Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : 45-50 Hours
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online : 0/50
  • Offline : 50/50
  • Missable : Purewal Memorial Cup, Alpha Vs. Omega, Team Player, No Zombies In The Vents, Cramped Quarters, Tiger Tamer
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
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Sandbox Challenge info

There are 30 challenges in sandbox mode that can be completed both in single player and co-op. The co-op missions are essentially the same as the ones in single player but with different scores to reach gold.

In the following sections I’ll be mentioning certain items a lot. Here is what they are and how to get them:

Weapons (keep in mind you only need the combo card if you’re trying to get PP!)

Super BFG:

  • Amplifier (various guitar stores)
  • Blast Frequency Gun (underground science lab area near the end of the game)

How to get combo card: Reach level 44

Hail Mary:

  • Football (various sport stores)
  • Grenade (gun store on 2nd floor of the Palisades Mall)

How to get combo card: Reach level 29


  • Shotgun (gun store on the 2nd floor of the Palisades Mall)
  • Pitchfork (between the escalators in the Palisades Mall near the entrance to the Antlantica)

Hot to get combo card: Get a gold on the Rooftop Massacre challenge


Sports Fan Costume:

  • Sports Fan Helmets (found in the backroom of the Silver Strip’s Hot Excitorama)
  • Sports Fan Facepaint (found by hopping across the giant lights at the BBQ place in the Americana Casino)
  • Sports Fan Clothes (found in the KokoNutz Sports Town shop on the 1st floor of the Palisades Mall on a clothes rack)
  • Cleats (found in the SporTrance shop in the Royal Flush Plaza inside of a shoebox)

Benefits: Lets you move faster and doesn’t make you get drunk

Ninja Costume:

  • Ninja Hood (found by climbing up a phone booth in the Royal Flush Plaza’s 2nd floor and climbing up other objects, where you’ll go inside of a window and find the hood)
  • Ninja Mask (found near the entrance of the Yucatan Casino’s Shoal Nightclub, right before you fight the twins)
  • Ninja Clothes (found by getting 1337 zombie kills gthen putting it on in the safehouse)
  • Ninja Boots (found in the Sports store in Uranus Zone)

Benefits: Makes zombies not notice you as much.

Achievement Guide
Photo School Photo School
Took a picture worth 1,000 PP. Front page material!

You can easily get this by getting a good shot of TK talking with Brandon at the start of the game, but if you miss it you can still get lots of PP from a single picture by having magazines that boost the effects of certain picture categories. For specific ways to get at least 1,000 PP, see the “Photojournalist” and “Raw Emotion” achievements.

Photojournalist Photojournalist
Earned over 10,000 PP from pictures. You’re back in the game!

If you take lots of good pictures you’ll get this achievement eventually, however there’s a quicker way to get this. Go into the Slot Ranch Casino bathroom and in one of the stalls you’ll find a magazine that boosts the PP you earn from erotic pictures. Take the magazine and go to Uranus Zone. Across the bar area you’ll find a souvenir kiosk that has four alien probes on display. Take a bunch of them (you can grab as many as you want) and drop them on the ground. Now snap a good picture of them and you’ll earn a ton of PP. Do this a few more times and you’ll get the achievement. Following this method will also earn you the “Adult Content” achievement.


Adult Content Adult Content
Took an erotic picture worth 1,000 PP. If your mother knew about this…

Just take pictures of the alien probes in Uranus Zone and you’ll easily get more than 1,000 PP. See the above achievement for more detail.

Mixed Messages Mixed Messages
Took a picture that had horror, brutality, outtake and erotica. An emotional rollercoaster!

You can get this anywhere but a good place to obtain this is at the souvenir kiosk with the alien probes in Uranus Zone. Near the stand, kill a zombie and put an alien mask on another zombie. Then stand back and take a picture that has the masked zombie, the alien probe, the dead zombie, and a random zombie to get the achievement.

  • Horror: Any living zombie
  • Brutality: A dead zombie with gore
  • Outtake: Zombie with mask on (or the snaphot skill move)
  • Erotica: Sex object such as a massager or alien probe


Raw Emotion Raw Emotion
Took a dramatic picture of a survivor worth 1,000 PP. Heartbreaking.

There are two known ways you can get this:

  • Take a good picture of Snowflake eating a steak while trying to tame her (see the “Tiger Tamer” achievement for more detail)
  • Take a good picture of the girl crying on the hotel roof during the side mission “Family Feud“.

    These are the only ways I know on how to get this achievement. If you know where else you can get a dramatic survivor picture, please say so in the comments.
Full Camera Full Camera
Filled the camera with 30 pictures. You could cover wars, you know!

Easy, just take 30 pictures of whatever you want.

