Sony Releasing Major PS4 Firmware Update As Beta

Firmware Update As Beta

It looks like there are some major features in the works for what we can only guess is PS4 firmware 3.0 as Sony have officially announced a closed beta to test out the features in the upcoming system software update. Typically in the past Sony have not really shared much information about the updates until they are ready to drop. It’s kinda cool to see that they have no added a new edge to the testing phase of these firmware updates.

All you need to do to sign up is to head over the to the Playstation blog and sign your PSN account up. You can do this by clicking the following link.

Make sure you have a PS4, a PSN account with an internet connection and an existing account in the playstation forums, as this is where all beta discussion will go down.

For those looking to get the latest features first then this is a great idea. It will be interesting to see how this goes down, considering fully tested/completed firmware updates often brick consoles on release. Thankfully it is going to be possible to rollback your firmware if you do update to the beta 3.0 and want to go back.

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