Stag Party Pour: Cheers, Challenges, and Booze Combined

Stag Party Drinking Game

Welcome to Stag Party Pour, the amalgamation of roaring laughter, daring challenges, and sociable drinks. Ready to amp up your traditional stag party with a twist? Bring together your best buddies, prepare for outlandish fun, and stock up on your favorite libations for a wild round of this stag party drinking game!

Setting Up the Game

To set the stage for Stag Party Pour, ensure you have:

  1. A gang of friends ready to embrace the last night of singlehood with high spirits and full-hearted toasts.
  2. A befitting environment to accommodate the revelry of your stag party.
  3. A variety of drinks, from traditional beers to strong spirits, as well as non-alcoholic options for those who prefer.

Stag Party Drinking Game Rules

Dial up the merriment with these hilarious drinking rules:

  • Initiation Toast: Kick off the party with a rousing group toast.
  • Full-Name Rule: Throughout the party, everyone must refer to each other using full names (first and last) or take a sip.
  • Dance-Off Drunk: Encourage dance-offs by having participants take a sip every time a designated song plays.
  • Wild Challenge Chug: Have pre-determined challenges throughout the night. The person who fails to complete a challenge finishes their drink.
  • Dirty Pint: The game involves a pint glass placed in the middle of the table, filled with a mix of drinks. Someone lands up to drink this cocktail through a dare or a pre-set rule.
  • Five Finger Rule: The soon-to-be-groom starts with putting down a finger if he has done the act being called out. The first one with all fingers down drinks.
  • Contraband Words: Set some contraband words for the night. If anyone utters these words, they must drink.
  • Photogenic Rule: Take a sip every time someone wants to click a picture.
  • Hug-a-Stranger: Every party-goer must hug a stranger before they can order their next drink.
  • Memory Lane: Sharing an embarrassing story about the groom-to-be can get you off from drinking, or else it’s chugging time!

Bonus Stag Party Drinking Rules

  1. Trivia Time: The groom-to-be quizzes everyone on trivia related to him. Anyone who answers incorrectly takes a sip.
  2. Outfit Oops: Anyone who spills a drink on another’s clothes must drink.
  3. Alphabet Antics: Start a game where each person must say a word beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. The topic can be anything, maybe related to a wedding or bachelorhood. If someone messes up, they drink.
  4. Impersonation Imbibe: Everyone takes turns impersonating the groom. Best impersonation is decided by the groom and the winner can give out a drink to someone else.
  5. Speech Slur: Anyone who slurs their words while making toast drinks.
  6. Never Have I Ever: Classic ‘Never Have I Ever’ game where anyone who has done the statement takes a drink.
  7. Say Cheers: Anytime someone uses the word “wedding,” they must cheer and take a sip.
  8. Jingle Jangle: Choose a jingle or phrase. Whenever it is spoken or sung, everyone has to take a sip.
  9. Pose and Sip: Anyone who poses with the groom for a picture also takes a sip.
  10. Sudden Song: If the groom-to-be suddenly bursts into song, everyone else should join in. If anyone doesn’t, they take a shot.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and make lasting memories, ensure all rules are friendly and nobody is forced to drink more than they are comfortable with. Enjoy your night of Stag Party Pour!

Playing Stag Party Pour Responsibly

  1. Party Spirit and Potables: Remember to keep a pleasant and jovial atmosphere, with a focus on celebrating the groom-to-be’s singlehood and good-natured fun.
  2. Rules Revision: Modify any rules as per attendees’ comfort with drinking.
  3. Hydrate and Celebrate: Balance the drinking games with plenty of water intake and always have non-alcoholic options available.

Brace yourself for a storm of laughter and fun with Stag Party Pour, marrying the high-energy realm of a stag party with the light-hearted enjoyment of a well-planned drinking game — promising an unforgettable evening of fun, frolic, and everlasting memories. So gear your crew, dim the lights, and break open the good times with Stag Party Pour!

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