Steam Profile Card FAQ

The Steam profile card system allows you to add an embedded profile card to any website you like using the auto generated embed code for every Steam profile. This page is a Steam profile card FAQ and aims to answer the most common questions that people have when using this profile card.

How Do I Get A Profile Card?

You can get the embed code for your profile by visiting the leaderboard page. Enter your username into the search box and it will generate your profile data. Click the username and the embed code will be visible on this page.

Click here to create a card

Are There Data Limits?

There are no limitations to the system at the moment. You can add the card to as many websites and receive as many profile views as you like without any restrictions.

How Often Does The Card Update?

The content on the card will be updated every 4 hours based on what data is cached on the Nerdburglars server. The server¬†will sync with the Steam API to refresh data every 24 hours assuming there has been some activity on the profile. For example, user “ABC123” gets 100 profile hits an hour. This profile will get updated far more frequently than a profile that has not gotten a hit in over a month. Using the embed cards will count as a hit so the data should be synced with Steam every 24 hours.

I will be working on a system that allows users to claim their profile and allow them to trigger the refresh more frequently.

Can Other People Use The Same Card

In order to allow all other people to see the profile card, including those who have never visited this website before. It is not possible to put a limit on the card to prevent others from using the same card.

Once the profile claiming system is live, It will allow you to lock the profile to your Nerdburglars account to prevent others from accessing the embed code. It will now prevent them from copying it from any sites that you add the embed code to.

Will Cards Be Added To Other Gaming Networks?

I will be adding support for PSN in the future. If i can gain access to an Xbox API, I will also implement it for this network. I am currently limited by the data i can access from other networks.

Can I Use A Custom Theme?

Custom themes are not currently an option. I will add more theme options as time goes on and will be happy to accept any submissions if they are good.

Will There Be Animated Themes?

Yes, I hope to get animated themes added to the cards in the future.

Why Can’t I Find My Profile?

There can be multiple reasons why you can’t find your profile. The first is the case. Steam usernames allow for many unusual characters. These can often get lost in the query and it will return a null result. There are 2 reliable ways to obtain your profile info.

  1. Use your steam 64 ID.
  2. Use the name that appears in the url when you visit your user profile in a web browser.


Another Profile Is Showing Up When I Search My Username

Usernames are not unique on the Steam platform. Quite often, there can be a dozen users with the same username. When a search for a username is performed it will return the first result that we get back for the username. If you are hitting this issue there are 2 possible ways to get around it. The first solution is to use your Steam 64 ID. This is an ID that is given to every Steam account and can never be changed. It is unique so it is 100% guaranteed that this will obtain the correct profile data. An other alternative is to use the username that appears at the end of the URL when viewing your user profile on the Steam website.