Mighty Switch Force! Academy Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/11
  • Offline : 11/11
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
Achievement Guide
Victory! Victory!
Beat Course.20

Course 20 is the final course in the game, and it plays similar to course 10, where certain blocks will appear after using more than two switches. Getting the sisters is not that hard, but the final boss is a different story.

Once you get the hooligan sisters, you’ll have to fight a dragon-like virus that goes in different straight paths. To defeat it, you have to shoot at it’s face and avoid coming in contact with it. The virus grows bigger the more you hurt it, so be careful.

The best strategy is to stay somewhere around the middle of the screen. Being in this area lets you shoot at the virus easily, and allows you to jump to the sides if the virus is coming from above or below. Also don’t be afraid to go for the health snacks, since you’ll most likely need them. If the virus kills you, you’ll restart the boss fight, so you don’t have to replay the entire level again. If you follow this strategy you should be able to defeat it.

Throwback! Throwback!
Beat all five “Classic” stages

The classic stages are automatically unlocked when you start the game. These courses are incidents 2, 4, 7, 11, and 14 from the original Mighty Switch Force, so if you played the first game you should know how to complete these levels. For this achievement you just need to finish the levels, so don’t worry about the par times.

Go getter! Go getter!
Par 10 “Courses”

Again, just beat the par time of any 10 of the main 20 courses. The levels get more difficult as you progress so I suggest parring courses 1-10 first. Like before, you can have friends with you if it somehow helps. It’s also better if you use the mighty shot, since it can destroy cracked blocks (which is very useful for parring courses such as course 4).

Superstar! Superstar!
Par all 20 “Courses”

Probably the most difficult achievement to earn. The best way to complete each level quickly is to replay each one and find the quickest routes. In other words if two girls are near each other, don’t get just one and get another one on the other side: try to minimize how far you’ll move. As with the previous two achievements, you can have friends with you and you can use the mighty shot (though you don’t have to).

Keep in mind that getting killed by the virus in course 20 will cause you to automatically fight it again with no time lost, so if you can’t kill the virus quick enough just kill yourself to restart the fight.

Par it up! Par it up!
Par one “Course”

For this achievement, you just need to finish a single level faster than the par time that is given. It can be any course except the classic courses, and you can par the course with friends.

Course 2 is very easy to par, since you just need to run a bit and switch a few blocks without fighting many enemies. The par time is only 50 seconds, so if you mess up you can easily restart with little time wasted.

Double Trouble! Double Trouble!
Par 10 “Courses” with 2 more more players

If you have two controllers, it is possible to get this even if you’re by yourself. Just complete each level normally under par time, then use the second controller to get to the corporal and end the level. Here are some incidents where I found this to be very easy:

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4
  • Course 5
  • Course 8
  • Course 9
  • Course 11
  • Course 17
  • Course 19

These incidents require little intervention from player 2, so you should be able to par these stages even if you’re alone.

Color Guard! Color Guard!
Par 4 “Courses” with 4 players

You will need 4 controllers for this achievement since it’s the only way to play with 4 people. Same deal as the “Double Trouble” achievement, except you need 4 players and you only have to par 4 courses. The easiest courses to do this would prboably be:

  • Course 1
  • Course 4
  • Course 5
  • Course 9
    These courses require quite possibly the least amount of work from the other players.
Adversarial! Adversarial!
Complete 3 matches of VS. Mode

In VS mode, players will compete against getting the hooligan sisters and bringing them to the corporal. Whoever gets the five sisters first wins. For this achievement, just let one player get all the girls to complete each match. Do this three times to get the achievement.

Neat Freak! Neat Freak!
Destroy all blocks in Course.04

This can only be done with the mighty shot, which is unlocked by completing course 20. The mighty shot can destroy cracked blocks, so just shoot at all of the blocks and you should get this easily. Destroying some of the blocks requires the use of bombs, though these blocks are fairly straight-forward.

However, be careful when shooting the bombs through the green block at the right. Make sure the bomb is at the end of the wall before shooting it, otherwise a hole making the blocks to the right impossible to destroy.

I posted a picture showing all of the blocks and how they should be destroyed. Blocks with a blue square around them should be destroyed with the mighty shot, while blocks with a red square around them should be destroyed using bombs.

If the achievement doesn’t automatically unlock when the blocks are destroyed, you may have to actually finish the level first.

Hidden Achievement
Gotcha! Gotcha!
Shoot a “spider” enemy out of the air

You’ll start finding the spider enemies on course 9. When you use your switch power, the spider will flip upside down, causing it to be in mid-air for a bit. The easiest way to get this achievement is to go next to any spider, use your switch power, then immediately shoot at the spider.

Hidden Achievement
Kick That Baby! Kick That Baby!
Kick a “Bomb Baby” in VS. Mode

In VS mode, babies will occasionally spawn at random locations or be found in the flying vaults. Just go near the baby so that you’ll kick it and get the achievement. You’ll have to be quick though, since the babies will blow up after a few seconds (shooting at the babies also causes them to explode).