Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/14
  • Offline : 14/14
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
Achievement Guide
Completionist Completionist
Complete all Incidents, Bonus stages, and Hyper stages.

Each of the main 16 incidents are gradually unlocked as you complete each one. The bonus stages are unlocked by completing the main 16 incidents, while all of the hyper stages are unlocked by clearing the 5 bonus stages. For this achievement you just need to clear them, so it doesn’t matter how long each stage takes. The hyper stages are essentially harder versions of the regular stages, so you should have an idea of how they play out.

Planet Land Rescued! Planet Land Rescued!
Beat Incident.16.

Incident 16 is the final main level in the game, unlocked by completing all of the previous incidents. This level is unique in that the blocks switch automatically, so you’ll have to time all of your jumps correctly.

When you reach the end of the level, you’ll have to fight a giant one-eyed monster. Just jump on the blocks and shoot at his eye, and get the girls when they fall down. Repeat this process and you’ll finish the incident.

Bonus! Bonus!
Beat all 5 of the Bonus stages.

You’ll unlock the bonus stages when you complete the main 16 incidents. The levels are challenging though contain nothing that you haven’t seen before. If you breezed through the main incidents, you should be able to beat the bonus levels with little trouble.

Four in Four Four in Four
Complete Incident.04 and fire 4 bullets, or fewer.

You’ll need the mighty shot for this achievement, which is unlocked by beating the first 16 incidents. For this achievement, you’ll have to fire exactly 4 bullets. Here’s when:

1. The block on the left side, so you can jump on the platforms
2. After jumping on said platforms, fire at the big block so that the blast destroys the blocks the one girl is standing on
3. Through the third green block down on the bottom left area so it destroys the block guarding your way
4. Through one of the green blocks so that it hits the bomb which causes both blocks to be destroyed (you have to time it just right).

These four shots are required to save the girls on the left hand side. The entire right side can be done simply by blowing up the bombs at the right time.

Leadfoot Leadfoot
Complete Incident.07 without jumping.

Not as hard as it sounds. If you fall to the bottom of the stage without getting the 5 girls you’ll have to retry since there’s no way to get back up without jumping. Here’s how to get this achievement (refer to the picture below):

1. Shoot yourself upwards so you get the first girl.
2. Take the left block and follow the path until you’re on the left side, then take the upwards block and follow the blocks until you get the top left girl (red line).
3. From where you entered, fall down so you’ll land on a block. Fall into the block next to it so you shoot right, then just follow the block paths until you reach the bottom left girl (green line).
4. After you get the 3rd girl fall and move to the right so you’ll land on the platform where you started the level.
5. Now shoot yourself up again and this time take the right block. Follow the block path until you reach the top right girl (yellow line).
6. Run all the way to the right so you’ll fall on the rightmost area. Take the block that shoots you up and follow the block path to reach the last girl (light blue line).
7. Now just fall all the way down get to reach the corporal so you can beat the level and get the achievement (orange line).


Incident 8, 12 switches Incident 8, 12 switches
Complete Incident.08 and perform 12 switches, or fewer.

This may be a bit tricky but if you follow this guide you should be able to do this within a few tries. Keep in mind that if you mess up on any of these parts you’ll have to restart the level.

Switch 1
When you start the level shoot the bomb to the right so it saves the girl and fall down. Use 1 switch so that you’ll pass through the brown blocks pictured.

Switch 2
Use 1 switch so that you’ll pass through the purple block shown. Remember to shoot the bomb to the left.

Switches 3 and 4
Shoot through the green block and make 2 switches so that the shot blows up the bomb.

Switch 5
While falling to the bottom make sure you shoot through the green block so that the bomb pictured blows up, otherwise you’ll have to restart. When you get the girl, use the purple block on the left to shoot yourself back up.

Switches 6, 7, and 8
Use the purple block to the left to get back up. Getting to the floor above you will require 3 switches (the last one being so that you’ll land on the brown blocks).

Switches 9, 10, and 11
Take the purple block to the left and shoot through the other purple blocks you pass through. If done right you should be where the last girl is using 3 switches.

Switch 12
When you get the last girl, fall to the right and use the last switch so you can reach the corporal and end the level.

Five in one blow Five in one blow
Defeat 5 or more enemies with a single bullet.

This can only be done with the mighty shot. You can get this on different levels but an easy way is by playing the hyper version of incident 12. There are two instances of 5 enemies being grouped together in this incident alone. One is where the first girl is located (there are 4 bombs and 1 charger enemy), and another is where the third girl is (5 bats). Just kill these enemies with a single shot from the mighty shot and the achievement is yours.

Neat Freak Neat Freak
Destroy all the blocks in Bonus.02.

Same deal with the Tidy Up achievement: just have the mighty shot and you should be able to destroy each block with little trouble. None of the blocks are hard to find so this should be an easy achievement.

Tidy Up Tidy Up
Destroy all the blocks in Incident.09.

Very easy as long as you have the mighty shot. Just play through the level and use the blaster to destroy all of the cracked grey blocks. You may have to rely on some bombs to destroy a few blocks (such as the block at the start of the level), but for the most part destroying each block is a cakewalk thanks to the mighty shot.

Hidden Achievement
Fling It Fling It
Fling a Charger enemy type back into the city.

You’ll start finding the green and yellow charger enemies on incident 5. Have one chase you by being in front of it so that it’ll run into a block. When the charger’s head gets stuck, switch the block to fling it into the city.

Super Star Super Star
Par any 8 stages.

Finish any 8 stages quicker than the par time given. They can be any of the regular, bonus, or hyper courses.

The courses get more difficult as you complete each one, so try parring the first 8 ones. Use the mighty shot since it can destroy blocks and enemies with one shot.

Perfectionist. Perfectionist.
Par all Incidents.

Probably the most difficult achievement in the game. For this achievement you must par every single incident, including the bonus and hyper incidents.

Tips for completing levels fast:

  • Play each level regularly a few times so you can get an idea of where you need to go.
  • Create the most optimal routes: try and get the girls in one go if they’re in a certain area (this mainly applies for levels such as incident 15).
  • Don’t bother parring levels until you get the mighty shot, as it has advantages such as breaking blocks and allowing you to do the mighty jump (see below).

Check out this great guide by steam user TonyOgbot that explains how to perform the mighty jump, and provides videos on how to par the first 15 incidents. 


You Get A Star You Get A Star
Par any stage.

Pretty self-explanatory. Just finish a stage quicker than the par time that is given.

Incident 3 is very easy to get in par time. All you have to do is shoot yourself upwards then go down to get the girls, repeat the same thing on the right side, and finally shoot yourself upwards using the center block to get the last girl and get to the corporal. The par time is 30 seconds though it shouldn’t be much trouble since there are no enemies.

Hidden Achievement
Tiptoe Tiptoe
Trigger a landmine to explode using your toes and take no damage.

Landmines will appear in stages starting with incident 4. Touching one will cause it to automatically explode and deal damage. For this achievement, run towards one and jump away as soon as you touch it. If done correctly, you won’t take any damage and get the achievement.