Evoland Achievement Guide

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A guide detailing the Steam achievements available in Evoland, their completion requirements, as well as instructions on how to best obtain them.

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Evoland is a unique game – originally the result of the Ludum Dare 48-hour challenge, it was expanded upon and eventually Greenlit for a full commercial release. It is mostly a love letter towards the RPG genre, mirroring its evolution through the 80’s and 90’s, while referencing gaming behemoths such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Diablo and so on.

Achievement-wise, Evoland is a very easy game to get to 100% completion; most of the achievements can be gotten during a normal playthrough, with only a handful requiring grinding or branching off the main story to optional locations. The entire game should take no more than 5 to 7 hours to complete, possibly a bit more depending on which collectibles you’ve missed.

This guide is organized by category; achievements that cannot be skipped are categorized as Non-Missable, Stars and Cards are placed under the Collectibles category and so on. Use the right-hand side index for quick navigation; changes may be made in the future, depending on user feedback.

Finally, a brief warning – while Evoland’s story is pretty simple and easy to figure out, readers that wish to experience it first-hand should avoid reading this guide until they complete the game. Certain achievements require descriptions that contain (minor) spoilers; therefore, read at your own discretion.


Collectibles Achievements
Evoland comes with two kinds of collectibles: Stars and Double Twin cards.

Most of these are easy enough to spot; some are hidden behind “fake” walls, which are harder to find. A few rare ones require that the player solves small puzzles (such as lighting fire pits) or creatively combining the game’s mechanics (such as triggering the 2D/3D switch with bombs).

Check Steam user Jedo’s guides for detailed instructions on how to acquire all 30 Stars and 23 Double Twin cards.



Achievement Guide
Left Key Left Key

Location: Edel Vale
Acquired by opening the very first chest in the game and unlocking the ability to move left.

16 colors 16 colors
You unclocked the 16 colors display.

Location: Edel Vale
Acquired by unlocking the 16-color display mode, near the very first save point you’ll encounter.

3D 3D
You unlocked a whole dimension!

Location: Crystal Caverns
Acquired by defeating Kefka’s Ghost, the boss of the Crystal Caverns dungeon, and unlocking the game’s 3D graphics mode.

Experience Points Experience Points
You unlocked a new way to progess in game.

Location: Crystal Caverns
Acquired by unlocking the game’s leveling system, at about the half-way point of the Crystal Caverns dungeon.

Storyline Storyline
Now you know what we’re talking about.

Location: Edel Vale
Acquired by unlocking the game’s “story”, near the area’s second save point.

DVD Player DVD Player
You bought the DVD player in Aogai.

Location: Aogai
Bought the “DVD Player” upgrade, improving loading times. The DVD Player can be bought from the Expensive Merchant in Aogai, for 5,000 Glis. Might require some farming when first encountered, although the frequency of combat triggering means it doesn’t take much time to earn the amount required.

Card Champion Card Champion
You have defeated the strongest decks of Double Twin!

Location: Aogai
Win against the Card Player’s “Champion” Deck. To unlock the “Champion” Deck option, you must defeat the Card Player’s other decks, starting with “Easy”. Since the game randomly picks cards from your collection before each duel, this might take a few tries to achieve. The duels can be made easier by avoiding to collect some of the early cards (such as Pakkun, Bat, Octorac etc.) and waiting until you have access to the Airship.

Powerful cards such as Zephyros, Clink, Kaeris, Red Wizard and Babamut can be acquired in the latter half of the game (in areas such as the Forbidden Lake, Sacred Grove and Ruins of Sarudnahk) and can help greatly in winning against the “Champion” Deck.

Master Collector Master Collector
You have shown your full deck of cards to Garen!

Location: Various
Collect all 23 Double Twin cards and return to Garen in Aogai. Steam user Jedo has compiled an excellent guide, linked at the top of this section, that lists every card in the order they can be acquired. Requires the player to have unlocked the Bomb, Bow and Airship upgrades.

Also requires 10,500 Glis to buy two of the cards – the Tork card from the Papunika Village shopkeeper for 500 Glis and the Undead King card from the Expensive Shopkeeper in Aogai for 10,000 Glis.

Once all 23 cards are collected, return to Aogai and talk to Garen (the bald NPC next to the Card Player) to unlock the achievement.

Exterminator Exterminator
You killed a bat with a bomb.

Location: Various, earliest at Sacred Grove or Noria Mines
Kill a bat with a Bomb. The Bomb upgrade is acquired in Aogai, after completing a short back-and-forth trip between various townspersons. The earliest location you can encounter bats depends on whether you backtracked to Noria Mines or went on to the Sacred Grove after Aogai.

