Gemini Rue Achievement Guide

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A guide detailing the Steam achievements available in Gemini Rue, their completion requirements, as well as instructions on how to best obtain them.

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Gemini Rue is a sci-fi point-and-click adventure game by Joshua Nuernberger (and published by adventure game experts, Wadjet Eye Studios) that draws a lot of its inspiration and similarities from 80’s-era science fiction movies; most notably, Blade Runner.

The game follows the adventures of Azriel Odin, an assassin-turned-cop and Delta-Six, one of many test subjects in the mysterious Center 7. Aside from an expertly-written story, the game boasts an amazing atmosphere and (for the most part) fairly interesting and logical puzzles.

Achievement-wise, this is a very easy game to complete as the game is fairly short and the achievement requirements are often lax and/or uncomplicated. Four of these achievements cannot be missed, as they are acquired by progressing the story, while the other eleven concern mainly optional collectibles and the game’s (minor) combat minigame.

Also note that there is an in-game achievement tracking system (found in the game’s Options menu) – this includes trackers for the multi-part achievements as well as better descriptions than their Steam equivalents.

This guide is organized by category; achievements that are awarded for progressing the story are marked as Non-Missable, gunplay achievements are filed under the Combat tag and everything else falls under the Optional/Collectible heading. Where appropriate, the character required for a particular achievement will be noted next to the achievement’s in-game location.

Finally, a fairly major warning; since Gemini Rue is mainly narrative-driven, a lot of the achievement descriptions will contain major spoilers – in most cases it’s recommended to play the game at least once before consulting this guide, in order to avoid such spoilers.

Achievement Guide
Grade A Student Grade A Student
Complete all Center 7 Exams without any strikes

Location: (Delta-Six) Center 7 – Combat Training Room
Awarded for completing Delta-Six’s advanced gun training without being “hit” once. After the Director explains how you can lean out of either side of your cover, there will be two consequtive simulations in which you’ll need to land five and ten hits, respectively, on each dummy – all while avoiding to lean from the side the red light (simulating enemy fire) is currently flashing on.

Note that you can still shoot while the light is flashing, by leaning towards the opposite side of the cover; for best results avoid using the “hold your breath” function, as simply mashing the spacebar to shoot takes less time.

Saving just before picking the gun from the pedestal is also possible, affording you as many retries as needed.

Mementos Mementos
Find all 6 hidden notes in Center 7

Location: (Delta-Six) Center 7 – Various
The second of two collectible “side-quests” in Gemini Rue, this is Delta-Six’s counterpart to Azrial’s magazines; as with Scavenger, it becomes available as soon as the player is allowed to switch between characters.

While the achievement description mentions six notes, two of them are acquired automatically by progressing through the story – the remaining four are scattered in the various locations of Center 7.

  • The first one can be acquired inside either of the elevators of Center 7 – it should be visible on the floor to the left of the elevator entrance.
  • The second is wedged underneath an impassable door in the [Testing Facility – Blue Corridor] area (the one Delta-Six needs to enter to complete his gun training) – it should be visible as soon as you reach the end of the corridor. Note that you’ll need to head to the [Mess Hall] first for the [Blue Corridor] area to become accessible.
  • The third one is also wedged under a door, this time in the [Gym Facility] floor (where Balder hangs out) – it should be visible to the left of the screen as soon as you exit the elevator.
  • The final note only appears once you’ve completed Delta-Six’s advanced gun training (see also: “Grade A Student” achievement) and entering the elevator with Epsilon-Five. It should appear in the same elevator that the first note was at; if not, check the other elevator as well.

Golden Gun Golden Gun
Complete all fights without losing any health

Location: (Both) Various
Easier than it sounds, as the game will autosave just before each gunfight, allowing you to reload it if things go wrong. There are six fights in total, four of which you play as Azriel and two as Delta-Six. Note that the game only counts actual firefights against human enemies – the gun training during Delta-Six’s chapters does not count.

  • The first two gunfights occur during Azriel’s escape sequence with Matthius; one at the beginning in the alley (two enemies) and one on the sixth floor of the Hibiscus Highrise building (one enemy).
  • The third gunfight is at about the halfway point of the game, during the finale to the Weather Tower 2 sequence (two enemies).
  • The fourth and fifth gunfights happen consecutively during Delta-Six’s escape from Center 7 (see also: The Great Escape achievement) – one after the giant stomper sequence (two enemies) and one at the end of the sequence (two enemies).
  • The final gunfight plays out during the game’s finale, just before entering the [Director’s Office] and finishing the game (one enemy).
Scavenger Scavenger
Find all 3 extra ammo magazines

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Streets
One of two collectible “side-quests” in Gemini Rue, this one is available as soon as you acquire the ability to switch between characters. There are three extra magazines for Azriel’s pistol located in the various [Streets] locations in New Pittsburgh.

  • The first is located in the [Trash Heaps] area, one screen to the left of where the game begins (where Azriel acquires the [ID Card] from the dead Boryokudan goon). As soon as you climb down to the trash, you should be able to see it to the right of your character’s sprite.
  • The second is located underneath a dumpster in the [T-Junction] location, one screen to the right of the shop (where Azriel exits from the [Back Alley] during the first escape sequence). It’s visible at the foot of the dumpster on the left side of the road.
  • The final one is located inside the clogged drain in front of the [Boryokudan HQ] building (the same drain that contains the WT2 [Security Card] Sayuri asks for). After kicking the filth once for the [Security Card], kick it another three times and the magazine should appear.


