Costume Quest Achievement Guide

  • Author : L-r | BC
  • Time To Complete : 6-8 hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online : 0/21
  • Offline : 21/21
  • Missable : None
  • Glitched : None
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

A guide to getting all of the achievements in Costume Quest (also includes all hide-n’-seek locations).

Achievements with the [GOI] tag are for Grubbins on Ice, and can only be obtained there. The rest are for the main game, Costume Quest.

Also if you beat the game, you can still go back and do quests if you haven’t completed them.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough
Hope this guide helps anyone who may have had trouble trying to get some of these achievements. So far this is my biggest guide, and it was definitely not easy (I had to replay the game a few times to get some screenshots). Again, I hope you found this guide to be useful. If you don’t have this game, I highly recommend getting it. Thanks to Double Fine for creating yet another great game.


Achievement Guide
Leave some for the rest of us! Leave some for the rest of us!
Collect a total of over 4,000 candies.

To get this, you need to obtain a total of 4,000 pieces. This means that you do not have to have 4,000 pieces of candy at the same time. The best ways to get candy are:

  • Pick up ones you find on the ground
  • Hit various objects for candy to come out
  • Beat enemies
  • Find hidden treasure chests

Make sure to find the hide-n’-seek kids in each area so that you can hold more candy (also spend your candy on stamps).

Battle Buds Battle Buds
Defeat a monster in combat with a friend by your side.

An easy achievement that you’ll get while going through the story. When you get Everett to join your party near the start of the game, just go to any of the houses in the Suburbs and defeat an enemy.

Binary Bouncer Binary Bouncer
Use the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps.

Pretty self-explanatory. If you know where to find the ramps, you can get this achievement before you leave the suburbs.

Boosts 1 and 2

1.) Boost over the trash cans (when the Grubbin knocks it down, required for story)
2.) When you beat the bully, head to the east of the main gate and you’ll find another boost (which also leads back to the first boost mentioned)

Follow this path to go through boosts 3-8

3-8.) Head to the southwest of the main gate (that won’t open until you go to all of the houses) and you’ll find a ramp. Follow the path and you’ll find a bunch of other ramps (although one of the ramps takes you off of the path, so just go back to the start). There are a total of 6 ramps through this path.

Boost 9, which also leads to boost 10

9-10.) Head north and you’ll find a ramp guarded by a kid in a Lincoln costume. To get him to move, you need to tell him the password which you’ll get by talking to one of the Lincoln kids near the american party (near the eastern area while getting the Lady Liberty costume). Once you get him to move, boost over the ramp, then follow the path until you find another ramp to boost off of.

Follow this path to go through boosts 11-15

11-15.) When you get past the lady with the cherry pie stand, head north-east and you’ll find a ramp. Boost this ramp and follow the path to get the last boosts needed for this achievement.

There are also a few boosts in Fall Valley, before you fight Dorsilla.

Do the Monster Bash Do the Monster Bash
Get the jump on 10 different monsters by pail bashing them to initiate combat.

When you approach an enemy (in the overworld) from behind, you’ll see an icon with an e button. This is so you can hit an enemy from behind, which leads to them losing health in battle.

To get this achievement, you have to hit 10 enemies from behind. You can first start doing this with a few monsters in the suburbs, but it’s better to do this in the mall and/or fall valley, since both areas are packed with overworld enemies.

Make it Work Make it Work
Win the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest.

When you get to the first floor of the Mall (with all of the people), head south and you’ll find that there is a costume contest going on (though to enter, you must find Lucy first). By talking to various people in the mall, you’ll find that the judges are interested in a high tech costume, an educationalcostume, and a costume with a little chivalry and honor. So enter the contest while wearing:

The Robot Costume
The Knight Costume
Lady Liberty (statue of Liberty)

You’ll win the contest and also get the Unicorn costume pattern.

Dressed to Quest Dressed to Quest
Acquire 5 Costumes.

