LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes Achievement Guide

  • Author : ram ツ
  • Time To Complete : 30-40 Hours
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online : 0/45
  • Offline : 45/45
  • Missable : Falling… with Style
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Hello and welcome to my LEGO MARVEL Superheroes Achievement guide, based on my playthrough and how long I spent playing the game, I’ve come up with the standard overview that most guides do – there are many different guides out there, they’re all unique in their own little way, so hopefully my guide will help you – here is my view on the game and their achievements.

  • Estimated Difficulty – 6/10
  • Approximate time to 100% – 30-40 Hours
  • Playthroughs Needed – 2 (Story and then free play)

The game essentially is not that difficult, you can obtain the majority of the achievements naturally, you don’t really need to hunt for them, however, this is just my view.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough
Cheat Codes
Now, with every LEGO game, there are achievement codes that you can enter in the extras menu to unlock certain stuff, for example, red bricks and characters.

For some reason, the new games have only revealed codes for the x2 multiplier, letting people play for the others I guess, anyway..

  • x2 Studs Multiplier – UZFBG4
  • Avenging Cycle – 5T3CQU
  • Pumpkin Chopper – 35E41W
  • SHIELD Staff Car – D5B7O3
  • Spider Bike – SH9MZQ
  • Beetle – KXFQ87
  • Black Cat – P9OWL0
  • Captan America(Classic) – 7HWU4L
  • Carnage – AA0Z50
  • Howard The Duck – J58RSS
  • Hydra Soldier – B7AA3K
  • Iron Man(Mark 17 – “Heart Breaker”) – 2NGSRZ
  • Iron Man(Mark 38 – “Hulk Buster”) – CK7SDS
  • Iron Patriot – Q5X1J5
  • MODOK – SZ8Q06
  • Spider Man(Future Foundation) – WFOZXQ
  • Thor(Classic) – H8CSE6
  • War Machine – TQ4C57
  • Wolverine(with hood “cowl”) – OAW2LB
Other characters come naturally through the progression of the game by completing levels or simply collecting their icon in the city roam play.

This codes and more information is not owned by me, I did not find these codes, the developers must have released these – full link to this source can be found here

Achievement Guide
Sand Central Station Sand Central Station
Complete Level 1 – Sand Central Station

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Times Square Off Times Square Off
Complete Level 2 – Times Square Off

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Exploratory Laboratory Exploratory Laboratory
Complete Level 3 – Exploratory Laboratory

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Rock up at the Lock up Rock up at the Lock up
Complete Level 4 – Rock up at the Lock up

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Rebooted, Resuited Rebooted, Resuited
Complete Level 5 – Rebooted, Resuited

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Red Head Detention Red Head Detention
Complete Level 6 – Red Head Detention

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Bifrosty Reception Bifrosty Reception
Complete Level 7 – Bifrosty Reception

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Juggernauts and Crosses Juggernauts and Crosses
Complete Level 8 – Juggernauts and Crosses

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Doctor in the House Doctor in the House
Complete Level 9 – Doctor in the House

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

That Sinking Feeling That Sinking Feeling
Complete Level 10 – That Sinking Feeling

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Taking Liberties Taking Liberties
Complete Level 11 – Taking Liberties

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Rapturous Rise Rapturous Rise
Complete Level 12 – Rapturous Rise

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Magnetic Personality Magnetic Personality
Complete Level 13 – Magnetic Personality

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

A Doom with a View A Doom with a View
Complete Level 14 – A Doom with a View

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

The Good, the Bad and the Hungry The Good, the Bad and the Hungry
Complete Level 15 – The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

Unlocked as part of the games main story.

Falling... with Style Falling… with Style
Complete first Helicarrier skydive

You could potentially miss this, on the second level, you will start out on the carrier as Captain America and Mr Fantastic, simply go to the designated drop points and skydive.

Don't I Know You? Don’t I Know You?
Team up Captain America with Human Torch (Co-op)

I personally play with an Xbox 360 controller, so I switched to Captain America and then pressed F2 on the keyboard and selected Human Torch, BAM Achievement, really not that hard.

