Papo & Yo Achievement Guide

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A guide detailing the Steam achievements available in Papo & Yo, their completion requirements, as well as instructions on how to best obtain them.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough

Papo & Yo is the inaugural title of Canadian-based studio Minority, which follows the adventures of Quico – a young Brazilian boy – through a mysterious dream-like world.

A pretty basic puzzle/platforming mix of genres, the game instead focuses on its narrative – managing to become a rare example on how mature themes (such as domestic abuse, alcoholism, denial) can enrich the narrative and allow players to become emotionally invested in a game’s characters and world.

Achievement-wise, Papo & Yo is a very short game – it should take approximately two to three hours to run through the entire story once, plus an additional hour or so to do a second playthrough for the remaining achievements. As the game provides a level select feature, no achievements are considered missable; every achievement can be gained in a single playthrough, except for “Mad Hatter”, whose requirements become available after completing the game at least once.

This guide is split into two categories – Story Achievements deals with achievements gained simply by progressing through the game’s story, while Optional Achievements contains information on any non-Story achievement.

Finally, a major warning; The game depends heavily on its’ narrative, as well as a few plot twists. A few spoilers are, therefore, necessary – read at your own discretion.

Achievement Guide
White Frog Massacre White Frog Massacre
Splat 21 frogs at once in the main menu.

Location: Main Menu Screen.
When highlighting any option in the main menu, a white frog will appear on the left side of the screen and make its way across to the other side. Selecting any option will instantly splat any frogs currently visible; to earn this achievement, the player is required to rapidly alternate between menu options until the required amount of frogs has appeared, then select any option to splat them all simultaneously.

If you’re having any trouble with this achievement, try using both analog stick and D-Pad (gamepad control scheme) or mouse and arrow keys (keyboard control scheme) in order to generate frogs as fast as possible.

The Architect The Architect
Build and cross the houses bridge with only 3 houses.

Location: Act 1 – Discovery: Bridging the Gap.
Early in the first act, you’ll come across Alejandra playing with some cardboard houses – to progress through this section you are required to handle the houses, which in turn moves their larger counterparts along the gorge that’s blocking your progress.

The idea here is to place only three of the five available houses in such a way as to create a bridge that will allow you to pass to the other side. Placing them diagonally will do the trick – you will also need to make use of the boxes themselves, as Quico won’t be able to jump high enough to reach the first roof without them

Lula Power Lula Power
Double-jump with Lula to cross the first large gap.

Story-based, can’t be missed. Awarded during Act 1 – Discovery: Rise To The Occasion – after being pushed off the roof by Alejandra you will meet Lula, a yellow toy robot that allows Quico to use the double-jump ability. Simply follow Lula’s instructions to unlock this achievement.

Playing Tag Playing Tag
Run away from Lula for 20 seconds.

Location: Anywhere Lula is available, earliest at Act 1 – Discovery: Give Me A Boost.
When you acquire Lula as a companion the game will notify you that, in addition to his double-jump ability, Lula can also activate buttons that are out of Quico’s reach. Simply send Lula towards one such button; as soon as he returns to Quico, start running away. If done correctly, Lula will hover a short distance behind Quico – continue running away from him for twenty seconds and the achievement will unlock

Sharp Splatter Sharp Splatter
Splat a frog right on the bullseye.

Location: Act 2 – Protection: Mmm, Tasty.
Awarded for splatting a frog on the bullseye chalked inside the sewer pipe in this level. After a short platforming segment in the beginning of “Mmm, Tasty”, you will find youself inside a sewer pipe with a trio of frogs and a bullseye drawn on the wall. Pick up any one of the frogs and throw him at the wall with the bullseye – as long as part of the frog splatters within the drawing, this achievement will unlock.

Calm After the Storm Calm After the Storm
Give Monster a rotten fruit.

Story-based, can’t be missed. Awarded during Act 2 – Protection: Just One More, after solving the three trap puzzles. When Monster eats the frogs and becomes enraged, lure him onto the nearby glowing squares; each one should activate a nearby key, which you can use to trap Monster temporarily and reveal a series of translucent white cubes.

Collecting all the cubes requires luring Monster into two similar traps – once you collect them all, a staircase should allow access to a small floating platform with a blue fruit. Feeding this fruit to Monster will unlock this achievement.

Good as New Good as New
Revive Lula.

Story-based, can’t be missed. Awarded during Act 4 – Anger: Anger Management by solving the trap puzzle and draining Monster of his anger.

Initially, you are required to lure Monster into the corridor directly opposite of the area’s entrance, then use a block-moving lever to push him into the first anger-draining trap. Once that’s done, you must lead Monster into two additional traps, located to the left and right of the initial trap, respectively.

Once you have drained Monster’s anger three times, Lula should return to life; approach the pyramid in the middle of the area to unlock this achievement.

Conclusion Conclusion
Finish the game.

Story-based, can’t be missed. Awarded at the game’s finale, as Quico is running through the final corridor and back into the cupboard in which the game began.

Don't Need No Hints Don’t Need No Hints
Play through the game without reading any hint boxes.

Awarded when completing the game, if the player hasn’t used any of the hint boxes scattered throughout the game. Hint boxes are the various cardboard boxes you might have seen in the game; they’re usually branded with an icon describing their hint topic (such as a question mark, frog, fruit or hat).

This achievement requires a full playthrough without using hint boxes; if you either use the level select feature (before completing the game) or any hint box by accident, you will need to start a new game to earn this achievement.


Mad Hatter Mad Hatter
Collect all hats.

Awarded for discovering all 25 of the game’s hats. The hat feature is unlocked when the player has completed the game at least once, and appear in the game worn by a small doll – usually in locations where Quico must pass in order to progress the game.

Note that the game tracks the number of hats Quico has found in the pause screen; furthermore, each hat is saved automatically when picked up, allowing for quick switching between chapters.

The following Steam guide contains information on how to acquire all 25 hats; consult as required in order to complete your collection and gain this achievement.