Nidhogg Achievement Guide

  • Author : Sir Lennox Birlington Cat III
  • Time To Complete : 20 Hours
  • Difficulty : 6
  • Online : 2/12
  • Offline : 10/12
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
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Hello, and welcome to my Nidhogg Achievement guide.This guide consists of tips, tools, and tricks that will help you obtain all of the achievements in Nidhogg.If you don’t know what Nidhogg is, it’s a 2-d side-scrolling game in which two fencers fight to the death.If either player is killed they will respawn after a short duration in which the other player has time to run across the screen.After advancing through several screens, if the player advances through the final screen, they will run through a screen of cheering crowds and be eaten by the mythological creature, Niddhogr.This guide uses a “cheating” way of getting the achievements.In other words, it uses the offline multiplayer mode to control one player, while the other player has no input.If you want to obtain the achievements legitimately, then this guide is not for you.

Thank you for reading this guide. I worked really hard on it and I hope it helped you as much as possible. Please leave feedback in the comments on what I missed, should add, or what I can fix to make this guide better.I will be actively trying to make this guide better if I have the time to.Good luck obtaining all of the achievements and have a great day.

Achievement Guide
Beat the singleplayer game

This is another achievement that a guide won’t be able to help you on.I may be able to offer advice on a sword-fighting technique, but it’s up to you to defeat all 8 opponents in single-player.
Here are some tips that might help you.

How to disarm an opponent.
To disarm your enemy position your sword beneath theirs then position it upwards, scattering it to the floor.If done correctly, it will send the enemy’s sword spiraling into the air.

Throwing Swords
If you hold w or up arrow your character will hoist their sword into the air.Pressing n in singleplayer will throw the player’s sword. If the enemy ducks at the right time the sword will miss.If the enemy has their sword in the highest position, the sword will bounce harmlessly off the enemies sword.Throwing your sword is something you shouldn’t do unless you know the enemy won’t duck or doesn’t have their sword in the highest position.Chances it will fail, you are defenseless and it generally should only be used if you know it will succeed or are very despreate.

Keep Trying
If you fail, try and try again.I know that sounds like something you’d see on a cat poster, but it’s true.If you try over and over and never give up, eventually you will reach your goal.If you get frustrated, you should take a break and play something else, or don’t play at all.If you keep playing beyond the point of frustration, you will do even worse.Be tenacious and know when to stop.

Win the faceoff and never lose the arrow in a singleplayer match

There is no easy way to do this achievement.
Since it is singleplayer, you must win the very first battle and contuine through the screens without the arrow fading.The “GO” arrow will fade if the enemy kills you or advances to the next map.You cannot use offline multiplayer for this so you must face the A.I.Don’t be discouraged if you fail time and time again, it takes practice.Good luck.

Dominate every level in one singleplayer game

This is the least common achievement that anybody playing nidhogg has ever obtained.Only 0.1% of players have gotten this achievement.I have to say, it is very diffucult to obtain.
You must never lose the arrow in every match in singleplayer.In order to do that you must not die at all, or let the enemy advance a map in EVERY surrender at 20, because this is a tough one.

100 total kills in one match

In order to obtain this achievement you must go into multiplayer/offline multiplayer/castle.
Then position orange and yellow a fair distance from each other.Hold d and yellow will run into orange’s sword.Then quickly press up to finish off the opponent or else they will be trapped in the sword forever.Do this over and over but make sure YOU COUNT THE AMMOUNT OF KILLS because the achievement won’t take effect untill after the match is over.

play a match lasting longer than 20 minutes

This one is incredibly simple.Grab a timer set it for an 1 and 20 minutes, then place orange at the final screen.When the time is up, run orange across the screen and into victory. While you wait you can grab a snack, read a book, watch some youtube, whatever you want.

Win 100 games through matchmaking

This is probably one of the hardest achievements to get.
Basically this achievement cannot be obtained in one sitting.
You must actively play on matchmaking and eventually, you will get it.
(Unless you suck.But you’ll stil get it, it’ll just take longer.)

Finish an 8 player tournament

This is probably one of the more time consuming achievements.Basically, you set up a tournament for 8 players then control one each match and win over and over, until one player wins.Annoying, I know.

Get eaten by the nidhogg after nearly allowing your opponent to do the same

To get this achievement, run one player across the screen until they reach the final screen.Then, run the player who is losing, across the screen untill he/she wins.

Let the timer run out in your opponent’s last screen and win in sudden death

Select variants in the title screen.Then, select time limit and set it to 3:00.Quickly run one player to the final screen (ex:orange). then wait for sudden death to activate. Sudden death will activate once the timer runs out. Then have the losing player (ex:yellow) kill the winning player (orange) during sudden death.

Trap your opponent on your sword for a long time while moving it up and down

In this achievement you have to trap an opponent in your sword.To do this, simply run into the other player’s sword and rapidly switch positions of the sword.

Run across your final screen in the castle with your sword cocked the whole time

f you hold w or up arrow, you character will hoist their sword up in the air.At the final screen of castle you must run across the entire screen holding that position the entire time. So in other words, you have to be Barry Sanders.

Intelligence gathered

This is an easy achievement, but mostly unobtainable due to the lack of an explaination of how to get it.Basically, it has to do with the ammount of chat messages you send online or offline.This is a refrence to how the NSA gathers info on all forms of communication.(Cell phones, texts, skype etc.)
You can obtain this achievement by sending 1,000 messages.