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I suck at stealth, but I do enjoy trying to beat levels without raising the alarm. In the event that I do set off the alarm is there any way to lower it without taking out the Nazi Commander? It seems to be very sensitive and even if I run far away from any soldiers […]

My record so far is 48%. I’d say if I took my time I could get a lot higher, but I am wondering if it possible to get 100% coverage in Paper.IO. if so what happens when you do?

The cost of upgrading the balls in Idle Balls seems quite high for the additional strength that you get for it. It doesn’t really seem worth purchasing them compared to just saving up to get the next tier all. At the same time it is starting to seem pointless having the original balls bouncing around […]

It’s gonna take a while to get to this point, but what happens when you have the atom Ball unlocked in Idle Balls? Is there like a new game plus or something?

There is a list of extra balls at the bottom of the screen like tennis balls etc. I have collected enough points for the tennis ball, bit the icon for it is still locked. How are you meant to get additional balls in this game?

To keep things spoiler free I have gotten to the point where I need to choose one of 3 armor upgrades to use in the game. There is a chest piece to let me squeeze ino tight spaces, shoulder pads for charging into things and boots that let me double jump. I like the sound […]

I have a quest in the safehouse to find Annes wedding ring. The safehouse isn't very big, where can I find the missing wedding ring?

How do you refill your ammo for the Lasergwehr weapon in Wolfenstein?

If you die is there anything you can do to continue on or is it just game over and that’s it? I have seen permadeath implemented in different ways before so its not always the same. If you die in The New Colossus, is it a complete reset with a game over or are there […]

I have played through the annoying random number wheel and I unlocked the trophy for obtaining the highest economic level, but it doesn’t seem to save. When I leave the mini game and check my character sheet, I am back down to 1%. If I play the game again I am also back down and […]