Eets Munchies Achievement Guide

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In this guide, I’ll be going through each and every level on how to get all treats. As well as obtaining all achievements in the process.
Thanks to my friend “ProKitty” for allowing me to use their videos for this guide! Check out their channel here:

***All random MISSABLE achievements are in this guide***

This guide is open to suggestions for improvements!

Hope this guide is helpful!
Feel free to add me as a friend if you still have difficulties with a level.

Achievement Guide
Treasure Treasure
Unlock your first Puzzle Maker item

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.

Fast Eater Fast Eater
Complete a puzzle without using all the items

Just like the description of the achievement says, you must complete a level without using all of the items given to you. This can be done on, ‘Spooky Caves – 2’. Just place the cupcake at the top as shown on the first image. Then after pressing ‘GO’, wait until the bomb cart reaches the cake and explode. Then Eets will complete the level. DO NOT PLACE THE PLANK FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT.

Sampler Sampler
Complete a puzzle in every world

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.

Munchies Munchies
Get 50 Treats

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.

Sharing is caring Sharing is caring
Share a puzzle

This can be done by clicking on the ‘Puzzle Maker’ section of the main menu, and click on the ‘new’ button, where you’ll then name your puzzle and it’ll take you to the editor menu. From there create your masterpiece of a puzzle 😉 And when you are done, click the options button at the top and click exit. You will then see the steam logo at the top right of your puzzle, and from there you can click it to publish.

Efficiency Committee Efficiency Committee
Complete a puzzle without using 2 items

On Spooky Caves – 9 you’re given three items. Just place the one plank like shown in the image, and press ‘GO’.

Tastes better the second time Tastes better the second time
Lob a Pig Barf using an Inhale Whale

For this achievement, you will place the pig in front of Eets, and then the inhale whale in front of the pig. After clicking GO, press the pig to barf, and then launch the barf with the inhale whale. Voila, the achievement is yours.
I have created a level for this achievement to be done quickly:

Dimsum Dimsum
Move a Treat using an Ejection Cart

On Spooky Caves – 3 after unlocking the ejection cart, place it on the level as shown, and click ‘GO’.

Exotic cuisine Exotic cuisine
Complete a puzzle from the Workshop

I have created an easy puzzle for you to obtain this achievement. All you must do is click ‘GO’ and you will complete it. You can subscribe to it here:

Prix Fixe Menu Prix Fixe Menu
Complete all puzzles in any world

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.

Centuriyum Centuriyum
Get 100 Treats

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.

All the cakes, forever always All the cakes, forever always
Complete all puzzles

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.

Gigantic Feast Gigantic Feast
Get all the Treats
Furrio Forest (World 1)
Kaboom Desert (World 2)
Spooky Caves (World 3)
Windy Peaks (World 4)
This is a very easy world, except the last level, which requires timing.

  • Windy Peaks – 1
Place the one fan in the same location. After clicking ‘GO’ just activate each fan everytime Eets is about to pass one.

  • Windy Peaks – 2
After placing the one fan in the same location, click ‘GO’. As soon as Eets lands, activate the fan so that it shoots the cupcake at Eets. After he eats the cupcake, the rest of the level is set.

  • Windy Peaks – 3
In this level, place the fan as follows. Then, right off the bat, activate the fan on the left so that it keeps the cupcake in mid-air. After let Eets jump to the right to get a treat. Then on his way back, activate the right fan to launch him, and the deactivate the fan quickly after he lands. Finally, after Eets jumps back to the STARTING PLATFORM AND EATS THE ONION, deactivate the left fan so that when the cupcake falls, he eats it, and can finish the level.

  • Windy Peaks – 4
This level is pretty staright forward. After placing the fan in the same location as the image, click ‘GO’. Then after Eets walks into the brain and returns to the ground and eats the cupcake, activate the fan. Once he is launched, he’ll eat a treat, and jump onto the second brain, launching up where, to where he’ll eat the LAST treat and complete the level.

  • Windy Peaks – 5
Just place the cupcake and plank in the same location, hit ‘GO’ and you’re done.

  • Windy Peaks – 6
Another easy level. After placing the items in the same spot as the image, just hit ‘GO’.

  • Windy Peaks – 7
Place the jalapeno at the top to the right of the treat, and hit ‘GO’.

  • Windy Peaks – 8
Place the jalapeno at the TOP of the middle stack, and onion all the way to the far right. Hit ‘GO’.

  • Windy Peaks – 9
Place all items as follows, and hit ‘GO’.

  • Windy Peaks – 10
Place the plank on top of the bird like in the image. After, place the jalapeno to the right of the treat that is under the blackhole bird. Hit ‘GO’.

  • Windy Peaks – 11
Copy the placement of the blackhole bird and hit ‘GO’.

  • Windy Peaks – 12
This is the only tricky level in this world. After placing the two planks under the bird on the far left, hit ‘GO’. Immediately, when the first onion on the right is about fall, activate the fan to launch it towards Eets. After he eats it, WAIT UNTIL THE SECOND CUPCAKE COMES BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONE THAT YOU WILL LAUNCH NEXT (IGNORE THE FIRST CUPCAKE AND LAST JALAPENO). Then just let Eets finish the level.

