Over the past few weeks I have been working with the Steam API in order to get an achievement system live on the site. The system is the same as the trophy guide system that is already in place on the site. If you are logged in you will be able to manage and track the achievement guides that you want to complete. Clicking the padlock will then mark the selected achievement as unlocked and will hide it from the list.

I have made sure to test everything, but if any bugs have snuck past, please let me know and I will get it sorted out as quick as possible. Since the system is new there are also no guides live yet. Since a lot of the games are also on Playstation I have implemented a system that will alert if there is a trophy guide for the current Steam achievement list you are viewing. If anyone has guides for Steam achievement lists, feel free to submit to begin building a decent collection of guides.

Click To View Latest Steam Achievement Lists

If anyone has any questions, please leave a comment below and I will respond to any queries.

Mobile App

I have published an Android app for Playstation Trophy Guides already. At the moment there isn’t enough guide data for me to make a similar app for Steam achievement guides. I should be able to reuse a lot of the structure from the trophy app which will make an achievement guide app quite easy to get live (assuming Google don’t be dicks with copyright content again). If anyone has some suggestions for this please let me know. Once a few guides are up I can start working on the app and get it published.

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