Nice Shot Nice Shot
Photographed a PP sticker. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

See “Award-Winning Photography” for more information.

Photo Album Photo Album
Photographed 25 PP stickers. These photos tell the real story.

See “Award-Winning Photography” for more information.

Award-Winning Photography Award-Winning Photography
Photographed 75 PP stickers. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, you’ve written a novel.

PP stickers are stickers with small cameras on them that are found throughout Fortune City. There are 93 found within the game but you only need to take pictures of 75 of the stickers. If you want to get a quick one, you can find one on the work bench where you first build the nail bat at the start of the game.

Check out my PP sticker guide here:

Making Memories Making Memories
Took a picture of your co-op partner. You’ll both cherish this moment!

Either invite a friend into your game, allow a random person to join you, or just join someone’s game yourself. Take a picture of them to get the achievement.

Camera Crazy Camera Crazy
Took a picture of a psychopath. You can see the crazy in that one!

Right click and press e to whip out the camera, and left click to snap a photo. Just do this to a psychopath to get the achievement. If you’re playing through story mode, you can get this quickly by heading to the Yucatan Casino and taking a picture of Ted/Snowflake on the first day.

Used the Snapshot skill move to get a picture with your new BFF! Best friends forever!

You’ll unlock this skill move when you reach level 7. When you do, go to any zombie while holding shift and press 3 to take a picture with them and get the achievement.

I Got a Medal! I Got a Medal!
Got a medal on a challenge! It says “Participant” in small letters at the bottom…

Go into sandbox mode and start the Rooftop Massacre challenge. Just kill at least 10 zombies to get the achievement.

Challenge Addict Challenge Addict
Got a bronze medal on 10 different single player challenges.

See “Challenge Domination” for more information.

Help From My Friends Help From My Friends
Got at least a bronze medal on 10 different co-op challenges. You guys make a great team!

See “Challenge Domination” for more information on completing the challenges. See main walkthrough for a breakdown on how the challenges work.

The Challenge Experience The Challenge Experience
Got at least a bronze medal on all single player challenges. Now it’s time to go for gold!

See “Challenge Domination” for more information.

More Help From My Friends More Help From My Friends
Got at least a bronze medal on all co-op challenges. You owe your buddy a beer by now.

See “Challenge Domination” for more information on completing the challenges. See main walkthrough for a breakdown on how the challenges work.

Challenge Domination Challenge Domination
Got a gold medal on all single player challenges. Note: Medals may not be 100% pure gold.
Sandbox Challenges 1-15 Guide
Roof Top Massacre
How to Unlock: Automatically unlocked
Gold: Kill 40 zombies (80 in co-op)
Strategy: Use the Super BFG on groups of zombies to easily reach gold.

Silver Strip Smackdown
How to Unlock: Kill 80 zombies
Gold: Earn 30,000 PP (50,000 PP in co-op)
Strategy: Throw Hail Mary’s at groups of zombies to earn lots of PP (or any other combo weapon that can take care of large groups). Also make sure you have a Boomstick so you can gain a lot of PP from a single zombie kill.

Balloon Man
How to Unlock: Kill 200 zombies
Gold: Reach the balloon in 40 seconds (45 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: Make sure you have the ninja costume equipped so zombies won’t follow you as much, as well as a quickstep and a Super BFG. Drink the quick step before starting the challenge, then immediately start the challenge and run up the closest steps. Follow the pathway and eventually you’ll see a red telephone booth to your left. Climb on top of it then use the Super BFG to clear the zombies along the pathway (you don’t have to do this but it helps). Jump onto the platform up ahead, then jump on the other platform that should be directly behind the one you just jumped on. Walk a bit and you’ll be able to jump onto the balloon.

Crowd Pleaser
How to Unlock: Kill 300 zombies
Gold: Lure 25 zombies to the front of the stage (35 in co-op)
Strategy: Make sure you’re not wearing the ninja costume so zombies will notice you more. Throw firecrackers towards the stage so the zombies will stay in the area. Don’t be afraid to leave the stage so you can get more zombies to follow you. You can also use the taunt skill (hold T) to get the attention of the zombies.

Chop Suey
How to Unlock: Kill 350 zombies
Gold: Slice 150 zombies (210 in co-op)
Strategy: Use Plate Launchers (plate + cement saw, you can find these items in the South Plaza) and fire at large groups of zombies. If you do this right you’ll probably need only one Plate Launcher, though it’s good to have another one on the ground just in case (you can’t have two at the same time).

Rumble in the Jungle
How to Unlock: Kill 500 zombies
Gold: Kill 50 zombies (75 in co-op)
Strategy: Just fire the Super BFG at large groups of zombies.