You’ll get this achievement just by playing through the game normally. By the time you get to the inner mall, you’ll already have the robot, knight, lady liberty, and spaceman costumes. You’ll also get the Ninja costume in the mall just by progressing through the story (get the three horns for the kids on the second floor, then just talk to the other kids on the first floor to get the other pieces). Along with the french fry (obtained by talking to the french fry guy in Fall Valley) and the Grubbin costume (obtain by Grubbins in the corn field maze in Fall Valley), it’s just about impossible to miss this achievement.

Check out my full costume guide for all costume locations

The Last Gourdian The Last Gourdian
Acquire the Pumpkin Costume.

In each area, you’ll find a talking scarecrow who’s really Dorsilla’s brother. Everytime you meet him, he’ll give you a piece of the Pumpkin Costume.

His location in each area:
Suburbs: In the graveyard near the teleporting coffins
The Mall: Right next to the costume contest
Fall Valley: Near the entrance to the maze

Master of Disguise Master of Disguise
Use every Costume Ability in battle.

Each costume (with the exception of the Grubbins costume) has their own special ability in battle that is available to use every three turns. You need to use all of them for this achievement.

A short summary on where to get each costume:

  • Robot, Knight, Lady Liberty, Spaceman, Ninja, and the French Fry costumes are all obtained by completing the story
  • The Unicorn costume pattern is obtained by winning the costume contest, and the pieces are scattered throughout the mall
  • The Pumpkin costume pieces are obtained by talking to the scarecrow (see The Last Gourdianachievement)
  • The Vampire costume pattern is given to you by Henry at the entrance to the carnival, and the pieces are scattered throughout the carnival and the town to the north
  • The Cat costume is unlocked by obtaining all of the creepy treat cards

For all of the costume locations and their abilities in battle, check out my complete costume guide.

Downsized! Downsized!
Defeat BoJonn in battle.

BoJonn is the boss that you will fight after completing the Suburbs level (by trick or treating at every house). Since he’s the first boss, he’s rather easy. The best way to defeat him is to attack his microphone first, and then any Grubbins that he calls in. Then just focus your attacks on him. Buying a few stamps (such as the Fang of the wolf which increases your attack power), and having one of your members as Lady Liberty (so you can heal your members) makes this battle even easier.

Dozer Dodger Dozer Dodger
Defeat Metxel in battle.

Mextel is the boss you fight at the end of the Mall, by trick-or-treating at all of the areas in the mall. He’s really easy if you have the right costumes/stamps. I recommend having:

The Robo Costume with an attack stamp (they’ll be the main attacker)
Ninja/Knight with a poison-like stamp (they’ll be your defense)
Lady Liberty with a healing stamp (they’ll be your healer)

Note that when you first start the battle, you’ll have to fight two trowbogs (technically you don’t have to completely defeat them, since Metxel will knock them out anyway. All you need to do is center your attacks on him. Occasionally, one of your members will say something about feeling paranoid. When they do, use your Ninja/Knight’s ability on that person to defend them from the candydozer attack. Once you defeat his candydozer, you’ll have to fight him, although his strategy his very similar to when you fight him in the dozer. Repeat the already mentioned strategy, and heal yourself every now and then to win.

Sweet Justice Sweet Justice
Beat the game.

To beat the game, you’ll need to fight two final bosses: Dorsilla and Big Bones. I recommend you level up to level 10 before attempting to fight Dorsilla.

Dorsilla is not too hard if you follow the “offense defense healer” method mentioned for the Drill Dozer achievement. Just have an offensive character with a major attack boost stamp (robot or pumpkin), a defensive character with a poison/counter attack stamp (knight or ninja), and a healer with a healing stamp (lady liberty).

After you beat Dorsilla, you’ll have a break before fighting Big Bones (meaning you can go back and do whatever). When you’re ready, keep talking to Dorsilla until you’re finally face-to-face with the final boss: Big Bones.

When you fight Big Bones, Dorsilla will make you level 10, which makes this fight easier if you were underleveled. Just repeat the strategy mentioned while fighting Dorsilla and you’ll beat him in no time (though be careful of his scythe that can seriously injure your party members every three turns).

Mask-O'-Raider Mask-O’-Raider
Complete all Quests in the game.

