Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Achievement Guide

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Level Rank Achievements
When you complete a level, you’ll be given a letter grade on how well you performed. The ranking can range from a C, to an S+++. Your score is determined on how many enemies/pots you can destroy, as well as the time you complete the level and the amount of damage you take.

If you are having trouble finding pots and chests, purchase the cat ears from Disk’s store and upgrade it to level 2. Now all of the pots/chests will show up on your mini-map.

Note that the rank achievements are NOT cumulative. So for example, if you get an A rank in a level, you’ll get the A rank achievement, but not the B and C rank achievements.
Drill Upgrade Achievements
All drill upgrades are obtained by purchasing them off of Cylinder (the big guy with the blue hair that tries to date Parin), who walks around the human world. You’ll be able to start buying them when you get the drill, and more parts will be available for purchase as you beat more bosses.

Furniture Achievements
When you complete a non-boss level, you’ll be given a piece of furniture that belongs to a resident of Monster Village. Give them the furniture and you’ll open up a new area as well as get the corresponding furniture achievement. Since they open up new levels, it is impossible to miss these achievements if you are aiming for the “all levels completed” achievements. Here are the locations of each furniture item for each monster.

Game Completion Achievements

There are two types of achievements that can be earned for completing the game on each difficulty.

The first type are the “all levels completed” achievements, done by completing each level and defeating the final boss (if done right, you’ll get the ending where ). Keep in mind that you just to complete each main level, so don’t worry about your rank or the minigames like Hoccer.

The second type is a bit more confusing: it asks you to “S-rank a difficulty.” To do this, you need to earn an S rank or higher on all of the main levels, BUT YOU CAN NOT COMPLETE THE OBLIVION ABYSS LEVEL WHERE YOU FIGHT BLACK BEAN!!! Clearing the level with Black Bean with all of the other levels S-ranked will cause the achievement to not unlock.


So if you want to unlock both types of achievements in one main difficulty file, here’s what you need to do:

1. When you first unlock the Oblivion Abyss level, create two save files of the same game.
2. For your first file, beat Black Bean, then beat the real final boss to get the “all levels completed” achievement for your difficulty.
3. For the second file, S-rank all of the regular levels, then beat the real final boss to get the “S-rank the difficulty” achievement.

Here are a few steam threads discussing the issue for further reference:


Now onto the difficulty achievements. Gurumin may seem easy at first, but completing the game on the higher difficulties will take a lot of effort. If you are having trouble beating the main levels, equip the vampire kit and use the dragon flame attack a lot. Now you will be able to deal massive damage while gaining health at the same time.

Wallpaper Achievements
By performing various tasks, you can unlock special wallpapers that can be used for your real world computer. They can be changed by going to Parin’s desk in her room. You’ll get an achievement for each wallpaper you get. Here is how to get them:

Achievement Guide
Toy Drill Toy Drill
Complete one level with C ranking

The worst possible score. You can easily get this by getting killed and destroying few enemies/pots.

Hand Cranked Drill Hand Cranked Drill
Complete one level with B ranking

Fairly easy to get. Just complete a level while attacking few enemies/pots and go sort of slow. It’s ok to get hurt but don’t die or you’ll get a C rank.

Battery Powered Drill Battery Powered Drill
Complete one level with A ranking

Play through the first level and destroy all of the pots/enemies, except the 10 jars in the first room. If done right, you should get an A rank.

A rank level

Pnuematic Drill Pnuematic Drill
Complete one level with A+ ranking

Play through the first level and destroy all pots/enemies, but leave 1 pot unbroken. If done right, you should get an A+ rank.

A+ rank level

Cooking With Gas Cooking With Gas
Complete one level with S ranking

Can be annoying to get at times, though you can usually earn an S rank during a boss battle. I got an S rank by defeating Mosby in about 5 minutes.

Level S Rank

On Fire On Fire
Complete one level with S+ ranking

The S+ rank can be a bit tricky to get. I got an S+ rank by destroying all of the pots/enemies in Radish Woods: Eerie Way in about 8 minutes while taking some damage. Similar to the other S ranks, you may sometimes get this after defeating a boss.

