Final Fantasy VII Achievement Guide

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  • Difficulty : 4
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  • Offline : 36/36
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Good day, fellow achievement hunters!

So, willing to get all the achievements but you’re kinda new to this game, eh?
Or maybe you’re an oldstager just having some questions about specific achievement?

Honestly, I don’t care. This guide is for both of you, as well as any other player.
Here, I’ll give a try to explain how to get all the achievements in this game in a player-friendly way. Expect many pictures and screenshots as well as text explainations. You can also be sure this guide has completely no spoilers, so don’t be afraid to read it.

But let’s finally get into it!
When I heared that new release of Final Fantasy 7 is going to have achievements, I was afraid of meeting Civilization V-like achievements, like “Build 1000 mines”. Hopefully, FF7 has the best achievements of its kind – Not easy, not impossible, but still VERY challenging (most of the times).
I don’t know how does “challenging” sound to you, but prepare to spend lots of hours in front of your computer. Not kidding here. Maybe it isn’t as bad as constantly building mines, but it will take time.
Another quite important thing to know. You can get all the achievements in one, constant game. I mean here that you can get ’em all right from starting the game to its end without starting a new game. Helps a lot, doesn’t it?

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough

Limit Break Achievements

You do know what are Limit Breaks and how do they work, don’t you? If the answer’s “Yes” then you’re half the way to get these 7 achievements. Simply use your party members’ first limits and you’re done here.

More information on the limit breaks can be found here 


You already know what does it take to have a Limit Break, but do you know how to get a Final Limit Break for any character? If the answer’s “Yes”, skip the paragraph below. Otherwise read carefully:

Every character (Except Cait Sith) has 4 levels of Limit Breaks, and every level has 2 Limits. Except the 4th level, wich is “reserved” for that Final Limit thing. But how to gain more Limits having just the 1st one? It may look complicated, but is in fact pretty simple: To gain the second limit from a specific level you must use the first limit from that level certain amount of times, and to gain a higher-leveled limit break, you must kill 80 enemies using a specific character. Here’s the full table:

1 First limit Use the first Level 1 limit 8 times
2 Slay 80 enemies Use the first Level 2 limit 7 times
3 Slay 80 enemies after getting the first Level 2 limit Use the first Level 3 limit 6 times

Things get complicated when you want to get the Final Limit. To do this, you must know all the previous limits and have a special item allowing you to learn that Limit. I call these items “Manuals” though their name in-game is same as the Limit’s name.

And here the guide’s ending. It’s been the first guide I’ve ever written, to be honest. Has it answered any of your questions related to FF7 achievements? Have you found it helpful? Or maybe you’ve found it unnecessary and worthless? I’d like to hear some constructive feedback from you. That’d make me write some more guides, not only for FF7. Rate, comment, share, etc.

I’d also like to thank Kostas S. for morally supporting me, even if he wasn’t actually doing it…

Enjoy your 100%-done game, achievement hunters!

Achievement Guide
End of Part I End of Part I
Complete the first part of the game
End of Part II End of Part II
Complete the second part of the game
End of Game End of Game
Master of Gil Master of Gil
99,999,999 Gil
Top Level Top Level
Reach level 99 with any character
Omnislash Omnislash
Get Cloud’s last Limit Break
Catastrophe Catastrophe
Get Barret’s last Limit Break
Final Heaven Final Heaven
Get Tifa’s last Limit Break
Great Gospel Great Gospel
Get Aeris’s last Limit Break
Cosmo Memory Cosmo Memory
Get Red XIII’s last Limit Break
All Creation All Creation
Get Yuffie’s last Limit Break
Slots Slots
Get Cait Sith’s last Limit Break
Chaos Chaos
Get Vincent’s last Limit Break
Highwind Highwind
Get Cid’s last Limit Break
Knights of the Round Knights of the Round
Get materia Knights of the Round
Master Materia Master Materia
Reach the maximum level of any Materia
Bahamut Zero Bahamut Zero
Get materia Bahamut Zero
Ultimate Weapon Ultimate Weapon
Defeat the Ultimate Weapon
Diamond Weapon Diamond Weapon
Defeat the Diamond Weapon
Ruby Weapon Ruby Weapon
Defeat the Ruby Weapon
Emerald Weapon Emerald Weapon
Defeat the Emerald Weapon
Vincent Vincent
Get Vincent on your team
Yuffie Yuffie
Get Yuffie on your team
Materia Overlord Materia Overlord
Master all Materias
Gold Chocobo Gold Chocobo
Get a Gold Chocobo
Won 1st battle Won 1st battle
Win your first battle
Braver Braver
Use Cloud’s 1st limit
Big Shot Big Shot
Use Barret’s 1st limit
Galian Beast Galian Beast
Use Vincent’s 1st limit
Healing Wind Healing Wind
Use Aeris’s 1st limit
Boost Jump Boost Jump
Use Cid’s 1st limit
Beat Rush Beat Rush
Use Tifa’s 1st limit
Greased Lightning Greased Lightning
Use Yuffie’s 1st limit
Sled Fang Sled Fang
Use Red XIII’s 1st limit
Dice Dice
Use Cait Sith’s 1st limit
Battle Square Battle Square
Start a battle in the Battle Square