Probably the hardest achievement in the game, mainly because it involves doing just about everything in the main game. Despite this, it isn’t as hard as it seems. Keep in mind that most of the quests are done by doing the story. In fact, aside from story quests, the only ones you’ll have left are the bobbing for apples quests (see the Chompin’ Champ achievement), the mall costume contest (see the Make it Work achievement), the card trading quests, and the hide-n’-seek quests.

For the card trading quests, the best way to get a dupe of a card that you have is to keep battling enemies until you get the card you need.

The hide-n’-seek quests are incredibly easy. There is one hide-n’-seek quest in each of the three main areas, and the kids will usually be hiding behind trees or similar objects. Here are the locations of all of them:


1.) Hiding behind a mailbox to the right of the main gate
2.) Behind the tree next to the jungle gym in the park
3.) Behind the green car near where the Lincoln kid is blocking the ramp
4.) Behind the purple house to the left of the sewers that the other Lincoln kid is blocking
5.) Behind a trash can to the upper left area past the pie stand
6.) Behind the chest in the sewers at the top area past the pie stand

In order from left to right

The Mall

1.) To the left of the stairs on the first floor
2.) At the top right of the camping store
3.) Behind the french fry stand at the right side of the first floor
4.) Near the bottom right of the second floor
5.) At the very left of the second floor
6.) On the third floor, near the escalators to the right

In order from left to right

Fall Valley

1.) Behind some hay at the south of the area where you first arrive
2.) Behind a rock near the entrance to the carnival
3.) Behind a lamp post on a seperate path north of where the second kid is located
4.) Behind some grass south of the cannonball
5.) Behind a tree to the right of the blockade (when you go through the secret carnival exit)
6.) Standing out in the open near the scarecrow

All Decked Out All Decked Out
Collect all Creepy Treat Cards.

Creepy Treat Cards are cards that can be found throughout the entire game. They can be found either by defeating enemies, finding them in chests, winning the bob for apples minigame, or by trading for them with a few people. It’s worth noting that certain cards can only be found in certain areas (Suburbs, Mall, Fall Valley). Each page counts as an area (page 1= Suburbs, 2= Mall, 3= Fall Valley). Be sure to scavenge each area for cards (though you can recieve dupes depending on which type of enemy you fight).

They'll be worth a lot someday They’ll be worth a lot someday
Collect all Battle Stamps.

Battle stamps are items that can help you in battle by granting you special abilities (like regenerating health).

With the exception of a few (see below), all battle stamps are purchased through Sadie’s battle stamp store. She’ll sell you battle stamps depending on your level (don’t worry, you can still buy stamps even if you passed a level). If you want to purchase all of the stamps, you will need roughly 8,600 pieces of candy (final amount not known yet).

Locations of her store:
Suburbs: In the middle of the park
The Mall: In the camping store to the left of the first floor
Fall Valley: In the small town near the top

The remaining three stamps are obtained by defeating bosses.

BoJonn—————————– Screaming Spider
Metxel—————————— Banshee
Dorsilla—————————– No-eyed Vampire Bat

Chompin' Champ Chompin’ Champ
Win all prizes in Bobbing for Apples.

In each of the three main areas (Suburbs, The Mall, and Fall Valley), there is one bobbing for apples minigame. You’ll know that you’ve found it when you see a cowboy with some pools of apples around him.

Suburbs: In the middle of the park
The Mall: Down the center of the first floor of the mall
Fall Valley: In the middle of the carnival

Talk to the cowboy and you’ll begin the minigame. To play, you have to get as many apples as you can before the timer runs out. Green apples are worth 3 points, red apples are worth 1 point, and rotten/bitten apples are worth no points. To get the achievement, you need to complete the minigame three times in each area. It’s rather easy, but here are a few [obvious] tips:

  • Try and focus mainly on the green apples (if 2 red apples pop up and 1 green apple, go for the green apple since it’s worth 3 points)
  • Aim for the apples that pop up first
Jeepers Peepers Jeepers Peepers
Acquire the Eyeball costume.

An easy achievement, mainly because you can get all of the pieces in one go without fighting any enemies (excluding the fight at the very beginning). Like most costumes, you need a costume pattern and three pieces.

Costume Pattern

Go to the left of the bridge and head south, then go through the middle path of the mini maze to find the pattern.

