Home is Where One Starts… Achievement Guide

  • Author : j.w.yergan
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online : 0/8
  • Offline : 8/8
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
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Hello, this is my second guide ever so if picture placement or word style seems off, it’s due to the fact that I am still learning. The reason I’ve made this guide is not only to aid players, but to assist in guide designing for myself and create a repoire with the gaming community on Steam.

Home is Where One Starts… is a short, yet beautiful and carefully crafted environmental exploration or walking simulator game. It features about 5 to 25 minutes of gameplay and needs 2 to 3 playthroughs to achieve everything the game has to offer. If the length worries you on both an entertainment and economic standpoint, I can tell you that the final product is a real gem among games in the genre and can be artistically appreciated. It’s settings also offer extremely nice screenshot opportunities for facebook or desktop backgrounds.

“Home”, as I will call it to save time for everyone, includes 8 Steam Achievements, many interactive items and audio tracks, and some secrets that make the story more immersive.

The Achievements and Items are set up as follows to make the guide have an understandable path:

1. Apathy – Standing Still
2. Bliss – Climbing the Hay Bale
3. Sown By The Mountain – Stencil
4. Dakota – Dog Treat Box
5. Best Intentions – Thrown Flask
6. Now Fly – Unlocking Shed
7. The Sun Will Rise – All Narrations Heard (Single Run)
8. Sentamentalist – All Interactive Items (Single Sitting)


If you get all narrations, all items, and start riding around on your bicycle, instead of the normal fade-to-black ending, you will end up in a field of flowers, surrounded by trees. If you’re facing the other direction, you’ll see a windmill in the distance…then the fade-to-black ending.

I hope this guide was clear and concise for everyone. Any uncertainties, issues, problems, or mistakes, please let me know immediately so I can fix or clarify any of these errors or inconsistencies.

Thank you so much for checking out the guide and be sure to check out others that I have made. To all the community members who made other guides and contributed discussion posts before and after me to aid more players, thank you and keep on building a great community!

Take care and as always,
Game On.

Achievement Guide
Now Fly Now Fly
Finish the game

The Now Fly achievement is the technical “Beating the Game” achievement of Home is Where One Starts…

You must discover a number of the major locations, items, and audio tracks in order for an audio track to play that tells you how the narrator felt brave and then tells you about a key in her father’s room in the trailer. This track must play before you can access the key’s location, otherwise the drawer will remain locked.

Near the starting area, there is an impossible to miss trailer. After entering the front door, cross the living room/kitchen go to the end of the hall. From the back door it’s directly to your right, past a closet with a water-heater and another with a stacked washer/dryer set. The last door is the “master bedroom” as some community members have called it. In the dresser directly in view upon opening the door, there is a drawer that the reticle changes over. In this drawer, as the narrator has stated by now, is the key. If the narrator has not, the key will still be there and can still be added to your items.

It is very important to understand that in Home’s very short duration, that there is no inventory screen or any visible ownership of the key. It is just now an active item and can be used on the lock on the shed.
Once you enter you will see a pink bicycle. The reticle will change over it and you can now ride around. This is the end of game trigger and all the invisible walls around the map disapear, however, this sequence lasts around 15 seconds and there are no Easter Eggs beyond, but it is extremely fun to ride down the street past neighbors’ houses to no longer be “locked up” the same way your bike was.
The achievement should trigger once the credits begin.

The Sun Will Rise The Sun Will Rise
Find all voice overs in one sitting

The Sun Will Rise Achievement is the longest of course since it requires all narrations in a single play of the game. There are certain landmarks and objects that act as triggers for these narrative tracks.
The only narrative track that is not necessary is the one at the end of the Apathy Achievement, but that would be paradoxical for this run anyway.

In similar order to how we’ve been going:

1. Starting Sequence

2. Pond

3. Abandoned Shack

4. Dog Treat Box

5. The Forest Fort

6. Path to the Graveyard

6. The Graveyard

7. Discovering the Flask

8. Entering the Trailer

9. Entering the Narrator’s Room

10. Opening Shed

“11.” As previously mentioned, at some point of your walking the narrator will state that she felt brave and divulge that her father took something from her. This track requires a majority of the map explored, most of the other narration tracks played, and a number of items examined.