Mystery World (1-5)
  • Mystery – 1
Place all items as follows. It is important that the cannonballs enter the middle gap.After clicking ‘GO’ launch Eets.

Then when Eets is inside the middle gap, spam cannonballs to force him down onto the cake.

  • Mystery – 2
This level is all about timing. First place the 2 bombs together like in this image.

After clicking ‘GO’ let the cupcake fall and inhale. Then immediately after it is launched, inhale a bomb. After catching the cupcake with the other whale, you will CATCH the bomb too. Then as the cupcake is launched it will collide with the bomb and send the cupcake to Eets.
Lastly, you will do the same thing, except with Eets. Immediately as Eets jumps, you will inhale a bomb and go with the flow from there. (Inhaling and launching Eets and the bomb until they collide)

  • Mystery – 3
You must place all objects precisely as shown in this image.
As soon as Eets changes direction to the left, launch a jalapeno. And immeditaley after the first jalapeno is launched out of the whale, shoot another jalapeno. **THE FIRST JALAPENO EXPLODES THE BOMB AND THE SECOND IS FOR EETS TO EAT**

After Eets eats the Jalapeno, let him jump near the whale. Where you will then inhale and laucnh Eets to the cake.

  • Mystery – 4
Aim the cannon towards the pig.

Then as Eets is about to land on the flower, shoot a cannon ball at the pig, and then launch Eets. After while Eets is in mid-air, you need to launch the pig barf when it crosses the flower like in this image. Eets will then launch to the cake.

  • Mystery – 5
Place the items in the same spot as the image.

Launch a cannonball on to the flower, and then use the flower to launch again so that it hits the pig. Have the wooden arrow facing the flower so when the barf passes through, it reaches the flower. Where you will then launch the BARF up into the arrows, where it will be guided downwards and redirected to the right where it blows up the blockage. (IN THE LAST IMAGE YOU CAN SEE THE BARF ABOUT TO HIT THE BLOCKAGE, WHICH CLEARS A PATH FOR EETS)
Mystery World (6-12)
  • Mystery – 6
Precisley place the items in the EXACT same spot as the image.
After clicking ‘GO’ right away change the direction of the wooden arrow downwards. Then shoot 1 bee, and let it take its course.
Afterwards, shoot a 2nd bee! This will cause a continuous cycle of the pigs barf. With the right timing on SLOW speed, change the wooden arrow to face the right, and let the barf shoot to break the wall in front of Eets. Lastly, shoot a bee, and this will reach Eets causng him to be angry, and jump tp the cake.

  • Mystery – 7
Place items in the SAME location as the image.
Then, as soon as Eets is about to cross the top of the rope that is holding the cake, shoot a bee. With the right timing, the bomb cart will collide with Eets bringing him down to where the bombs are. Lastly, blow up the bomb cart when Eets is as far as he can go to the right.

  • Mystery – 8
Place the mushroom in front of Eets, and the bomb cart in the same location as the image. After clicking ‘GO’, Eets will eat the mushroom and gravity will flip. Wait for Eets to change direction to the left before blowing up the bomb cart. Then on his way back he will reach the cake.

  • Mystery – 9
Fairly easy level. Just place the items in the same location as you see in the first image. Then, immediatley after pressing ‘GO’, shoot a jalapeno. From then on, Eets will finish the level.

  • Mystery – 10
This is a VERY TRICKY LEVEL. So bear with me, I will go into a detail step-by-step process. Start off by placing the items in the exact same location as the first image.
Then, after hitting ‘GO’ make sure the speed is set to SLOW and activate both fans.
After, you will shoot a bee, and as the bee makes its way to Eets, you will click on the cart to launch Eets into the bee. (Its best to wait until the VERY LAST SECOND to make Eets jump, as sometimes he doesnt land in the correct position causing him to jump at the wrong area)
Eets should land in a position similar to this image.
Then, turn off the left fan, and shoot another bee. This will knock the cupcake over to the fan on the right that is still activated, since gravity has flipped.The cupcake will then land in front of Eets, making him eat it, and creating an exit to beat the level.

  • Mystery – 11
This level is MUCH easier than the last 🙂 Just copy the placement of ALL items in this image and hit ‘GO’.

  • Mystery – 12
This level was a pain in the ♥♥♥. Start off by placing all items EXACTLY like how they are in the first image. After clicking ‘GO’ you want to tap the ELEPHANT once so that it knocks over the onion. After Eets eats the onion, the cupcake will fall, and he’ll eat that, which will cause our blue planks to become a SOLID. Its time to guide the elephant. SPAM THE ELEPHANT UNTIL IT TOUCHES THE BLUE PLANK AT THE TOP AND THEN STOP LET IT GLIDE ACROSS THE TOP OF THE BLACK HOLE UNTIL IT STARTS TO DECLINE AND BOUNCES OFF THE BOTTOM PLANK ON THE RIGHT SIDE. FROM THERE GUIDE THE ELEPHANT TO THE GOLD BAG WHERE IT’LL KNOCK IT DOWN TOWARDS EETS. And then you’re done!!!
Can't get enough Can’t get enough
Unlock your first bonus puzzle

See “Gigantic Feast” for a full guide on how to get this achievement and 7 others.