Adorables Achievement Guide

  • Author : Easy Target
  • Time To Complete : 20-25 hours
  • Difficulty : 6
  • Online : 0/46
  • Offline : 46/46
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Achievement Guide
Highlander Highlander
10 wins in Last Adorables Stand

At 1st move, push your adorables to the enemy, then choose enemy closer to water and push him out of surface. Also you can trick your enemy by moving out of his sight. He will fall into water himself.

1st goal in soccer
Sand in your eyes Sand in your eyes
1st goal in beach ball
Hockey Puck Hockey Puck
1st goal in Ice Hockey
Are You drunk? Are You drunk?
First Adorable get into the goal
Practice is important Practice is important
First time play Practice Mode

In Practice Mode you can play any of game modes, but winning the game here gives you only ~15 coins. You can get here 2 wins in each game mode and then play tournament for other achievements.

Can You beat your friends? Can You beat your friends?
First time play Multiplayer

Choose multiplayer -> Host, start the game. Achievement pops without playing.

That's hot That’s hot
First time play Hot Seat

In Hot seat mode game never ends. Thats why you cant farm wins and coins here. But the following achievements you can do here easily:

Who will win? Who will win?
First time play Tournament

Click Tournament in game modes. In Tournament you choose game mode and play it 4 times in a row. Winning tournament gives you 180-250 coins, thats why its the best variant to farm coins for customisation parts.

A great trip A great trip
First time play World Tour

Click World Tour in game modes.

Nice job Nice job
All game tried

Win 1 round in every game mode.

  • Last Adorables Stand
  • soccer
  • beach ball
  • Ice Hockey
  • CTF
  • Mummy
Amazing Amazing
1 win in all games
First blood First blood
1st win ever

Pretty easy

Football Star Football Star
1st win in soccer
Kick the Sand Kick the Sand
1st win in beach ball
A real life pirate A real life pirate
1st win in CTF
On ice On ice
1st win in Ice hockey
The one The one
1st win in Last Adorables Stand
Fear the Mummy Fear the Mummy
1st win in Mummy
National team National team
10 win in Soccer

There are 2 ways to win a round here. Make a goal of kill all enemies by pushing them into any of gates.


Lord of the Ocean Lord of the Ocean
10 win in beach ball

Gates smaller here and you cant kill enemies. Harder than Soccer, but easier than hockey.


You thief... You thief…
10 win in CTF
This tactic works fine. 2 of your adorables go upper, while 3rd prevents 2 enemies to get on your base.

NHF Legend NHF Legend
10 wins in Ice hockey

It is the hardest game mode in the game. I reccomend you to play it in practice mode and reroll the game untill you find a way to make a goal in first 1-2 turns.

In this situation enemy will push puck into his own gate.

You are the Mummy You are the Mummy
10 wins in Mummy

Go to the enemy team through upper tunnel, mummy will chase you. Choose any of your adorables and go back to the left side through middle tunnel, others will help to infect enemy team.


Well done Well done
10 wins ever

“Last Adorables Stand” is the fastest game mode.

It's not Your flag! It’s not Your flag!
1st robbed flag
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
1st point in CTF
He's ok He’s ok
1st opponent in the water
Transform Transform
Change body shape

There are different body shapes which cost 400/450/500/550 coins. You may choose any of them.

Am I pale? Am I pale?
Change Body Color

Three of Body Colors are open by default (yellow/blue/green). Choose any exept yellow. Also you can buy other colors for 150 coins each.

Eye for eye Eye for eye
Buy 1st Eye

Cheapest Eye shape costs 50 coins.

Cheapest Mouth shape costs 100 coins.

No more rain No more rain
Buy 1st hat

Cheapest hat costs 50 coins.

Eye collection Eye collection
Buy all eyes

You need 16k coins overall.

UPD 19.04.16 Prices were lowered by ~3 times.

Mouth collection Mouth collection
Buy all mouths

You need 12555 coins overall.

UPD 19.04.16 Prices were lowered by ~3 times.

UPD 30.04.16 Each update adds new mouths, eyes and hats, making this 3 achievements more difficult go get.

Hat collection Hat collection
Buy all hats

You need 14750 coins overall. Before update, there were only 3 hats for this achievement.

UPD 19.04.16 Prices were lowered by ~3 times.

Beach ball, Hockey or Soccer game modes.

Lord of the Beach Lord of the Beach
10 goals in beach ball

Beach ball game mode.

Men of the Match Men of the Match
10 goals in ice hockey

Hockey game mode.

I've got Your flag I’ve got Your flag
10 robbed flag

Capture the flag game mode. Self Explanitory 

Pirate King Pirate King
10 points in CTF

Self Explanitory 

They don't drown They don’t drown
10th opponent in water

Last Adorables Stand game mode.

Great Tour Great Tour
Win World Tour

In World Tour, you play 6 game modes in the following order:

  • soccer
  • beach ball
  • Ice hockey
  • CTF
  • Last Adorables Stand
  • Mummy

You can face problems only with Last Adorables Stand, this game mode sometimes gepend on luck. Losing any of levels leads to defeat the whole World Tour. Each level win gives ~15 coins.

The champion The champion
Win Tournament

Last Adorables Stand is the fastest game mode, but mummy is easier.

Don't drink more Don’t drink more
10th opponent in the goal

Soccer game mode.

Top Scorer Top Scorer
10 goals in soccer