DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : 7
  • Online : 0/38
  • Offline : 38/38
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : Unknown
  • Num Playthroughs : Unknown
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Soul Memory Tiers & Multiplayer Items
Dark Souls II uses an interface known as Soul Memory which contains every single soul you’ve ever earned during your playthrough and places you in tiers and provides the structure for matchmaking. This goes for player invasions and player summons.

Straid of Olaphis sells the Agape Ring which absorbs all souls earned by the player and thus preventing you from gaining souls and prevents your soul memory from increasing. Using this ring helps you balance your souls with someone you want to play coop with should you have too much and have them catch up to you.

Soul Memory Tiers and Multiplayer Items courtesy of DSII Wiki[darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com]

Tier Soul Memory Range
1 0 – 9,999
2 10,000 – 19,999
3 20,000 – 29,999
4 30,000 – 39,999
5 40,000 – 49,999
6 50,000 – 69,999
7 70,000 – 89,999
8 90,000 – 109,999
9 110,000 – 129,999
10 130,000 – 149,999
11 150,000 – 179,999
12 180,000 – 209,999
13 210,000 – 239,999
14 240,000 – 269,999
15 270,000 – 299,999
16 300,000 – 349,999
17 350,000 – 399,999
18 400,000 – 449,999
19 450,000 – 499,999
20 500,000 – 599,999
21 600,000 – 699,999
22 700,000 – 799,999
23 800,000 – 899,999
24 900,000 – 999,999
25 1,000,000 – 1,099,999
26 1,100,000 – 1,199,999
27 1,200,000 – 1,299,999
28 1,300,000 – 1,399,999
29 1,400,000 – 1,499,999
30 1,500,000 – 1,749,999
31 1,750,000 – 1,999,999
32 2,000,000 – 2,249,999
33 2,250,000 – 2,499,999
34 2,500,000 – 2,749,999
35 2,750,000 – 2,999,999
36 3,000,000 – 4,999,999
37 5,000,000 – 6,999,999
38 7,000,000 – 8,999,999
39 9,000,000 – 11,999,999
40 12,000,000 – 14,999,999
41 15,000,000 – 19,999,999
42 20,000,000 – 29,999,999
43 30,000,000 – 44,999,999
44 45,000,000 – 999,999,999

Multiplayer Items
Multiplayer Items each have specific properties in interacting with other players in the game. The ranges are based on your current tier and you can go up or down from your tier.
Multiplayer Item Down Range Up Range
White Sign Soapstone -3 +1
White Sign Soapstone w/ Name-Engraved Ring -6 +4
Small White Sign Soapstone -4 +2
Small White Sign Soapstone w/ Name-Engraved Ring -7 +5
Red Sign Soapstone -5 +2
Dragon Eye -5 +5
Cracked Red Eye Orb 0 +4
Cracked Blue Eye Orb -3 +3
Bell Keeper’s Seal -1 +3

Achievement Guide
The Dark Soul The Dark Soul
Earn all achievements
Self Recollection Self Recollection
Reclaim flesh and set out as an Undead

This achievement is awarded as you finish creating your character during the tutorials. May be your first achievement provided you somehow didn’t die before this.

Hidden Achievement
King's Ring King’s Ring
Acquire the King’s Ring
Undead Crypt
  • Advance until you see someone asking you to not produce light, and do not produce light. Walk in and head to your right to find Grave Warden Agdayne. Exhausting his dialogue gives access to his shop, the ‘Have Mercy’ gesture, and his summon sign later on. His rarest spell is the Warmth pyromancy followed by the Soul Spear sorcery.
  • Continue in the level until you reach the second bonfire. Destroy the grave looking statues to prevent pyromancers from spawning.
  • After the hallway with the two greatshield enemies, you’ll drop down into a trap. The path you want to go has a line down the middle of the path. There are illusory walls with a Pharros contraption, use it to find the Pharros door with the Great Lightning Spear miracle inside; not unique.
  • Continue on and pull the lever to unlock the shortcut. Proceed to the boss gate.
  • Grave Warden Agdayne’s summoning sign is located to the left before the stairs to the boss gate.
  • After the boss fight, you can actually still fight King Vendrick and he still is weak during the first encounter. However, you need to deal bleed damage or use corrosive acids to trigger the boss fight; otherwise, he ignores you. Pick up the King’s Ring on the corpse.
Hidden Achievement
Ancient Dragon Ancient Dragon
Acquire Ashen Mist Heart
Dragon Aerie/Dragon Shrine
  • Speak with Emerald Herald to receive the Aged Feather.
  • Scholar of the First Sin already has the ladder knocked down at its only bonfire and you are free to skip this area by going up the ladder and crossing the slide to the end and enter Dragon Shrine after crossing the bridge
  • Once you head up, pass the first Old Knight and at the second Old Knight, take the path to the left and go up stairs. Cross the bridge towards the tower and then drop down on the side. You’ll know you took the right path if Dragonfang Villard invades you. Head up the spiral staircase and you can loot the Petrified Egg. Return to Magerold of Lanafir in Iron Keep to join the Dragon Remnants covenant.
  • Drop down on the ledge and look to your right for the Crystal Magic Weapon sorcery in a chest.
  • Proceed to the end of the area and talk to the Ancient Dragon for the Ashen Mist Heart.
Hidden Achievement
The Heir The Heir
See the Ending

It’ll unlock once you complete the credits.

Hidden Achievement
Last Giant Last Giant
Defeat the Last Giant

This is the main boss for the Forest of Fallen Giants and has two NPC summons available. If you got through Pate’s trap successfully and exhausted his dialogue, then his sign will be before the fog gate. Sellsword Luet’s shade summon is also in the same area.

Upon beating the Last Giant, you will be awarded the Soldier Key which opens three doors.
1. Door to the Pursuer
2. Door to the fourth bonfire; Soldier’s Rest
3. Door to the King’s Gate for Memory of Vammar

After that, your next task is to collect all four Great Souls. Pick any section you wish or follow this guide chronologically.

Hidden Achievement
Sinner's Bonfire Sinner’s Bonfire
Light the primal bonfire in Sinner’s Rise.

From Majula, head towards the stone pathway next to the cliff closer to the Mansion. This will lead to a rotunda with a mechanism. The path leads you to Heide’s Tower of Flame.