Stiff Back
How to Unlock: Kill 750 zombies
Gold: Collect 40 massagers (60 in co-op)
Strategy: This is probably the most difficult challenge in the game, as it requires tons of planning and even then things may not work out. Don’t bother starting this challenge until you’re level 50 since you’ll need to be fast and have a good inventory.

……………………………………………………………………….Video walkthrough by Lord Maim

When you are level 50, have the following items with you:
  • Sports Fan costume
  • Juice boost magazine (found in the Atlantica Casino on top of the jellyfish light, you’ll have to climb up to get it)
  • 11 massagers (you can get a bunch in Hot Excitorama on the Silver Strip)

Now that you have these things, drop them at the start of the challenge and grab about four bottles of wine at Chris’ Fine Foods on the second floor. Take them inside of the grotto and blend them to get two quicksteps. Find a massager lying around and take these items to the challenge start. Drop the quicksteps near the magazine and pick up the other massagers so you have twelve in your inventory.

Start the challenge and and quickly drop all of your massagers on the ground. When you drop all of them pick up the juice magazine and drink the quickstep to get a giant speed boost. Drop the magazine and drop onto the main floor. You can find massagers on couches as well as on top of certain objects and in shops (also zombies can be holding some so just hit them once and they’ll drop it). It’s best to aim for the massagers that are farthest away from the grotto, and then getting the ones in the grotto last.

Killing Floor
How to Unlock: Kill 1,000 zombies
Gold: Earn 35,000 PP while staying on the second floor (70,000 PP in co-op)
Strategy: Throw Hail Mary’s at groups of zombies on the first floor and use the boomstick’s special attack on random zombies.

Murder on the High Seas
How to Unlock: Kill 1,200 zombies
Gold: Kill 200 zombies (350 in co-op)
Strategy: Again, just just the Super BFG on large groups of zombies.

Rule #1
How to Unlock: Kill 1,500 zombies
Gold: Reach the goal in 1 minute (1 minute and 20 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: To get to the goal you need to go to the second floor of the BBQ Shaq and hop across the giant square lights. Use a quickstep so you’ll move faster and wear the ninja costume so zombies won’t attack you as much. It’s good to have a Super BFG with you so you can clear the tons of zombies on the stairs. While jumping on the lights try to jump towards the center of them as jumping on the corners will sometimes make you fall off.

Do Not Try This At Home
How to Unlock: Kill 1,800 zombies
Gold: Earn 40,000 PP (80,000 PP in co-op)
Strategy: Use the Boomstick’s special attack on zombies.

Thirst Quencher
How to Unlock: Kill 2,000 zombies
Gold: Drink 30 alcoholic beverages (60 in co-op)
Strategy: Make sure you’re wearing the Sports Fan Costume so you won’t throw up. Before entering the Atlantica Casino fill your inventory with drinks to make the challenge even easier. You’ll find drinks just about everywhere on the ground but the areas with the most are the bar and the two big rooms (the one where Roger/Reed are and the other one which has nothing).

Ijiek Motors Present
How to Unlock: Kill 2,200 zombies
Gold: Reach the Yucatan Casino in 45 seconds (also 45 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: Just hop on the motorcycle and ride to the other side. Make sure you don’t hit anything.

Party Hard
How to Unlock: Kill 2,500 zombies
Gold: Lure 25 zombies between the rock path (40 in co-op)
Strategy: Remember to not wear the ninja costume so it will be easier for the zombies to follow you. Run in front of some zombies to get their attention and toss firecrackers towards the rocky area. It’s good to gather zombies from both sides but I managed to reach gold by sticking to just one side. Keep in mind that the zombies have to stay in the area, so if they move away or you kill one it will count down from your score.

Extreme Off-Road
How to Unlock: Kill 3,000 zombies
Gold: Kill 400 zombies (800 in co-op)
Strategy: As before just fire the Super BFG at zombies. Alternatively you can use the slicecycle (bike + chainsaw) as a way to mow down zombies (though the Super BFG is still better). Keep in mind that going towards area directly in front of the Yucatan Casino will cause you to leave the challenge area.
Sandbox Challenges 16-30 Guide
Scaffolding Shuffle
How to Unlock: Kill 3,500 zombies
Gold: Reach the goal in 45 seconds (also 45 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: To get to the goal, make your way past the zombies all the way to the giant statue where you fight the Sheriff. When you reach the area run to the left and keep climbing the construction parts until you reach the goal. Like the other race challenges use the quickstep, super BFG, and ninja costume so you can make it through the zombies quickly and easily.

Killer Rides
How to Unlock: Kill 3,500 zombies
Gold: Kill 80 zombies using theme park rides (100 in co-op)
Strategy: Move the barriers around the UFO Crash ride before starting the challenge (the ride is near the entrance to the Atlantica Casino). Throw firecrackers on the ride and press the button next to it so the ride will kill all of the zombies. If playing in co-op the other person should get kills by throwing firecrackers around the giant ship that swings back and forth.

