Plantera Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/29
  • Offline : 29/29
  • Missable : 0
  • Glitched : 0
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
Achievement Guide
Scarecrow Scarecrow
Scare away 500 birds

These four critters from the scare achievements will attempt to hurt your production. Foxes and wolves can chase your animals around as well as helper. Birds and bunnies can steal fruits and vegetables and make off with them. The easiest way to grind all of these four is to buy guard dogs whenever you have money for them. They’ll scare away all of them.

Fox Hunter Fox Hunter
Scare away 100 foxes

  See “Scarecrow” for more information on the scare achievements.

Wolf Hunter Wolf Hunter
Scare away 100 wolves

  See “Scarecrow” for more information on the scare achievements.

Bunny Hunter Bunny Hunter
Scare away 100 bunnies

 See “Scarecrow” for more information on the scare achievements.

Expander Expander
Buy 5 garden expansions

 See “Land Owner” for more information.

Freeholder Freeholder
Buy 15 garden expansions

  See “Land Owner” for more information.

Land Owner Land Owner
Buy 25 garden expansions

On the side of your plantation, you’ll see a wooden sign that points outwards. Clicking this sign will bring up the menu to upgrade your farm size. Simply buy 25 total expansions to unlock this set of achievements. I’d make it a priority to expand your farm even if you can’t fill up all the slots with animals, trees, bushes, and plants. Each garden expansion grants you a helper.

Since it’s rough to determine where 25 is, the 25th upgrade is approximately 8 million gold

Planter Planter
Have planted a total of 100 plants

All purchases DO NOT have to be all at once. You can buy and resell the plants and animals until you reach 100 of each type of income. I’d recommend selling all of the cheapest item, then rebuying that 5-6 at a time, then selling them all and repeating until you get it.

Grower Grower
Have planted a total of 100 bushes

 See “Planter” for more information.

Landscaper Landscaper
Have planted a total of 100 trees

  See “Planter” for more information.

Lots of friends Lots of friends
Have bought a total of 100 animals

  See “Planter” for more information.

Taking out the trash Taking out the trash
Trash 10 items

You’ll automatically get this achievement when doing the above grinding method. Alternatively, you’ll probably get it naturally when you upgrade your plants for higher production rates.

Rich Rich
Gather 10k Gold

 See “Worth a Million” for more information.

Wealthy Wealthy
Gather 100k Gold

  See “Worth a Million” for more information.

Worth a million Worth a million
Gather 1M Gold

This will occur naturally. There are no bonuses to hoarding gold, but you’ll definitely break 1 million before you ever finish the game.

Starting out Starting out
Reach level 10

 See “Journeyman” for more information.

Apprentice Apprentice
Reach level 50

  See “Journeyman” for more information.

Journeyman Journeyman
Reach level 100

 Level 100 will most likely be your last achievement provided you follow this guide. EXP is given through every action. Most of it being helpers picking up items from the ground, so you’ll want to expand your garden as much as possible and plant as many things as possible so helpers always have something to do.

You’ll also earn experience points by scaring away various creatures that try to invade your lovely plantation. Simply get some guard dogs and they’ll scare any hostile creatures that they come near. This will also count towards all the hostile creatures.

As you expand your garden, make sure to fill it up so helpers have something to pick up. You can upgrade the plants when you have enough money, but at least have each slot planted.

Whack a mole Whack a mole
Bash 50 moles

Moles cannot be done by guard dogs. You can simply leave the farm up in one screen and have it running while being the uppermost window. When a mole pops up, quickly click it. You can clear out some space so there isn’t a lot of animals/drops/helpers on the plain blocking the view of the mole making it easier to spot. The mole will dig a hole prior to pop up available for clicking.

Entomologist Entomologist
Collect 500 butterflies

 Butterflies are actually harmless compared to the rest of the clickable critters. 500 is pretty hefty, so you’ll want to save this towards the end of the game.

Near the end of the game where you have a rather large plantation, simply plant a ton of trees and allow the game to idle. Check in on the game every so often and you’ll be able to score 20-30 butterflies per check making it rather easy.

Cameo Cameo
The Loot Hero has appeared!

 With the January 31st update, Plantera adds the main character from Loot Hero DX.

Spawning the Loot Hero

  • Having a high level influences spawn rate
  • Being active in your garden increases chance of spawning
  • Specifically clicking golden/yellow butterflies
  • He ALWAYS spawns on the left side of the map and runs to the right (just as in Loot Hero DX)

Knowing if the Loot Hero has spawned

  • You can hear the clanking of his armor.
  • If your screen is shaking AND you’re not the one causing it, then the Loot Hero just bashed a critter.
A Real Hero A Real Hero
The Loot Hero bashed a mean critter!

 This is almost synonymous with the loot hero appearing especially with larger plantations, due to guard dogs traveling in packs and generally towards the middle of the plantation allowing critters to remain alive on the edges of the map. If you miss this, don’t worry too much, though you may want to slow down on scaring away those critters or stop upgrading your guard dogs.

The Loot Hero will automatically bash any critters it runs into. Accompanied by a shaking of the screen, similar to when you click critters.

Familiar Face Familiar Face
The Loot Hero have appeared 5 times

 See “Loot Farmer” for more information/

Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank
The Loot Hero have appeared 25 times

  See “Loot Farmer” for more information/

Loot Farmer Loot Farmer
The Loot Hero have appeared 50 times

 Now, when the loot hero spawns, you can click on him and he will grant you gold each time you click. Simply click him a total of 1000 times for all three of the below achievements. If you want this achievement earlier, or maximize the effects, simply use an auto clicker and click him as he goes. Also if you expand your garden, he will have to run longer distances

Looter Looter
Grab gold 100 times from the Loot Hero
Loot Hero Loot Hero
Grab gold 500 times from the Loot Hero
Master Looter Master Looter
Grab gold 1000 times from the Loot Hero
Ladybug Ladybug
Collect 10 ladybugs

 New update, new fancy things. Starting on level 5, a ladybug will spawn everytime you level up. Ladybugs are very small and will crawl around. If you’re already above level 5, then a ladybug will be instantly spawned for you for your current level.

If you’re a high level and you want to farm this, I’d suggest starting a new game. Otherwise, simply earn 9-10 levels and collect the ladybug for each level. Godspeed.