Sony Files Patent For Glove Controller

Sony Files Patent For Glove Controller

Users on the NeoGaf forum have uncovered some very interesting patents that have been filed from the Sony camp. It looks as though Sony are looking to create a wrist/glove based controller that can be used with the upcoming Playstation VR headset. I would have assumed that Sony would have used the Playstation VR as a chance to finally make good use of the Playstation Move controllers, but this looks much cooler.

Companies like Sony file patents on a regular basis, so it doesn’t always mean that this is going to happen, but it makes a lot of sense that it would. Based on the images it looks as though the glove will allow the user to imitate various action using hand gestures and finger positions to control game elements.

This does seem great on paper, but in reality It is questionable as to whether this will actually work in reality. It will likely become quite tiresome to use your finger as a gun for a long period of time. Lets face it, no gamer ever takes the advised 30 minute break when playing any games for long periods. It also might feel a bit odd using your finger, to really make this feel more natural it would be better to have a physical controller that can be used.

Time will only tell how this will work out for us. Will it be as cool as Nintendos power glove…not really, that sucked. Sony do like to copy Nintendo, but hopefully not this much. Patents are often used to protect the idea, but this may not be how the product will actually be used when/if it is ever released. We will keep our eyes pealed for any additional news on this.

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