Stan-tastic Stan-tastic
Rescue Stan Lee from every peril (Single Player)

He can be found in each level (15 times) and then around the free play area, there are alot of guides on Youtube for this, however, you’ll see his face on the map.

Road Rage Road Rage
Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan hub

Self explanatory really, simply roam around the map destorying cars – or you can simply hop on a turret on the carrier and shoot the little ships (you get gold bricks by doing this too), you should get this in no time.

It's Clobberin' Time! It’s Clobberin’ Time!
Defeat 100 enemies as the Thing

You first play as “The Thing” in Level 9 (Doctor In The House), simply switch to him and kill all the enmies, once you get the part where you must save Torch, just keep playing as The Thing and rack up the kills on the infinate levels.

I'm Always Angry! I’m Always Angry!
Transform into the Hulk 50 times

When you’re playing as either Bruce Banner or The Hulk (using a Xbox Controller here), simply hold Y and transform into either, just do this 50 times and you have another achievement.

Billionaire Philanthropist Billionaire Philanthropist
Collect 1,000,000,000 studs (Single Player)

This achievement is cumulative, if you find all the Deadpool Multiplier bricks, you’ll be on a multiplier of over 3,000. You’ll get this achievement in no time. Here are the locations of the multiplier bricks.

  • x2 Multiplier – Use the code – , can just be purchased for 1,000,00 studs.
  • x4 Multiplier – Use a telekinesis character in the bonus level “Tabloid Tidy Up” to rearrange the trophies in the back office to unlock the brick, this costs 2,000,000 studs.
  • x6 Multiplier – Use a telekinesis character in “Feeling Fisky” on the picture of the Kingpin on the back wall, then use a laser/fire character to destroy the gold shape, you’ll unlock the brick, it’ll cost you 3,000,000 studs.
  • x8 Multiplier – Use an electric character to start a transformer in “Reptillian Ruckus” followed by a magnetic character to open up a container containing the red brick, this costs 4,000,000 studs.
  • x10 Multiplier – Use a telekinesis character in “House Party Protocol” (Level just after the main story) to break the pinata swinging thing, the red brick drops out and costs 5,000,000 studs.


This Is fantastic! This Is fantastic!
First time turning Mister Fantastic into a teapot

You can get this achievement quite early on, once you’ve completed Level 1 (Sand Central Station), you’ll start playing as Mister Fantastic and Captain America, switch to Mr Fantastic and hold B (Xbox Controller) and you’ll switch into a teapot.

You Win a No-Prize! You Win a No-Prize!
Complete game 100% (Single Player)

Just to clarify what the 100% means here, we all get to that point where we have like 99.8% and we don’t know what else has to be done, so:

  • Collect all of the Red Deadpool bricks (15)
  • Collect 250 golden bricks (Breakdown)
    • Complete all 15 story levels & 11 hub missions – 26 Total
    • Obtain True Believer status in all story and hub missions – 26 Total
    • Collect all minikits in each story level – 15 Total
    • Rescue all of the Stan Lee’s in Peril, 15 in Story mode and 35 in free play – 50 Total
    • Randomly scattered around – 133 Total
  • Unlock and purchase all 40 vehicles
  • Collect and purchase all 150 characters

If you’re stuck on a particular thing, there are plenty of actual video guides on YouTube.

Avengers Assembled Avengers Assembled
Collect all Avengers characters in the game (Single Player)

ou must unlock and then purchase the following characters (Story mode unlocks are just marked Story):

  • The Hulk (Story)
  • Captain America (Story)
  • Thor (Story)
  • Hawkeye (Story)
  • Black Widow (Story)
  • Iron Man Mark 1 (Story)
  • Iron Man Mark 6 (Story)
  • Iron Man Mark 7*
  • Iron Man Mark 42 (Story)
  • Nick Fury (Story)
  • Agent Coulson*
  • Maria Hill*

*Note – There are three characters that are unlocked outside of Story mode

  • Iron Man Mark 7 (Unlocked after completing “House Party Protocol” bonus level after the final story level).
  • Agent Coulson (Unlocked after completing “Tabloid Tidy Up”).
  • Maria Hill (She gives you three missions on the Helicarrier to complete, once you’ve done them, you will be able to unlock her).
Sinister Six Sinister Six
Collect Doc Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Vulture (Single Player)

