Discouraged Workers Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online : 0/29
  • Offline : 29/29
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : Unknown
  • Num Playthroughs : Unknown
Achievement Guide
Seeker of the city Seeker of the city
Unlock all the Characters Archive.

Unlocked in the final ending.

Honor student Honor student
Unlock all the Concept Archive.

Unlocked in the final ending.

Once you finally get to the ending, you get two achievements. Three if you’ve done the other endings.

Secret Chaser Secret Chaser
Find the Diary.

This ends the non-missable section when you are presented with your first choice of the game.

Art Collector Art Collector
Unlock all the arts on Gallery Archive.

Unlocked in the final ending.

Music Listener Music Listener
Unlock all the music on Music Archive.

Unlocked in the final ending.

Book Reader Book Reader
Just read.

Unlocked in the final ending.

Hawkeye Hawkeye
Get all the Objects.

The first nine objects are not missable. The last object is the wallet. Earned alongside the wallet. If you didn’t get this, then you missed an ending in part 2.

Second Decision

Once you get to the bridge scene, there are two options you can pick. Either walk to the end of the bridge, or go home. Save here.

Innocent Killer Innocent Killer
Reach the R.I.P

Select Healing three times and she’ll die thus ending the game.

Flowery Mornings and Moonlit Nights Flowery Mornings and Moonlit Nights
Reach the True Ending.


Ga-Yeon's Guardian Ga-Yeon’s Guardian
Grant all achievements.


Frontier Frontier
Participated in the Early Access. If you are not a early access user, please reach the Demo Master.

The game has exited early-access and thus have a new trigger point. Instead of unlocking as you start the story, it will now trigger along with Demo Master.

Honorable Frontier Honorable Frontier
Reach the Flowery Mornings and Moonlit Nights of the Early Access. If you are not a early access user, please unlock all the other achievements.

If you reach the true ending without everything else, you won’t get this achievement if it’s not in Early Access. Otherwise, you should get the achievement. (Cannot confirm, game in early access).

If that was your final ending:

Explorer Explorer
Welcome to the edge of the world.

Awarded for starting the story.

KNDW Master KNDW Master
See all the endings.


Surrender Surrender
Reach the Game Over.

The back home ending will result in the Game Over ending thus unlocking your third ending.

Bridge Route
Provided you’ve done all three previous endings, this will be your last ending. This ending also holds the rest of the collections.

Demo Master Demo Master
Reach the end of Circumstances.

This is the spot where the demo ends hence its name. Earned automatically.

Adult Gamer Adult Gamer
See all the sexual contents.

After choosing the 3rd method to progress the story, nice steamy scene occurs. This is the final adult scene of the game thus unlocking this.

Unfortunate Unfortunate
Reach the Accident.

Finally, the third direction. Select Healing twice, then select Onlooker. This will cause her to call Yonwoon and continue the story which leads to the Accident route.

For Alive For Alive
Back home from Bridge of the life.

Click the ‘Back Home’ button 3x until the story progresses. This will unlock this.

Walking to the Death Walking to the Death
Walk towards death from Bridge of the life.

Click on Walk forward 6x until Ga-Yeon is near the end of the bridge to trigger the final ending route.

Murderer Murderer
Kill Ga-yeon in two different ways.

If you’ve done both of the above, then you’ll receive this achievement after the second one.

Onlooker Onlooker
Why you didn’t help her?

Select Onlooker and the story will end giving you this achievement.

Owner Owner
Find the Wallet on Ga-yeon and Yunwoo.

Ga-yeon’s wallet is on the bed in the bedroom. The wallet disappears within 3 seconds of Yonwoon getting back to her bedroom. So be prepared.

Breathe Breathe
Find the Nebulizer on Grasping Reality.

Click the nebulizer when the screen starts flickering a lot. Earned upon clicking.

Looking for Stuff Looking for Stuff
What’s inside the pencil holder?

Click the pencil holder after the nebulizer. Earned upon clicking.

Video Downloader Video Downloader
What are you going to download?

Unlocked when the she sees the video. Earned automatically.

Drawer Drawer
Open the Drawer.

Click the desk/drawer after the pencil holder. Earned upon clicking.

Dying Message Dying Message
If you grant this achievement, then, you can see the Dying Message on Diary Archive.

This achievement occurs after you make it passed the healing and onlooking portion. The scene following it is Madness, followed by the masturbation scenes. The achievement will unlock upon reaching the masturbation scenes.

IF you already did this on your current save, the achievement will unlock upon starting a new read in the main menu.

Memorial Memorial
63 days on Greenlight, 83 days on Early Access. It still alive on Steam with you.

This achievement commemorates the journey that Discouraged Workers has had on Steam through the greenlight process and early access period. Simply start reading to unlock this achievement.