Heide’s Tower of Flame
  • There are two switches you want to activate in this area which alters the boss area to be easier
  • Switch 1: Behind the Old Knight after the gate
  • Switch 2: Near the door of the circular room you enter after the gate
  • After the second switch, head to your right for the end of the area.
  • Masterless Glencour can be summoned; a red phantom guards his sign. Shade Sellsword Lute is also available
  • Licia of Lindeldt is located after the boss fight. Exhaust her dialogue for Gathering of Exiles.
Cathedral of Blue
  • From the second switch of Heide’s Tower of Flame, head to the left this time.
  • When you aggro the Heide Knight at the top of the stairs, bring him down and dispatch of him. You do not want to fight him on the stairs due to the dragon. Once the Knight is down, sprint to the dragon as fast as possible. You may need to have your shield up should you run too slow.
  • After the dragon is defeated, you can lower the drawbridge to fight the Old Dragonslayer
  • After the boss, you can light the bonfire down the stairs.
  • At the balcony, Blue Sentinel Targray leads the Blue Sentinels covenant and you can get the Protector’s Covenant achievement as well as the Duel Bow gesture if you have a Token of Fidelity.
  • Token of Fidelity can be obtained by defeating a boss in co-op while not a member of the Heirs of the Sun or the corpse loot next to the Bridge Approach bonfire in Huntsman’s Corpse
No Man’s Wharf
  • First instance of Lucatiel’s Quest: After you cross the docks and meet the first set of stairs, she’s up the first set then in the building to the left. Exhaust her dialogue. Allows her to be summoned later in this level.
  • After going all the way up, you’ll find a bell to ring that calls the ship to the docks.
  • On the way down, there is a house with poison jars inside and a chest. The chest has a ‘Fragrant Branch of Yore’.
  • After descending back to the docks on the opposite side of the bonfire, kick the bridge down to set the shortcut.
  • Take the other dock path close to the bridge shortcut and you will find Carhillion of the Fold. You need 8 INT for him to talk to you (only need it once, not everytime). Exhaust his dialogue for him to move to Majula (Gathering of Exiles). He sells sorcery spells.
  • Taking the dock route to the ship, before the docks narrow, Lucatiel’s sign will be on the corner to the right. She can be easily used as bait against the Flexile Sentry.
  • Flexile Sentry will be the boss on the boat.
  • After the boss, head up the ladder and you’ll see a map and a chest containing the Fireball Pyromancy.
  • Use the map to go to Lost Bastille.
Lost Bastille
  • Activate the Exile Holding Cell bonfire, and proceed up the stairs and to the drop down. Continue left and the alley contains an Estus Flask Shard. Pull the lever to open the gate.
  • At the top of the stairs, an undead jailer will kick an explosive barrel down the stairs. You want this barrel to hit the giant crack in the wall to blow up the wall to gain access to Steady Hand McDuff and the bonfire. Access the bonfire and warp to ‘A Tower Apart’ bonfire.
  • Now from the ‘A Tower Apart’ bonfire:
  • Once at the bonfire, light it up and loot the chests. You will find the Dull Ember required for ‘Smith for Life’ achievement.
  • Once you leave the area, you can head straight passed the Undead Jailer. You’ll want to break the boxes in front of the door as it’s jamming it shut (use a firebomb if you’re on the other side.)
  • In this tower are two important things: The first is Lucatiel’s second spot. Exhaust her dialogue here so she can be summoned during Sinner’s Rise. She is not available for summon for the boss of this area. The second is the chest which contains two things: Antiquated Key and a Fragrant Branch of Yore. The former is used to open doors on the other side of the castle.
  • At Steady Hand McDuff, giving him the Dull Ember allows you to use his services as well as his shop. If you have souls to spend, spend 14,000 on upgrades, repairs, infusions then talk to McDuff again for the ‘Smith for Life’ achievement.
  • Before you walked straight to the tower, you could cross some rubble onto another platform of the castle. Take this route and use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on the guy blocking the doorway. Going down the stairs instead of left through the doorway will yield you some loot, but both lead to the boss fog gate.
  • You can summon Pilgrim Bellclaire inside one of the prison cells for the boss fight.
  • There are 3 Ruin Sentinels you have to fight, if you have trouble dealing with three at once, simply stay on the platform you end up on as you enter the fog gate so you can dispatch the first one. After the first one, another one may jump, or both. They attack as they jump up so be wary.
  • Boss Soul trades for Heavy Homing Soul Arrow with Straid.
  • After the boss fight, all of the walls for illusory doors. They’re all opened with the confirm key. One of the rooms will have a ladder in it, climb up and open the chest for the Hush Sorcery.
  • Continue into the next room minding the explosive mummy and to the Servants’ Quarters bonfire.
  • Head over to the doorway and outside. If you go to the edge of the broken bridge and break the boxes, you’ll find the Bastille Key which is required for Sinner’s Rise and may help accessing McDuff if you can’t get the barrel to roll in your favor.
  • Continue until you meet up with a gate, but instead head up stairs where you see a bunch of mummies. Dispatch of them and head to the middle cell where Straid of Olaphis is. You need 3 intelligence and 3 faith in order to talk to him. You should have another Fragrant Branch of Yore with you. See respective mastery section. He also possesses the Mock gesture for Gesture Maestro as well.
Belfry Luna

Belfry Luna isn’t quite required in order to 100% this, but depending how you play, we’ll go through it anyways.

  • From the Servants’ Quarters bonfire, head down the ladder. You’ll be confronted by a Pursuer.
  • Place a Pharros Lockstone into the contraption to reveal a illusory door that leads to Belfry Luna. Once you step onto the bridge, you’re susceptible to grey phantom invasions, up to 3 per life.
  • Once inside, you can speak to the dwarf to the right until he offers you to join the Bell Keepers and unlocking the ‘Clangorous Covenant’ achievement.
  • Head up the stairs and go up the ladder and pull the lever to open the gate that leads to the boss. Head down and go through the boss gate.
  • Masterless Glencour has a summoning sign under one of the stairs.
  • Should you opt for online play for Rank 2 in the Bell Keepers, then this area is perfect for that. If not, see Belfry Sol for an easier farming method.
Sinner’s Rise

This is the separate tower near Straid’s cell. Simply cross the bridge and go up for a bonfire. Else, go down.

  • Once you head down the lift, you will immediately see Lucatiel’s Summoning sign. Be wary as there are a few large beasts as well as the Flexile Sentry in the water.
  • After navigating to the gates, use the Bastille Key. Cross the catwalk over the water and open up both doors and light the oil to illuminate the boss room.
  • The Lost Sinner is an easy boss fight if you lit up the right allowing you to lock on.
  • After the fight, open up the chest for another Fragrant Branch of Yore then use light the Primal Bonfire.
Hidden Achievement
Iron Keep Bonfire Iron Keep Bonfire
Light the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep.
Huntsman’s Copse

With Licia of Lindelt moved to Majula, she’ll be in the rotunda and you can pay her 2,000 souls to move the gate allowing you to access Huntsman’s Copse.

  • The first NPC you’ll meet is Felken the Outcast. Should you have 8 Faith/Intelligence, you can access his shop with hex spells. 20 Faith/Intelligence will get you his Sunset Staff w/o killing him.
  • Continue on the path until you reach the second bonfire of the area. Across the bridge gap is a Token of Fidelity and a Pharros Lockstone.
  • Continue along the cliff side and cross the bridge. Head straight and you’ll notice some loot in a hut to the right. Inside the hut is a Syan Knight and the Soul Spear sorcery (1 of 2).
  • Straight ahead is Bashful Ray’s shade summoning. From there, go up the hill and the hut to the left will have the lever that lowers the bridge.
  • Before the bridge, you’ll see a hut to your right with a hole in the roof. A Sublime Bone Dust is inside.
  • Across the bridge is another hut with a bonfire and Creighton. You will need the Undead Lockaway Key in order to open this area. Creighton offers the ‘Fist Pump’ gesture for Gesture Maestro.
  • Cross the smaller bridge and you’ll see a path diverge up the hill. Take that hill path and you’ll find the Undead Lockaway Key at the top on a body. Return to Creighton to pickup the gesture and head to the boss area.
  • The only available summon for the area was Bashful Ray so you can bring him along if you want.
  • The Skeleton Lords themselves aren’t an issue, but each one you kill summons tons of skeletons including the every so annoying pinwheels. Only tip is to kill one lord at a time while dispatching the smaller underlings.
Undead Purgatory

Starting from the Bridge Approach bonfire in Huntsman’s Copse.

