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One of the swords that I have equipped is now showing up in the main screen with a red overlay. The durability of the weapon is down after using it for too long. What can i do to repair the weapon and restore it so it is in good condition again?

The combine appear to be human shaped and speak English, but we never see them take the helmets off. I understand that the soldiers in half life 1 were not the combine, but in half life 2 they were. I don’t even fully understand how they got there in the first place, but who are […]

I have very little health and no supplies. I lit the flames wrong and monsters attack. I don’t think I can handle too many mistakes. I am at the point where I need to light 4 braziers with green flames in a particular order. What order do you need to light the flames in order […]

I can remember having to do this in the games tutorial, but I forget the button. I don’t see it on the controls option at the bottom. Could have sworn it was L1 or L2, but neither of those buttons seem to do it. Been getting my ass handed to me so I need to […]

What ways can I get Aldgoat leather in Final Fantasy XIV. Either a way to farm it or a place where I can buy it.

Is there any enemy or repeatable quest that can be used as an easy way to obtain a lot of GIL? I don’t mind repetitive grinding, so long as I returns a reasonable amount of money.

If I drop a bunch of items from my inventory such as swords or if I use an AMIIBO to spawn some stuff and I don’t have enough room to pick it all up. Can I leave the stuff in the ground and come back for it at a later time or do items in […]

Where can I purchase the various vitamins in Pokemon Sun like protein, zinc etc?

Seems like a stupid question to ask, but I find that almost every little thing that you do in breath of the wild will wear down the durability of the item you are using. If I cut grass with my sword does it cause the sword to loose durability?

This place is hard to navigate. I have been looking around and I can’t seem to find the location of the second overdue book in the Arcjet building. Where can I find the book?