Megabyte Punch Achievement Guide

  • Author : Sfro
  • Time To Complete :
  • Difficulty :
  • Online : 0/30
  • Offline : 30/30
  • Missable :
  • Glitched : N/A
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There were 30 achievements as of the making of this guide

  • If you can’t find an achievement, use CTRL+F and type the achievement’s name
  • This guide isn’t a walkthrough, the point is not to tell you how to finish the game, but to tell you about the achievements, in fact, I’ll try as much as possible not to spoil
Achievement Guide
Kilobyte Kilobyte
Collect 8192 bits


  • The money you win from ranking in tournament doesn’t seem to count towards the achievement
  • There are a lot of chests at the end of the Frostbyte Challenge
  • In the deadlands (4th level), there is a floating building containing about 256 bits, right at the beginning of one of the levels
Bouldar down! Bouldar down!
Defeat Warlord Bouldar

1st level Boss

General defeat! General defeat!
Defeat General HB-02

2nd level Boss

No more Grand Khotep... No more Grand Khotep…
Defeat Grand Khotep Scarb

3rd level Boss

Subprogrammed! Subprogrammed!
Defeat Grand Khotep Muer

4th level Boss

Icessassinated! Icessassinated!
Defeat the Ice-Beak Assassins

5th level Boss

Down again! Down again!
Defeat General HB-03

6th level Boss

Is it over? Is it over?
Defeat the Emperor

Last Boss

It is over! It is over!
Defeat the Emperor

Last Boss

Number 1! Number 1!
Win the tournament

Easiest way to do it:

  • Use your shield whenever you feel like you’re about to get hit, the AI can’t break it
  • Use parts you’re most comfortable with
  • Make sure to not get hit too much, you only get 3 lives over 8 matches
  • As soon as the enemy uses his shield, pelvic thrust him if he’s in range, and then use your highest damage combo on him
Flawless victory! Flawless victory!
Win the tournament without dying

Not actually that hard
Easiest way to do it:

  • Increased shield life
  • Save option (wings, jumps, movement abilities)

Some of the AI are real pieces of ♥♥♥♥, and they basically keep spaming their long range attack.
In that case, just use your shield when they use it, then quickly jump as soon as they’re done, punch them to death.
Highly disrecommend using abilities against them (except for finishing), unless you know what you’re doing

Adventure Complete! Adventure Complete!
Complete the adventure mode!

Will unlock once you beat the game.

Size doesn't matter! Size doesn’t matter!
Defeat the big boss without losing a life

Recommended Gear:

The zomzom core (the part that spawns a soldier) is not necessary, it only serves to make the fight faster when the emperor is in his megac form

The boss has 4 attacks, the last of which he only uses in his second form

  • Megabyte Punch
  • Megabyte Smash
  • Projectiles barrage
  • Missiles spam


Megabyte Punch

The Megabyte Punch is just the regular megabyte punch attack, but with a huge range.
It has a very obvious and long charge-up, similar to the normal megabyte punch, which makes it very easy to dodge
It does 30 damage, so it will break any un-upgraded shield
Getting hit by it can result in instant death above 80 damage

How to dodge properly:
As soon as he starts charging, jump over his head to behind his back

Megabyte Smash

The Megabyte Smash is a downwards pound, that will send you flying if you get hit by it
It has a much shorter charge-up than the Megabyte Punch, but it still is very easy to dodge
It does 30 damage, so it will break any un-upgraded shield
Getting hit by it won’t instantly kill you under 100 damage, but it will after that

How to dodge properly:
You can simply walk sideways while he’s charging, or jump before he lands his hit

Projectile Barrage

A swarm of 20 blaster shots fired at 3 different heights, followed by 3 simultaneous homing missiles
It has no charge up time, which makes it impossible to avoid if you’re too close during the attack
It can do up to 130 damage total, and easily insta-kill you
Every projectile can be deflected by shielding at the right time, but you can only deflect a few amount of them during a given attack

How to avoid properly:
As soon as he turns around, jump towards his back and stay there until he finishes his blaster barrage
When he shoots his 3 homing missiles, try to deflect them if they’re getting close, or just ignore them if they are getting away

Missiles Spam

Shoots multiple missiles, both Big and Small, that home towards you, in a 180° angle
Very long charge up time
Can easily insta-kill you
Every projectile can be deflected by shielding at the right time, but you can only deflect a few amount of them during a given attack
You can efficiently destroy all the projectiles

How to avoid properly:
As soon as he starts levitating, place yourself directly below him
Deflect the first 2 small missiles that come towards you, then drop your shield and don’t move until every missile is destroyed
If done properly, the 2 small missiles will blow up the other missiles and cause a chain reaction, while you remain unhurt

Part collector! Part collector!
Collect all 150 parts

Color seeker! Color seeker!
Find all 30 hidden colors

Full checklist, with screen shots of colors and locations of the village capsules 