  • After the first bridge, take the right where you’ll cross tons of dark warriors. Then cross the bridge where you will be invaded.
  • No possible summons for this boss. Use the divots in the wall to dodge the Chariot each time it passes. There are two necromancers that will keep reviving the skeletons so take them out then the skeletons. Get to the end of the path to close the gate on the chariot then finish him off.
  • After the boss fight, you’ll find Titchy Gren who leads the Brotherhood of Blood as well as sells pyromancy. You’ll need a Token of Spite to get her to talk which can be found in a chest before The Gutter.
Harvest Valley
  • After arriving in Harvest Valley, you’ll find Stone Trader Chloanne at the top of the peak. Exhaust her dialogue to relocate her to Majula (Gathering of Exiles).
  • Nothing of importance so you can make your way to the second bonfire after the gate. From here, the second set of poison mist contains the Chameleon sorcery. This is its only appearance.
  • Across the wooden bridge then take the path left to discover the Heirs of the Sun Covenant. Talk to the altar until it asks you to join for the ‘Brilliant Covenant’ achievement. The altar will also teach you the fabled ‘Praise the Sun’ gesture for Gesture Maestro.
  • If you have spare poison moss, you can take the further path into Earthen Peak down lower to meet up with Lucatiel in a room. Exhaust her dialogue to move her to her next location.
  • Otherwise, go ahead and fight the Covetous Demon. You can shoot the pots inside to drop undeads and bait him into eating them while you dish out damage.
Earthen Peak
  • Once in, there isn’t any required loot. So continue across the bridge minding the ranged enemies to parallel bridge. At the end, you’ll find a summon sign for Devotee Scarlet. Head up and you will see a wind mill and a fog gate with a bonfire. Light the windmill on fire to drain all poison.
  • If you didn’t talk to Lucatiel before the Covetous Demon due to the poison, the poison is now drained thus making it much safer to traverse.
  • Now head up the stairs and head out the door way. You can summon Bashful Ray and break the wooden fence and head left to find Laddersmith Gilligan. Pay him 2,000 souls then exhaust his dialogue to move him in Majula (Gathering of Exiles). He also teaches you ‘Prostration’ gesture for Gesture Maestro.
  • Go back into the doorway and up the ladder. Take the narrow path and up the stairs. You can go up stairs and get the bonfire behind the illusory doors or go ahead and fight the boss. Jester Thomas summon sign is near the stairs.
Iron Keep – Part 1

In Iron Keep, you’ll notice quite a bit of lava. So be prepared for fire defenses should you need them.

  • Go straight across the bridge and open the doors. You will be ambushed by some invaders. To the right is Magerold of Lanafir who leads the Dragon Covenant, but you cannot access it.
  • In the main room, you’ll notice some loot under a flaming bull head. You can no longer take it without dying, but you do need it later on so place a mental note here. It’s the Iron Key.
  • Head into the next room and out the door. You should be able to see a bridge in mid air and a lever down straight ahead. Pull the lever in order to lower one side of the bridge and cross the bridge.
  • If you have not talked to Lucatiel in Black Gulch, this guide hasn’t been there yet, then chances are you won’t have a summon sign for her at the end of the bridge. If you need to summon her here, then skip to the Black Gulch section then return here.
  • Smelter demon has some pretty strong attacks, but has no real health of its own. The only note is that you cannot drag out this fight and his fire aura does do damage.


Belfry Sol

You’re going to need a Pharros Lockstone in order to access Belfry Sol. From the Ironheath Hall bonfire, head into the door way and across the bridge. Head into the room to the left and use the Pharros Lockstone to reveal a ladder that leads you to the Belfry Sol bonfire.

  • Head up the ladder and should you skip Belfry Luna, you can join the Bell Keepers here and get the ‘Clangorous Covenant’ achievement.
  • Overall a very short area, but go in make sure to pull the lever near the towers to ring the bell and lift the gate.
  • At the end of the area, you’ll find a chest with the Immolation pyromancy.
Iron Keep – Part 2

You can continue in Iron Keep right after Belfry Sol, or you can start from Ironheath Hall bonfire.

  • The key thing to note here is the Chaos Storm pyromancy. In the second room with the lever that lowers and raises the platforms, you will notice a chest in the back left. To access this, you’ll need to combine the Smelter Demon armor purchasable from Maughlin the Armorer in Majula, the urns of water at the very top, and either flash sweat pyromancy or small orange blurrs. Do the urns last and make sure to clear out the mobs so you have a clear path. Once that’s all done, roll through the urns then drop down twice to the lava path and then run towards the chest. Heal when necessary.
  • Once you get that, proceed in the area until you reach the fire-breathing bull mechanisms. There is a ladder to the left in the back that leads to a phantom and another ladder. Climb that for a bonfire and then pull the lever to disable the fire.
  • Manhunter O’harrah’s summoning sign is at the bottom of the ladders. Head into the next area and you’ll be at the Old Iron King.
  • Chances are, your summon is probably going to get wrecked by the Old Iron King, or he gets knocked off so you’re better off learning his attack pattern as they’re easy to dodge.
  • After the fight, head down and light the primal bonfire.
Hidden Achievement
Gulch Bonfire Gulch Bonfire
Light the primal bonfire in the Black Gulch.
The Pit

You will have to revisit this area later on as there are some important items in here once you’ve retrieved the Forgotten Key.

  • It’s probably important that you have Laddersmith Gilligan in Majula so you can buy ladders that makes going down much easier. He sells three ladders: 500 souls, 3,500 souls, and 12,000 souls.
  • You’ll also want the Silvercat Ring so you can drop down without losing too much health. You can also unequip armor/weapons to lower damages.
  • To skip Grave of Saints, go down the 12,000 soul ladder and then drop down until you find the doorway.
  • You need Grave of Saints for two reasons, so head down the 3,500 soul ladder or the 500 soul ladder. Or no ladder if you can survive the fall. The first doorway you see will lead to Grave of Saints.
Grave of Saints
  • Once you step foot in here, you’re fair game to be summoned into a world hosted by a member of the Rat King covenant so be careful.
  • The only unique loot is the Whisper of Despair hex. Once you get to the bridges, use a Pharros Lockstone on the spot where a bridge could drop down at. Head across the bridge, and up the stairs will be the hex spell on a body.
  • Head to the end of the level with the bonfire. Large AoE attacks are extremely useful and you do need this boss soul to trade for Toxic Mist with Straid.
  • After fighting the Royal Rat Vanguard, enter the next area and you should see the Rat King on some bones. Talk to him for the Rat King Covenant and the ‘Gnawing Covenant’ achievement.
The Gutter
  • Following the Grave of Saints and dropping down a ton, you’ll end up on a bridge with a Crystal Lizard. Under you are explosive mummies and you can see the Great Heal miracle on the ground (1 of 2 locations).
  • Once down, you can go through the tunnels and descend some ladders. At the bottom will be a chest containing a Token of Spite required for joining the Brotherhood of Blood in the Undead Purgatory.
  • Upon entering the Gutter, you’ll be in a near pitch black area so you may want to bring a torch with you to light up all the scones.
  • Once you reach the second bonfire, go back to the area with all the ladders. Go down the ladder with the pots blocking it. Dropping down will lead you to some pots and then a chest with the Great Club. Drop down some more for the Dark Fog hex.
  • From there, climb down. You’ll notice some spiky pots. Do not attack them as they’re filled with corrosive acid. Break them from afar with iron arrows, or urns. Drop down and loot the Fragrant Branch of Yore. Head through the fog gate.
Black Gulch
  • To the left is the first bonfire. Continue down the path. All these statues you see, they all shoot poison so you will have to break a majority of them. At the bottom of the slope before you even encounter the first poison pool, you can drop down off the cliff and onto a platform leading to a tunnel.
  • Inside the tunnel will be Lucatiel provided you kept up with her side mission til now. Exhaust her dialogue to move her to her final location in Aldia’s Keep as well as make her available to summon later on in this level.
  • Go up and drop down. Head to your right and into the cave for Great Magic Weapon sorcery in the chest.
  • Go back out and down. You can summon both Bashful Ray and Manhunter O’harrah near the pots and in between the razorbacks. The corpse near the first razorback will have the Scraps of Life hex.
  • After the second razorback, you can actually drop down once more. The first drop will lead you to a stone door that requires the Forgotten Key and has Darkgiver Grandahl behind it for the Pilgrims of Dark.
  • From the spot you landed, drop down once more into a cave. This cave will lead to two Forgotten Giants. Kill them for a Soul of the Giant as well as the Forgotten Key.
  • Take the cage elevator back up and you’ll be in the wider lower part of the level. You will also be invaded by a pair of woodlands. Don’t forget to revisit the locked door to talk to Darkgiver Grandahl and get your second condition to join the Pilgrims of Dark.
  • Head straight to the edge and you’ll notice a cave with a small ledge path you can walk on. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore and proceed to the bonfire. Lucatiel’s summoning sign will also be next to the bonfire.
  • Proceed to fight The Rotten behind the giant fog gate. Lucatiel has a high chance of dying here due to both the Rotten’s potent attack and the lava pits so you’ll want to dish out damage fast or summon additional NPCs/players to help.
  • After that, there is a fairly well hidden cave that leads to a chest. Then the primal bonfire afterwards.
  • There is also a portal that leads to the first DLC: Crown of the Sunken King. This will be mentioned later on.
Hidden Achievement
Brightstone Bonfire Brightstone Bonfire
Light the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Door of Pharros