Fast Food
How to Unlock: Kill 3,750 zombies
Gold: Reach the goal in 65 seconds (also 65 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: To reach the goal you have to run to opposite side of the food court and climb onto the vending machines next to the jellybean store. Jump on top of the store, then just follow the path to the goal. Use a quickstep and the sports fan costume to move fast.

Shutter Bug
How to Unlock: Kill 3,800 zombies
Gold: Earn 4,500 PP from pictures (11,000 PP in co-op)
Strategy: Before starting the challenge grab the erotica magazine found in the Slot Ranch Casino bathroom. When you start the challenge head towards the bar area near the Atlantica Casino. Across from it there will be a stand that has alien probes on display. Grab a bunch of probes, drop them on the ground, and take a good picture to earn tons of PP (if done right you’ll probably only need one or two pictures).

Pawned Prestige
How to Unlock: Kill 4,000 zombies
Gold: 20,000 PP (80,000 PP in co-op)
Strategy: Use Boomsticks on single zombies and use combo weapons such as the Hail Mary on big groups (there’s a giant group of zombies near the safe house entrance).

Robot Race
How to Unlock: Kill 4,001 zombies
Gold: Reach the goal in 50 seconds (also 50 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: To reach the goal you have to go inside of the Galactic Express, which is next to the jellybean store. When you’re inside break the window and follow the path to the right to get to the goal. Like before use the quickstep/Super BFG/ninja costume to make the race quick and easy.

Burn the Bodies
How to Unlock: Kill 4,750 zombies
Gold: Kill 120 zombies with fire (240 in co-op)
Strategy: Have about two Flamethrowers on you (water gun + gasoline canister) and fire a little bit of it at groups of zombies so they’ll catch on fire.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice
How to Unlock: Kill 4,800 zombies
Gold: Kill 150 zombies with electricity (300 in co-op)
Strategy: Throw a Tesla Ball (bingo ball cage + battery) at large groups of zombies to earn lots of kills. Use either a Lightning Gun (blast frequency gun + electric prod) or an Electric Crusher (sledge hammer + battery) to take care of smaller groups.

Tunnel Vision
How to Unlock: Kill 5,000 zombies
Gold: Reach the goal in 40 seconds (also 40 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: Bring either a slicecycle or a normal motorcycle to the challenge area. As soon as you start the challenge get on the bike and take the left path. Keep riding until you reach the goal, though be careful not to hit any objects lying around.

Mad About Hats
How to Unlock: Kill 7,000 zombies
Gold: Put masks on 25 zombies (30 in co-op)
Strategy: Across from where you start the challenge is the Ye Old Toybox store, where you can take an infinite amount of lizard masks. Fill you’re inventory with them and start the challenge. Place all of the masks on zombies (you have to hold the attack button) then refill on masks back at the store.

No Thanks I’ll Stand
How to Unlock: Kill 7,000 zombies
Gold: Smash 75 chairs (100 in co-op)
Strategy: Fill your entire inventory on remote mines (you can find some behind the elevator on the roof of the safehouse), then save your game at the Americana bathroom (so if something goes wrong you won’t have to get all the mines again). Place each mine near a group of chairs. When you’ve placed all of the mines, go to the bar and make a quickstep by blending two wines. Go to the challenge and drink the quickstep, then start the challenge and use the detonator so all of the mines will explode. If done right a lot of chairs will be destroyed making this challenge much easier. Now drink the quickstep and start jumping on chairs (they break if you jump on them).

Tunnel of Blood
How to Unlock: Kill 8,000 zombies
Gold: Kill 500 zombies (800 in co-op)
Strategy: Build a slicecycle by combining a Chuck’s bike with a chainsaw (you can find one in the maintenance room next to Hot Excitorama). Ride the slicecycle to the challenge by going through the tunnel where you fight Sgt. Boykin in story mode. On a crate in the corner of where you entered you’ll find a bike magazine that’ll make your bike last longer. Take it then continue going to the challenge start. When you start the challenge just run over zombies with your durable slicecycle and you should reach gold with little trouble.

One Armed Bandit
How to unlock: Kill 8,005 zombies
Gold: Collect $70,000 ($140,000 in co-op)
Strategy: Before starting make sure you have the following things with you:
  • Sports Fan Costume
  • Gambling magazine 1 (found on a table on top of the grotto in the Palisades Mall)
  • Gambling magazine 2 (found on the second floor of the BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino)
When you have these items, start the challenge and keep betting $1,000 on the giant slot machine right next to you. It may take a few tries but eventually you should earn $100,000 from betting. Keep in mind that the money you use to bet counts down from your total score, so if you’re close to gold just destroy some slot machines.

