Hyper Light Drifter Achievement Guide

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A guide for the steam achievements for Hyper Light Drifter

I didn’t see a guide like this so I decided to make one, but please note:

I have not gotten all the achivements.
If you know how to get an achivement that I don’t, I’d love to add it.

Thanks for looking!

Achievement Guide
One Shot One Shot
Finish the game without dying

Also self-explanatory. So simple, yet so difficult.

Nice Shot! Nice Shot!
Kill 5 enemies with a bomb

Pretty self explanatory.

Buy bombs here

Then find a group of enemies and throw a bomb at them.

Yes, I only got three there, but you get the idea. The idea being to throw bombs where the enemies actually are, unlike my preferred method.

A good spot to get this one is to the South
Take this elevator

Down the stairs

Into the next room

And voila!

Thanks to rokcat and ForgottenCrowd for suggesting this spot, and rokcat again for giving directions.

Dummy Dummy
Trick a Dirk to jump off a ledge

These guys are Dirks

The easiest way (in my opinion) to get them to fall off is to stand right on the edge and get them to attack you.


It also happens a lot when you’re fighting a bunch of them at once. Or if you’re in a room where part of the floor falls away when you step on it.

Don't Give Up! Don’t Give Up!
You can do it!

Die 1000 times.

Thanks to Gabriel for this one!

Hidden Achievement
Natural Leader Natural Leader
Tame a certain wild creature…

As far as I can tell, you just need to stand next to one of the snails in game until the achievement unlocks. Don’t try to touch it or else you’ll squish it.

Here are the locations of the snails I’ve found

To the East

In town

To the West

Meditation Meditation
Casey would know what to do

Don’t press anything, and wait until your character sits down.


Die in the very first area

I don’t know if you can get this one throughout the whole tutorial level, or if getting murdered by monsters counts. I just jumped off the ledge until I died.

If you miss getting this one at the beginning of the game, you can get back to this area later. Thanks to Linebeckable for verifying that you can get the achivement later as well!
Here’s how you get there:

Then just keep advancing, and bam.

Chain Dash Champion Chain Dash Champion
How many can you get?

To get this achievemnt, you only have to get 25 chain dashes.

Which is fortunate, because I’m awful at it. If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard (like me) and are having a lot of trouble chaining dashes (like me), you can try changing dash to the Left Mouse Button. It made things a lot easier for me. You’re probably not going to need to use your sword in areas where you need to chain dash a lot (such as this one), clicking rhythmically is easier than hitting the keyboard for some people, and you can just change it back when you’re done.

Alternatively, in this particular case, and when you’re trying to get to 800 dashes, you might find Dolo’s idea really helpful.

Basically, instead of trying to click around the entire room, you can just put your mouse to one side and move back and forth by hitting one key.

Like this

That’s how I ended up getting this one, actually.


Diamonds Are Forever Diamonds Are Forever
Collect all modules

What it says on the tin.

I reccomend Steeper’s guide to find the ones you’re missing


Shine Bright Shine Bright
Collect all Gearbits

These guys are gearbits


After buying every single upgrade, if you have all the gearbits, you’ll have 6 and a half total credits/monies.



Walk-In Closet Walk-In Closet
Collect all outfits

Besides the clothes you start out with, there are 9 other outfits to find in the world. You can access them from the consoles in your house. Each outfit/sword/HUD has a different effect.


Hoarder Hoarder
Collect Everything

Collect all modules, keys, gear bits, tablets, guns, upgrades, and most of the outfits.

*Edit: Thanks to Llefty for supplying the things you don’t need to get, which are the black outfit you get from beating the challenge rooms, and the New Game+ outfit.

Hidden Achievement
The Dash Eternal The Dash Eternal
Perform the ultimate chain dash

Get 800 dashes in the chain dash room. Thanks to [F9] Nilth and Mettaray for verifying this one!

You can look at the ‘Chain Dash Champion’ section for a couple of tips on how you might get this one, but since I’m still very far from getting it, take any advice I give with a grain of salt, I guess.

Hidden Achievement
Star Athlete Star Athlete
Win at the sport of Drifters

Beat the soccer game to the south of town. Thanks to everyone who commented confirming this one!

I used a strategy I saw a couple different guides recommending.

Basically, take out the bottom cylinder, then stand at an angle to the ball, aim your cursor at that bottom square, and dash diagonally into the ball. It doesn’t have to be exact, and it should work enough times to get you the win. Poor kid won’t know what hit him. (I say ‘poor kid’, but why do you go flying every time you make contact? Is this guy/girl shoving you every time? Not very sportsmanlike of them.)

Librarian Librarian
Collect all tablets

These are the tablets

You can check your progress in this room

Which you can get to by going to the tutorial level, and then going past where you pass out the first time.

Check “Opening Death” if you don’t know how to get back to the tutorial level.

*Note: Currently, you can’t get this achievement retroactively, ie you either have to start a new file and find them all, or start from an earlier file where you might not have found them all.

Contender Contender
Beat Hoarde Mode

This is where the hoarde rooms are

As you can see, you need 12 keys to access it.

Like the name implies, you have to fight off hoardes of enemies in these rooms

There’s one for each direction, and once you beat all those, you unlock another room where you fight a mixture of enemies from all areas.

Once you beat that one, you get a rad outfit and the achievement (I’m assuming)

Bully Bully
Beat all bosses


Masochist Masochist
Beat NG+

Beat the game on New Game+ (which, just to be thorough, you unlock by beating the game once).

Line Em' Up Line Em’ Up
Hit 4 enemies with one railgun shot

This guy is the railgun

Like “Nice Shot”, find a place with a lot of enemies to line up, or a big crowd, and fire into it.
The spot I talked about in “Nice Shot” also works well for this one.

Armory Armory
Collect all Weapons

What it says. I got this one retroactively by going to the menu and manually choosing a different weapon, but apparently that isn’t fool-proof.

Hidden Achievement
Boss Rush Level 1 Boss Rush Level 1
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Boss Rush Level 2 Boss Rush Level 2
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Boss Rush Level 3 Boss Rush Level 3
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?