Nyctophobia Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/11
  • Offline : 11/11
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : Unknown
  • Num Playthroughs : Unknown
Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough
  • If your flashlight runs out of battery, you die (the death is pretty much at roughly 20% battery bar)
  • If you touch a land mine, you die
  • If you touch fire, you die
  • If you touch zombie, you die
  • If you touch death, you die (End Game)


Achievement Guide
Fearless Fearless
Beat the Game

Head southwest. If you’ve wandered this area before, you most likely noticed a giant lock icon on the map. This area is now represented by a giant star on the map. Upon the cutscene, simply push all 4 rocks to the closest spot and they’ll lock down.

13. Head into the portal. Once you’ve made it this far, you earned your first and only checkpoint so dying is now possible as much as you want. (Though I’d limit it since I’m not sure how points work)

14. In this scene, simply head northeast keeping an eye on the distance counter to Safety. Also, don’t touch that lovely death guy who is the red arrow on your mini map. After getting close to safety, you’ll run up to a generator next to a telephone pole. And viola.

If you broke 600 points, then you’ll get both ‘Fearless’ and ‘Master of Darkness’. If not, you’ll have to re-do it until you do.

Woodsman Woodsman
Explore the Secret Area

So, I’m not exactly sure where the area is, but it’s the region north of the train station contains the secret area for ‘Woodsman’ achievement.

Notetaker Notetaker
Find all notes

From the point where you unlocked “Writing on the Wall“, follow these steps.

Now continue west and over the train tracks. You’ll find a ticketing house/train station for passengers made of wood. Next to the truck in front of the train station door is an axe leaning against the car. Use [F] on the door to break it down with the axe.

10. Inside the train station on the bench is the fifth and final note and you should unlock ‘Notetaker’ achievement. Head passed the bookcase and use [F] on the dresser to get the final item, the key.

Camper Camper
Go camping on the cliffs

1.Head north-northeast towards the land mines. Trace the right side of the fance until you pass a land mine that’s pretty far to the right and then go straight towards the jeep. At the corner is a gas tank and behind the jeep on the crate is your first note.

3. Exit the land mine area through the south entrance you entered at, then head east to the lake. From the lake, go up on the docks and onto the boat. Let the boat move until it reaches a bridge and stops. Go up to the skeleton hanging and hit [F] to pick up the cord for the generator.

4. Continue straight and go up the ladder. You just crossed under a bridge, go back to that bridge and go inside the bridge for your second note.

5. Now head southeast to some houses. Do not follow the dark dirt road on the map, head more east than that. You should find some houses near some hills.

6. In between the two houses, from the open door, look at the other house and you should find your third note on the wall. Inside the house itself on the table is the fourth note. The zombie will NOT move, but don’t touch him. Grab the note on the table by going near it. NOTE: It is possible that you can get the Woodsman achievement by walking around the house adjacent to the house with a zombie inside.

7. Now continue southeast and go up the hill. You will have to jump up the slopes to get up there. Continue until you reach the peak and see some smoke. Head to the campfire and go inside the tent for the ‘Camper’ Achievement.

Trucker Trucker
Ride in the back of the pickup truck

Start off by jumping on the truck for your first achievement, ‘Trucker’.

Master of Darkness Master of Darkness
Achieve a high score of 600 or greater
Notetaker II Notetaker II
Find all notes in Own the Night mode

In order to access this level, you must beat the main game. If you reinstalled, then, you’ll have to beat the main game again. See the above section if you need this.

There are 4 notes in this level, and 32 enemies. If you turn on all four lights, then you beat the expansion map. So, what you want to do is turn on 3 of them, then kill all the enemies and find all the notes. Once you’re done, then turn on the fourth light. To turn on the light, make sure you’re pressing [F] where the control panel is.

Tip: The notes have a white outline making them easy to find. Achievement unlocks after you win.

Note #1: This is the note that you read when you start the game. Not missable.
Note #2: From your spawn point, there is a container to your LEFT. Go to your left and you’ll find a yellow power pole with a note on it.
Note #3: From the spawn point, if you look right, there is a light. Go to the light. Then look away from the fire and you should see a note on the back of a container.
Note #4: From the fire, there is a digger/bulldozer/idk on the other side of the map. Not the one in the middle. The note is on the right side of this.

Vanquisher Vanquisher
Defeat all enemies in Own the Night mode

To kill an enemy, simply lure them into a light. There are 32 total, most of them spawn practically right next to a light. The only two that you have to worry about are the two on the east side. Near Note #3, there are two enemies that spawn inside the shipping container which you’ll have to lure out.

The girl/ladies that spawn on top of the containers/bulldozers, ignore them.

Bring the Light Bring the Light
Beat Own the Night
Own the Night Own the Night
Achieve a score of 250 or greater in Own the Night
Writing on the Wall Writing on the Wall
Read the writing on the wall

Proceed from the location where you unlocked “Camper“.

Return to the houses and head west. You’ll reach a train station with a train. This large building is made of stone. This distinction is made due to there being two train stations, one for housing passengers then another for housing trains themselves. In the eastern corner of the train station on the inside, the eastern wall has a message. Go to the corner, and jump.