If playing in co-op, one person follows the steps above while the other uses money hackers on ATMs and slot machines.

Double Trouble
How to unlock: Kill 9,495 zombies
Gold: Defeat the twins in 1 minute (55 seconds in co-op)
Strategy: Drink a quickstep before starting the challenge, and focus your attention on only one of the twins. Attack her with a gun such as the LMG while avoiding her attacks. When her health is low you can use a melee weapon to finish her off or you can keep using your gun.

Rooftop Massacre 2
How to Unlock: Kill 10,000 zombies
Gold: Kill 200 zombies (300 in co-op)
Strategy: Like before just use the Super BFG and fire at large groups. Try not to get too close to the zombies since they’ll vomit on you and most likely put you in a QTE.
Even More Help From My Friends Even More Help From My Friends
Got a gold medal on all co-op challenges. Double the victory!

See “Challenge Domination” for more information on completing the challenges. See main walkthrough for a breakdown on how the challenges work.

Drugged Up Drugged Up
Took a dose of Zombrex. Say what you will, the stuff works.

You need to take Zombrex every 24 hours in order to go through the story mode. After you first reach the safe house you’ll have to go to the pharmacy in the Royal Flush Plaza. When you defeat the looters you’ll find Zombrex in the office room behind the counter. When the time comes you’ll have to take it simply by pressing T.

Save the Girl Save the Girl
Saved Rebecca from the clutches of the Twins. Close enough to a white knight…

In Case 5-2 you’ll have to gather $1,000,000 for TK. If you’re in need of some extra money, use money hackers on ATMs. When you deliver the money to the night club in the Yucatan Casino you’ll have to fight the Twins. You only need to defeat one of them so just pick which one you want to kill and ignore the other. Attack one twin while the other isn’t around so you don’t have to worry about losing a ton of HP. They don’t have any projectiles so use a long range weapon and go in for the occasional up close hit. Also make sure you bring food with you.

Save the Girl... Again Save the Girl… Again
Saved Rebecca from Sgt. Boykin. She never really covered wars, you know.

In Case 7-2 you’ll have to follow Rebecca and then fight Sgt. Boykin. I suggest using a sniper rifle against him and staying behind cover, since approaching him can be tough and he can deal a lot of damage to you up close. Be careful if he gets too close to you and watch out for his grenades.

Technological Terror Technological Terror
Destroyed a queen harvester. What hath science wrought?

After Stacey betrays you in The Facts you’ll have to head to Fortune Park and destroy the harvestor machines in the area. Each harvestor is guarded by a few soldiers so take them out using projectiles, then just destroy the harvestor with whatever you want.

True Colors True Colors
Defeated Stacey. The shifty eyes should have given it away!

When you deal with the harvestors you’ll have to fight Stacey in her giant robot located in Uranus Zone. There are three phases to the fight. For the first two just use a melee weapon (there are some laying around) to hit the robot’s hands whenever they stay on the ground. For the last part you’ll have to jump on the platforms that appear to activate missiles that will hit Stacey. When they hit the robot run to Stacey and complete the quick time event to do damage. Repeat this process three more times to beat Stacey.

Save the Girl... Yet Again Save the Girl… Yet Again
Saved Rebecca from TK. Who knows what he would have done?

This can only be obtained by completing Overtime mode, which is unlocked by giving TK zombrex after he gets bit. When you go to bring TK to the chopper, you’ll find out that he has Rebecca and the only way to get her back is by getting items for TK. The items are marked around your map so just find them and bring them to Fortune City Arena. Don’t bother bringing any items to fight TK since you’ll lose all of them when you deliver his goods. He’ll knock you out and when you wake up you’ll have to fight zombies in the arena like at the start of the game. Fight them using the skills you’ve acquired throughout the game and gather as many items as you can such as food and melee weapons. Eventually Rebecca will push a rope down so you can climb up and fight TK.

Now you have to fight TK and also make sure Rebecca doesn’t lose all of her health. For the fight with TK use a weapon such as a plank or a chair to deal damage to him, though remember to watch out for his own melee attacks. Be careful of his charge attack which will force you to complete a quick time event. TK will sometimes leave the area for about 8 seconds, so use this time to either heal yourself or help Rebecca. Follow these steps and you’ll defeat TK once and for all.

No Zombies In The Vents No Zombies In The Vents
Unlocked the secret shortcut. Why are these vents even here?