S+ level rank

Dungeon Master! Dungeon Master!
Complete one level with S++ ranking

You may sometimes get this from a boss battle, or if you just miss getting an S+++ rank. One way to get an S++ is to destroy all the pots/enemies in the first level and wait for about 24 minutes.

S++ Level Rank

Legendary Drill Legendary Drill
Complete one level with S+++ ranking

This sounds hard, but you can earn an S+++ ranking easily by playing through the first level without receiving damage and destroying all of the pots/enemies.

S+++ Level Rank

Beginner Mode Completed Beginner Mode Completed
Complete Beginner Mode with all levels completed

The easiest mode. Best to start if you’ve never played the game before.


  • Enemies are weaker.
  • No HP lost when defeated.
  • Minimal damage from traps and falls.
  • Auto landing assist.
  • Don’t slip on ice.
Normal Mode Completed Normal Mode Completed
Complete Normal Mode with all levels completed

The standard mode: not too hard yet not too easy.


  • Enemies deal regular damage.
  • Half HP lost when defeated.
Hard Mode Completed Hard Mode Completed
Complete Hard Mode with all levels completed

Hard mode is unlocked by beating the game on either beginner or normal mode.


  • Enemies are stronger.
  • Half HP lost when defeated.
  • You are weaker.
  • Fall damage is doubled.
Happy Mode Completed Happy Mode Completed
Complete Happy Mode with all levels completed

Happy mode is unlocked after beating the game on normal and hard mode.


  • Enemies are even stronger now.
  • Most of HP lost when defeated.
  • You are even more weaker than before.
  • Fall damage is doubled twice.
Crazy Mode Completed Crazy Mode Completed
Complete Crazy Mode with all levels completed

Crazy mode is the most difficult mode in the game. It is unlocked after clearing the game on happy mode, and will put your Gurumin tests to the max. You will have to rely on critical hits to defeat your enemies.


  • Enemies are incredibly strong now.
  • Just about all of your HP is lost when defeated.
  • You are now incredibly weak.
  • Fall damage is doubled twice.
Special Winner Special Winner
Complete Beginner Mode with S or better ranking

See “Unbeloevable Phantom Hunter” for more information on obtaining S Ranks.

Super Winner Super Winner
Complete Normal Mode with S or better ranking

See “Unbeloevable Phantom Hunter” for more information on obtaining S Ranks.

Super Phantom Hunter Super Phantom Hunter
Complete Hard Mode with S or better ranking

See “Unbeloevable Phantom Hunter” for more information on obtaining S Ranks.

Incredible Phantom Hunter Incredible Phantom Hunter
Complete Happy Mode with S or better ranking

See “Unbeloevable Phantom Hunter” for more information on obtaining S Ranks.

Unbelievable Phantom Hunter Unbelievable Phantom Hunter
Complete Crazy Mode with S or better ranking

As stated before, you need to S-rank all but one stage (preferably Oblivion Abyss) and beat the final boss in order get the respective S-rank achievement. To get an S-rank or higher in a stage, you’ll need to destroy most (if not all) of the pots/enemies, as well as clear the level fairly quickly and use minimal healing items.

Tips for getting S rank:

  • Play through each level multiple times to get a good feel of where you need to go.
  • Keep in mind that taking the money from pots is not required: you just need to break the pot.
  • Try to avoid taking damage as much as you can.
  • Remember to use your items: goggles help with swimming and gas mask helps through poison.
  • Hitting the water with the your drill has different effects depending on your attachments: ice parts freeze the water, fire parts melt the water, and shock parts hurt enemies in the water.
  • While time is important, enemies and pots are more important to your ranking, so focus on those more instead.
Forward Slash Forward Slash
Get the Alpha Parts necessary for this attack

Price: 500 pockles

Available to purchase once you first get the drill. A strong attack good for hitting opponents directly in front of you.

Drill Tornado Drill Tornado
Get the Storm Parts, necessary damaging enemies around you

Price: 1000 pockles

Available to purchase once you first get the drill. This move is a strong spinning move which is good for taking out enemies around you.