You must unlock and then purchase the following sinister mob; note you will need to get 175 gold bricks to fully complete this achievement – (Story mode unlocks are just marked Story)

  • Doc Ock (Story)
  • Sandman (Story)
  • Mysterio (Story)
  • Kraven The Hunter (Story)
  • Electro (Story)
  • Vulture (Story)
To Me, My X-Men To Me, My X-Men
Collect all traditionally heroic mutants (Single Player)

You must unlock and purchase the following heroic mutants – (Story mode unlocks are just marked Story)

  • Archangel (Found to the south of the X Mansion and near a giant billboard)
  • Beast (Story)
  • Colossus (Found at the X Mansion)
  • Cyclops (Story)
  • Gambit (Unlocked after completing the three Gambit events in free play)
  • Havok (Found near the X Mansion by he coast)
  • Ice Man (Story)
  • Jean Grey (Story)
  • Polaris (Unlocked after completing the bonus level “The Thrill of the Chess”)
  • Professor Xavier (Complete his three tasks to unlock him, near the X Mansion)
  • Psylocke (Unlocked in free play around the city)
  • Storm (Story)
  • Wolverine (Story)
  • Wolverine (Cowl) (Either by Code QAW2LB or found in the bonus level, “Put Up Your Dukes”).
Brotherhood Brotherhood
Collect all traditionally evil mutants (Single Player)

You must unlock all of the nasty mutants and then purchase them – (Story mode unlocks are just marked Story)

  • Blob (Unlocked after completing the bonus level “Put Up Your Dukes”).
  • Juggernaut (Story)
  • Magneto (Story)
  • Magneto Acolyte (Story)
  • Mastermind (Story)
  • Mystique (Story)
  • Pyro (Story)
  • Sabretooth (Story)
  • Toad (Unlocked after completing his three mini events in free play)
I Am Iron Man I Am Iron Man
Collect all Iron Man armors (Single Player)

Collect all the different armors for Iron Man, it’s not hard, they are all unlocked through story mode except for Mark 7 and Mark 17 which are unlocked during the “House Party Protocol” bonus level.

  • Mark 1
  • Mark 6
  • Mark 7
  • Mark 17
  • Mark 42


Stan's Soapbox Stan’s Soapbox
Turn into Stan Hulk

Once you have rescued all of the Stan Lee’s in peril, you’ll unlock the character, select him and press Y (Xbox controller) and he’ll transform into Stan Hulk!

Post-Credit Party Post-Credit Party
Complete House Party Protocol

After finishing Level 15, and you’ve watched the credits – you’re directed to Stark Tower to join a party, attend and once completed, you’ll get another achievement.

The Toast of Croydon The Toast of Croydon
Create a character called “Trevor” in the character customizer

I had some trouble with this one to begin with, I unlocked it by going to the medical bay to find the character creator, I changed the name in the character creator to “Trevor” and it unlocked.

Puny God Puny God
Perform Hulk’s special move on Loki

Once you’ve finished everything, switch one character to Hulk and the other to Loki, then just button bash X (Xbox Controller) with the Hulk at Loki until he slam dunks him.

Welcome to Level 7 Welcome to Level 7
Play as Agent Coulson

Pretty simple again, once you start the bonus level, “Tabloid Tidy-Up” mission, you’ll get it.

It's Me Time! It’s Me Time!
Read a comic in Deadpool’s room on the Helicarrier

Once you have gotten all of the minikits from one level, go to the helicarrier and to the lower level where Deadpool’s room is, go to the far right and open up a comic.

Bad Luck? Bad Luck?
Unlock Black Cat (Single Player)

She can be found near the “Lady Liberty” marker on the map in free roam, located on the corner will be neon sign of a cat, simply solve the puzzle to gain access to the building and you’ll see the character token – she’ll set you back a bit, 150,000 studs to be exact, or you can cheat and enter a code to unlock her quickly – P9OWL0.