On Day 2 at about 1:30 p.m. you’ll get a mission titled Wilted Flower where you have to help a woman on the ground in the Palisades Mall’s spa. She’ll need a drink so bring one in advance or find one lying around. After you give her the drink she’ll ask you to carry her to a stall in the Brand New U store. When you examine the stall you’ll be teleported to the Royal Flush bathroom, get the achievement, and be able to use this shortcut for the rest of your playthrough.

Team Player Team Player
Averted a mutiny in the safe house. Didn’t they notice that there’s a zombie outbreak going on?

On Day 3 at about 5 a.m. you’ll get a mission titled Hunger Pains where you have to give food to a hungry guy named Richard in the Palisades Mall. There won’t be any food when you enter so bring something in advance. Give him the food and bring him to the safehouse.

Later on you’ll get a call saying that he’s harassing the women in the safehouse (Snake in the Grass). Head over to the safehouse and talk to Richard. He needs a magazine, which is found in the Silver Strip’s Hot Excitorama shop on one of the shelves. Take the magazine back to him and you’ll get the achievement. Failure to give him the magazine will result in all female survivors leaving the safehouse.

Powered Up Powered Up
Restored power to the Yucatan Casino. Time to play some slots!

After you tame/kill Snowflake, head to the Yucatan’s reception office near the entrance to the Silver Strip and you’ll find a guy name Lenny. Talk to him and he’ll lead you to a generator which you can use to turn the power back on.

Out With the Old Out With the Old
Defeated Chuck the Psychopath. Poor guy just couldn’t let her go…

You’ll be able to fight Chuck in Fortune Park from 3:00 p.m. on Day 1 – 8:30 a.m. on Day 2 (mission is titled “People Like Us“). Let him chase you on his bike and then quickly hop over one of the blue fences so that he hits the fence and his bike stalls. When that happens, keep hitting him with a melee weapon (there’s a chainsaw in a patch of grass near the fences). If you use this strategy you should beat him with little trouble.

Prom Night Prom Night
Killed 69 zombies. Crude humor at its finest.

See “Six Digits?!?” for more information.

Elite Killer Elite Killer
Killed 1337 zombies. You pwned those nubs. Chainsaws are imba. Nerf the blambow.

See “Six Digits?!?” for more information.

Luggage Code Luggage Code
Killed 12,345 zombies. That’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

See “Six Digits?!?” for more information.

Six Digits?!? Six Digits?!?
Killed 100,000 zombies. The blood of the undead feeds your power.

Easy but very time consuming. I suggest trying to get this achievement in sandbox mode since you have infinite time and you won’t have to worry about case files. The quickest way to kill zombies is by running them over using either the slicecycle (chainsaw + motorcycle in Chuck’s garage) or the SUV (found in the Shamrock Casino, obtained by buying the keys at the looters store on the other side of the street). Even with these methods it’ll still take a long time to reach 100,000 zombies.

I think it’s best to just go around killing zombies with whatever you want and occasionally going on a slicecycle/SUV spree so you won’t get bored.

Dominoes Dominoes
Used the Jump Kick to knock down 100 zombies. Set them up just to watch them fall!

Jump and press the attack button to do a jump kick. Kill 100 zombies with this move to get the achievement. Keep in mind that the jump kick has to actually kill the zombie, not just knock it down.

Prestigious PP Prestigious PP
Got over 2,000 PP from a single zombie kill. Your twisted genius knows no bounds.

To get this achievement you need to use the Boomstick’s heavy attack on a zombie (click and hold the attack button on one). You’ll need to have the combo card for the Boomstick to do this, which is obtained by getting a gold medal on the first sandbox challenge Rooftop Massacre (I suggest using the Hail Mary or Super BFG weapons to reach gold). Once you have the card, build the Boomstick using a shotgun (found in the gun store in Palisades Mall) and a pitchfork (in between the elevators in the Palisades Mall around the entrance to the Atlantica Casino). Find a zombie, hold the attack button and the achievement is yours.

Maintaining The City Maintaining The City
Visited 10 different maintenance rooms. Time to fix this town.

When you go to find Rebecca in the hotel, Sullivan will give you the key to all of the maintenance rooms right before you leave. Just use your map to find the rooms (they have a wrench icon) and walk into any ten of them.

New Hotness New Hotness
Built one of the new combo weapons. Now put it to good use!

Simply build any of the following combo weapons. Keep in mind that you do not need a combo card to build a combo weapon.

Weed Tenderizer (bowie knife + grass trimmer)
Laser Eyes (alien head + gems)
Cryo Pod (escape pod + fire extinguisher)
Pegasus (rocket fireworks + stick pony)
Electric Crusher (sledgehammer + battery)
Saw Launcher (tennis ball launcher + saw blade)
Molten Cannon (tennis ball launcher + motor oil)
Decapitator (boomerang + bowie knife)
Bouncing Beauty (rocket fireworks + propane tank)
Super Massager (leaf blower + massager)

The easiest one to do is the Weed Tenderizer. Both items are found between the big rocks at the center of Fortune Park. Take both items to the maintenance room that’s also between the rocks, build the weapon and you’ll get the achievement.

