City of Fools Achievement Guide

  • Author : DakotaThrice
  • Time To Complete : 1-5 Hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online : 0/6
  • Offline : 6/6
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

This illustrated guide will provide the shortest route to unlock all six of the games achievements. As this is a 100% achievement guide it will focus purely on that element and skip all other content.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough

The in-game map can be opened by clicking on the map in the bottom right corner of the screen. When the map is open you can place navigation markers by clicking on the flag in the top right corner of the screen and then clicking the desired location on the map. Clicking the map again will then close the map. As well as the standard green navigation arrows you will also see white arrows, following these will lead to the marker you have just placed.

The version of the map included in this guide has been edited to show all the necessary locations.
Office Hidden Object Scene
The game starts with a HOS in an office requiring you to find ten items. This scene is split into four screens. Click through to the left screen and collect the Sandwich, Dictaphone and Camera.

Return to the initial scene, click the desk and collect the Ink pen, Notebook and Wallet.

Return to the initial scene and collect the Ticket.

Click through to the right scene and collect the Lemonade, ID card and Microphone.

Achievement Guide
Gourmet Gourmet
Empty shelves at the grocery!

See “One-size-fits-all” for a full guide.

Paramedic Paramedic
Assemble a first aid kit.

See “One-size-fits-all” for a full guide.

One-size-fits-all One-size-fits-all
Stock up on stationery

tart by giving your ticket to the inspector (drag and drop). After leaving the train click on the bin and collect the first two empty bottles (2/5) and the first cigarette packet (1/4). Enter the station building and exit through the double doors opposite. From here follow the map marker for Right Lane, click on the hole in the street and collect the locker room receipt.

Return to the station building interior, click through to the left screen and speak to the police officer. When requested give him your ID card and then the locker room receipt. Open Locker 12 (code 4646) and Locker 45 (code 4698), this will provide you an additional $304 – more than enough to purchase the items required.

Save the game now.

Follow the map marker for the Pharmacy, buy all the items to unlock Paramedic and then reload your save. Now follow the map marker for the Food Store and repeat the process to unlock Gourmet. Finally repeat the process one last time, following the map marker for the Stationery Stall to unlock One-size-fits-all.

It happens... It happens…
Wash dog’s dung off your shoes.

Now for your final achievement.

Follow the map marker to the airport and click on the scrumpled up paper on the hood of the yellow car to “run into a turd”. Finally follow the map marker for the city beach and click on the water to wash off your shoes and unlock the final achievement It happens…

Congratulations on your latest perfect game.

Collector Collector
Make the city cleaner. Pick up 4 packs of cigarettes.

Follow the map marker for the bottom end of Large Potholes St. to collect a cigarette packet (2/4) and two empty bottles (4/5).

Follow the map marker to No. 85 at the bottom end of Nothing St. and click on the wheelbarrow in the garden to collect a cigarette packet (3/4).

Follow the map marker for the top end of Pot St. to collect your final bottle (5/5) to unlock Bottle hunter and your final cigarette packet (4/4) to unlock Collector.

Bottle hunter Bottle hunter
Collect 5 empty bottles.

See “Collector” for more information.