Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/13
  • Offline : 13/13
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Achievement Guide
Hidden Achievement
Bucketlist Skydive Check! Bucketlist Skydive Check!
Go skydiving and survive

You’ll get this achievement as soon as the cutscene with Max skydiving during the intro finishes.

Hidden Achievement
First Of Many! First Of Many!
Get killed by spikes or lava

You’ll most likely get this by accident. Just about every level has instant death spikes, so just jump on them for the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Darwin Award Darwin Award
Get killed by a bomb as Bomb Monkey

For this achievement, you need to get killed by a bomb while playing as Bomb Monkey. You can find Bomb Monkey in the bonus level of level 1-4, in a door that is accessed by going through the left side of a pillar of spikes in the back plane. Once you have the Bomb Monkey, beat the level, then exit to the title screen and press start on your file to select him. Now just go into a level with a flying pig mudd (such as level 4-4), and wait for it to kill you with its bombs.

Hidden Achievement
No Escaping Fate No Escaping Fate
Try to escape the Final Boss by boosting to the roof

Have the boost jump equipped and start the final level. Instead of waiting for the level to autoscroll, keep progressing through the level by boosting upwards. Jumping and then boosting will give you more distance, but be careful because you may hit some spikes. Once you get to the flat area where you would normally hit the boss for a 2nd time, you’ll get the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Character Collection Combo! Character Collection Combo!
Collect one special character using another

Simply find a secret character while playing as another secret character (in other words, anyone but Max). Refer to my secret character location guide for this achievement.

Fancy Footwork Fancy Footwork
Avoid killing any bad guys in a level where that’s actually a challenge

This will not work in any of the ghost levels. As the description says, just beat a level without killing any bad guys. I got this achievement in level 2-1, while using the boost jump. With the boost jump, you can boost and float to avoid all enemies (with the exception of 2 eyeball mudds, but touching them once each won’t kill you).

0xFF 0xFF
Beat a level with checkpoints disabled

While on the level select area, pause the game and select the checkpoint icon so that checkpoints are turned off. Now just complete one of the first levels while using the boost jump and avoiding enemies to easily get the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
41/41 41/41
Collect all songs

You have to find all of the hidden CDs for this achievement. There are 41 CDs in the game: 1 in each of the 20 regular and bonus levels. The last CD is given to you when you defeat the final boss. I may make a guide of their locations in the near future, but they are fairly easy to find.

3/3 3/3
Beat final boss without getting hit

This may seem hard at first, but it’s relatively easy once you have the patterns of both the boss and the moving area down in your head. When the level is moving, simply move left and right to avoid each obstacle. When the boss appears during the first two parts, stand in the middle and shoot at it. Jump whenever the final boss or the tiny mudds come near you.

For the final part, go to the left side and shoot at the boss either when it’s on the right side, or when it’s going from the left side to the right side. You’ll be safe from the small mudds at this distance, so just keep firing when not near the boss. If you get hit at all, quit and restart.

0/100 0/100
Beat a level with no gems.

This took me a while to get though I eventually found a way. Equip the boost jump, turn on checkpoints, and start level 4-4. From here on, you can complete the level by boosting and hovering over each gem. That is until you have to switch between planes. It is very difficult, but if you space yourself correctly, you will actually go in between the gems. Aside from that it’s all about when you should hover to kill the sword enemies.

This was the easiest way I found of getting this achievement. If you know of any other ways, please say so in the comments.

45/45 45/45
Beat the game

You’ll beat the game once you defeat the final boss. To get to the final boss, you’ll need to clear every level (including bonus levels) and obtain all 100 gems in each level. When you do this for a world, you’ll have to fight a boss which will then unlock a level in world 5. Repeat this process for world 5 and defeat the final boss. The achievement will then pop up when the credits end.

Hidden Achievement
21/21 21/21
Collect all the characters

Each secret character is found in the bonus level of each regular level. They are hidden in areas that are hard to find.

Check out my guide for each separate character location. Click here for the guide.

Keep in mind that if you find a character while playing as another character, you’ll unlock another achievement.

<100 <100
Beat the game with less than 100 deaths

Probably the most difficult achievement in the game, though it can still be done in an easy way. If you are absolutely certain that you are going to die, simply exit the level so you won’t have any deaths counted. Keep in mind that you will have to restart from the very beginning of the level again. You have 100 deaths to spare, so if you don’t feel like doing this at times you don’t have to.