Project Explore Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/29
  • Offline : 29/29
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
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Project Explore is an early access survival game. Like most survival games, you need to fend off wild animals, procure food, and ultimately, not die.

All achievements can and will be obtained through the SinglePlayer mode.

Early Tips
– A majority of houses have unlocked doors. You can open them by clicking ‘E’
– Map is pretty much endless, don’t bother remembering where things are.
– Health has a soft cap at 100. Hard cap of 150.
– Food has a hard cap of 100.
– To save, hit ESC and go down to save. Then pick a slot and name it. You can load your game in the main menu.
– You can harvest resources by right clicking them with a non-weapon. (Wood trunks and boulders)
– A backpack can be crafted to add an additional 7 slots of inventory space. Must be equipped into perk slots and does not stack. Requires 16 string. See Crafting section on how to craft.
– Rain causes body temperature to decrease thus increasing the rate at which hunger decreases so food value decreases quicker.
– Locked Doors can be opened using the hammer. Hover over the door with the hammer equipped in the hot-bar and on your person. Hold shift then right click the door.
– Corpses now also contain books which may aid your search.


The crafting menu can be accessed by pressing either ‘TAB’ or ‘i’.
To craft an item, simply click on its name and it’ll be crated automatically in your inventory.
[Right click objects on map with a non-tool to harvest]

– Rock; picked up or harvested from gray boulders.
– Wood; harvested from tree trunks;
– Metal; harvested from dark gray boulders (located commonly in desert regions)
– Cloth; scavenged from bears and wolves

Basic Crafts
– Stick: 1x wood
– String: 1x cloth
– Screw: 2x metal
– Spring: 3x metal

Achievement Guide
Baby Steps Baby Steps
You took your first steps in the world!

After starting up your new world, simply start walking around and the achievement should be awarded to you after a few seconds.

Proud Rock Warrior Proud Rock Warrior
You used your rock like a true warrior!

First step is to obtain rock. There are two ways to obtain rock. Either pick some off a giant boulder, or pick them off the ground. To pick them off the ground, you’ll see a tiny rock icon floating. As for breaking them off a boulder, you need to right click the boulder within close proximity as well as not be wielding a tool.

Light Up The Night Light Up The Night
You crafted a light source!

Light sources are located under the icon that looks like a lightbulb (row 1, column 3). The light source that consumes the least amount of resources is the Torch using only 3x sticks, and 2x cloth. Should you have trouble killing animals early, then you may opt for the Small Fire that only uses 8x wood, and 4x sticks. Usage not required for achievement.
[Torch] Raw Req: 3x wood, 2x cloth
[Torch] Processed Req: 3x stick, 2x cloth
[Small Fire] Raw Req: 12x wood
[Small Fire] Processed Req: 8x wood, 4x stick

My First Weapon My First Weapon
You crafted a gun!

The gun is the most complex of crafting, but not so much. Both are listed under the long barreled pistol icon. The only gun you can craft as of now is the 9mm Pistol. The calculations for the Pistol excludes the requirements for the magazine. Takes a total of 39x metal.
[9mm Pistol Mag] Raw Req: 7x metal
[9mm Pistol Mag] Processed Req: 1x spring, 4x metal
[9mm Pistol] Raw Req: 32x metal
[9mm Pistol] Processed Req:4x spring, 6x screw, 8x metal

Unbearable Unbearable
You slaughtered 100 bears.

The quickest way to farm bears and wolves is to simply save when you have multiple entities nearby. This way you can reload the save with multiple things to kill over walking around finding them wasting time. This should be done after the 20 days are up as you can build up kills while you wait the 20 days.

Puppy Love Puppy Love
You slaughtered 100 wolves.

See ‘Unbearable‘ for more.

Getting Fishy Getting Fishy
You went fishing!

First step is to obtain a fishing rod. The most reliable method is to craft it and it’s located under the toolbox (2nd row, 4th icon). Once you’ve crafted this, move the fishing rod to your hotbar (1-4). Find a lake, hold our your rod, then press ‘E’ to fish.
Raw Req: 2x wood, 4x cloth
Processed Req: 2x stick, 4x string

Fish Tacos Fish Tacos
You caught 50 fish!

This requires a fishing rod. You do not need bait, and your fishing rod does not break. Once you find a lake, equip the rod to your hotbar and wield it and press E. Fishing is pretty much a game against RNG, but I find that switching up your spots produces better catching rates. So try not to fish in the same spot consecutively. This should be saved towards the end of the 20 days after you’ve crafted everything and found the book listed above.

One Night Stand One Night Stand
Survived 1 day in Singleplayer.

A single day consists of 6 minutes in game. There is a day clock at the top right of the game. Once the clock passes the 12’o’clock position, the next day begins. Staying alive consists of not losing all your health. Your starvation can hit 0 but will slowly decrease health. You’ll also need to manage your insanity. Insanity is boosted by reading books found inside homes and by burying dead wolves and bears.

Survivor Survivor
Survived 5 days in Singleplayer.

Just like the first day, you’ll need to survive five days. This will take 30minutes of survival, not too difficult as animals do not wander around very much plus you should get this naturally chasing the other achievements.

How To Not Go Crazy How To Not Go Crazy
Read the book, “How To Not Go Crazy”.

Books can only spawn inside houses so you’ll have to open houses when you come by them. Because of the weird angle of top-down, the doors are actually fairly difficult to see. Skim the wall for a portion where it is slightly thinner than the rest, but the length of the thin-wall must be door width. You can hover over books to see their title. Reading books replenishes some insanity. The achievement appears after reading the book, “How To Not Go Crazy”.

