On A Roll 3D Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
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  • Offline : 24/24
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  • Glitched : N/A
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Achievement Guide
Now You're Getting It! Now You’re Getting It!
Complete your first area

When you first start the game, you’ll have to complete a tutorial level that guides you on how to play the game. The level is very easy so just complete it and you’ll get the achievement.

One Down, Five To Go! One Down, Five To Go!
Complete your first level

Each level has 3 areas followed by a boss fight. After you complete the first tutorial level, simply complete the next 2 levels and the boss fight.

You've Done It! You’ve Done It!
Complete the game

This achievement will unlock when you beat the boss of level 6. To unlock level 6, you just have to complete level 5, which is unlocked after beating the first level (completing levels 2, 3, and 4 are not necessary). The later levels have difficult obstacles such as numerous pits and upside down segments so be very careful. See below for a guide on how to beat the last boss.

To make the game easier, you can turn up the amount of lives you have by going to options on the main menu.

Century Star Century Star
Collect 100 stars

See “Stellar Performance” for more information.

Star Of The Show Star Of The Show
Collect 250 stars

See “Stellar Performance” for more information.

Supernova Supernova
Collect 500 stars

See “Stellar Performance” for more information.

Millennium Star Millennium Star
Collect 1000 stars

See “Stellar Performance” for more information.

Stellar Performance Stellar Performance
Collect 2500 stars

In each non-boss area there are 50 stars for you to collect, so whenever you see a star just grab it. Your stars that you lost because you got hurt will still count for this achievement, so don’t worry about dying. If you play through all of the levels and get every star you should be very close to the Millennium Star achievement. The Stellar Performance achievement will require you to play through numerous levels again, so you should either play the game over again or just keep repeating the first area.

Good Point Good Point
Score a total of 10000 points

See “Settle A Score” for more information.

Point Made Point Made
Score a total of 25000 points

See “Settle A Score” for more information.

I Get The Point I Get The Point
Score a total of 50000 points

See “Settle A Score” for more information.

You Know The Score You Know The Score
Score a total of 100000 points

See “Settle A Score” for more information.

Settle A Score Settle A Score
Score a total of 250000 points

Throughout each level there are multiple ways to earn points, such as by killing enemies and collecting the green 1,000 symbols. There are even bonus points that can be earned at the end of each level, which are given to you by completing tasks such as collecting every star and killing every enemy. If you complete each task you should earn roughly 5,000 points per level, so just keep repeating each level and eventually you’ll get the “Settle A Score” achievement. Alternatively, you can just keep repeating the first level.

Jump Right In Jump Right In
Jump 1000 times

If you play through every level you will most likely get this achievement by the time you complete the game. However, there is a quicker way to get this.

At the start of level 1, area 2 there is a floating platform. Keep jumping under it and you should get the achievement within 5 minutes.

jump right in achievement

In For The Kill In For The Kill
Kill 100 enemies

In each level there are little balls with eyes that will try to attack you. Simply jump on them to kill them. If you play through every level and kill all the enemies you should get this achievement quickly. Keep in mind that spiked enemies can not be killed.

Take Heart Take Heart
Find a hidden extra life

In each level there is a heart item which will give you an extra life when touched. The quickest way to get this is by hopping onto the top left platform near the end of the first level. Once you’re there, jump all the way to the left so you can get the heart.

 take heart achievement

I'm The Boss I’m The Boss
Defeat the final boss without losing any stars

For this achievement you need to defeat the final boss (found in level 6) without getting hurt ( and you must collect the 10 stars right before the boss). This may seem hard at first, but is easy once you get the pattern down. The boss will bounce left and right, switching between having spikes and not having any. To hit it, you just need to come in contact with it while jumping when it doesn’t have spikes. It does not matter where you touch it: as long as you are in your jump animation when it’s spikeless, the final boss will always get hurt. If you avoid the spiked form and keep attacking it you should get this achievement with little trouble.

Let's Roll Let’s Roll
Complete Garden Trail Area 1 in under 1 minute and 12 seconds

Garden Trail Area 1 is the tutorial-like level that explains the game to you. For this achievement you need to rush through the level within 1:12. There is little room for error so ignore all collectibles and get an idea of how the level is layed out so you can time your jumps perfect. Your time is at the top left so if it goes over 1:12 just quit and try again. Jumping over bridges is very helpful since it takes a while to actually cross them.

Bouncing Back Bouncing Back
Jump on springs 100 times

Throughout the game there are many red springs to jump on. Find one that bounces you upwards and just keep jumping on it.

Pinball Pinball
Hit bumpers 100 times

Bumpers are found throughtout the game so you’ll probably get this by the time you beat the game, though like the “Jump Right In” there is a much faster way to get this.

Near the end of level 1, area 2 there is a bumper floating near the ground. Just go under it and keep jumping to get the achievement.


Trigger dynamite 25 times

Dynamite sticks are only found in level 6. When you go near one, it will blow up. Just play through all of level 6 and you should get this achievement as long as you approach each stick (if not, you should just have to replay one of the areas).

Turn Things Around Turn Things Around
Play the game upside-down!

You’ll automatically get this while playing through level 6, area 2. Just go to the giant spinning circles so the game will flip upside and give you the achievement.

Triple Combo Triple Combo
Hit 3 enemies consecutively

When you get to level 2 you’ll eventually start finding ball enemies grouped together. Just jump on one, then jump on the other two while still in the air from the first kill.

triple combo achievement

Give Us Some Credit! Give Us Some Credit!
View the credits screen.

For this achievement, simply click the credits option on the main menu.