Find the Megabyte Punch arm part

The hidden level can be accessed by jumping to the right of the 3rd level’s entry

After destroying every megac in the hidden level, a gold chest will appear near the level door, containing the Megabyte Punch part

Ancient Heights Ancient Heights
Find the flying ruins

Jump up from this point to access a floating island
You need at least 3 jumps and a movement ability like rocket thrust or controlled flight

UP for a challenge! UP for a challenge!
Complete the frostbyte challenge level

This challenge is unlocked as soon as you complete the 5th level (Frostbyte deep), and can be accessed by a special door in the dedicated area, at the east of the village
Easiest way to do it:

  • Have a drill part
  • Have some more jumps
  • Have some movement abilities (e.g. Wings)
  • Equip a lot of patience upgrades


Spending it wisely Spending it wisely
Spend over 5000 bits in the shop


  • The money you win from ranking in tournament can be spent in the store.
  • A vast amount of parts sold in the store can be found in the levels, so I highly recommend waiting to have finished the game to buy rare parts from the store, and only buy parts you are really interested in
  • The emperor set’s parts cost 2k each and can only be obtained from the store, so save your money for them

This achievement is a little buggy, so it might not unlock immediately after buying for 5k bits

1000 Enemies down 1000 Enemies down
Destroy 1000 enemies

How to do it:

  • Just demolish every moving thing you see
  • 2nd and 3rd levels have a lot of tiny megacs, which can be one-shot easily
500 Enemies down 500 Enemies down
Destroy 500 enemies

See “1000 enemies down” for more. Should be pretty self explanitory without a guide.

100 Enemies down 100 Enemies down
Destroy 100 enemies

See “1000 enemies down” for more. Should be pretty self explanitory without a guide.

Bare fists Bare fists
Win the tournament with no ability parts equipped

How to do it:

  • You can actually use any stat up part you want, just not any ability part

My recommended Loadout

If you’re really having trouble, I’d recommend changing the hip for the Zyln Hip, and changing the shoulders with a shoulder that gives you armor

Pelvic Thruster Pelvic Thruster
Break 16 enemy shields with your pelvic thrust

Easiest way to do it:

  • The tournament AI automatically starts using its shield past a certain damage threshold, just take advantage of that to pelvic thrust them at that moment
  • Alternatively, you can just do this in versus mode, by using a similar method as stated below


Bouncy Bounce House Bouncy Bounce House
Bounce from the hot plates 10 times in a row

Easiest way to do it:

  • At some point in the 3rd level, there are 2 hot plates facing each other
  • Use a movement ability to position yourself as close as possible to the middle of them
I believe I can jump I believe I can jump
Jump 5 times in a row
How to do it:
  • Equip 3 parts with jump up, then just jump 5 times

Here’s a table with parts that add jump
Head Hips Soulder
Cupido Head Shockboost Hip B-Chipset Jumperpack
Cybersky Head Voltra Belt  
  Khepriogram Hip  
  B-Chipset Hip  
  Monkey Tail  
  Valk Hip  
  Velox Hip  

Thinking of fast Thinking of fast
Clear the Electro Caves Stage 1 within 30 seconds

Easiest way to do it:

  • Equip as many speed up part as possible (4/6 recommended)
  • Keep sprinting
  • Use the drill to get out of fights

Parts that increase movement speed

Head Core Hips Legs Soulder
LCD Head Polycircuit Core Mantibyte Hip Falcion Leg Polycircuit Shoulder
Neon Meteor Head Cadion Core   Polycircuit Leg Praeto Boost Wing
      Capsule Leg Mantibyte Wing
      Pomus Leg  
      Kheprion Leg  
      Exo Leg  
      Velox Leg  


Lethal League Lethal League
Reflect a projectile 10 times in a row

The tournament AI is too stupid to reflect a projectile more than twice, so you need to do this in versus mode
Easiest way to do it:

  • Equip a part that gives you a projectile ability (blasters and small homing missiles will do)
  • Bind the shield control of the 2nd player to whatever you find best
  • Go in versus mode, 2 players
  • Shoot at the 2nd player, then press 2nd player’s shield key right before the projectile hits, and when it comes back do the same with 1st player, up to 10 times
Three Flowers Three Flowers
Find the hidden level

This will unlock once you obtain “MEGABYTE PUUNNCHHHH!”

No prizes left! No prizes left!
Win all the special parts from the tournament.
Easiest way to do it:
  • Some of the parts you get in tournament can be bought after finishing the game, and some can be dropped from special enemies
  • Parts you either bought or dropped that can also be obtained in the tournament count towards the achievement
Here is a table of the tournament parts
Head Core Arms Hips Shoulders
Bugga Head Big Core Blunderblaster Monkey Tail Aero Pipes
LCD Head Kheprion Core     Zylin Mantle
R.A.M. Head        
Unknown Head        
Ice-Beak Head