Stoical Stoical
Survived 20 days in Singleplayer. By now you’ve obtained a long, scraggly white beard, a dark faraway glare, and a dry voice.

Another survival achievement, this time for 20 days. This will take 2 hours long to obtain given every day is 6 minutes. For the most part, you can probably leave it up checking on your starvation from time to time.

Novice Navigator Novice Navigator
You crafted a compass!

This is also located under the toolbox icon (row 2, column 4). Usage is not required for the achievement. Compass points as to which direction from the origin you moved.
Raw Req: 1x wood, 4x metal
Processed Req: 1x stick, 4x metal

28 Days Prior 28 Days Prior
Read the book, “28 Days Prior”.

Similar to How To Not Go Crazy, you’ll have to find the book randomly placed inside a building. Best way to do that is to be able to open doors quickly. Most doors can be opened with the interact key [E]. However locked doors can be dismantled using the Hammer. Note: This achievement appears to trigger randomly for other books; circumstances currently unknown.

Rock On! Rock On!
You broke 100 rocks!

See “Heavy Metal” for more information.

Deforestation Deforestation
You cut down 500 trees.

Again, these are also similar like the rocks and the strategy also remains the same. Save at an area where you have a fair number of trees and use a metal axe to cut trees at a faster pace. Trees consist of 4 wood, so depending on your equipment, hit it accordingly to leave them with one hit.

Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
You broke 500 rocks!

These two achievements are essentially the same thing. By rocks, you have to break 500 individual sets of rocks. This includes both metal and stone boulders. You’ll want to find an area filled with rocks, probably a minimum of 5, then attack each rock until they’re just 1 hit away from breaking. 8 stones/metal per rock so 7 hits, or 3 hits if you have a metal pickaxe which mines 2 stone/metal per hit. Once you’ve damaged the rocks around the area, save then break them and load. This way you only have to hit them once.

Screw You Mother Nature Screw You Mother Nature
Cut down 100 trees.

See “Deforestation ” for more information.

Get Baked! Get Baked!
Reach a temperature of 250 degrees.

Easiest method to do this is to simply create fire sources that generate heat and surround yourself in it. Fires are automatically put out when it’s raining. Also the desert has the highest terrain temperature. The temperature is given under the clock at the top right.
Note: With the new crafting menu, you’ll now have to open the fire by holding shift then hitting E and add in a piece of wood before being able to light it.

My First Stalker My First Stalker
You killed a nomad stalker for the first time.

See the above. They’re related. Stalkers have armor that appears to be a cloak of some sort, easily distinguishable from rippers. Check grind section for the 100 variant.

Stalked Stalked
You killed 100 nomad stalkers.

Same idea as above, but a warning is that this enemy has armor so it’ll take quite a few hits to take him down. However, he still only has 100hp so depending which weapon you use is how many hits it will take.

Look Ma, No Limbs! Look Ma, No Limbs!
You killed a nomad ripper for the first time.

Rippers/Stalkers generally roam around in the same area. You’re looking for stone paths. The rippers have limbs protruding from their bodies and there’s a large number of them as well. Check grind section for the 100 variant.

Jack The Ripper Jack The Ripper
You killed 100 nomad rippers.

Here we will be utilizing the same methods we used for the rocks and trees. The saves will remember how much health each mob loaded has so you can damage them accordingly. It may be difficult doing it to too many rippers at the same time, so limit to how many you can handle otherwise you’re wasting time.

Laying The Foundation Laying The Foundation
Place a foundation for the first time.

Simply collect 8 wood then open up your menu. The default crafting list will have foundation listed. Make that and equip it to your hotkeys. Simply left click when the overlay for the foundation is green to place it and unlock the achievement.

Deconstruction Deconstruction
Use the deconstruction table to deconstruct an item.

To make a deconstruction table, you’ll need 8x wood and 1x hammer. A hammer requires 4x metal and 1x stick. A piece of wood can be converted to a stick. As for the metal, you’ll have to create a stone pickaxe at the least to mine metal.

Using the deconstruction table is pretty simple. Take any tier 2 item and place it in to scavenge raw materials. I found a bow in a house and threw it in. You can either craft an item then throw it into the deconstructor, or go into a house and find something to deconstruct.

First Forge First Forge
Forge an item for the first time.

To craft a forging table, you’ll need 8x metal and 4x rocks. Rocks can be mined or picked off the ground. Metal however must be mined so you will need at least a stone pickaxe.

Once you’ve crafted the forging table, use it and throw 8x metal into the forger to create the light metal sword. Achievement should pop afterwards.

After forging a light metal sword, I noticed the much cheaper crafting materials at the bottom. I cannot confirm if these crafting materials count towards the achievement.

Junior Farmer Junior Farmer
Planted 25 crops.

See “Senior Farmer” for more information.

Senior Farmer Senior Farmer
Planted 100 crops.

This screenshot shows what these plants look like, so keep an eye out for them. If they’re mature, then you’ll harvest crops. If they’re not mature, then you’ll end up with seeds. Collect seeds, then put them in your hotkey have them as your active item. Save, then plant the seeds. Quit, load, plant. Repeat until 100 seeds have been planted.

How To Get An Achievement How To Get An Achievement
Read the book, “How To Get An Achievement”

Another book you’ll have to look for. The book is as the achievement appears. Can appear on skeleton corpses or within houses.