Space Cowboy Space Cowboy
Find all 4 hidden Easter Egg Characters

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Streets
Awarded for finding all four of the Cowboy Bebop anime series’ character cameos. Must be completed on specific time frames, as these characters don’t appear at other times.

  • Spike Spiegel – Appears at the the New Pittsburgh [Bus Stop] (the very first playable location in the city). Must be visited after breaking into Matthius Howard’s apartment (and escaping the Boryokudan goons) but before calling Matthius and arranging for a meeting.
  • Jet Black – Appears at the fifth floor of the [Hibiscus Highrise] stairwell (se also: “Stair Master” achievement). Must be visited after escaping from New Pittsburgh with Matthius but before acquiring the [Carbon Ray Stabilizer].
  • Ed & Ein – Appears at the fifth (top) floor of Paul Erickson’s apartment block (the one you enter via the [Back Alley] window). Must be visited before entering Paul Erickson’s apartment (thanks to Steam user hubertsng for correcting prior information) – earliest available is right at the start of the chapter.
  • Faye Valentine – Appears in the destroyed building with the boarded-up door (where you acquire the [Carbon Ray Stabilizer]). Must be visited after using the [Juice Withdrawal Medicine] on Paul Erickson but before visiting Barry Adama’s apartment.

Credit for finding each character is awarded as soon as their sprite is on-screen.

Diplomacy Diplomacy
Evade the Boryokudan rather than fight them

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Streets
During your escape from New Pittsburgh with Matthius, you’ll find yourself outside the shop where you got an [ID Card] at the start of the game. Enter the [Back Alley] and head to the right until you exit at the intersection – you should see the Boryokudan guards running past you in the foreground.

Stair master Stair master
Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Hibiscus Highrise
Despite its in-game description, this achievement is doable as soon as you’ve unlocked access to the [Hibiscus Highrise] – simply enter the stairwell to the right of where you enter the building and climb the stairs up to the top floor.

Good Samaritan Good Samaritan
Heal the fellow Man on Barracus

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Streets
Awarded for using the [Juice Withdrawal Medicine] you acquired at the [Hibiscus Highrise] building on the homeless man outside the [Back Alley]. Note that you need to do this before administering said medicine to Paul Erickson, as the item disappears from your inventory afterwards.

Research Paper Research Paper
Find all Database Articles

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Streets
Awarded for reading all the database entries in Gemini Rue, accessible after using the Search function from any of the city’s terminals.

The search terms themselves range from locations (Pittsburgh, Colony 4, Barracus) to concepts (Gemini War, Juice) and are usually referenced in dialogue and mission reminders. You should have used a good deal of these simply by progressing the game, as they are often required to unlock new dialogue and story progression options.

Note that you’ll need to complete this achievement before visiting [Weather Tower 2]; the terminals needed to access the Search and Database functions are only found in New Pittsburgh’s [Streets] areas.

Steam user Corsario has put together a guide detailing every Search keyword needed to unlock the achievement, worth checking out if you think you’ve missed an entry or two:

The Great Escape The Great Escape
Escape Center 7 without losing any health

Location: (Delta-Six) Center 7 – Maintenance Corridors
Requires the player to complete the two gunfights during the escape from Center 7 without taking damage. There is one gunfight just after the room with the giant stomping machines and another near the end of the sequence where Epsilon-Five is working on the computer terminal; both fights have two enemies apiece.

Very forgiving to do, as the game autosaves just before each gunfight and the enemy fire follows a scripted pattern – again, the “hold your breath” function is not really required (especially on the Easy difficulty setting), just make sure you can drop a couple shots as soon as an enemy breaks his cover and you should not have much trouble.

Memories Memories
Access the Memory Database in the Director’s Office in Center 7

Location: (Both) Center 7 – Director’s Office
Acquired during the game’s finale – after shooting the Director but before talking to Sayuri in the [Director’s Office], use the cyan terminal on his desk to the far right of the screen.

Geminis Geminis
Be able to control both Azriel & Delta-Six

Location: (Both) Center 7 – Living Quarters
Unlocks right after escaping New Pittsburgh with Matthius and control reverts back to Delta-Six; there should be an icon displaying whichever character you are not currently in control on the upper right of the screen.

Give me a Hard Copy Give me a Hard Copy
Analyze a photo using the terminal

Location: (Azriel) New Pittsburgh – Streets
After locating the smuggler pilot Kenneth and resolving the subsequent dialogue, he’ll drop a photo of the suspected shipment thief – simply use it on any of the terminals located throughout the city to unlock this achievement.

Rue the Day Rue the Day
Complete the game once

Rewarded for completing the game.

Rue the Commentary Rue the Commentary
Complete the game once in Commentary mode

Awarded for completing the game with Commentary Mode on, accessed via the appropriate option in the main menu. Note that in this mode, several of the locations have additional icons (shaped like tape recorders) which contain either the director’s commentary or voice actor outtakes and bloopers.

Completing the game in this mode also awards the “Rue the Day” achievement cumulatively, if it has not been achieved already.