A Date in the Park Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : 1-5 Hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online : 0/9
  • Offline : 9/9
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

This is a point and click game. Aside from clicking things, the inventory is located by hovering the mouse near the top of the screen.

Much appreciated to BornFlemish for her assistance.

Achievement Guide
Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder
Remnants of an enchanting evening…

First off, access the inventory and RIGHT CLICK the photo.

A Friend in Need A Friend in Need
Sometimes we all need some help.

After unlocking Explorer, make your way back to the first pond with the duck and duckling. After witnessing a more tragic event than you throwing the duckling in, access your inventory and use the hankerchief on the duckling. You get to name him too!

Explorer Explorer
You know this place like the back of your hand!

After unlocking Statue Fan, Exit out of the statue screens if you’re in them and you should be at the screen where you can see both statues. Exit to your right. You’ll be at a screen with some graffiti, exit right once more to find a yard of trees. Now there’s a north exit near the red house to the final area of the park for your achievement. Unlocks after the dialogue.

An Old Head An Old Head
A strange discovery… A?

After unlocking A Friend in need, 

  1. Exit right, upon exiting you will hear something. Head left back to the small pond. Examine the box on the bench. Left click it to open. A balloon will fly out of the box. Make your way to the larger pond where the gardener was who is now gone. The balloon will drop into the pond. Try to pick up the note, but only to realize you can’t reach it. Now examine the bag near the tree to find a key.
  2. Now head to the last area where you got the Explorer achievement. So past the pair of statues and the graffiti on the wall to the red building. Use the newly obtained key on the door. Interact with the door to briefly go inside and automatically obtain a ‘Telescopic Hoe’.
  3. Now, make your way towards the large pond, but this time take a small detour to the area right where you had the pigeons (you can see the large dome in the background). The pigeons were nestling on the ground to the left in between the benches. Examine the stone object.
Lost in Translation Lost in Translation
Lou really needs to learn Portuguese.
  1. Now, access the inventory again and click your wallet. Use it with the window on the right side of the park entrance. After that, right click to deselect the wallet.
  2. Head inside. You received a map from the receptionist, you can take a look, but head to your right. Then in the next area, go to the top of the screen: ‘exit’.
  3. You will arrive at the pond with a scene with a duck and a duckling. Click the duckling to witness a tragedy. Exit to your right.
  4. Head right and exit to your north. You will see a set of stairs. Examine ‘structure’ to approach it. You will find Statue 1 of 3 here. He has dialogue regarding the statue when inspecting it with right click. Exit to your left.
  5. You’ll arrive at a crossroad with a red telephone box. Take the left exit, then take another left exit to arrive at a picnic area. You’ll get some dialogue: “this a charming little…”. Exit to the southwest to the pond. You’ll find the gardener here. Talk to him.

After unlocking A Good Samaritan, 

  1. Now make your way to the screen with the graffiti on the wall. When arriving at the two statues, you’ll get some dialogue. Go to the right statue, then examine the pipe under it. You’ll discover a music box. Exit the statue screen, then exit right to the graffiti screen.
  2. Just to the left of the graffiti is a machine labeled ‘Contraption’. Click it to interact with it. Toggle all three small switches on the right side so that the right side is colored black on all three switches. Then click the big green button. Return to the right statue and retrieve the music box.
  3. Now head right to the shed and you’ll find a box in front of the shed door. Left click to peek at its contents. Brace yourself if you have no idea what’s going on.
  4. Now make your way to the red telephone box. You’ll get some dialogue that someone just used it. Now use it yourself for the last achievement.
Statue Fan Statue Fan
Lou appreciates a fine sculpture or three.

After unlocking Boom or Bust, 

  1. Exit the gate area, then exit down to the next area with pigeons. Exit down again and you’ll have a fork. The right path takes you back to the red telephone box. Instead, exit to the top of the screen. Now, you’ll have a singular path, exit north towards the wall.
  2. You’ll see two statues here. Again, inspect both with right click.
Boom or Bust? Boom or Bust?
Visions of Adrasteia.

Head two screens to the right back to the giant pot in the middle that you passed. Take the upper exit now and you will arrive at a dome building. Right click the entrance and you will peek inside. Hover your mouse over the opposite doorway named ‘Shadowy Alcove’ and right click it for your next achievement.

A Good Samaritan A Good Samaritan
Now there’s a good boy.

After unlocking, An Old Head, Make your way to the large pond again with the balloon and note. Use the hoe on the balloon. Using it on the note will not get it unfortunately. After reading the note, access your inventory and return the key back to the bag for your next achievement.