Bardbarian Achievement Guide

  • Author : Autositz
  • Time To Complete : Unknown
  • Difficulty : Unknown
  • Online : 0/22
  • Offline : 22/22
  • Missable : Unknown
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

This guide shows you general information on how to obtain all the achievements currently available in the game.
It tells you which achievements you don’t need to pursue as they come when you aim for the big goal.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough

Requirements for achievements with the addition (Story) will be met during normal game play or while on the hunt for the (MAIN GOAL) and thus won’t be explained in detail because they will unlock while doing 100%.

The Hardbarian (MAIN GOAL) achievement contains the most information on how to get things done and which units i used to progress in the waves.

Achievement Guide
Early Bird Early Bird
Complete the “morning” chapter.

Beat the first boss in story mode.

  • Circle the boss to avoid his Ground Slam attack which can wipe out your troops in one hit.
Easter Deviled Eggs Easter Deviled Eggs
Something’s cooking on the title screen.

On the title screen just click the dark figure in the top left corner to light it. Screens show before and after.

High Noon High Noon
Complete the “noon” chapter.

Beat the 2nd boss in story mode.

  • To beat this boss just stay on the move to dodge the meteor strikes and get close to them for damage.
  • I suggest to first focus on the 1st boss with the big bat and take on the fire golem in the end.
Good Evening Good Evening
Complete the “evening” chapter.

Beat the 3rd boss in story mode.

  • To beat this boss you have to avoid the approaching waves and pass them through the open holes.
  • There will be 3-4 waves each cycle.
  • There are no enemies that need to be taken care of so you just focus on dodging the waves and staying close to the boss while using your damage boost occasionally.
Nightmare Nightmare
Complete the “night” chapter.

Beat the final boss in story mode.

To beat this boss you have to throw back the bombs at him and then attack the enemy on the ground.

  • After the boss appears you just stand right in front (left side) of him and wait for the first bomb being thrown at you.
  • When the bomb is in the air you move back to the left a bit so that your units shoot the bomb back to the boss.
  • While you wait for the bomb to explode clear out the approaching enemies on top and bottom.
  • When the bomb went up and the boss is on the ground activate your damage boost and stay right on top of the enemy till he mounts his ride again.
  • Repeat the above steps till the boss is finished off.
Passive Vanquisher Passive Vanquisher
Send 2500 enemies to their grave.

During your quest for glory and 100% you will unlock this while you play.

Lute n' Loot Lute n’ Loot
Loot 100,000 gold from the corpses of your fallen enemies.

This will be unlocked while you are going for 100%.

Favoritism Favoritism
Upgrade a unit to MAX level.

This is needed for the 100% achievement so there is nothing much to say except that you also need the bonus levels maxed to unlock this.

Adorable Sidekick Adorable Sidekick
You look lonely, have you considered a pet to keep you company?

You have to buy the Town Pet in the Town tab of the upgrade menu to get this achievement. You should consider this as one of your first purchases made.

Go as fast as you possibly can. (Hint: Upgrade + Song)

Once you have upgraded SPEED and SONG OF SPEED to the max (4 stars each) in the upgrade shop you just use the speed boost once during normal gameplay to unlock this.

Survival Instinct Survival Instinct
Last for 3 minutes in survival mode.

Pretty simple by going big circles around the whole map in the survival mode and taking the units along with you that appear. Don’t bother much on fighting as the 3 minutes pass fast.

360noscopeblazeit 360noscopeblazeit
Complete the entire campaign from start to finish without dying.

You have to make a whole run from wave 1 to wave 20 in one turn.

  • I did this run with only Storm Knights and no other units. The Storm Knights were max upgraded!
  • 7 Storm Knights will kill almost any enemy in a matter of a second.
  • Make sure to have a max upgrade pet so it grabs the bacon from the townsfolk and of course a max upgrade town to get health replenished fast.
  • For information on how to deal with the bosses check the appropriate achievement information for the 4 chapters. (Early Bird, High Noon, Good Evening, Nightmare)
  • Stay close to the spawn on the right at all times to avoid damage to your crystal.
  • Zoom out to the max and always keep on eye on the minimap on top for some lurkers that passed by by accident.
Hardbarian Hardbarian
Do all the things! 100% Completion.

Buy all units, hero and town upgrades and complete all other achievements.
If you are in desperate need of gold, you might consider playing Day 2 only once you unlocked it on Insane mode.