In both cases, bats are plentiful – it takes some good timing and luck to get a Bomb to explode near a bat, although you can increase your chances by finding bats patrolling in narrow passages (of which there are plenty in both Noria Mines and Sacred Grove).

Sniper Sniper
You killed a skeleton with the bow.

Location: Various, earliest at Sacred Grove
Kill a skeleton with the Bow. The Bow is acquired in the Sacred Grove dungeon and makes killing skeletons considerably easier (since they don’t seem to be able to block arrows with their shield).

Skeletons can be found in various indoor dungeons, your first encounter (after getting the Bow) being at the end of the Sacred Grove dungeon, in the underground area where you get the first half of the Amulet.

Takoyaki Takoyaki
You killed an Octorac with a flaming arrow.

Location: Either Sacred Grove (earliest) or Forbidden Lake (easiest)
Kill an octorac with a flaming arrow. Octoracs are the red, octopus-like enemies you first encounter in Edel Vale. Flaming arrows are the result of firing an arrow through a fire pit, used to solve puzzles such as those first seen in the Sacred Grove.

The easiest location to get this achievement, however, is at the Forbidden Lake – there are a couple of Octorac wandering around the area’s first fire pit, making it easy to hit one with a flaming arrow.

Choboko Hunter Choboko Hunter
You found and killed a Choboko.

Location: Various, random in overworld map
Kill a Choboko. Chobokos are yellow, bipedal, bird-like enemies that randomly appear in forest areas (turn-based combat) – they are also rare encounters, meaning you might have to fight through several other enemies before one will appear. They should start appearing as random encounters after the player has completed Aogai and gained the Bomb upgrade.

While not confirmed, it seems that there is a higher chance of them appearing in the western part of the map, in an area accessible only with the Airship. They have higher than average health and do significantly more damage than the other overworld enemies, but the Babamut summon can make short work of them.

Star of Evoland Star of Evoland
You have found 10 hidden stars.

Location: Various
Collect 10 Stars. See Megastar of Evoland below for further comments.

Superstar of Evoland Superstar of Evoland
You have found 20 hidden stars.

Location: Various
Collect 20 Stars. See Megastar of Evoland below for further comments.

Megastar of Evoland Megastar of Evoland
You have found all the hidden stars.

Location: Various
Collect all 30 Stars. Requires finding all three of the game’s secret locations (see Exploration Achievements for more details), as well as the Bomb, Bow and Airship upgrades. Steam user Jedohas written an excellent guide, linked at the top of this section, that covers all 30 Stars in the approximate order you’ll encounter them in-game.

Card Player Card Player
You have won a game of Double Twin.

Location: Aogai
Win against the Card Player’s “Easy” Deck. This requires a minimum of 5 Double Twin cards found and is doable with any combination of cards.

Card Collector Card Collector
You have found 15 Double Twin cards.

Location: Various
Collect 15 of the game’s Double Twin cards. If you collect each card as it becomes available, you should get this achievement at around the time you reach Aogai, by buying the Undead King card for 10,000 Glis from the Expensive Merchant.

Undertaker Undertaker
You have killed 100 skeletons.

Location: Various, earliest at Noria Mines
Kill 100 skeletons. Requires the “Skeleton Enemy” upgrade from Noria Mines (which is not missable).

As the skeletons are difficult to kill with the Sword, it is recommended that you have acquired the Bow from the Sacred Grove dungeon before attempting to grind for this achievement. The earliest location Skeletons appear at is in the Noria Mines and can be made to respawn when the player exits and re-enters the dungeon. The biggest population of skeletons, however, is found in the Ruins of Sarudnahk (thanks to Steam user KrawlYo for the correction), making it a more efficient area to get this achievement.

Turtle Soup Turtle Soup
You have killed 10 A’tuins

Location: Various, best around Aogai
Kill 10 A’tuin enemies. A’tuin are huge turtle enemies you encounter during turn-based combat on the overworld map. Although they can appear in various locations, I found that the highest concentration appears on the desert area around Aogai. For saving time, it is recommended that the player has acquired Kaeris’ X-Crystal spell (automatically gained when exiting Aogai with the Bombupgrade).

Heavy Purse Heavy Purse
You have looted 20000 glis in one play.

Location: Various, best done at Ruins of Sarudnahk
Gather 20,000 Glis. The achievement’s wording is a bit vague – “in one play” means in one playthrough, not one session. Spending Glis is also allowed, since the game only tracks the amount received, not your wallet’s current total.

See the “Hoarder” achievement entry below for comments and recommendations.

Hoarder Hoarder
You have looted 50000 glis in one play.

Location: Various, best done at Ruins of Sarudnahk
Gather 50,000 Glis. As with the “Heavy Purse” achievement, this does not need to be done in one session, nor do you need to save up the full amount in your wallet.

