MechaNika Achievement Guide

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Some achievements may require a second play through, especially if you missed something in the school area as you cannot go back to it once you are expelled.

The “Socks’ juggler” & “Laundry service” is another example that you may have to do a second play through as I haven’t figured out how to do one without it affecting the other.

But don’t worry! Once you complete it once, you will fly through the second time!

DON’T USE THE FLASK for hints as this is an achievement as well! — “Straight Edge”

DON’T USE MONEY in game as this is another achievement too! — “Free Pass”

Achievement Guide
Hidden Achievement
Busted! Busted!
You interrupted a poor girl while she was in the toilet.

To get the Busted achievement, exit the classroom where you turn in your exam. Go into the door to the right near Agatha (insominac girl), and open the first bathroom stall. There’s a girl sitting inside on the toilet..

Hidden Achievement
Fried chicken Fried chicken
You tried to leave school.

Go to the electric fence in the playground of the school and interact with it. You will get shocked and obtain the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Shines like new! Shines like new!
You flushed the dirty toilet in the school.

In the bathroom where you busted the girl sitting in the toilet, open the last stall. You will see a dirty toilet with poop. Just interact with the toilet and flush it to get the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Meal dealer Meal dealer
You exchanged your meal for some spray cans.

Talk to the student near the electric fence and make a deal to exchange your vegetable mash in Tupperware (in your backpack) for spray cans.

Hidden Achievement
Laundry service Laundry service
You couldn’t stand Dennis’ smelly socks.

Go to Dennis’ room and grab the socks from the floor. Go into the laundry room which is the middle room between Nika’s and Denni’s rooms. Put the socks in the laundry basket.

Note: Doing this will affect “Socks’ juggler” achievement. As far as I know, you can only do one in a play through. Then must go back and do another play through to get the other.

Hidden Achievement
Socks' juggler Socks’ juggler
You made Manson the cat happy with Dennis’ socks.

Go to Dennis’ room and grab the socks from the floor. Go downstairs, through the kitchen, to the back patio. Take the socks from your bag and give them to Manson the cat who is laying on the fence. Give him the socks to play with.

Note: Doing this will affect “Laundry service” achievement. As far as I know, you can only do one in a play through. Then must go back and do another play through to get the other.

Hidden Achievement
Meet and greet Meet and greet
You got your Project Silcharde poster signed by Mango Protocol!

Grab the poster that’s on Nika’s bedroom door. Go outside to the left of the streets until you get to a cafe with people outside. Speak to the girl and boy who are sitting together. Eventually you can get them to sign your poster.

Hidden Achievement
RoboNerd RoboNerd
ou won the RoboPodcast quiz!

Do the RoboPodcast quiz at Nika’s computer in her bedroom.
If you don’t know much about robots, the answer is .

If you did it correctly, after you come back from the scrap yard, there should be a box in your living room with your prize.


Hidden Achievement
Maximum trolling Maximum trolling
You got a portable TV thanks to your trolling proficiency.

Speak to the foreman (aka Mr. Labourer) at the construction site. (construction site located on left side once outside Nika’s house). Keep pestering him over and over. Eventually he gives you a portable TV. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Grannyka Grannyka
You disguised yourself as grandma Rosemary.

Once you visit grandma and she goes to find the dolls for you, go into her bedroom. Open the wardrobe and take her clothes.

Go down the right side of the street until you see the photo booth. Open your backpack and select grandma’s dress, then click on the photo booth to change into her clothes. Note, that when you’re grandma, you cannot run fast. To take off the disguise just interact with the photo booth again.

Hidden Achievement
Dirty secret Dirty secret
You discovered your grandpa’s magazines in the hidden safe box.

Go visit the grandma and ask her why she’s mad at grandpa. Once you learn about it go back home, upstairs to the first room to speak to grandpa. Tell him why she’s mad at him. He leaves the room to go to her house.

Now go and click the light switch to turn on the UV light. You will see three numbers on the wall above the picture. Take the picture of grandma to reveal a safe behind it. Interact with it to find the magazines.

Hidden Achievement
Mathematical! Mathematical!
You fixed the Gate of Great Sacrifice!

Fix the Fibonactic machine that Agatha needs. If you don’t want to figure out the keypad code for yourself …. hover over the spoiler below:

The code is – 112358

Hidden Achievement
Cowabunga! Cowabunga!
You won the Ninja Turtles’ quiz!

Once you are finished with the scrap yard, speak with the person near the entrance. Do NOT pay to leave, as this might affect the other “Free pass” achievement.