  • Always redo from wave 1 unless otherwise noted because you get the big money packs from the bosses on the way.
  • Focus on more and stronger ranged units.
  • Upgrade Archers to lvl 3/4 and get as far as you can in each run.
  • Once you have Archers ready collect 5.000 Gold and upgrade your Golden Axe-Flute. You are free to upgrade Town Pet to 1 to easy up your life a little bit bit the Golden Axe is your PRIMARY focus as this will speed up gold income GREATLY.
  • Use Archers till you unlock Wizards, upgrade them to 5 and mix your units 1-2 Wizards rest archers. Note that Wizards only shoot horizontally!
  • Upgrade Party On, Body Spray and Song of Attack for more damage output.
  • From time to time upgrade Noteworthy and Inspiration.
  • Upgrade Barracks to lvl 3 to start out with better Units, College Lvl 1, Friends Lvl 2, Town Pet Lvl 3. Ignore the drunkard for now as i didn’t notice any significant improvement from having him.
  • Once you unlock the Ninja upgrade it to the max as it will be your main unit for a while. Switch Archers with Ninjas!
  • If you struggle to reach the higher waves then you should consider using Shaman and Engineer once you unlock them together with the Ninjas in the 2xEngineer, 2xShaman, 3xNinja formation.
  • When you have Engineer you should consider starting from Wave 15 from now on to unlock the Storm Knight faster.
  • Upgrade Shaman only to Lvl 2 as the dmg is not relevant on him but the corpses he brings in. Upgrade Engineer to Lvl 5+.
  • Use the Dwarf once you unlock it to reach the Storm Knight then completly replace all units with Storm Knights only.
  • Upgrade all Town and Hero options to the max.
  • With the maxed out Storm Knights you are then free to redo 1-20 for the achievement in one run and then redo Day 2 over and over again till you maxed out all upgrades. Once you collected enough money for the upgrades and finished all the other achievements you get Hardbarian.
Keep it Movin' Keep it Movin’
Don’t get hit!

I got this during gameplay but i am “ALMOST” certain that you need to survive one entire wave without getting any hit on you AND your troops!

Easiest way to get this done is most likely using maxed out Archers and starting the game from Wave 1 to unlock this. Because of the high range and fast firing from archers they will kill approaching enemies almost instantly when they appear.

What you got? What you got?
Play and submit your best time for Survival Mode.

This will come when you do Survival Instinct.
Make sure to play the game in online mode and have an active internet connection when doing a survival run to get this count.

4 headz 4 headz
Unlock the mythical 4th party slot.

Once you beat the final boss you can unlock the 4th unit slot for 50.000 Gold.

Insane in the Membrane Insane in the Membrane
Start a new game in Insane Mode.

Once you booted up the game and finished the tutorial simply go back to the main menu and select a new slot to start the game in insane mode.
NOTE: I am unsure if you need to beat the first boss first to maybe unlock it! As you can see on the screenshot i played past the first boss before i noticed the Insane mode. 😉

3 Mile Run 3 Mile Run
Fact: There are 1609 meters in a mile.

This might be the toughest achievement in the game. You need to reach 4827 meters in escape mode.

  • General info
    Ignore the money and just focus on avoiding bullet hits and slime pools.
    Try to stay either on top or on bottom so that bullets will travel in a vertical line when they are being shot from behind you or else you might come to a situation where a bullet will follow you the whole time because it was fired straight horizontally from behind you.
  • Stage 1 – Bullets and Slime
    Always try to make the enemies shoot at you while you are vertically positioned to them. Sometimes it is advisable to wait a second for their shot so they won’t shoot “behind you” as mentioned above.
  • Stage 2 – Bullets, Slime and vertical shooter barriers
    The vertical shooters always shoot in bursts of 3 so just wait in front of them till they shot their 3 bullets and then move forward.
  • Stage 3 – Bullets, Slime, shooter barriers and moving front shooter
    The big purple ball is staying in front and shoots a laser directly at the player. It charges up a bit before firing the laser so that you have to stay ready to evade up or down when it’s coming.
  • Stage 4 – Bullets, Slime, shooter barriers, moving shooter and XXXXXXXXXXXX
I am Legend I am Legend
Post a score in the Day 2 Insane Mode leaderboard. The most exclusive of all leaderboards.

Once you have finished the main story line and beat the last boss on insane mode you unlock the Day 2 which is an endless wave mode with bosses after each couple of waves.
Just start that mode and beat the first wave. You get this achievement once you die and upload your leaderboard data.

P.S. As of now it is not needed to complete normal playthrough to unlock insane mode. So start insane mode as soon as you can completely omitting normal mode!

Unlock War Turtle Unlock War Turtle
Reach 3000m in Escape mode, and he’s yours.

Make sure to grab the cage when you reach 3000m else you won’t unlock the Turtle and need to reach 3000m again!

Unlock MeatStack Unlock MeatStack
Appears randomly in Survival mode. May luck be with you.

It should appear while you go for the Survival Instinct achievement. If not you just redo Survival mode again and again till you get him.
He will be displayed same as all units with a ! on your screen.

Unlock Octodad Unlock Octodad
Waltz into Wave 10 and rescue him from that Fire Golem.

Once you beat the 2nd boss in wave 10 you can rescue Octodad from his prison. The cage will either spawn close to the spot where you kill the last boss or near the spawn area to the right.