Detective Grimoire Achievement Guide

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  • Online : 0/9
  • Offline : 9/9
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Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough
Map of the Swamp
This map is to help you find the locations you need.

Achievement Guide
Let's Get Started Let’s Get Started
Examine the crime scene

Simply go to “OUTSIDE OFFICE” and examine the crime scene.

Boggy's Fan Club Boggy’s Fan Club
Examine all the Boggy merchandise

You can find this achievement at the “Gift Shop“. Just examine all the different items of Boggy in the shop. There are 8 items to examine.

Mug, toy, baseball cap, costume head, shirt, frame of map, frame of boggy, frame of swamp,

Intruder Alert Intruder Alert
Get inside the tent

The tent you need to enter is Echo’s tent located in “PROTEST” right behind him.
You find the combo to the lock on a poster in the Museum. The combination to the lock is .

Mystery For Tomorrow Mystery For Tomorrow
Read the letters on Remington’s desk

Once you get access to the “OFFICE“, just look on his desk and move away the papers until you can read the letters.

Haunt the Swamp Haunt the Swamp
Draw a cute ghost in your notebook

Through your investigation you will get a chance to draw in your notebook. The only one I remember is the challenge you unlock for the character Echo in “PROTEST“. Once you get the option to draw in your notebook, simply drag and drop the ghost image to the question mark to draw the ghost.

Nice Hat Nice Hat
Complete the game

You get this achievement once you get to the end and complete the game. Wait for the credits to finish to get your achievement and listen to the conclusion.

Slickest of Sleuths Slickest of Sleuths
Complete the game 100%

The below images will help you find the clues you are missing. Remember to go to every character and present them with the clues and suspect profiles as they may unlock other clues or notes for you.

Due Dilligence Due Dilligence
Full suspicion on the culprit, none on anyone else
To get this achievement you need to open your suspects file. For each character that is NOT the killer, you need to change everything on both pages to not suspicious.

Below is a spoiler image, look if you don’t mind knowing who the killer is.

Who is that Little Girl? Who is that Little Girl?
Finish speaking to the Little Girl

You can find the little girl at the Entrance, Cafe, Woods, and Crossroad as you progress through the game.

(If I’m missing a location, please let me know and it will be added in as the above is all I can remember for her locations).