Braveland Wizard Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/22
  • Offline : 22/22
  • Missable : Flawless Victory
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 2
Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough

Multiple Playthroughs
In order to finish this game, you’ll need two playthroughs to be able to get the Director’s CutAchievement where you must complete both endings which is chosen at the last boss. Due to the fact you can pick the same ending twice, I would consider this to be missable.

One of the playthroughs will require you to play on the Hard difficulty and you can never move off of this difficulty during the playthrough through the settings nor by prompt should you fail a level too often. There’s also another achievement that requires you to play without touching easy difficulty. If you do hard only, you will get the no easy one.

There are 3 more storyline achievements that are missable depending on your actions. The first one occurs right after you encounter the forest deity. The forest deity will thaw out the ice and a woody forest will emerge. To your right, you will encounter a goblin talking about a rebellion. Refuse to join the rebellion for Law Abiding Citizen. If you join the rebellion, the achievement is lost for this playthrough.

The second missable achievement is the mirror fight. After entering the desert, the middle path will have a very difficult fight where you’ll be up against whatever characters you pick in your squad except with numbers depending on difficulty and how many men you have hired for that class. The achievement requires you to complete that fight while using less than 5 units. The easiest way to beat this fight (on hard) is to just use the Mage (last unit) as well as picking up the Infernal summon. Simply use an infernal summon near the mage, then bombard him with both the infernal and the mage.

The final missable achievement is the sage that appears at the crossroad before the final boss behind a golem fight in the desert. Going to the tower will prompt him to ask you a series of questions that you must answer correctly in order to get the achievement. Answers below:
1. A Brave Warrior
2. Healers
3. Amulet of Rage

There are three elements in Braveland Wizard: Ice, Nature and Fire. There is an achievement for each element to obtain 3 skills in each element. While it technically isn’t missable as you can farm exp after the final boss inside the dungeons, this is just to prepare you to do as little work as possible.

It is possible to get 2/3 easily while completing the story while be slightly short on the last element. You can either farm for the last element, or simply leave it for the second playthrough.

If you split the elements into two runs, I’d put the fire run for Hard due to its ability to summon another unit you can control with the Infernal.

Achievement Guide
Journey Begins! Journey Begins!
Neophytes have joined you.

After the opening dialogue, run up to the other apprentices that were thrown out. Upon completing their dialogue, they’ll join you and unlock this achievement.

New Horizons New Horizons
Page on Facebook or Twitter visited.

Before we begin our story, go ahead and click on the Facebook or Twitter icon to unlock this achievement. It will also open up a webpage.

Flawless Victory Flawless Victory
You defeated the army without losing a single warrior.

In any battle, do not lose a single member of your army. This is easily achievable in the first fight or two. If you don’t get it, you can go back to the first dungeon and fight a battle there to get this. Member as in none of your units lose a member, so if you had 3 apprentices, you cannot lose any of them.

NOTE: There is a dungeon right under the red chest event. This is 1 of 3 dungeons in the game.

NOTE 2: At the cross where you have to decide which route to pick, the top route rewards you with a staff. (Not required, but a good start for Equipped)

Hidden Achievement
Fluffy Victory! Fluffy Victory!
Great Otag defeated.

This is the first boss and will also appear near the library. There are two ways to beat this boss: either stop him from moving and kill everything else, or kill him first then dispatch of everything else.

Hidden Achievement
Chuk-Chuk defeated

Same story goes here for the boss. Either pick destroying all the minions or the boss first. If you’re on hard and you’re having trouble, max out your unit counts so you’re at full strength.

Hidden Achievement
Who is the Champion? Who is the Champion?
King Tarik defeated.

Same story goes for all bosses. However, I recommend beating the boss first because his special skill involves controlling one of your units for a turn which is detrimental to the tide of the battle on Hard.

Champion Champion
Game completed without using the easy level of difficulty.

Doing this on hard only will unlock the achievement simultaneously.

Legend Legend
Game completed using only the hard level of difficulty.

Overall, it’s slightly harder than easy except that you’ll have to grind a bit more for more money.

Red Tag Sale! Red Tag Sale!
Bought an item for hero.

This refers to any equipment that goes into the four equipment slots of your wizard: Helmet, Staff, Robe, or Belt. You’ll have plenty of chances to buy them as well as revisiting shops to buy it.

Equipped Equipped
All four equipment items on.

The shops here will help you reach all equips for a helmet, staff, belt, and robe. Farm money in the dungeon if you need so to afford the equipment.

Note: Halfway through the forest, you’ll encounter another split as you did in the tundra. If you take the lower route, you end up receiving Dispel. This is your second nature spell.

It's a Kind of Magic! It’s a Kind of Magic!
Wizard spell learned.

Upon beating Otag, you’ll receive your first spell.

Bachelor Degree Bachelor Degree
Four wizard’s spells learned.

See the following element based achievements for what you want.

Trust me I'm a Professor! Trust me I’m a Professor!
Seven wizard’s spells learned.

See the following element based achievements for what you want.

Cold as Ice Cold as Ice
All ice spells learned

There are three ice spells in the game.
1. Ice Shards – Obtained through the story.
2. Ice Shield – Ice Talent Tree
3. Ice Trap – Ice Talent Tree

When Nature Calls! When Nature Calls!
Three nature spells learned.

There are four nature spells in the game.
1. Concentration – Obtained through the story.
2. Tailwind – Obtained through the forest split roads: pick the upper route. Mutually Exclusive
3. Dispel – Obtained through the forest split roads: pick the lower route. Mutually Exclusive
4. Resurrection – Nature Talent Tree

It's getting Hot in here! It’s getting Hot in here!
All fire spells learned.

1. Sunder Armor – Obtained through the story.
2. Infernal – Fire Talent Tree
3. Meteor Rain – Obtained through the story.

To Arms! To Arms!
Have won 100 battles.

Do not overwrite any saves. You will be doing two playthroughs so make sure to keep each playthrough. If you fight every battle, you’ll encounter approximately 40-45 battles in each run leaving you with just under 10 battles to farm should you not need any farming. If you need more wins, simply farm the dungeon for more wins.

Director's Cut Director’s Cut
Unlocked both endings of the game.

Upon defeated the boss, you’ll have two choices on whether to seal Tarik or destroy the book. You’ll need two playthroughs to get this achievement. One for each playthrough.

Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler
Fought through all dungeons and arenas.

Upon entering the desert, the first fork in the road will lead to the Arena, this is the 3rd and final dungeon. These can be revisited and farmed for gold infinitely.

Hidden Achievement
Law Abiding Citizen Law Abiding Citizen
Rebellion membership rejected.

At the crossroad in the forest at the river, you’ll be encountered by a goblin asking you to join the rebellion. Refuse to join to get the achievement. THIS IS MISSABLE.

Hidden Achievement
Trickster Trickster
Have won the mirror battle with less than 5 squads.

This is by the far the hardest battle in the game and comes shortly after unlocking the fire mages. Luckily, the easiest way to win this fight is by using just the fire mage alone and use spells to counter the enemy with Sunder Armor and Ice Shard.

Chronicler Chronicler
Have answered all the questions of the sages.

This achievement is MISSABLE. Right before the final boss, there is a fork to a tower leading up north to a tower. The tower will have the sage inside whom will ask you 3 questions.

1. A Brave Warrior
2. Healers
3. Amulet of Rage