Pretty Missile Kick Pretty Missile Kick
Get the Beta Parts necessary for Parin’s favorite attack

Price: 4000 pockles

Available to purchase after you complete a certain amount of levels. A strong kick move that has great range directly in front of you.

Downward Lunge Downward Lunge
Get the Wind Parts for attacks effective around and above you

Price: 5000 pockles

Available to purchase after you complete a certain amount of levels. Good for hitting enemies below you, as well as freezing/melting bodies of water.

Spinning Dance Spinning Dance
The Cyclo and Storm Parts must be used together for this attack

Price: 7000 pockles

Available to purchase near the end of the game. You’ll need to buy the storm parts before you can purchase this attack, as it is essentially an upgraded version of the spin attack.

Dragon Flame Dragon Flame
Get the Master Parts for the most powerful attack

Price: 9999 pockles

Available to purchase near the end of the game. It’s one of the best attacks since it does a lot of damage and you’re invincible for most of it, so use this move a lot.

Bookshelf Bookshelf
Poco’s furniture

  • Boombox ———– Potato Ruins: Meter Corridor
  • Shoebox ———— Radish Woods: Eerie Way
  • Phonograph ——– Potato Ruins: Kilometer Path
  • Stereo —————- Pimento Mountain: Dragon’s Back
  • Bookshelf ———— Radish Woods: Serpent Road
Shoebox Shoebox
Poco’s furniture
Boombox Boombox
Poco’s furniture
Phonograph Phonograph
Poco’s furniture
Stereo Stereo
Poco’s furniture
Couch Couch
Pierre’s furniture

  • Couch ————– Radish Woods: Cherry Forest Path
  • Potted Plant ——- Potato Ruins: Nanometer Shrine*
  • Table —————- Potato Ruins: Mile Palace
  • Hat Rack ———– Spinach Cavern: Bracken Hollow
  • Fancy Shelf ——– Pimento Mountain: Heaven’s Hill

*You’ll have to play through this stage twice: once to save Puku at the start of the game, and another time to get the plant.

Table Table
Pierre’s furniture
Fancy Shelf Fancy Shelf
Pierre’s furniture
Hat Rack Hat Rack
Pierre’s furniture
Potted Plant Potted Plant
Pierre’s furniture
Umbrella Box Umbrella Box
Chucky’s furniture

  • Dresser ————— Pimento Mountain: Sky Steps
  • Umbrella Box ——– Spinach Cavern: Tumultuous Cave
  • Toy Car ————— Spinach Cavern: Shadow Grotto
  • Ducky —————– Eggplant Cavern: Crystal Way
  • Teddy Bear ———- Eggplant Cavern: Amethyst Road
Dresser Dresser
Chucky’s furniture
Ducky Ducky
Chucky’s furniture
Toy Car Toy Car
Chucky’s furniture
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Chucky’s furniture
Low Table Low Table
Rocko’s furniture

  • Low Table ———- Spinach Cavern: Forgotten Den
  • Statue ————— Pimento Mountain: Fairies Nest
  • Goldfish ————- Radish Woods: Bats Hideaway
  • Cedar Chest ——– Eggplant Cavern: Sapphire Line
  • Old Scroll ———— Eggplant Cavern: Ruby Cave
Cedar Chest Cedar Chest
Rocko’s furniture
Statue Statue
Rocko’s furniture
Old Scroll Old Scroll
Rocko’s furniture
Goldfish Goldfish
Rocko’s furniture
Lots of Roofs Lots of Roofs
Joke Glasses are key to getting this picture

Joke glasses can be found randomly in mystery bags. When you get them, give it to Chucky and he’ll become a cold-hearted adult. Talk to him again then talk to the other villagers. Now talk to Chucky again and he’ll return the glasses and give you a wallpaper.

Evening Stroll Evening Stroll
For this picture, find Grandpa’s hidden Platinum Medal

After you complete a few levels, talk to your Grandpa and he will challenge you to find his hidden platinum medal. The medal can be found in the chimney of your house. Once you get the medal, bring it back to him and you’ll get the wallpaper.