Card Collection Card Collection
Collected 20 combo cards. A variety of killing instruments are at your disposal.

See “Card Archive” for more information.

Card Archive Card Archive
Collected 50 combo cards. Quite the collection of carnage.

There are 65 combo cards in the game: for the Card Archive achievement, you only need to obtain 50 of them. Here’s a quick run down of how to get every combo card:

  • 35 cards are obtained while leveling up from level 1-50
  • 10 cards are obtained by examining movie posters in Fortune City (see this guide)
  • 8 cards are obtained by earning gold medals on certain sandbox challenges (Rooftop Massacre, Crowd Pleaser, Chop Suey, Thirst Quencher, Burn the Bodies, Lightning Never Strikes Twice, One Armed Bandit, Double Trouble)
  • 4 cards are obtained by defeating psychopaths (Chuck, Slappy, Magicians, Evan)
  • 4 cards are obtained by saving survivors (all of the following missions are unmarked so you won’t get a call for them):

    Power Guitar: Save Floyd Stone (found on the rock stage in the Silver Strip from Day 2 4:00 a.m. – Day 2 3:00 p.m.)
    Plate Launcher: Complete the mission “Tape It or Die 1“. From Day 3 6:00 a.m. – Day 3 12:00 p.m. the door inside of KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall will be unlocked. Go inside, give the guys a cement saw and some plates, and you’ll get the card.
    Blazing Aces AND Exsanguinator: If you completed “Tape It or Die 1“, wait until the military arrives and go back to the KokoNutz Sports Town. You’ll get the Blazing Aces and Exsanguinator by saving Lance and Wallace respectively.

  • 2 cards are obtained by actually creating the combo weapons:

    (Zap N’ Shine: Floor Buffer + Electric Prod. Both items are found around the maintenance area behind Snowflake’s Pen in the Yucatan Casino).
    (Wingman: Nectar + Queen. To get Nectar blend orange juice and orange juice. A Queen can be found by killing certain zombies, one of which can be found standing near a sign around the cafe area in the Royal Flush Plaza).

  • Spiked bat card is given to you when you start Case 1-2
  • Burning Skull card is obtained by watching the Paddle Party Massacre movie from 9:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. at the theater in the Platinum Strip.
Hands of Doom Hands of Doom
Unlocked all skill moves. Real men kill zombies with their bare hands.

All of the skill moves are unlocked by leveling up. The last one you’ll get is disembowel which is unlocked when you reach level 47.

We Have a Winner! We Have a Winner!
Played a carney game and won. Always find time for fun during a zombie outbreak.

In the center of Uranus Zone are various games you can play (they mainly involve hitting targets). There are many that you can play but I suggest doing the one where you have to toss football-like ships at the targets since it’s very easy.

Best of Friends Best of Friends
Defeated 5 psychopaths in co-op. Violence strengthens the bonds of friendship.

Psychopaths in sandbox do not count. The best way to do this is by fighting the four snipers that appear outside from Day 3, 12 a.m. – Day 3, 6 p.m. You’ll also be able to fight Seymour around this time, so just kill him and if you killed the snipers while with someone you should get the achievement.

Safety Check: Failed Safety Check: Failed
Used the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once. Someone could get hurt on those things.

In Uranus Zone around the entrance to the Atlantica Casino is the UFO Crash Ride. Move the green barriers away without killing too many zombies and toss firecrackers onto the ride. When enough zombies are on it, press the button (it’s right next to the ride and has a railing around it) and the ride will kill all of the zombies on it.

Cramped Quarters Cramped Quarters
Got 8 survivors into the clown car. It’s still suprisingly spacious in here!

Keep 8 survivors with you inside of dropping them off at the safehouse. Make sure you have the leadership magazine on the 2nd floor of Rags Mags in the Royal Flush Plaza so they’ll survive better. The clown car can be found either in the Silver Strip (near the wedding place where you fight Randy), Fortune Park (near the Uranus Zone entrance), Platinum Strip (near the stadium), or Uranus Zone (near the entrance). Keep in mind Snowflake can’t go inside of it.

Party Time Party Time
Got a survivor drunk. It’s always a good time for a party.

Have a survivor with you and make sure their health is low (you can hit them but be careful, they may defect). Give them roughly 2-4 alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer and eventually they’ll start puking which will give you the achievement. If you need a drink, head to one of the casinos and look in the bar areas.

Puking Rally Puking Rally
Got a zombie to slip in a puddle of vomit. Classy move.