In Scholar of the First Sin, this area is no longer required as the door above Gavlan’s final spot is now automatically opened. However, you still need the Royal Rat Authority’s boss soul.

  • After climbing up the ladder, the corpse ahead has the Twisted Barricade hex.
  • Once you reach the second bonfire, you’ll be next to the boss arena. The boss is fairly difficulty depending your build. It’s strong against casters but weak against melee builds. Just take out the smaller rats as soon as possible then concentrate of the giant rat.
Brightstone Cove Tseldora
  • The most important part of this area is to simply summon Benhart of Jugo whose summoning sign is in one of the bigger tents.
  • You’ll just need to take Benhart all the way to Prowling Magus & Congregation which is an extremely easy fight.
  • After the boss area, walk out the doorway. To your right is a bonfire. To your left up the ladder is Cromwell the Pardoner who you may need for specific miracles or hexes.
  • You can skip most of the level by rolling down the rock platforms to reach the sand.
  • Continue through the door and through the next sandy area. Head straight up and into the building. The only note here is the door on the right has the Great Fireball pyromancy opened by the Brightstone Key dropped after the next boss.
  • Manhunter O’harrah’s summoning sign is on the left side of this room.
  • Head through the gate and up the ladder then drop down onto the webs. There are tons of spiders around this area. At the bottom there is a summoning sign for Ashen Knight Boyd behind a pillar.
  • Only note about Duke’s Dear Freja is that you can only attack one of her two faces. Also after the boss fight, be sure to examine the red glowing cloud near the ledge to embrace the Great Soul.
  • Next room you can kill the Duke for a Fragrant Branch of Yore and the Brightstone Key.
  • Continue and light the primal bonfire.
Hidden Achievement
Looking Glass Knight Looking Glass Knight
Defeat Looking Glass Knight

As for the Looking Glass Knight, his shield repels all projectile attacks and can also summon an npc or player to help him. After the fight, they merged the two chests into one. Open the remaining chest to receive Soul Bolt sorcery and then head down the elevator. Unique spawn.

Hidden Achievement
Vendrick Vendrick
Defeat Vendrick
  • The whole purpose of collecting all those Soul of a Giant was to lower Vendrick’s defenses. Vendrick’s default defense is 32x and each Soul of a Giant will decrease it by a multiple of 2. So one Soul of a Giant lowers it to 16x, another to 8x, then 4x, then 2x, then finally to 1x.
  • Vendrick is fairly easy, just hug the leg opposite of his wielding hand.
  • First moveset is when he swings vertically down. If the second swing comes in succession, he will not swing horizontally afterwards. If there is a pause between the two vertical swings, then he will swing vertically.
  • Second moveset is when he starts with a horizontal swing. If he pauses too long, he will not swing again.
  • Do not stand too far behind him, try to stand to his side that he’s always rotating towards you until you bait him to attack. If you do, he’ll jump backwards.
Supreme Weapon Supreme Weapon
Reinforce a weapon to its limit

All you need to do is get a regular type weapon to +10. You can infuse the weapon if you like as it plays no part in influence the amount of materials you need. If a weapon requires twinkling titanite, then you’ll have to find a different item to use.

All you need to do is get a regular type weapon to +10. You can infuse the weapon if you like as it plays no part in influence the amount of materials you need. If a weapon requires twinkling titanite, then you’ll have to find a different item to use.

Weapons can be upgraded by Blacksmith Lengrist in Majula, Steady Hand McDuff in Lost Bastille, or Weaponsmith Ornifex in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
Shards are sold infinitely by Stone Trader Chloanne after beating Iron Keep.
Large Shards are sold infinitely by Steady Hand McDuff
Chunks are sold infinitely by Stone Trader Chloanne after beating Nashandra.
A slab is given as a result of the Smith for Life achievement.

+1: 1 Titanite Shard
+2: 2 Titanite Shards
+3: 3 Titanite Shards
+4: 1 Large Titanite Shard
+5: 2 Large Titanite Shards
+6: 3 Large Titanite Shards
+7: 1 Titanite Chunks
+8: 2 Titanite Chunks
+9: 3 Titanite Chunks
+10: 1 Titanite Slab

Gesture Maestro Gesture Maestro
Learn all gestures

NPC: Crestfallen Saulden (Majula)
Conditions: Exhaust his dialogue, then request to learn his gesture.

Duel Bow
NPC: Blue Sentinel Targray (Cathedral of Blue)
Conditions: Activate speech by having a Token of Fidelity; obtained either in The Pit or completing a boss as a summon.

NPC: Benhart of Jugo (Shaded Woods)
Conditions: Unpetrify Rosabeth before the Shaded Woods, then speak with Benhart.

NPC: Straid (Lost Bastille)
Conditions: Rescue Straid from petrification, then rest at the bonfire. After that, talk to Straid and request to learn his gesture.

Fist Pump
NPC: Creighton of Mirrah (Huntsman’s Corpse)
Conditions: Rescue Creighton in Huntsman’s Corpse near the final bonfire using the Undead Lockaway Key located at the top of a peak. Once you’ve freed him, talk to him to learn the gesture.

Praise the Sun!
NPC: Ruined Altar (Earthen Peak)
Conditions: Simply find the altar for the Heirs of the Sun in Harvest Valley. Before entering Earthen Peak, there is a path down left before you run into a bunch of jars after the first hammer guy. The altar has sun beaming onto it.

NPC: Gilligan (Earthen Peak/Majula)
Conditions: Buy his ladder for 2,000 souls at Earthen Peak, then learn the gesture from him by request. You may also want to exhaust his dialogue to move him to Majula.

NPC: Head of Vengarl (Shaded Woods)
Conditions: Simply find the head of Vengarl inside the thick fog on the left path from the crossroad. He’s wearing red fabric; after listening to his story, you can learn his gesture.

NPC: Manscorpion Tark (Shaded Woods)
Conditions: Talk to Tark with the Ring of Whispers equipped. Sweet Shalquoir (cat) in Majula sells this ring.

This One’s Me
NPC: Chancellor Wellager (Drangleic Castle)
Conditions: Exhaust his dialogue until you can access his menu and learn his gesture.

Have Mercy!
NPC: Grave Warden Agdayne (Undead Crypt)
Conditions: Exhaust his dialogue and do not use any forms of light to prevent any hostility.

