 Part 2: Waiter ‘Mr. Hemming Changer’ (Lavender)
Waiter says: “I have always been MR. Hemming Changer”
Case Files -> Testosterone Pills -> Present

Click through this part. Don’t skip.
Waiter says: “After my sister divorced, she changed her last name, to help her start her new life.”
Case Files -> Name Chagne Cert. -> Present

End of Testimony

Because I wanted to find the truth
Skip until you get the below achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Doing it for the Lulz. Doing it for the Lulz.
Make Brock admit to planning a murder.

Testimony #2: Brock (Orange)

Brock says: “Then I poisoned the wine glass, I had it in my coat pocket, so I could easily put the poison in.”
Case Files -> Reception Video -> Present
End of Testimony

Surely this is reasonable doubt? Shouldn’t the case end here?
Do not skip. Click slowly.