Boid Achievement Guide

  • Author : Dark † Blaze
  • Time To Complete :
  • Difficulty :
  • Online : 0/24
  • Offline : 24/24
  • Missable :
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Hi,  it’s my 100% achievement guide for Boid. If you see any mistakes – please let me know!
Good luck guys!

Achievement Guide
Venom Venom
Kill Medic only with poison

Play one of the following maps:
– Submission
– Biohazard (best for it)
– Trade-off
Now take the spot with Venoms. Wait for your opponent to take the Medics spot. Move your venoms fast to the opponent’s medics (WATCH OUT: if there are more than 3 medics, your poison won’t kill them).

The Basics The Basics
Win a match using only basic units

You could also get it at the same time as “Speedrunner”.

Medic Care Medic Care
Capture the last enemy base with a medic

Self-explanatory. Just play through the whole map. Place long distance units around the last spawn point of your enemy and let the medics capture his base.

Speedy Win Speedy Win
Win a match on increased speed

There is no way to play on increased speed from the begining of match. You just need to wait around 7 mins and it’ll turn on automatically.
WARNING: It’s a multiplayer achievement, which means you cannot get it vs bots.

Capped Capped
Reach the maximum amount of units

Max units count is 700.
There is an easy way to get it:
1. Play with your friend on a large map with at least 3 spawn points for you and your friend. Take all spawn points and go afk. Achievement will pop up after reaching limit of 700 units.
2. Play with easy bots (but be careful, easy doesn’t mean stupid). Leave one spawn base for AI opponent. Take everything else. Put special units in strategic points (narrows are the key point). Now bot will attack you, but he won’t pass your defense.

Stay Cool Stay Cool
Freeze 100 units with one spell

1. Play Submission map.
2. Now move your units to the snowflake icon to get the freeze spell.
3. Wait for opponent’s charge. You can stop him in the narrow part of the map by blocking it with your units upgraded as crabs.
4. Click on snowflake icon on the lower left corner to freeze all his units.

Missed Missed
Freeze no units with a spell

Just play the map with a freeze spot. Then take it and use it on an empty space.

Survivor Survivor
Keep a starting unit alive through an entire match

You should get it at the same time as “Speedrunner”. If somehow you didn’t get it, this is the solution:
1. Start the game. The fastest way to do it is with the first map.
2. At the begining of the match, put 1 of the starting units behind the spawn point.
3. Cover it with a few stronger units – i.e. crabs after taking over their spawn point.
4. Then you only have to win the game 🙂

Student Student
Complete the Tutorial mission in the Campaign

Just finish the tutorial, it’s the first option in the menu.

Hatchery Hatchery
Produce 20 000 units total

Easy achievement but time-consuming. I was thinking about getting it via short games vs bots, but it wasn’t that much effective as I want it to be.
So I found the way to farm it even with minimal supervision. Just play a map and set the units in this manner:

Enemy units should focus on gunners’ spot. Don’t forget to put your spawn points right where the gunners’ spot is.

Eliminator Eliminator
Kill 20 000 units

Just look at Hatchery achiev, it works here too.

Voyager Voyager
Play a ranked match on 10 different maps

Just play a few times in ranked mode – even if you lose, it will still count as your achievement.

Lucky Streak Lucky Streak
Win 5 ranked matches in a row

Lucky for us (achievement hunters), there are a few people playing this game. So to do this achievement easily, you need to find someone who will help you with MP.
1. Go to main screen, then look for an opponent.
2. Your friend should go into queue at the same time.
3. You don’t need to play the whole game, just let your friend surrender.
4. Do it 5 times.
Viola, its done!

Speedrunner Speedrunner
Win a ranked match in less than 100 seconds

It’s almost impossible to get it through normal play. Go with your friend in ranked mode and let him charge with basics units. He/She should place a spawn point outside their base. Now capture it and wait for 30 seconds – the achievement is yours!

Collector Collector
Collect all modules
Killer Robot Killer Robot
Construct SQD-96
Devastator Devastator
Destroy the planet
Alien Exterminator Alien Exterminator
Complete mission 22 in campaign
Quantum Leap Quantum Leap
Teleport 100 units at once
Dead Robot Dead Robot
Get SQD-96 killed
Truck Crash Truck Crash
Get the Cargo Unit destroyed
Hardcore Hardcore
Complete the last mission on extreme difficulty
Boom! Boom!
Damage 30 enemy units with one Bomb
Friendly Explosion Friendly Explosion
Kill 10 of your units with one bomb