Crepe Paper

Go south of the first gate and fall down the hole. You’ll find a chest with the paper inside of it.

Track Suit

Follow the path from the Crepe Paper step to find a cave. Go in it, head left, and you’ll find a chest with the Track Suit.

Wire Mesh

When you get the pirate costume, go back to that mini-maze to the southwest of the bridge, and take the route to the right. Fall down, and use the hook to get acroos and enter a cave, where you’ll find the final piece for your costume waiting for you in one of the chests

Playin' Hooky Playin’ Hooky
Use the Pirate hook on 5 unique ziplines.

When you get the pirate costume, you’ll be able to zip along ziplines. Note that these need to be different ziplines in order to get the achievement. Here are most-if not all-of the ziplines.

1.) When you get the password so that the Grubbins move, tell the one near the bottom to move, and then go along the ramps until you see a zipline (then zip it of course).
2.) If you went through the first zipline mentioned, you’ll be at the tiny maze with a few paths (which is located south of where you first started the game). Head right and fall down the cliff. Keep going until you find another zipline.
3.) Go up the mini tower to the left of the first gate, and you’ll find a zipline at the top.
4.) To the left of the second gate (leading to the snowy area), you’ll find another zipline.
5.) While getting to the yeti, you’ll have to go through a cave. When you exit the cave, you’ll find a zipline (the path eventually leads to zipline #6).
6.) After you get the “yeti” out, head right and you’ll find a zipline.

Screenshots in order from left to right

Revolutionary Hero Revolutionary Hero
Complete all quests in Repugia.

Very easy when compared to the Mask-O’-Raiderachievement, mainly because the game is shorter. You’ll complete most of the quests while completing the story. In fact, the only ones you should have left are: the card trading quest (which can be easily completed by battling enemies to get dupes of the card you need to trade), the bobbing for apples quest (located in the snowy mountains to the west), and the saving escapees quest (hide-n’-seek kids). Screenshots of the locations for the escapee kids are below.

Bobbing for Apples [Eyes] location

Kid locations

1.) In the middle path of the mini-maze where you first start the game
2.) Behind the mini-tower to the left of the first gate
3.) To the south of when you enter the first gate
4.) To the very right of the snow village
5.) In the second cave when you’re trying to get to the yeti
6.) Near the card trading quest near the end of the game

In order from left to right


Birdbrain Beatdown Birdbrain Beatdown
Defeat Araxia in battle.

Araxia is, without a doubt, the most difficult enemy in Grubbins on Ice. You’ll be able to fight him when you trick-or-treat at all of the houses. Make sure you level up a lot by fighing enemies. I recommend using the same strategy mentioned with the Metxel and Dorsilla battles, although make your defensive character the yeti, and also have a revive stamp with you. Fighting Araxia is pretty basic compared to the other boss battles: hit and heal. Although here are a few tips:

  • When Araxia flies into the air, do not use your special attacks on him, since all attacks on him in the air will just do 1 damage
  • When Big Bones is ready to unleash his ultimate attack, either use the yeti’s special (creates a massive defense for your team), or keep hitting Araxia if he’s floating in the air (which will cause him to get hit by Big Bones)

If you follow this strategy, you should be able to defeat him with little trouble.

Short Stack Short Stack
Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia.

In Grubbins on Ice, play the game normally until you pass the first blocked gate and meet the Trowbog Elder. Head south of his area, and use your robot costume to boost a few ramps. Keep going until Everett starts saying stuff about being able to see farther. Use your eyeball costume to see from an overhead view, and you’ll see a small gap (though you technically don’t need the costume). Fall down the cliff, enter the cave, and you’ll find Charlie from Stacking (another Double Fine game). You’ll get the achievement when you enter the cave.

Tisn't the Season Tisn’t the Season
Play Costume Quest on Christmas.

There are two ways you can get this achievement:

The first way is to actually wait until Christmas day (December 25th, 12/25/XX) to get the achievement. Note that you only need to start the game up and see the title screen for the achievement to pop up.

The second way is to go into your computer settings and change your date to the 25th of December (though I’ve heard that this may not work on some computers).

Personally, I would just wait for christmas to get it (consider it a true christmas present).