Dakota Dakota
Find your friend

As you approach the box of dog biscuits you’ll here a sound of barking and the narrator tells you of how she remembers the neighbor’s dog. There actually is a dog here, but he runs away and is visible for merely seconds. I tried to get a good shot of him, but the zoom is limited. He is inside the reticle if you have trouble locating him in the picture below.
The box is behind the shack, following the fence passed a few downed branches and bramble.

The achievement Dakota should trigger about half-way through the narration.

Good Intentions Good Intentions
Find the object you hid from your father

The Best Intentions achievement is gained by discovering where the narrator threw her father’s flask in the woods. I actually had the worst time finding it the second time I played through since my first run I discovered it entirely by accident. Regardless, the best method of discovering it is walking straight from the shack that is locked (just a few yards from the trailer) until you find it far back in the woods. Hell of a throwing arm.

Sown by the Mountain Sown by the Mountain
Study the stencil

Sown By The Mountain is achieved by staring at the Stencil against the wall of the abandoned shack in the back of the field past the lone standing chimney and well.

I believe the time limit for the achievement to activate is a few seconds to a minute, possibly a little longer.

This is the shack in the back of the field:

This is the stencil:

Hidden Achievement
Apathy Apathy
Stay still for 30 minutes

I’m not fond of beginning this guide on the “easiest” or “fastest” achievement, but since the ApathyAchievement is attained right in the starting position and not moving for 3 minutes, I figure this is the best place to start.
Thanks to the community, we now know that it is indeed exactly 3 minutes or 180 seconds, about the length of most songs, so que up a favorite and have a little jam session while you wait.

To my knowledge you can look around still, but I believe any steps make this achievement impossible unless you restart the game. This is an achievement that requires its own playthrough and will close the game after the bus stops and the screen fades.

It doesn’t sound like the most exciting start, but the resulting narration adds to the beautiful, almost tragic feel to the game.

Bliss Bliss
Conquer an old obstacle near the pond

Bliss is the achievement closest to the starting point of the game.

Across the street there is a small pond surrounded by hay bales. The narrator will say how she loved fishing and how she conquered climbing a hay bale in her childhood. Try as you might, it seems impossible to climb and there is no “jump” ability (Stanley feels your pain). My puzzle-solving sense made me believe a ladder or some sort of attainable item was needed for this, but the solution is far more simple.

A little ways away from the lake you’ll notice baseballs scattered around in a couple locations, one of three along with a bat. This helps with one way to identify the hay roll you need to climb, but your reticle will change on one side of this and this bale alone.

This hay bale has two methods of recognition.

At the bottom:

On the top:

Sentimentalist Sentimentalist
Pick up all examinable objects in one sitting

This is a section dedicated to the Sentamentalist achievement, or all the interactive items within Home. Finding and examining all these items leads to the special ending after riding the bike where the player ends up riding in a field of flowers instead of the screen simply turning black and rolling the credits.

I’ll start with the obvious starting point and travel in the clearest most comprehensive line to aid in the best clarity for everyone, the same pattern that I’ve tried to do for the rest of the guide.

Items 1-13 are found in the outside areas, while items 14-20 are found inside the trailer’s rooms and closets. Item 21 and 22 are the final two objects of the game, which are outside after completing the trailer.

1. Elephant Backpack
2. Mailbox
3. Letter
4. Fishing Pole
5. Hay Bale
6. Baseball Bat
7. Spray Can
8. Dog Treat Box
9. Soccer Ball
10. East of Eden Novel
11. Flask
12. “Glass” Slipper
13. Rubber Duck
14. Music Jewelry Box
15. Wooden Bunny
16. Electronics Do’s and Dont’s Book
17. Bible
18. The Middle Parts of Fortune Book
19. Drawer/Key
20. Knife
21. Shed Door
22. Pink Bicycle