Make sure you’re not wearing the Sports Fan costume since you won’t vomit from it. Have about 4 alcoholic drinks with you and go near a group of zombies. Drink all of the alcohol so you’ll start throwing up. Get close to one of the zombies so they’ll follow you and they should slip on your vomit.

Frank West: Cross Dresser Frank West: Cross Dresser
Dressed up completely in women’s clothing. No one here is going to judge.

In the Brand New U store on the second floor of the Palisade’s Mall you’ll find some women’s shoes and clothing. Put them on, then head to Que’s Hats which is right next to Brand New U and put on a women’s hat to get the achievement.

Purewal Memorial Cup Purewal Memorial Cup
Remained a sober vegan until the military arrived. Time to celebrate with steak and a cold beer.

For this achievement you must play through the main story without eating these kinds of food items:

  • Dairy (Milk, ice cream, etc.)
  • Meat (Steak, burger, etc.)
  • Alcohol (Beer, wine, vodka, etc.)

Your best option is to drink only orange juice. It’s one of the best health restoration items and can be found in various places (you can get as many as you want in Chris’ Fine Foods in the Palisades Mall). Keep some on you at all times in case something goes wrong, and save often. Once the cutscene with the military getting attacked ends you’ll get the achievement.

Also don’t go into sandbox mode while trying to get this achievement, as some have reported that doing so will make the achievement not obtainable in your playthrough.

Tiger Tamer Tiger Tamer
Had Snowflake attack and damage a psychopath. That’s a lesson they won’t soon forget.

If you enter the Yucatan Casino from Day 1, 4:00 a.m. to Day 2, 10:00 a.m. you’ll have to fight Ted and his tiger Snowflake. I suggest going into the Yucatan sometime around 3:00 p.m. on the first day so you can head to the battle with Chuck right after. To tame Snowflake, you have to first kill Ted (he’s really weak so he shouldn’t be a problem). Next you have to grab three steaks around the area where the fight starts: one is on a small pillar sticking out of the ground while the other two are found by climbing up the wall where Ted was talking.

Make sure you’re far from Snowflake and press x to drop a steak on the ground. When she chases you and if you’re far from her, she should eat the steak which will fill her health (take a good picture of her eating to earn the “Raw Emotion” achievement). Make sure she eats the three steaks and she’ll join your party. Now bring her to any psychopath and let her hit them to get the achievement.

Alpha Vs. Omega Alpha Vs. Omega
Brought Denyce to attack Sgt. Boykin. Why would you put the poor girl through all that?

Denyce is the first survivor that you’ll find in the pharmacy while looking for Zombrex at the start of the game. To get this achievement you have to keep her with you until the military arrives and have her hit Sgt. Boykin at least once (he’s the solider that kidnaps Rebecca when the military arrives). This means that you can not bring her to the safehouse so instead you’ll have to make sure she’s away from it whenever you go in (right click and q will make her stay at a designated place). You’ll also have to complete all of the main case files up to that point since it’s the only way to fight Boykin. I suggest doing this after your first playthrough since you should be a higher level and overall have more experience of your surroundings. On a side note I think it’s best to try and get the “Purewal Memorial Cup” achievement while getting this achievement since it will save you an entire playthrough. Here are some tips to making sure she survives:

  • Have the leadership magazine with you at all times (found in Rags Mags on the 2nd floor of the Royal Flush Plaza)
  • Give Denyce a gun (preferably something like an LMG) so that she can defend herself
  • While moving with her, always keep close in case she gets attacked
  • Make sure Denyce is away from Bosses/Psychopaths by making her stay in a safe place like a bathroom or a maintenance room (honestly it’s best to just avoid optional psychopaths while getting this achievement)
  • Never leave a section of the city without her since she’ll lose health (aside from when you have to due to safehouse visits and the chopper fight)
  • When you DO have to leave her in a different area, get back to her ASAP and replenish her health
  • Heal her whenever she gets injured
  • Save often in case something goes wrong

Don’t worry about the part where you jump on TK’s underground train, since she’ll just teleport near you when that part ends.

HOWEVER DO NOT BRING DENYCE TO THE FIGHT WITH TK IN HIS CHOPPER SINCE IT WILL BRING HER BACK TO THE SAFEHOUSE! When you come to this point in the main story, leave her in the Royal Flush bathroom and then hurry to the hotel. Quickly kill the goons and destroy the helicopter (Protoman’s blaster can destroy the chopper with a few hits, it’s unlocked by beating Overtime mode). When you’re back in the safehouse, rush to the Royal Flush Plaza and give her some health.

Finally when the military arrives, make sure she has a gun on her so she can hurt Sgt. Boykin (she only has to hit him) and the achievement will finally be yours.