Gas Mask Manga Gas Mask Manga
Getting a diamond from Pamela is the first step towards getting this picture

There are numerous “mystery bags” that can be found in chests and opened by talking to Pamela in the town. You can find different items in each bag, such as an item that will trigger a small side quest. You might not get all of the side quest items in one single playthrough, so you may have to create a new game+ in order to get all of them.

In one of the random mystery bags, you’ll find a diamond. Once you have the diamond, you’ll have to start a small trading quest.

  • Give the diamond to Pamela (lady that opened your bag).
  • Give the dragon slayer to Disk (headgear shop owner).
  • Give the alchemy book to Cylinder (the big guy with blue hair).
  • Give manga to Fan (bakery girl).
  • Give the choco-cake to your Grandpa.
  • Give the steak to the dog.
  • Finally, give the gold ring to Pamela.

The trade quest will end with Pamela giving you the Gas Mask wallpaper.

Everyone's Story Everyone’s Story
For this picture, start by changing with Puchi in the house during your second playthrough

When you beat the game with all of the levels completed (the ending where The portal closes and Parin leaves the monsters), you’ll have the option to create a “new game+,” which is essentially the same game but with numerous differences. You’ll need to be in a new game+ save file to get this wallpaper.

You’ll also need to have at least 1 costume aside from your default clothing. You get a costume for getting the good ending for each difficulty, so you should already have another outfit since you’re in new game+. To change into a costume, select the closet that is found on the 2nd floor of Parin’s house.

In order to get this wallpaper, you have to change your outfit while the dog is in your room. The walk patterns are random so just play through the main game and wait for the dog to be in your room (or just follow it until it goes into your home). If done right, Parin will suspect that someone was watching her. Go out onto the balcony and you’ll see Cylinder’s hat. After talking to several people for hints on his location, you’ll see him leaving the mines. Talk to him and he’ll give you the wallpaper.

Nap Time Nap Time
Getting an Afro for Poco is the first step towards this picture

In the Crystal Way level found in the Eggplant Caverns, there is a floating platform with a treasure chest around halfway through the level. Use the platforms that appear and disappear to reach the chest. Open it to obtain the afro item.

When you beat the level, go to Monster Village and talk to Poco so you can put the afro on him. He won’t like it and he’ll want you to burn it. Equip the flame parts on your drill and attack him to burn the afro and get the wallpaper/achievement.


Devices and Gear Devices and Gear
Putting the Pharaoh Hat on one of the monsters is your first step towards this picture

You’ll find a pharaoh hat in one of the mystery bags. Give it to Rocko and he will become possessed. Use your charged drill attack on him and you’ll get the wallpaper/achievement.

A Young Hero A Young Hero
You’ll get a shot at this picture during your second playthrough

For this wallpaper, you need to purchase all of the headgear in Disk’s shop during a new game+ (just the regular headgear, not the upgrades). If you want to buy them for a cheaper price, get the princess crown by climbing the monkey bars in the playground in the mountains. Once you buy everything available, leave the shop and re-enter. Talk to Disk and you’ll now have to put up ads for his shop. Once the ads are placed, talk to Disk to get the wallpaper.

A Boring Class A Boring Class
If you want this picture, start by wearing the maid outfit

The maid outfit is obtained by paying 99,999 pockles to the vending machine in the Shadow Grotto level of the Spinach Caverns. You can make the price cheaper by wearing the princess crown, which is obtained by climbing the monkey bars in Pimento Park. Once you have the maid outfit, equip it by going to your closet and head to the bakery shop.

Talk to Fan and she’ll want you to work for her so you can pay off the damages your imposter did. You’ll be behind the counter and have to take customer’s orders by typing what they want (so if someone says coffee, type in “Coffee”). When you’re done, you’ll get the wallpaper.

Yearning for Home Yearning for Home
Pierre loves Sombreros. That’s your first thing you need to know to get this picture

In one of the mystery bags is a sombrero. Give it to Pierre and he’ll need help finding his bird. Grab the bird which is behind Poco’s house and bring it back to Pierre. Talk to him and you’ll get the wallpaper.