NPC: Captain Drummond (Memory of Vammar)
Conditions: Exhaust his dialogue to learn his gesture.

Master of Sorcery Master of Sorcery
Learn all sorceries

Sorcceries will be listed as they appear in your inventory thus making it easier to cross reference. For Scholars of the First Sin, you do need the DLC Spells.

Spell Name Location Merchant Price
Soul Arrow Carhillion/Magerold 1500 Souls
Great Soul Arrow Carhillion/Magerold 3000 Souls
Heavy Soul Arrow Carhillion/Magerold 2000 Souls
Great Heavy Soul Arrow Carhillion/Magerold 4500 Souls
Homing Soul Arrow Straid/Ornifex 6500 Souls
Heavy Homing Soul Arrow Straid of Olaphis Ruin Sentinel Soul
Homing Soulmass Weaponsmith Ornifex 6000 Souls
Homing Crystal Soulmass Shrine of Amana Corpse Loot after 3rd Bonfire
Soul Spear Grave Warden Agdayne 12,000 Souls
Crystal Soul Spear Straid of Olaphis Old Paledrake Soul (Duke’s Dear Freja NG+)
Shockwave Carhillion of the Fold 1800 Souls
Soul Spear Barrage Carhillion of the Fold 2600 Souls
Soul Shower Straid of Olaphis Scorpioness Najka Soul
Soul Greatsword Drangleic Castle Chest after Elevator Statue Room
Soul Vortex Grave Warden Agdayne 10,400 Souls
Soul Bolt Drangleic Castle Chest after Looking Glass Knight
Soul Geyser Aldia’s Keep Corrosive Acid Cage
Magic Weapon Carhillion of the Fold 2000 Souls
Great Magic Weapon Black Gulch First Cave after Bonfire
Crystal Magic Weapon Dragon Shrine Chest on Ledge after Petrified Egg
Strong Magic Shield Straid of Olaphis 6300 Souls
Yearn Carhillion of the Fold 3000 Souls
Hush Lost Bastille Ruin Sentinel Boss Room Illusory Room (Ladder)
Fall Control Ornifex/Magerold 4800 Souls
Hidden Weapon Bell Keepers Rank 2
Repair Shaded Woods Chest near Golden Lion Mage
Cast Light Straid/Grandahl 3000 Souls
Chameleon Harvest Valley Corpse Loot in 2nd Mist Pit
Unleash Magic Royal Sorcerer Navlaan Assassination Quest
Soul Flash Ivory King See Walkthrough – DLC
Focus Souls Sunken King See Walkthrough – DLC
Master of Miracles Master of Miracles
Learn all miracles

Miracles will be listed as they appear in your inventory thus making it easier to cross reference. For Scholars of the First Sin, you do need the DLC Spells.

Spell Name Location Merchant Price
Heal Licia of Lindelt 1500 Souls
Med Heal Licia of Lindelt 3000 Souls
Great Heal Excerpt Licia of Lindelt 4500 Souls
Great Heal Cromwell the Pardoner 8000 Souls
Soothing Sunlight Invade Licia of Lindelt Cracked Eye Orb
Replenishment Licia/Cromwell 3000 Souls
Resplendent Life Licia/Straid of Olaphis 4500 Souls
Bountiful Sunlight Chancellor Wellager (NG++) 11,000 Souls
Caressing Prayer Licia/Cromwell 2000 Souls
Force Licia/Cromwell 1800 Souls
Wrath of the Gods Chancellor Wellager (NG++) 8200 Souls
Emit Force Blue Sentinel Targray/Cromwell 4200 Souls
Heavenly Thunder Targray/Cromwell 3300 Souls
Lightning Spear Licia of Lindelt 6000 Souls
Great Lightning Spear Straid of Olaphis 13,000 Souls
Sunlight Spear Heirs of the Sun Rank 3
Soul Appease Stone Trader Chloanne 8800 Souls
Binding Bolt Straid of Olaphis Old King Soul (OIK NG+)
Magic Barrier Felken the Outcast 2700 Souls
Great Magic Barrier Chancellor Wellager 9300 Souls
Homeward Licia of Lindelt 2400 Souls
Guidance Licia of Lindelt 3700 Souls
Sacred Oath Straid of Olaphis Soul of Velstadt
Unveil Straid of Olaphis 2200 Souls
Perseverance Cromwell the Pardoner 3500 Souls
Sunlight Blade Straid of Olaphis 12,400 Souls
Denial Sunken King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Splintering Lightning Spear Ivory King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Master of Pyromancy Master of Pyromancy
Learn all pyromancies

Pyromancies will be listed as they appear in your inventory thus making it easier to cross reference. For Scholars of the First Sin, you do need the DLC Spells.

Spell Name Location Merchant Price
Fireball Rosabeth of Melfia 1200 Souls
Fire Orb Rosabeth of Melfia 3400 Souls
Great Fireball Brightstone Cove Tseldora Brightstone Key
Great Chaos Fireball Chancellor Wellager (NG++) 17,400 Souls
Firestorm Titchen Gren 4500 Souls
Fire Tempest Shrine of Amana Chest near Third Hut
Chaos Storm Iron Keep Chest on Lava post-Smelter
Combustion Rosabeth of Melfia 1500 Souls
Great Combustion Titchy Gren 4800 Souls
Fire Whip Titchy Gren 3800 Souls
Poison Mist Rosabeth of Melfia 3400 Souls
Toxic Mist Straid of Olaphis Royal Rat Vanguard Soul
Acid Surge Straid of Olaphis Royal Rat Authority Soul
Lingering Flame Straid of Olaphis 6700 Souls
Flame Swathe Straid of Olaphis 9500 Souls
Forbidden Sun Royal Sorcerer Navlaan Assassination Quest
Flame Weapon Straid of Olaphis Old Witch Soul (Lost Sinner NG+)
Flash Sweat Rosabeth of Melfia 2300 Souls
Iron Flesh Rosabeth of Melfia 3500 Souls
Warmth Grave Warden Agdayne 5200 Souls
Immolation Belfry Sol Chest at the end
Fire Snake Old Iron King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Dance of Fire Old Iron King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Outcry Old Iron King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Master of Hexes Master of Hexes
Learn all hexes

Hexes will be listed as they appear in your inventory thus making it easier to cross reference. For Scholars of the First Sin, you do need the DLC Spells.

Spell Name Location Merchant Price
Dark Orb Straid/Felkin/Grandahl 600 Souls
Dark Hail Straid/Magerold/Darkdiver 1500 Souls
Dark Fog Straid of Olaphis 5200 Souls
Affinity Straid of Olaphis 11,500 Souls
Dead Again Stone Trader Chloanne 4000 Souls
Dark Weapon Felkin the Outcast 2700 Souls
Whisper of Despair Grave of Saints Across the valley; Pharros Lockstone
Repel Straid of Olaphis Giant Lord Soul
Twisted Barricade Door of Pharros Corpse loot at ladder
Numbness Straid of Olaphis Old Dead One’s Soul (Rotten NG+)
Dark Greatsword Sunken King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Recollection Old Iron King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Scraps of Life Cromwell the Pardoner 2200 Souls
Darkstorm Magerold/Darkdiver 4700 Souls
Resonant Soul Felkin the Outcast 1100 Souls
Great Resonant Soul Felkin the Outcast 3400 Souls
Climax Pilgrims of Dark Rank 3
Resonant Flesh Felkin the Outcast 4000 Souls
Resonant Weapon Felkin the Outcast 4000 Souls
Lifedrain Patch Straid of Olaphis Darklurker Soul
Profound Still Darkdiver Grandahl 13,000 Souls
Promised Walk of Peace Sunken King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Dark Dance Ivory King DLC See Walkthrough – DLC
Hidden Achievement
Brilliant Covenant Brilliant Covenant
Discover a most brilliant covenant

Name: Heirs of the Sun
NPC: The Sun
Location: Harvest Valley

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join Sun Seal
1 Offer 10 Sunlight Medals Sunlight Parma
2 Offer 20 Sunlight Medals Sun Sword
3 Offer 30 Sunlight Medals Sunlight Spear Miracle

After the Mines bonfire, proceed in the area until you’re met with another set of poison mist pits. The path on the other side leads to an altar with the covenant. Sunlight medals can be obtained by completing bosses in Co-op as a member. Also dropped by Dark Magic Giants and Falconer Knights.

