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There are a few different versions if the game and its hard to know whether they are worth the money. Like what value will the items you are getting in the deluxe editions of the game actually do. I can understand the advantage of having the extra heros and the bonus weapons, this obviously means […]

I’m sure he is fairly hands off when it comes to game development these days, but back when the first half life game was released, what input did he have on the project? Did he come up with the story for half life and put things together to make the game happen or what?

I felt a little let down that the game didn’t have a single player game mode the last time. Does battlefront 2 have a single player campaign? If so, does it also support a coop partner for the same campaign?

I have completed the main puzzle in the Chinese room restricted area. This unlocked the trophy, so I’m close enough. There is a second door that lifts upwards like a shutter. I have tried to make it open but I need to get a blue, purple and green or inside to make it open up. […]

I have just completed the restricted room in chapter 4 and I have obtained the trophy for it. The computer was talking about the team being the rebellious type. I am now facing a door that requires 3 power balls to stay open. The blue at the bottom and the green and purple alternating above […]

I have a quest that is asking me to catch a Craig Barramundi. I am standing on the pier of the lake where the quest says it should be, but I am not catching much.

I want to be able to listen to the developer commentary in Bioshock 2. When i go to the developer commentary item in the game menu, I am unable to enable it. What do you need to do in order to enable the developer commentary?

How long does it take for a pokestop to refresh. Once used it turns purple. How much time does it take to go blue again?

I am having a hard time keeping my health up at the moment. For the sake of spoilers, I wont say why, but is there an easy to use potions in battle, it feels a bit clunky at the moment. 

I am trying to be very strict with the points that I spend. Chocobonus seems like it is a good one to have, but I don’t want to purchase it and end up finding that it is a bad way to spend the points.