Plus, this quiz is super easy if you know your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! 😀

Raphael = red
Leonardo = blue
Donatello = purple
Michelangelo = orange


Hidden Achievement
The Goat Tragedy The Goat Tragedy
You discovered the end of grandpas’ story.

Once you’ve sent grandpa back to grandma’s house, head there yourself and see the aftermath of his story.

Hidden Achievement
Heavy ammo Heavy ammo
You got the projectiles.

Take the dolls that grandma gave and go back to Agatha. Ask her if she can cut the dolls heads off. Once you have the doll heads in your backpack, interact with them.

Hidden Achievement
Burn, baby, burn! Burn, baby, burn!
You got the ignition system.

Once you come back from the scrap yard, go into Nika’s father’s garage. He already picked up the blow torch you dropped off previously to get fixed.

He has also finished fixing the motorcycle. Turn on the motorcycle for background noise. Now get the blow torch on top shelf. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Green power Green power
You got the shrapnel.

To get this, you need to exit your house and go to the end of the street on the right – past the butcher’s and Agatha’s house. At the end, interact with the green container. Enter it and pick up broken glass pieces. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Kerosene rain Kerosene rain
You got the flammable liquid.

Take the bus to the scrap yard. Either use grandma’s bus pass (must be in disguise) on the bus stop sign or use money (which you will NOT get Free Pass achievement).

Once there, grab the gas can at the entrance. Walk further and grab the green hose too. Go to the airplane at the end of the scrap yard, where you notice a puddle of oil on the ground. Attach the hose to the plane, and the gas can to the hose to fill it up with kerosene. Interact with it in your backpack.


Hidden Achievement
The All-seeing Eye The All-seeing Eye
You got the multimedia recorder.

Use Nika’s computer to send a fake email to Dennis. (Make sure to talk to him first or else you don’t get the option to email him). Once you’re done, go into his room. If he’s gone, grab his webcam. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
See you on the other side See you on the other side
You got the reflective panels.

Pick up the broken pieces of the mirror in Nika’s room and interact with it in your backpack.


Hidden Achievement
Ham slicer Ham slicer
You got the saw disk.

Once you fix the machine for Agatha (see Mathematical! achievement), talk to her again about the deal you made – fix the machine in exchange for the saw on the table. She gives you the saw. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Mass media controller Mass media controller
You got the multimedia player.

I believe this achievement is obtainable after the “Maximum trolling” achievement where you are pestering the foreman at the construction site. He gives you the portable TV and interacting with it in your backpack unlocks the achievement.

**can someone confirm? (as I think this is how, but I don’t remember exactly how I unlocked it)

Hidden Achievement
No more pop corn No more pop corn
You got the microwave emitter.

Inspect the sofa in the living room until you get the TV remote. Turn on the TV and put it on gossip shows. The mom will come in and watch TV. Now go into the kitchen and use the tools on the microwave. Interact with the item you obtained in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Enjoy your stationary bicycle Enjoy your stationary bicycle
Enjoy your stationary bicycle

Use your tools on the bicycle that is chained up near the Robot outside on the sidewalk. You obtain the chain. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Bubbleboom Bubbleboom
You got the propellant.

Talk to Damon, the guy who is running the magazine stand. He eventually talks about explosive chewing gum. Keep chatting with him to get some gum. Interact with it in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Pump up the jam Pump up the jam
You got the air compressor.

Talk to Stanley the homeless guy to the left side of the construction site. Offer him grandpa’s dirty magazines in exchange for the pump. (See Dirty Secret achievement on how to get the magazines). Interact with the pump in your backpack.

Hidden Achievement
Welcome to the NikaCave Welcome to the NikaCave
You discovered Nika’s secret lab.

Once you have all the components needed, go back to Nika’s room and put them all in the tube. The lockers move to reveal her secret lab.

Hidden Achievement
MechaNika is here MechaNika is here
You completed the MechaNika project.

Once you open the secret lab, pick up the network cable that’s on the floor. Take it out of your backpack and connect it to the two machines. Now go back out to use her computer to initiate it. Re-enter the lab and get into the machine!


Hidden Achievement
Free pass Free pass
You didn’t spend any money to complete MechaNika.

To get this achievement, simply do not spend any money.

– Don’t use money to take the bus – use the grandma disguise and her senior bus pass.
– Don’t pay to leave the scrap yard – do the ninja turtle easy quiz.

Hidden Achievement
Straight Edge Straight Edge
You completed MechaNika without a clue.

To get this achievement, simply complete the game without using any hints (ie: the flask bottle in your backpack).