Hidden Achievement
Protector Covenant Protector Covenant
Discover the covenant of the protectors

Name: Blue Sentinels
NPC: Blue Sentinel Targray
Location: Cathedral of Blue

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join with Token of Fidelity Guardian’s Seal
1 50 Victories Spirit Tree Shield
2 150 Victories Wrath of the Gods
3 500 Victories Bountiful Sunlight, Targray’s Set

Blue Sentinel Targray is on the balcony right after you defeat the Old Dragonrider. You must have a Token of Fidelity in order to trigger dialogue with him. One can be obtained through co-op or a corpse loot next to the Bridge Approach bonfire in Huntsman’s Corpse.

Hidden Achievement
Sanguinary Covenant Sanguinary Covenant
Discover the covenant of the bloodthirsty

Name: Brotherhood of Blood
NPC: Titchy Gren
Location: Undead Purgatory

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join with Token of Spite Crest of Blood
1 50 Rank Points Curved Twinblade
2 150 Rank Points Crescent Sickle
3 500 Rank Points Great Chaos Fireball Pyromancy, Gren Set

After fighting the Executioner’s Chariot, you can proceed upstairs to Titchy Gren. There is a bonfire here so you can easily access Titchy Gren and join should you not have a Token of Spite. One is right before the Gutter. The rank points are net points; lose -1, win +1.

Hidden Achievement
Covenant of the Meek Covenant of the Meek
Discover the covenant of the meek

Name: Way of the Blue
NPC: Crestfallen Saulden
Location: Majula Monument

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join Blue Seal
1 Defeat 1 Invading Phantom Bloodbite Ring
2 Defeat 5 Invading Phantoms Hush Sorcery Spell
3 Defeat 10 Invading Phantoms Blue Tearstone Ring

A man is sitting at the top of the steps named Crestfallen Saulden. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue before requesting to join his covenant.

Hidden Achievement
Gnawing Covenant Gnawing Covenant
Discover the covenant of rodents

Name: Rat King Covenant
NPC: The Rat King
Location: Grave of Saints/Door of Pharros

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join Crest of the Rat
1 Offer 10 Rat Tails 10 Small Smooth & Silky Stone
2 Offer 20 Rat Tails 10 Smooth & Silky Stone
3 Offer 35 Rat Tails Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring

The Rat King appears in both the Grave of Saints and Door of Pharros right after each boss. So be careful not to attack him. This also means you have to defeat at least one of the bosses.

Hidden Achievement
Clangorous Covenant Clangorous Covenant
Discover the clangorous covenant

Name: Bell Keepers
NPC: Dwarf
Location: Belfry Luna/Belfry Sol

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join Bell Keeper’s Seal, 5 Rusted Coins
1 Defeat 10 Trespassers Titanite Slab
2 Defeat 30 Trespassers Hidden Weapon Sorcery
3 Defeat 100 Trespassers Bell Keeper Set

The dwarf sits at the start of each Belfry zone on a cabinet.

Hidden Achievement
Covenant of Ancients Covenant of Ancients
Discover an ancient covenant

Name: Dragon Remnants
NPC: Magerold of Lanafir
Location: Iron Keep

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join with Petrified Egg Dragon Eye, Ancient Dragon Seal
1 Offer 10 Dragon Scales Dragon Head Stone
2 Offer 20 Dragon Scales Dragon Torso Stone
3 Offer 30 Dragon Scales Black Dragon Greatsword

After obtaining the Petrified Egg in Dragon Shrine, head back to Magerold of Lanafir in Iron Keep (merchant). He will let you join.

Hidden Achievement
Covenant of the Fittest Covenant of the Fittest
Discover the covenant of the fittest

Name: Company of Champions
NPC: Victor’s Stone
Location: Majula

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join Champion’s Tablet
1 Offer 10 Awestones Great Magic Weapon
2 Offer 25 Awestones First Dragon Ring
3 Offer 50 Awestones Vanquisher’s Seal

From the Majula monument, if you peer over the to the left, you’ll notice a cliff path next to the path that leads to Heide’s Tower of Flame. At the end of that cliff is a corpse and an item as well as the Victor’s Stone.

Hidden Achievement
Abysmal Covenant Abysmal Covenant
Discover the abysmal covenant

Name: Pilgrims of Dark
NPC: Darkgiver Grandahl
Location: Shaded Woods/Black Gulch/Drangleic Castle

Rank Condition Reward
0 Join Abyss Seal
1 Clear 1 Abyss Dungeon Resonant Soul Hex
2 Clear All 3 Abyss Dungeon Great Resonant Soul Hex
3 Defeat Darklurker Climax Hex, Xanthous Set

In order to join, you must find him in all three locations.
Shaded Woods: Before the stone buildings before the hill to Najka, there is some wooden planks on the ground (not the one near the ghosts, further down), walk on them to fall down onto Darkgiver Grandahl.
Black Gulch: Using the Forgotten Key, from the second bonfire, you can see a platform under the edge of the cliff. Drop down and enter the stone doorway.
Drangelic Castle: From the King’s Gate bonfire, there are 6 gates to open. The furthest gate on the left has a fragile floor that leads you to the third bonfire and Darkgiver Grandahl.

Selfless Giver Selfless Giver
Max-out devotion to covenant

There are two covenants that you must max out to get 100% in Dark Souls which are the Pilgrims of Dark covenant and the Heirs of the Sun. The easiest covenant to complete is Way of the Blue, but it’s not required overall for 100% achievements.

Heirs of the Sun
– You need 30 sunlight medals in order to max out the Heirs of the Sun as well as pick up the Sunlight Spear miracle. Unique occurence.
– Sunlight medals can be obtained by defeating bosses either as a member of the Heirs of the Sun or by summoning a player who is a member of the Heirs of the Sun.
– Sunlight medals are dropped by Falconer Knights located in Things Betwixt (NG+) as well as the Mounted Overseer in Harvest Valley. (The guys who launch dark magic balls at you).

Pilgrims of the Dark
– You have to complete Pilgrims of the Dark in order to obtain the Climax hex as it is a unique occurrence in the game.
– To max out the covenant, you have to complete all 3 Abyss as well as the Darklurker boss. The first attempt at an abyss is free; every subsequent attempt costs a human effigy.
– To join, you must have spoken to Grandahl at all 3 locations first.
– Location 1: Behind Forgotten Door in Black Gulch
From the second bonfire, head backwards to the razorbacks and drop down off the cliff onto a ledge. Go in and talk to Darkgiver Grandahl. Join if necessary. Enter the abyss, light the torch, defeat all enemies and drop into the abyss.
– Location 2: In a pit at the end of Shaded Woods
From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, you can run passed all the ghosts without aggroing them so just run straight up the pit and turn right until you get to the bottom of the hill leading to Najka. Head straight and there is a wooden plank straight ahead. Walking on it breaks and you’ll fall right next to Darkgiver Grandahl. Complete the Abyss.
– Location 3: Drangleic Castle third bonfire
From the King’s Gate bonfire in Drangleic Castle, the far left soul door in the room with statues has a Ruin Sentinel and a fragile flooring where you can drop down to the third bonfire and Darkgiver Grandahl. Complete the Abyss.
– Darklurker will appear right after you complete the third abyss and he is a boss fight. If you fail to defeat him, you have to go through an entire abyss and then fight him again. Personally, I found the Abyss in Shaded Woods to be the easiest for me.
– After you’ve defeated Darklurker, speak to Darkgiver Grandahl and he’ll give you Resonant Soul, Great Resonant Soul, and Climax hexes in their respective covenant rank of 1, 2, 3.

