Reverse Boosting Explained Along With How Sledgehammer Are Going To Deal With It.

Reverse boosting is something that has become quite the buzz word with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Players are complaining about it more and more, yet not everyone knows what it is. After quite a lot of gamer frustration, Sledgehammer games are finally going to clamp down on players who are reverse boosting.

Standard boosting is usually the process of someone who is actively killing weaker enemies while avoiding stronger enemies in order to get easy XP or stats. In the past COD players have gotten a friend to come online who would “sacrifice” themselves in order to increase the players kill streak. Player A goes to a hidden place at the edge of the map. Player B goes there and lets player A kill them over and over. It’s a simple process and the results generally work out quite positive. So how does reverse boosting work?

Reverse boosting is where a player will kill themselves over and over again in order to trick the match making system into thinking they are an low skilled player. When the player has bad stats (I.e. way more deaths than kills) the matchmaking system will put them into games with other players who aren’t as good at the game. At this point the player can now dominate every game since the player who is reverse boosting isn’t actually a bad player. So right about now you are thinking the same thing as everyone else, “what kind of idiots do this?”. Well we don’t know the answer, but it seems like quite a few.

Reverse boosting not only ruins the game for people who aren’t as good as the rest, but it also ruins the game for people who are good. You are trying to play a team based match, while some dumb ass is over in the corner chewing his own grenades. According to Sledgehammer they are going to start dropping the ban hammer on gamers who are spoiling the fun for others by reverse boosting. All they will need now is to start banning noob tubers and corner campers the game might start to be come fun again!

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