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I am trying to perform a first time setup of my Xbox series X. I have started it up and I am stuck on a black screen with the Xbox logo.

Is it possible to use the Xbox Series X while it is lying on its side or does it need to stay vertical?

Is it possible to play disc based games on the Xbox Series S? Does the console have a disc drive?

Are there any USB C ports on the Xbox Series X or is it all USB A?

What is the purpose of the long connection port at the back of the Xbox Series X? What can you connect into it?

Is the HDMI Cable included with the Series X capable of 4k resolution at 120FPS?

Does the Xbox Series X come with a HDMI cable included in the box or is it something that you have to purchase separately.

How much more powerful is the Xbox Series X when compared to the S. Is it worth getting the S at all?

The Xbox Series X also has an SSD drive for storage, why is everyone making a big deal about Sony having one in the PS5 when the Xbox also has one?

What is the big deal with the SSD? Why is this so important with the PS5 and what does it do?