Hidden Achievement
Curious Map Curious Map
Light all the flames on the map in Majula.

In Forest of Fallen Giants, after climbing down the ladder from the Cardinal Tower bonfire, go through the fog gate and you’ll find yourself on a giant tree root. Drop down and progress to the cave. At the top of the cave will be Cartographer Cale. Exhaust his dialogue for the House Key. Return to the Majula Mansion, open the house then go to the basement and clear out the skeleton that’s down there. 1 Skeleton spawns per bonfire intensity at the Far Fire. After that, go back to Cale and relocate him to Majula.

This achievement pretty much asks you to finish the game. Each number corresponds to a flame on the map. I defeated Nashandra and Aldia at the same time on all instances of my game so I do not know whether the requirement for the final flame switched to Aldia or remains at Nashandra.
1. Defeat the Last Giant
2. Defeat the Lost Sinner
3. Defeat the Rotten
4. Defeat the Old Iron King
5. Defeat the Duke’s Dear Freja
6. Obtain the King’s Ring
7. Obtain the Ashen Mist Heart
8. Defeat Throne Defender and Throne Watcher (Credit to Idiotic for pointing it out)

After you’ve beat the final boss, simply return to Cale in the basement and you’ll get his helmet which you need for Royal Sorcerer Navlaan’s assassination quest.

Hidden Achievement
Change of Clothes Change of Clothes
Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear
Shaded Woods

You should buy the Ring of Whispers from Sweet Shalquoir. From Majula, there is a woody door that leads to a building. Take that path.

  • Outside of the building will be Benhart of Jugo, exhaust his dialogue.
  • Head inside and use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on Rosabeth of Melfia.
  • After she’s back to normal, she will request clothing. Anything works and you only need one. After that, exhaust her dialogue then go back to Majula to prevent killing her in the following encounter. (Gathering of Exiles)
Hidden Achievement
Gathering of Exiles Gathering of Exiles
Increase the Population of Majula

In short, this achievement wants you to find all the NPCs that can be relocated and relocate them to Majula. There are a total of 7 NPCs that can move to Majula for your convenience.

Merchant Hag Melentia
Location: Forest of Fallen Giants – She sits right next to the Cardinal Tower bonfire. To relocate her to Majula, simply exhaust her dialogue. She’ll relocate to the wall near the Far Fire bonfire.

Cartographer Cale
Location: Forest of Fallen Giants – He’s in a cave right after descending the ladder from the Cardinal Tower. When you climb up the root, you can drop down at the top of the root to the building under you. The cliff has a cave in it with Cale inside.

Exhausting his dialogue the first time gives you the House key for Majula’s Mansion. Return to Majula, enter the house and head to the basement. A skeleton will spawn for each bonfire intensity Majula is at. NG+ has 2, NG++ has 3, etc. Once the threat has been neutralized, return to Cale and exhaust his dialogue and he’ll relocate to inside the mansion.

Licia of Lindeldt
Location: Heide’s Tower of Flame
Right after fighting the Dragonrider, head up the stairs and to the bonfire. Licia will be staring off over the water. Exhaust her dialogue and she’ll relocate to Majula. Her location is the rotunda before you get to Heide’s Tower of Flame.

Carhillion of the Fold
Location: No Man’s Wharf
Before you ever worry about Carhillion, in order to get him to talk, you need at least 8 Intelligence. Otherwise he’ll shrug you off and you won’t be able to do much to him. Anywho, he’s on the dock before the boat right where you kick the bridge down to unlock the shortcut as No Man’s Wharf only has 1 bonfire at the very beginning. He relocates to the tree between the monument and Blacksmith Lengrist.

Rosabeth of Melfia
Location: Shaded Woods
You’re going to need a ‘Fragrant Branch of Yore’ for this one. You may also want a useless armor piece as well. One is sold by Merchant Hag Melentia. From Majula, there is another cave entrance near the path to Things Betwixt. From there, head through the linear path and you’ll see a building with a man sitting outside. Inside is a petrified NPC, Rosabeth. Use the Fragrant Branch of Yore on her. Once she’s unpetrified, you can also pick up Change of Clothes by giving her an equipment piece. Once you’ve given her clothing, she’ll relocate to the bottom of the steps to the monument.

Stone Trader Chloanne
Location: Harvest Valley
She’s located at the ledge of the cliff at the beginning of Harvest Valley. Exhaust her dialogue to relocate her to Majula. She is actually Lengrist’s daughter and ironically she sits on the rock near his workshop.

Laddersmith Gilligan
Location: Earthen Peak
From the second bonfire of Earthen Peak, head up the stairs and out the doorway. Break down the wooden fence and trace the ledge to find Gilligan. Buy his 2,000 ladder then exhaust his dialogue. He also has a gesture. He moves himself right around the pit in Majula.

Moonlight Greatsword Moonlight Greatsword
Inherit Benhart of Jugo’s equipment

Just like Lucatiel, you’ll also have to track down Benhart before he shows up as summons and summon him a minimum of three times. Then engage his final dialogue for his equips. He has a bright blue greatsword, it’s hard to miss him.

Dialogue 1: Shaded Woods
From Majula, head towards Shaded Woods. You’ll meet a gate that’s blocked by a petrified statue who is Rosabeth. Benhart will be sitting outside of this blinding to the left. He states that he can’t get passed the gate. Talk to him til he exhausts his dialogue.

Rescuing Rosabeth: To unpetrify an NPC, you need a Fragrant Branch of Yore. I believe the earliest instance of one is the merchant from the Forest of Fallen Giants. She sells one for 12,000 souls (very high for early game). Once you do buy it, feel free to save her. You’ll need her for another achievement.

Dialogue 2: Shaded Woods (Same as 1)
Once you’ve saved Rosabeth, go back to Benhart. He’ll thank you for solving his predicament and award you the ‘Joy’ gesture. Exhaust his dialogue and you’ll be done with him for a long time.

Summon 1: Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Provided you cleared his first two dialogues, his summoning sign will be inside a tent near the first bonfire of Brightstone Cove Tseldora. There aren’t very many dangerous points in this are except the fact that he can fall off of the cliff.

Dialogue 3: Drangleic Castle
After the Twin Dragonrider’s boss, you’ll be at the Central bonfire and you’ll see him sitting against the wall. Exhaust his dialogue here for the Looking Glass fight.

Summon 2: Drangleic Castle
Right before the Looking Glass fog gate, his sign will be on the ground. Benhart has no trouble surviving this fight and makes for a rather useful diversion; however, it may take a while before the Looking Glass Knight changes his attention from you.

Dialogue 4: Forest of Fallen Giants
Between the Pursuer official boss area and the giant corpse, Benhart will now be sitting near the steps to the nest. Exhaust his dialogue here to enable him for the Memory of Jeigh fight.

Dialogue 5: Memory of Orro
Oddly enough, the memory near Benhart’s sitting area isn’t where you summon him. He appears in the memory closest to him sitting on the ground. Exhaust his dialogue here. This is his final location.