While the turn-based fights in the overworld map can provide a substantial amount of Glis, the best place to farm them would be at the Ruins of Sarudnahk – otherwise known as “the Diablo dungeon”.

Found to the north / north-east of Aogai, this dungeon has a plethora of enemies, most of which will drop between 10 and 100 Glis when killed. While results vary (due to the random nature of the drop system), a full run can yield antyhing between 6,000 and 9,000 Glis in about 5 minutes, making the dungeon a great way to earn this achievement.

It was an accident It was an accident
You have destroyed 20 pots in one play.

Location: Noria Mines
Break 20 pots with an attack. Requires the player to have found the “Breakable Pots” upgrade in Noria Mines first. There are exactly 20 pots in the Mines area, listed below in the approximate order encountered (Thanks to Steam User Kaera for pointing out my earlier mistake about pots respawning):

2 Pots – On either side of the door leading to the boss.
1 Pot – Near the “Breakable Pots” upgrade chest.
1 Pot – Right after the “Skeleton Enemy” upgrade chest.
1 Pot – In the room containing the “Pushable Blocks” upgrade chest.
1 Pot – In the room before the “High Definition User Interface” upgrade chest.
2 Pots – In the Light Puzzle room.
3 Pots – While navigating the Lava Maze room.
5 Pots – In the room containing the Boss Key chest.
4 Pots – In an alcove right before the boss fight.

Excavations Excavations
You have used a bomb to destroy a wall.

Location: Either Noria Mines or Sacred Grove
Use a Bomb to break down a crumbling wall or cracked rock, revealing the hidden path behind. Bombs are acquired in Aogai, after completing a short quest and talking to the child running around the town’s well.

Once you have access to Bombs, you can either proceed to the Sacred Grove area or backtrack to the Noria Mines dungeon – blowing up a wall / rock in either location will unlock the achievement.

Time Traveller Time Traveller
You have travelled through time 12 times.

Location: Sacred Grove
Travel through time 12 times. “Time Travel” is an ability first encountered in the Sacred Grove. By hitting a floating blue crystal, the game switches back and forth between 2D and 3D graphics modes. Simply do this another 11 times at the first crystal you encounter and the achievement is yours.

Dodgeball Dodgeball
You have beaten the Noria Mines boss with full health.

Location: Noria Mines
Defeat Dark Clink with full health. Dark Clink is the end boss of the Noria Mines dungeon. While not hugely difficult, the fight requires that the player is constantly moving to avoid a variety of attacks.

Dark Clink has three attacks in total:

Fireballs – Will randomly shoot three fireballs, which move away from the boss in an arc pattern. By keeping a moderate distance from him, you can easily step in the gap between two fireballs to avoid the attack.

Summon Bats – Dark Clink will summon four bats at moderate intervals – usually once after being hit and once again for every three to four fireball attacks he does. These are best killed fast, as they can distract the player enough to fail dodging Dark Clink’s other attacks. Once killed, they have a small chance of dropping Hearts.

Charge – The boss will charge at Clink, knocking him back if the attack connects. Moving fast enough out of the way will cause Dark Clink to charge into a wall instead, momentarily stunning him and allowing the player to attack him freely.

There is no particular trick to the achievement – although the fight can be repeated, so you can always return at a later time and try again (by using the pressure pad at the boss room entrance).

Addendum: I was reminded by Steam User The Big Dawg that you can afford to be hit during the fight, as long as you down him with full health. The bats he summons have a small chance of dropping Hearts when killed; with enough patience, you can restore your life back to full using this method.

True Explorer True Explorer
You have found the Hidden Cave.

Location: Hidden Meadow
Find the Hidden Cave location. After leaving Papunika Village and joining forces with Kaeris, head west from the village, past the entrance to the Crystal Caverns. Circling south around the lake, you should find yourself in the Hidden Meadow – a hole in the ground should allow you access to the Hidden Cave, along with this achievement.

Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler
You have found the Shrine of the Babamut.

Location: Shrine of the Babamut
Finding the Shrine of the Babamut requires the player to have access to the Airship, near the end of the game. The Shrine itself is located in the mountains to the west of the Edel Vale area, a bit to the southwest of the Hidden Trader camp.

Cartographer Cartographer
You have found the Hidden Lake.

Location: Forbidden Lake
While the achievement description lists the “Hidden Lake” as the requirement, the actual location is named “The Forbidden Lake”. It requires access to the Airship and can be found in the forests to the east of Edel Vale, across the river.

Hero Hero
You have defeated Zephyros.

Location: Mana Tree
Acquired by defeating Zephyros, the game’s final boss.