We all expected big things from E3 this year considering both PS4 and Xbox One are in their infancy and we know a lot of games are currently being worked on. After Microsoft failed to deliver an exciting conference we all hoped that Sony had something a little more entertaining in store for us. Microsoft got the pacing perfectly right with this E3 conference but the content wasn’t really anything to be going crazy about. Unfortunately Sony seem to think that gamers want to know about stats and other boring things that aren’t directly related to a video game that we can get our hands on.

I found the pacing of Sonys press conference to be very drawn out. They spent a little too long trying to lift the crowd with talk rather than showing game footage and letting the game action get the crowd going. It’s always cool to see statistics about usage of consoles and games but this kind of thing should be saved for a post show event rather than wasting valuable presentation time talking about things that seem more important to an investor or business person rather than the average gamer.

When Sony were talking about games the conference was great. We knew that an Uncharted 4 trailer was in there somewhere and while waiting they were giving us a look at a lot of awesome games. The conference fell under the same problem that Microsoft had with most of the games shown being multiplatform and not really making the system worth buying over the other. Thankfully Sony did have some nice exclusive games in the works with indie developers and of course a kick ass gameplay video of The Order 1886.

Microsoft and Sony both showed off a lot of multiplatform games which fail to really show people why their console is better than the other. Sony own a lot of popular first party titles so it was surprising they didn’t take the approach Nintendo did and just show us as much first party exclusive content as possible. Sony did give is a nice amount of new content to consume but the main problem I had was time wasting. Sony could have compressed the conference down to 60 minutes rather than dragging it out an extra 30 minutes to tell us how many times a button has been clicked on a controller or how well things are going. All we want to see at E3 is new material for video games, something that Microsoft achieved perfectly!

Overall the press conference was quite good and we got a look at a lot of new stuff it’s just a shame they had to ruin it by dragging it out for a lot longer than it should have been. Sony know how E3 works and they know they have a bit of a lead this generation, this is the wrong time for them to start getting comfortable because Microsoft will come along and put Sony under a lot more pressure.

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