Summon 3: Memory of Jeigh
Should you visit Memory of Vammar before this and talk to Drummond, he will be available to summon here; however, you cannot summon them both. Now in here, it is very easy for Benhart to die. The boss isn’t much of a problem, but a rolling statue head and bombardments are fairly effective on Benhart so moving quickly is recommended.

Summon 4: Throne of Want
You can summon Benhart here until you fight Nashandra, so if you summoned him against Throne Defender and Throne Watcher and you couldn’t fight Nashandra at the time, you can summon him once more. I do not know if this counts as two successful summons or they overlap.

Summon 5: Dragon’s Rest (DLC – Crown of the Sunken King)
Right before the final boss with Elana, you can summon Benhart here with his sign being situated right next to some pillars in the same area as the boss fog gate.

Once you’ve finished the requirements of moving him to Memory of Orro and summoning him at least 3 times where he survives the fight, then head back to his spot in Memory of Orro and exhaust his dialogue where he gives you his equipment and unlocking the achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Holder of the Fort Holder of the Fort
Inherit Captain Drummond’s equipment
Memory of Vammar
  • The giant is where you first encountered Pate but on the otherside of the wall, not inside the trap.
  • Once in before you encounter some closed doors, Captain Drummond is on the ground. Exhaust his dialogue and learn the ‘Hurrah’ gesture, the final gesture for ‘Gesture Maestro’. If you also followed this guide, then you will also receive ‘Holder of the Fort’.
Hidden Achievement
Lucatiel Lucatiel
Inherit equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah

The achievement ‘Lucatiel’ requires you to fulfill two conditions in order to inherit her equipment.

Dialogue 1: No Man’s Wharf
Her position has indeed been moved from the first bonfire. She is now relocated inside a house early in the area. After crossing the docks the first time, you’ll meet some stairs. The first stop on the stairs, you should see a brazier to light up and a house with stairs immediately inside. She is located inside.

Summon 1: No Man’s Wharf
Must have corresponding dialogue: No Man’s Wharf. Her summon sign has also been moved. Her old summon sign was placed in front of a gate that you had to unlock. Gavlan, the Grym merchant, now occupies that space while her summoning sign has been moved closer to the ship and on the docks. It’ll be on the corner of the dock before the last stretch leading to the ship.

Dialogue 2: Lost Bastille
She hasn’t moved from her original spot; she’s located in the tower after the Prison Guards. Simply exhaust her dialogue.

Summon 2: Sinner’s Rise
Must have corresponding dialogue: Lost Bastille. Once you reach Sinner’s Rise, head down the lift. Her summoning sign will be at the bottom before you enter the water portions. There is a good chance she could die in this area, so you may want to clear it out before summoning. A Flexible Sentry spawns here.

Dialogue 3: Harvest Valley/Earthen Peak
I personally call this Harvest Valley because it occurs before the Covetous Demon, but this is technically inside Earthen Peak. She relocates from the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire to the room before the Covetous Demon. You may want to drain the poison pools before going down to her in the hallway filled with poison. Doing the jump is not required, you can climb down in the previous room.

Dialogue 4: Black Gulch
She hasn’t moved from her original spot; this spot is located in the early stages of Black Gulch before you hit the water pools. Over off the cliff, there is a small ledge you can drop down to that leads to a tunnel under the intended pathway. She’ll be at the end of the tunnel. Exhaust her dialogue.

Summon 3: Black Gulch
Must have corresponding dialogue: Black Gulch. By tracing the cliff, you’ll eventually find a pathway leading into a cave. The cave is blocked off by a petrified enemy which you’ll need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to move; one was given before you dropped down to Black Gulch. Inside near the bonfire will be Lucatiel’s sign.

Summon 4: Iron Keep
Must have at least 3 dialogues cleared. Her summoning sign appears right before the Smelter Demon door surrounded by tons of archers.

Final Dialogue: Aldia’s Keep
WARNING: Do not talk to her if you haven’t cleared at least 3 summons. You will need all previous dialogues. If you have no summons left to get to 3, then you may use a bonfire ascetic to try it on a higher NG+. Else, you’ll have to wait til next playthrough to attempt it again. Once you’re certain you’re ready, feel free to talk to her and viola!

Hidden Achievement
Smith for Life Smith for Life
Inherit Steady Hand McDuff’s equipment.

In Lost Bastille, the Bastille Key is on the ledge of the bridge right after the Servant’s Quarters bonfire (post Ruin Sentinel). Alternatively bait the Undead Jailer to kick the barrel into the wall thus breaking it to access both McDuff and the bonfire. Scholar of the First Sin removed the requirement of lighting up the brazier thus preventing this achievement from being missable.

Secondly, the Dull Ember has been moved out of Iron Keep and into Lost Bastille. It’s in a chest right next to the bonfire, A Tower Apart which is accessed from the Forest of Fallen Giants behind the Pursuer. Use the nest to be transported. After you’ve received the Dull Ember, return it to McDuff and he’ll provide his services to you.

You need to spend 14,000 souls on SERVICES. Purchasing items does not count. Repair, reinforce, and infuse are the only ones that count. After that, use his talk dialogue to receive a Titanite Slab and the achievement. The Titanite Slab is useful for the Supreme Weapon achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Garrulous Miser Garrulous Miser
Inherit Laddersmith Gilligan’s equipment

From the second bonfire in Earthen Peak, head up the stairs and out the door and you should notice wooden fences. Break the fence and head left to find Gilligan. After finding Gilligan at Earthen Peak, buy his ladder for 2,000 souls and exhaust his dialogue to relocate him to Majula. Once he’s in Majula, he will sell you ladders for the Pit. Buy the 12,000 ladder then talk to him to receive the Melu Scimitar and this achievement.

Hidden Achievement
Reflections on Disembodiment Reflections on Disembodiment
Inherit equipment from the head of Vengarl

After completing “Change of Clothes” take the following steps.

  • Once you make it back, talk to Benhart again who will give the ‘Joy’ gesture for Gesture Maestro. Exhaust his dialogue to progress his sidequest.
  • Follow the path to the next bonfire with three split paths. Take the foggy path.
  • In the fog, follow the left wall until you reach a ton of broken rubble on the ground. On top of the rubble you should see some red cloth. It is Vengarl’s head.
This is Dark Souls This is Dark Souls
Die for the first time

Welcome to Dark Souls!

This section will cover some basics of how Dark Souls 2 works that is important to this guide.

Stat Respec

You can respec your stats using the Soul Vessel. It’ll reset your character to the base level and base stats based on your starting class. Your souls remain unchanged while being given the same number of stat points you’ve leveled up. Below are required stats if you only want to respec just once.

  • Licia of Lindelt – 30 Faith to receive Saint’s Set and Chime
  • Carhillion of the Fold – 8 Intelligence to engage speech; 30 Intelligence for Northern Ritual Band +1
  • Felken the Outcast – 8 Faith/8 Intelligence to engage speech; 20/20 required for Sunset Staff without killing him for Assassination Quest.
  • Straid of Olaphis – 3 Faith/3 Intelligence to shop and trade; requires a Fragrant Branch of Yore
  • Cromwell the Pardoner – 35 Faith for Ring of Resistance

Soul Vessel Location
1. The most common Soul Vessel is located in the chest in the basement of Majula mansion.
2. Crestfallen Saulden gives you one after you get at least 4 exiles to Majula
3. Two are located inside a chest in Drangleic Castle, where you find a guy strapped to a door.
4. Wooden Chest behind a Pharros’ Contraption illusory door.
5. Wooden Chest before the second bonfire in Undead Crypt, drop down the gap instead of going through the doorway
6. Corpse loot in Memory of Orro
There are a few more not listed.