Zoo Believer Zoo Believer
Unlock all animal-themed characters (Single Player)

Unlock all the following animal themed characters and purchase them – (Story mode unlocks are just marked Story).

  • Ant-Man (Unlocked near the Diamond Staff icon on the map in free play, he’s very useful in unlocking other characters/gold bricks).
  • Beast (Story)
  • Beetle (Found in Central Park)
  • Black Cat (Near the “Taking Liberties” mission icon or by using the code P9OWL0.
  • Black Panther (Unlocked after completing three side missions in free play)
  • Black Widow (Story)
  • Doctor Octopus (Story)
  • Doctor Octopus Ultimate (Obtained in the bonus level, “Tabloid Tidy Up”)
  • Howard The Duck (Either complete the bonus level, “Nuff Said” or by using the code – J58RSS.
  • Phoenix (Unlocked after completing the bonus level, “Put Up Your Dukes”)
  • Rhino (Story)
  • Rocket Raccoon (Unlocked after completing three side missions in free play)
  • Sabretooth (Story)
  • Spider Man (Story)
  • Spider Man F.F. (Unlocked after completing the first Ghost Rider Event)
  • Spider Woman (Found in free play around South Manhattan)
  • Squirrel Girl (Unlocked in free play, located near the docks)
  • Toad (Unlocked after completing three side missions in free play)
  • Viper (Found in free play near Central Park)
  • Vulture (Unlocked after completing the bonus level, “Nuff Said”)
  • Wasp (FOund very close to the Oscorp Building)
  • Wolverine (Story)
  • Wolverine (Cowl) (Unlocked either by using the code OAW2LB or by completing the bonus level, “Put Up Your Dukes”)
Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy
Unlock all the Guardians of the Galaxy (Single Player)
  • Drax & Gamora (Once you’ve completed all story levels, you’ll find Drax in free play – complete his three side missions and you’ll unlock both Drax & Gamora)
  • Groot (After finishing all of the story levels, Groot will be found in three different areas, simply finish his three quests to unlock him)
  • Nova (Complete a foot race near Central Park to unlock him)
  • Rocket Racoon & Star Lord (Complete the three mini quests after finish the story for Rocket Racoon to ublock both Rocket Racoon & Star Lord)
  • Ronan the Accuser (Located in Central park near the Circus tents, complete his event to unlock him)
Fastball Special Fastball Special
Perform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine

Once you’ve unlocked him, switch both characters to Colossus and the other to Wolverine, then press X with Colossus on Wolverine and he’ll pick him up and throw him.

Menace of Magneto Menace of Magneto
Drive to the Baxter Building as Magneto in the Magneto Mobile

You unlock the Magneto Mobile after completing one of Professor X’s missions, it’ll cost 150,000 studs to do. You want to then drive to the building where you began Level 2 (Check the Fantastic 4 Logo on the map).

Alter Ego Alter Ego
Perform all big LEGO figure transformations

To perform a transformation, hold Y (Xbox Controller) with certain characters and they’ll change, if you’re stuck, here is a list:

  • Hulk
  • Lizard
  • Stan Lee
  • Red Hulk
  • Venom
Can't Hurt Me Bub Can’t Hurt Me Bub
Regenerate as Wolverine

Once you lose all 4 hearts as Wolverine, he doesn’t explode into a load of bricks, instead he turns into a skeleton, a few seconds or so later his body will come back along with the achievement, I unlocked this on Level 4 when you first meet Wolverine.

Cosplay Cosplay
Create a custom character

Go down to the medbay on the helicarrier and simply create a character, if you call it trevor, you unlock the other achievement.

Ultimate True Believer Ultimate True Believer
Unlock all True Believers (Single Player)

When you’re playing a story level, look to the top to see a yellow bar gradually filling, this is the True Believer bar – this is filled once you’ve collected a set amount of studs in each story level. This is easier if you simply get all of the stud multipliers, hop into the level and grab one stud then Save and Exit.

Really? Really?
Collect Howard the Duck (Single Player)

Either play the “Nuff Said” bonus level or enter the following code – J58RSS.